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Started by ShinraKenshin, May 02, 2005, 08:33:23 AM

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 Well, I don't think it's going to come to a crash anytime soon. I mean, think about it now. All the kids that played video games are now adults still playing the games. They have the money. But, the kids can't afford the games, so, theres going to be less kids with video games. And, once the gamers have died off, thats when the crash will happen.

Hopfully they will have learned that the price needs to be resonable to survive in the long run before that happens though...


 Maybe thats a good thing sense hence that Governors like the one in indiana was being a prick to the video game industry . And the ones who blame video games that cause all the violence which is all truely bull shit . I mean the action people do no one takes responibility and blame it on some one else. So good that less kids play video games let the ones who can take the heat do it .  

L33t 4g3nt

 360 is such a piece of junk...It can't compete with the PS3's cell and blu-ray technology - and the games line-up for PS3 is sooo much better.

Microsoft is only coming out with 360 because they lost so much money from x-box version 1, that they need to try to come out with a new gimick in order to bolster sales. Think - PS2 came out quite a while before x-box was released, and it still got more sales that are still reflected today.

Oh...I forgot to mention. The fact that Microsoft is rushing 360 to go into the market to compete with PS3, shows their desperation to regain lost profit.

I doubt the gaming rush'll ever die down. It would probably shift to a period where older games will make a come back, or companies would try to develop cheaper systems. And, by the time your crash would supposedly occur, current systems would probably be significantly cheaper - allowing more and more people the ability to purchase and use these systems. Companies would probably be watching for signs when the public demand for gaming systems die down, and probably take actions in order to increase demand. They have the option of either lowering prices, or develop newer and better systems to attract the consumer. Either way, the game system will still survive.

In today's society of advanced corporations running production on almost everything we need or want, it is almost certain that we will be tainted to buy their products - including these gaming systems. Human society in this generation are prime examples of conspicuous consumption - entertainment and luxury take a higher priority than the fullfilment(sp?) of basic needs.

OOC: *phew* I could go one with my economics lesson, but I don't feel like it. Plus I still need to get used to this keyboard of mine.


 I shall quote the webmaster of my fav site on his thoughts on the Xbox360:
QuoteWe also got to try the XBOX 360. Honestly, although it looked alright and the games where only first generation, its not THAT great compared to the original XBOX. We got to try the new Need For Speed game and got to see someone play Call of Duty 2. The game looked very sweet, but graphically speaking it wasn't anything that a modern videocard couldn't do.
(it's right below the PS3 images)

And really, this is what I thought when I saw it too.


 does any1 have the spec for the PS3 .... would be nice to c wht its got ....

L33t 4g3nt


 er do u know the date tht it coming out ..... and r they goin to stick with tht deign  :blink:

I really hope the Change it doesn’t look tht gd.


 The Playstation 3 is expected by Spring, 2006, if no delays occur, and I have yet to see anyone like the PS3s Controller design.


 Pif sony sony why dont you understand we dont like your control's your damn symbol's and....your damn long loading time plus! you got some okay games but all and all you have alot of work sony to go through before you can really encite my appitite. btw Sony dont try to make better processors cause the mac's still run circles around yours mr I make my errr own processor thats beta! Serious sony has lost it and Nintendo I salute you bud's you keep showing that sony is teh shit and Nintendo still can make out some awesome games aka Resident evil 4 and Super Smash bro's and others. for now I will close this Thread till new information from buying pricing comes out and selling of the units for now sign off.  


 I have looked over, and have not found any reason for this topic to be locked.

This has been a nice and friendly talk about systems, so I shall unlock


 Sweat marks * looking over at the ps2 and the xbox I noticed some good things about them both and bad things I go over the bad things sense I love breaking the facts quickly. Ps2 you suck at me for buying a memory card seriously hate them and break very easily. Xbox umm you suck at for me to buy an extension for the damn dvd crap. Ps2 you suck donkey balls for your damn graphics and beta microchips * some games are good for it alot arent* . Xbox you suck the donkey * censored* for making things so damn big and extensive for it . So thats the bad stuff good stuff is. Ps2 your good at staying in the market for a extensive amount of time since the beginings of just selling transitor radios. Microsoft your good at making some pretty nifty os systems for the custom type mother boards, and putting a hard drive in your X box which is good instead of me buying a crappy 36 mb memory for the damn ps2 . Thats about it from my side

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 You have a very limited view about PS2...Every year, developers have striven to push the system to its limit, and every year we get more and more exceptional games that - according to many reviewers - rival that of the competitors.

