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Started by ShinraKenshin, May 02, 2005, 08:33:23 AM

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 Allo and welcome lets get started eh .

DDR ( Dance Dance Revolution) Published Konami
' Looking at the game style and movements you need to do for the game its a great game to play for all types even if you think its lame a few songs and alot of moveing with your legs will change your mind as your moving to the grooves of the songs. I recommend this game to all people.

Silent Hill 4 Pubished Konami
" Another great game with twists of horror for the ones willing to go to the deepest of there fears. You will start off in a room where its has blood or rust on the walls as your character wonders what happiens all hell breaks loose as you go deeper within the game noticing your traped in a middle demension where god dosent exist niether a devil on top of that. Needless to say this game is only for hard core gamers who wish for the excitement of the Horror games.

Other games I get to it for more reviews but I get to it later so for now laters.


 Phew back folks from my little journey from the game universe.

Got some new information on the new X Box Ps3 and the so called new Revolution the nintendo corp got coming out. Apperently Nintendo annouced that its not going to be interesting in competing for great graphics and well sell it cheap like how the game cube was. Microsoft and Sony however well be duking it out in graphics wise as the new X box if so the rumor goes a 512 MB Radeon Video card well be implemented in it as well IBM Cpu Cores ,Plus a mere 256mb for memory. Now for the Ps3 they only annouced that it well work with the new psp but for purposes they havent disclosed them . There Cpu well be the same as the Xbox but video card graphics it well use Nvida Graphics 6800 better than the AGP on Pc's.

In my opinion in all this stuff is to godly some of these are rumors and others are facts from the companies them selfs . But like always changes happien so be warn I place my bets mostly on the Xbox or Game Cube , no offense Ps fans but you really need to push out better graphics /swt

Any ways I hope this was useful for those who wanted to hear about the new systems coming out and good day  :ph34r:  


 Yea, sounds cool. Course, graphics isn't always everything. I view graphics like the icing on the cake. It adds alot of sweetness to the cake, but, if the cake is crap, the icing doesn't help ^_^  


 Xbox 360 i was looking for this hope u like can some1 find a trailer for the PSX, i found a pic

and spec but if their a trailer i want to c it

do any1 remember the date tht they r coming out


 EBIL DAMN YOU SONY FOR TAINTING THIS HUMAN * shoots the psx * die you rotten bastard!

L33t 4g3nt

 *GASP!!!* :angry2:  :torch:  :evil:  :pissed:


The first word: The name of the next Sony super system is definitely PS3 or PlayStation 3. Nothing fancy or surprising there. And, at least Sony didn't go with PlayStation 361 to outdo Microsoft.

Sony isn't joking around either, the PS3 is the focus of the conference. More details as the come, but be sure to check out the linked stories below for full PS3 coverage from the SCEI event. [/quote]


To: Q4(V)

PSX is old...Wait for PS3.


 Yea, I watched the E-3 coverage of ps3, and I shit my pants...

and I'm no PS fan-boy...


 Eh.  I don't give much of my money to the console gaming industry because of the simple fact that they charge way too damned much for their stuff.  $200 for a new console is ridiculous enough, but charging 25% of the console price for every new game at the time of its release is the real fleecing, since the...*ahem*...alternatives aren't quite so easily worked.

I'll have to dig up some PC games to review.  :D


 You are in my realm L33t agent! PSX 3 must die X box 360 forever! Death to the tradior! * holds up ak 47*


 Errrrr ...... i through the PSX waz the the PS3

so their a psx and px3 coming soon when WHENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

hey don't fight, do this the psx and ps3 in one hand then the xbox 360 and psp in the other and put ur hands together. now tht a console


 PSX = the original PlayStation...


QUOTE (ShinraKenshin @ May 18 2005, 03:12 PM)
You are in my realm L33t agent! PSX 3 must die X box 360 forever! Death to the tradior! * holds up ak 47* [/quote]
Well, the X-box 360 did the worst off of all three systems.

All they really talked about at e3 about the xbox360 is how you can do some things on the xbox live thing for free. They did not talk about it's real gaming abilitys, what you can look forward in the games, or anything like that.

they did the worst marketing for the xbox360, even worse then nintendo did for revolution.

And, have you seen the Kill Zone trailer!?!?!

Thats all IN GAME!

I would love to see the xbox360 match that.

Oh, and the "backward compatibility" is compleat crap on the xbox360 too...

L33t 4g3nt

 Ohhh, yea!!! my friend showed me the KillZone trailer and i was like WOAH!!!! take a look at those texturing!!! everything runs soo smoothly and the physics were amazing!!!

The sound might not be my favorite, and needs work on...also the flamethrower...but everything else is great!

Have you seen that little funny clip for MGS4?



 I saw the funny clip for MSG4 on G4TV.  I laughed silently to myself for awhile, then shot my TV for G4TV not showing anything on the Revolution...

Anyhow, the way I see it, these systems are starting to cost way too much for casual gamers, and the industry is slowly gonna kill itself at this rate, but that's just my view.  I, personally, think Nintendo played it's cards very well.  Do you know how much people are talking about the Revolution now?  Almost everyone is wondering what the new aspect of the Revolution is, and if that's not a good way to get word around, I don't know what is.  I, being a classic gamer, am very interested in the ability to download previous generation games from NES, SNES, N64, and GCN.

Anyhow, the PS3 and Xbox360 were... eh... I dun like how the PS3 looks like a Refridgerator, or even a grill (  I was expecting something more along the lines of Gothic, rather than, "Oh, I look so modern that I could probably filter Air".  The Xbox 360's look rather impressed me.  I was actually expecting it to be a flying sauser or something, but what I saw was SLICK, and the controller didn't look half bad either.  Of course, both of these made me think, "What's the price?".  Blu-ray is already the most expensive Disk Media on the public market, and HD-DVD aint much cheaper, although the Xbox360 claims Dual Layered DVD, Blu-ray is writable and rewritable by default (I think...).

So... in the end, it's all in the games.  It seems that small developers are gonna die out here pretty soon, and only companies that can afford the development prices are gonna live on, even though Nintendo is shouting that it wants to preserve these smaller guys.  I really wonder how long the gaming industry is gonna take till it crashes?