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Started by tAPOCHKIN, December 02, 2006, 09:41:21 am

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Ah I see. Well, thank you for clarifying the situation so quickly, C-chan.

Either way, I do wish to do a media outing of OS-tan someday. I feel that it deserves the chance and projects like yours are much welcomed in my book. :)


Thank you MasakoX.  ^__^

BTW, feel free to ask me for any help if the need ever arises.  This pig still has a few tricks up his sleeve.  -v-


hehe, indeed I shall. ^^ I know enough of OS-tan to understand it but not enough to produce a flash movie or something. I'd need some experts on hand to assist me. :3


Sorry, to say this now -.- and i'm sorry too that i said so light-hearted/handed those things -.-"

but now i've thought about it, if i'm the only one who draw/ animate i won't have fun at all -.- (and don't forget that i'm a beginner at this and that i've problem to use inkscape too!)

so i'm really sorry -.-

but it would be great if we can find a way to help each other to full-fill our GOAL

It would be a lot easier (for us and everyone) if we can find some (+1 or 2) animators/drawers too
~Everything is learnable!~
It comes only on it, how much strives and time you put into it.
And there arn\'t better or worse for us artist only different!
All Artists have their own individually styles and all drawings have their own good sides!


<back from hell!>
Is there any one watched this before ?
<back to hell!>

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haha.... nice
would really like if it it exist


<Dig dig dig up>
Ofcoz it does exist I've found it somewhere in torrent
It's a doujin movie if I'm correct ^_^!
<Dig dig dig down>


for real? my, give me the link.
[cant resist my own self]


First thing that I spotted was that memorable girl with the drills for pigtails, so I most definitely saw that beauty of user-created content.  ^__^

But no time to sit on the sidelines,... we gotta work hard and study hard so we can MAKE something like that someday (an actual game/program, not just a movie).  ^0^


But it seems to be dead torrent
There're no seeder  
Here you are:(checked the rule hope it's no problem)^__^

torrent: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36660

You're right! ^__^