Metal Gear Solid 3, for example. Running of your so called graphic disabled system, out performed the likes of the newest Splinter Cell on the competing system. The texturing, the background environment, and the character design puts the player in awe. While the game plot and story has made grown men cry in amazemnt. The Metal Gear Solid series is blessed to have one of the most extensive stories - it's as if you're watching a movie when playing the game.

You say "some" games on the PS2 are good, but if you get your "good" PS2 games and "good" x-box games, you'll see that the PS2/x-box ratio shows that PS2 does have MORE "good" games. PS2 has MORE "good" games out of the plethora of games released on the PS2 console.


 I dont say I diss the x box just cause it comes from a corporation that made a pretty lousy os like ME . Yes I do beileve final fantasy is a huge money pinching crap RPG that should have died a long time ago after when final fantasy 5 came out thats was enough final fantasy for me till they decided to push the limit for it . Now Ps2 I give it credit for making the market good and making the programmers push the limits of there capibilites which is good but! After 2000 things have gone down hill for ps2 I miss the 1999 year where there was alot of good games for it and awesome series . But now its crap to me it lost the rage after final fantasy 11X or something like that. Lets hope to see it promises to deilever the rage once more back in the past with the new ps3 if not then I can say to you Sony get back to making radios and other things cause your Ps games were good since 2000 .

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 I never said anything negative about the Windows operating system. I do not see why you brought that up, it was never discussed nor debated and has no relationship or relevance toward the topic and therefore carries no weight in this debate between the game consoles. BTW I use Windows XP, and I'm fine with it...I have no problems with Windows (I'm not too keen about MacOS, but that's a different story).

Final Fantasy is one series, in a large genre of games. You cannot base your assumptions on it alone. Oh, I don't think FF5 was on the PS2...Was it even on the Playstation? NO, it was released on the SNES! A completely different platform! You can't compare a 2D game from the SNES with a 3D game from PS2! (only later was it ported to the PSone)

After 2000...Your mental capacity only goes up to 2k...That was a whole 4 years ago! Don't you think the games would have evolved by then? Don't you think that new games would have come out during that 4 year period? In 1999, they still had games like Onimusha for the PS2 (which I really liked), and the graphics for the game were still revolutionary! Don't you think graphics and the games would have changed by now? Improved?

If PlayStation has gone down the drain. Why is it still here? Why are there still people clamoring all over it in this day and age? Why are there still diehard PlayStation fans, when PlayStation One came out like in the middle of the 1990s? Why is there a PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, if systems like Dreamcast (which was really revolutionary at the time) have faded into the past? Why do you think x-box is so desperate at getting a new console out into the market when the x-box is obviously younger than PS2?

Admit it, Sony now has the upper hand in gaming consoles. They have a larger fanbase, and an way better game line up. PlayStation, in general, has more companies and other third-party developers making games for it that you can just take your pick. The selection is so much larger, because they know more people play the Sony PlayStation more than any other game console.


 Admit to what? that sony bought out some things and games faster? ya I admit to that but hey Dreamcast whooped the ps2 in its prime days Only reason why it died was because they made a really bad line up in the begining. And its graphics man it didnt even need a dvd player why need a dvd player when people signed up instantly to the internet playing on the dreamcast. If you remember Phantasy star online which was revolutionary to the gaming fields to bring the internet to the console. Im sorry but I was a bit on the strange side on the note of not playing any games from 2k up I did just that being on the road for a long ass time while typing gets to ya. Only games I do give credit where only resident evil series and devil may cry. You can keep your final fantasy except sephrioth , Seph who dosent love ya baby. Oh ya how come capcom didnt bring out resident evil 4 for the ps2 or what about ID for doom 3. Heres a big 411 it cant handel those games cause its processor is shit unforunitely. What Im surprised is that it can handel devil may cry 3 which was a god send for ps2 peps finally something to be proud of? maybe. On a side note to all of this Only ones that I can see that can surive is the Revoultion that nintendo came out and the X box 360 . Ps3? maybe just maybe lets hope those concept shots of your controler dont end up like that...all bomerage shaped.

To end this I will leave my note to those who are true to Xbox and Game Cube .

Take appart the cd parts from ps2 and its driver to play only the games you like and switch it to trade to game stop or any retail store that trades and get a game cube or x box .

Ps. Dont take it to harsh ps2 lovers your day of your precisous ps3 is coming in a another year /swt