OS/2 Warp-tan & RISC OS-tan

Started by C-Chan, August 13, 2006, 08:11:07 PM

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[dramatically] Uhhh!  / 0 \
Surely a mere Windows user could never understand the intricacies of OS/2-tan's tortured soul.....
 / . \  
*poses dramatically* Tis a shame.....  Isn't that right, my dear OS/2-tan?  / v \

OS/2-tan:  YOU DARED TO CALL ME "EVIL"?!!!!!!!

C-Chan:  [bawling]  UWAAAAAAAA~!!!  ;^0^;
Please forgive--!!

*phaser shot*

*C-chan vaporizes*


Quote[dramatically] Uhhh! / 0 \
Surely a mere Windows user could never understand the intricacies of OS/2-tan's tortured soul..... / . \
*poses dramatically* Tis a shame..... Isn't that right, my dear OS/2-tan? / v \

OS/2-tan: YOU DARED TO CALL ME "EVIL"?!!!!!!!

C-Chan: [bawling] UWAAAAAAAA~!!! ;^0^;
Please forgive--!!

*phaser shot*

*C-chan vaporizes*

NewYinzer: Uh-oh. She's got that look again!

OS/2-tan: You're next!

NewYinzer: [running] Oh, s'blood!

*phaser shot*

*NewYinzer vaporizes*



Wow, it's bloody expensive to get your molecules reassembled.....  ^__^;

I'll be sure to send IBM the bill,... Hehehe..... That'll teach her.... Ã,¬vÃ,¬

Anyway, where was I...? Ah yes!

*trots off to other threads*


*gallops in on cow*

Nothing much here. I've been riding a cow since I got my molecules reassembled. I'll be back.

*gallops off into the sunlight*


QuoteQuote from : C-Chan

Hello everyone!
Despite a few delays, I finally managed to whip up the chibi of the week!

Please welcome the true Windows alternative and founder of the Anti$oft Coalition....

...OS/2 Warp-tan!!  ^__^

Still have a bio backlog, so this has to be yet another Post-&-Run!  ^^'

But as usual, just a few quick bullets:

- For a brief introduction and history about the OS/2 Operating System, please visit:


Of course, there's still a huge and active OS/2 community out there that can explain the finer details.

- The Star Trek theme isn't artistic license - it actually has a lot to do with the real OS.

- I had an awful lot fun with her hair, as a way to illustrate her superior multithreading capabilities.  There are 6 and a half ponytails total, each representing all Star Trek series released to date.  (FYI, the half is for Star Trek: Enterprise.)

- Any similarities to the Windows NT's are purely intentional.  While she's only the half-sister of the original Windows -tans, it's suspected that her relationship to the NT -tans runs a little deeper.  

- Despite that, she hates the Windows-tans with a vengeance and does everything in her power to torment them.  She's received traditionally poor support from IBM and suffers from increasing obsolence relative to the modern Windows -tans, but this by no way means she's a pushover.  With a bitter and volatile temperment, anyone ignorant of ways to safely approach her would be best advised to avoid her.  -__-'

Nice work! I kinda like her look and her hair!  ;010


"Kinda"?  Hmmm....  *suspicous glare*  `-'

Hehe, just kidding!  ^__^

Thank you, Alfamille!!  As always, your support is much sought after!  ^v^

Thought I went overboard with the hair, but I guess I've seen worse (e.g., DearS).  The one -tan I plan to have A LOT of hair will be EXEC-tan.  If it comes out they way I envision her in my draft preconcept, it'll be hilarious.  ^__^

BTW, not sure if you were around when I made my pronouncement, but I'm officially instituting a Chibi Per Week program.  Meaning I'll postpone my 3rd pic until all featured original -tans get their chibi renditions.  ^v^

The formidable RISC-tan is next.  ^-^


QuoteThe formidable RISC-tan is next. ^-^

I think we need an x86-tan as well!


That'd be like a hardware -tan, no?  '_'

Like HDD-tan or G5-tan....



Oh hohoho...!  ^o^

I'd do an AMD-tan or Cyrix-tan LONG before I'd ever draw a Pentium-tan.  -v-

May have realized this by now, but I'm kind of a champion of the underdog.... ^__^

But in any case, OS-tans get priority.  Even BASH-tan is a stretch for me.... ^-^


QuoteI'd do an AMD-tan or Cyrix-tan LONG before I'd ever draw a Pentium-tan. -v-

But C-Chan, Weird Al said it best:
"It's all about the Pentiums!"

Seriously, any CPU-tan is fine by me.


'kay, I'll s'hedule a little time for CPU-tans in December..... '09.  Mwahahaha... ^___^'

In the meantime, I just finished my new OS-tan Chibi of the week!  ^.^
I'm putting her in the same thread as OS/2-tan because:

a)  She's also a member of the Anti$oft Coalition

b)  She's OS/2-tan's very reliable second in command.  (or, as OS/2-tan would say, her "Number One")  [15 points if you guess the reference]  ^_-

c)  If I keep making new threads for each and every new OS-tan released, eventually Pitkin will turn me into bacon....  ^^;

So without further ado, please give a warm welcome to RISC OS-tan....!  ^v^


Post-and-run again, you know the drill.... -v-

RISC OS-tan is considered one of the (if not THE) most efficient and stable operating system in the world.  But sadly she's not very outgoing, hence the reason why you've probably never heard of her (unless you're British a big fan of ARM computers).

Feel free to review the usual literature...  ^__^

She's a member of the Anti$oft Coalition only in solidarity with OS/2-tan (another overlooked OS-tan with great potential).  Otherwise, she has no specific gripe with Windows-tans other than the occasional infringement in her niche market.

If you know the system, you can probably identify the logos interspersed throughout.  In case you're wondering, btw, her pistol is a British-manufactured Webley Mk IV Service Revolver.  No need to panic as she is far more cool-headed than OS/2-tan (and besides, has horrible marksmanship anyway).  Her pistol is really more for show, as her real strength lies in her physical traits.  She's amazingly fast and agile, and while not particularly strong she is considered to be "unbreakable" (think the "Bruce Willis" kind).


Very good. I like the concept, the design, and the revolver. I hope to see what chibi you come out with next!


Thank you, NewYinzer!  ^.^

Now who's up next...?

*checks s'hedule*

....Woohoo!! Apple ][-tan!  ^.^


Quote....Woohoo!! Apple ][-tan! ^.^

*Opens champagne bottle*