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Started by ShinraKenshin, April 27, 2005, 07:50:26 PM

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wolf:ET though recently it's been bugging pretty bad in spite of re-installs

it's a free teambased multiplayer first person shooter and good fun!


Phantasy Star Universe (don't play a lot)
Final Fantasy XI (don't play a lot anymore, sadly)
Counter-Strike: Source (been playing a lot lately)

These three have been what I've mostly been playing.
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Last MMORPG I played was FFXI. Gave up on it just after the 30 day free trial. I had a MNK30, WAR??, WHM??, RNG??, and THF??. I also had a Chocobo named Zero Galaxy. :x
I played RO for about 3-4 years. My highest level character on a low rate server was a 95/99 Super Novice.
My most favorite Online Game would have to be Tales of Eternia Online. JP only to my knowledge. I played it while it was in open-beta. Became P2P in the first week of March 2006.
Other Online Games I've played include: FlyFF, GoonZu, Phantasy Star Online (not Universe), Socom 2 and 3, Arad, and a bunch of others I can't remember the name to.


I've heard of Tales of Eternia Online.

Being a JP only game kinda keeps me away from it.  But I have played Tales of Eternia (Destiny II-US), and am playing Abyss for the second time.

But going back on topic:
I don't play very many online games. To be honest, my last online game was C&C Red Alert 2.  Sad to say that I really suck with RTS games. ehehe ^^;


I loved Planetside before they changed dev teams a while back. I haven't played since then.

Today I'm playing Day of Defeat and original Ghost Recon(co-op only).
I like shooters but do play other genres.

Tomorrow I could be playing FEAR, EVE, or any other game. My preferences shift quickly. I'm usually testing a game at some early stage, too.


Long live FEAR!! Tho, my disc 2 got scratched and I cant install it -_- i found that out after picking up extraction point.. im very upset....
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Haha! I can't install FEAR, too. My CD key went AWOL. If I ever loose my current installation I'm screwed.


Fear is awesome yeah, multiplayer is a bit boring but can be fun as passtime. For multiplayer the only game I still play is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, yeah it's old but i don't care it's a really fun and kickass game.

btw if you want to play FEAR multiplayer you can also get FEAR:Combat for free with a CDkey, yes you heard that right it's officially a free game.


My only online fixes are Battle Field 2 modern combat and and Halo 2, on the 360s live.  

I would never have uninstalled FEAR but i needed to do  a clean install on my system.  I went to reinstall and put on extraction point.. and i couldnt do it -_- Im debating getting a new copy of the original just so i can play it... maybe I can find a used one

tho that would leave me with 2 cds keys..
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zomg! halo2 sucks so bad! and multiplayer is probably worse

well yeah, or maybe you could just download an ISO of it off the intarwebs and use your CDkey for it, that way you'd still have a valid CDkey to play online :)


.... -_- you just lost cool points.  Big time.   Im not sure if I can forgive you for saying that -_-
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Lets see...

Phantasy Star Online I & II (Gamecube) - No longer play due to canceling of the servers.
Phantasy Star Online III (Gamecube) - Same reason as above.
Phantasy Star Blue Brust (PC)  - No longer play cause of reason below.
Phantasy Star Universe (PS2) - I play, I own, I pawn, I kick ass
FlyForFun (PC - Free) - It was cool but got repetitive too quickly for me.
Guild Wars Fractions (PC - Free Online) - I thought it was worth trying but it just never held my interest.
Unreal 2004 (PC - Free Online) - Sometimes you really do need to let off some stress by blowing shit up.
Halo (PC - Free Online) - More blowing shit up just a bit less cussing.
Counter-Strike (PC - Free Online) - A more 'thinking' version of the above.
Starcraft (PC - Free Online) - A classic strategy game, its cheap and old but still tons of fun... if only they hadn't been bastards and banned my account.
Diablo II Expansion (PC - Free Online) - Rarely play only with friends cause of hacking bastards.
Any-Other Half-Life Mod (PC - Free Online) - I like to try new things but when I don't find anything interesting I don't stay.
Any-Other Half-Life 2 Freebie Mod (PC - Free Online) - Same reason as above.
Syphon Filter: Omega Strain (PS2 - Free Online) - Its buggy, its cheap, but then again it was fun cause it was buggy and cheap.
Gunbound (PC - Free) - A turn-based strategy tank game... priceless fun.

Also if anyone else plays any of the above games, I'll be glad to play with you if you ask.


honesly I dont play online much.. i dont feel the draw too it like others do... i perfer co op when it comes to multi player, but then agian im a casual gamer.. not a win at all costs gamer.  I hope halo 3 has co op online..
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I recommend PSU, simply cause its all co-op online as there is no PvP.  Hence why the series in general is my favorite cause I never had to deal with PvP stuff.


My favorite online game is called
I love the -tans!!