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My FanArt 98+98SE

Started by BloodySweet, April 29, 2005, 10:51:05 pm

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 As everyone know,I'm the new one of the OS-Tan Fan. But I think I must do something about them.So I draw some fanart of my favorite OS-tan first... :lol:

Maybe twins are better than single :P


 Yea, wrong section, but I moved it.

My personal opinion, theres a bit too much shines for my tastes, but in general, I like it


 i can't c the pic it just said 'user posted image'.


 The URL might work:

try that. And, I do belive he uploaded it too...


yup, it's also here:


NOOO!!! What's this?!? i cant see a thing! Perhaps i came too late?