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Started by ShinraKenshin, April 28, 2005, 02:34:46 pm

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 Just as my topic states and hear about a project of it coming out as a movie gives me a cold feeling all over again * hears sounds from the ps2 and xBox* hate ...ghosts....that come out from the toilets from that game ! * runs away in fear*  


 Ah. It seems we share alot of interests you and I.  I too am a rabid silent hill fanatic anxiously awaiting the movie adation of it.  However more scary then the movie is how they could possibly mess up the movie.  To many game adaptions to movies have totaly been botched.  Most recently, resident evil.  I love resident evil as well but for differnt reasons, but the compleat re writing of the story, the matrix esk effects and the ninja woman lead ruined it for me.  Resident Evil was survival horror, beit monsters jump out of the windows horror.  The movie was nothing more then a action comercial action sell out designed to suck even more money from the series fans.  If it had been done like the recent version of dawn of the dead and land of the dead, with a dark gritty gorey true splatter horror look to it it would have kicked ass.  

I fear the same may happen to Silent Hill.  It will be comercialized and ruined.  maybe.  Hopefully not.  Hopefully the will at least come close to nailing that unexplainable feeling of uneasyness when the broken radio begins to crackel in the fog and darkness, or how without anything jumping out at you you can feel so horrified you want to get up and turn on the lights, walk around and convince yourself that its just a game.  Maybe just maybe instead of getting hot scantly clad big name super women to play in it, they will have skilled underground actors that can nail the average everyday people in a horribly messed up and dangerose situation.  

Oh while im thinking about it.  Another even new example of comercial hollywoods compleat and utter destruction of a possibly good movie based on a game: the up comming DooM movie.  First i heard that there was a doom movie in production and it would be out by the end of the year.  My heart jumps for joy at the thought of seeing a lone marine trapped on the distant darkness of mars againt the very demons of hell.  

And then I was promptly kicked in the nuts, told there was no mars, there was no hell, and that the marine is played by the Rock.  I wish I could sill have childeren.

I hope you can undersand my fear and anxiety over the rumors of the silent hill movie.  At least I hear they have Akira Yamaoka doing the music for it, as he should having done the music for every game so far.
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