More IBM-tans II: The DECkoning

Started by stewartsage, May 21, 2014, 11:48:54 pm

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Did somebody say Soviet DEC clones?  Because there are an assload of PDP-11 OS clones that originated behind the iron curtain.  Our own wiki says seven RT 11 clones but I only ever managed to track down three that were specifically RT 11 related.  Below are also an RSTS and two RSX 11 clones, plus bonus System/360 clones for the IBM lovers out there.

-Often seen in public but little is known about her.  During the Cold War she was the target of much speculation by DEC Intelligence services.
-A copy of RT-11, physically
-Good friends with OS/RV-tan, another DEC PDP11 OS-tan clone.
-Reappeared under different names throughout the late Cold War.
-A countined embarassment to DEC.
-Reasonably popular among former and current users
-Never publically or privately acknowledged her DEC lineage, apparently considering it unimportant.
-Speaks at least Czech and Russian.
-Rumored to be a deadly assasain.
-Status: Alive, retired in the Czech Republic to live as a hobby OS.
Physical form: See RT-11 and add a little height/weight

-Similar to RAFOS, a clone of a DEC operating system (RSX11M) created by the Soviets.
-Physically identical to RSX11, except a little heavier in build.
-Best friends with RAFOS, her fellow DEC copy of the era
-Extremely jealous of RSX11 before the Iron Curtain fell, sent menacing letters to her.  Had a creepy shrine of DEC memorabilia.
-Somewhat limited compared to her polylingual siblings, speaks bits of English but only Russian well.
-Still one of the most versatile minicomputer -tans of the era and a hard worker.
-Runs in her spare time as a hobby
-Status: Alive, divides time between Minsk and formerly Ukraine.
Physical form: See RSX11

-Another RSX11M clone
-The weakest Soviet DEC-tan
-Has trouble keeping up with work, forcing OS/RV to do more.
-Primarily employed in simple tasks like mass data processing much to her sisters' disappointment
-Well liked by her users, congenial if a bit incompetent.
-Not popular or versatile enough to survive as a hobby OS after her commercial utility was exceeded.
-Status: Deceased
Physical: A pre-teen or early teen RSX11

DOS KP-tan
-Clone of RSTS-tan
-Most competent of the Soviet PDP-11 OS clones, lacking RAFOS-tans air of mystique and OS/RV-tans creepy obession with the west.
-Worked as a book keeper for many years, and in information processing.
-Heavy drinker to cope with vast amounts of work left to her and from trying to manage her eccentric sisters.
-Travelled a lot
-Unlike her origin OS, not very competitive or sociable.
-Has a very dark, sardonic wit.
-Cares for her various odd siblings.
-Status: Unknown, last known to have retired to the sea.
Physical form: See RSTS

-Soviet copy of DOS/360
-Gregarious and friendly, a winner at dinner parties and functions.
-Worked in a variety of industries, including telecommunications and engineering.
-Hard-working and task focused, she enjoys manual labor to relax.
-Not considered particularly intelligent, but very capable if given a few tasks or workers to manage at a time.
-Speaks Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian, and Czech
-Sometime friend and companion of 'rogue' ES operating systems MOS and OS10/ES.
-Dotes on her younger sister OS/ES
-Status: Alive
Physical form: Shortish (for a mainframe), plump, wears glasses and some type of coveralls usually. Same hair and eye color as DOS/360.

-Soviet copy of OS/360
-A little cold and socially awkward, she relies on DOS to make introductions a lot of the time.
-Not very commanding presence but proud of her status as a 'high end' OS
-Works in business and scientific fields
-Speaks fewer languages then her sister, but does speak English.
-Disdains most of the mini- and micro- OS-tans, seeing them as second class systems.
-Formerly was spokeswoman for SVM when it existed.
-Dedicated to computing and increasingly it's history in the former Soviet Union.
-Doesn't like DOS hanging out with MOS.
-Status: Alive
Physical form: Mid to late teens girl, thin and kind of gangly, dresses well but conservatively and a tad out of fashion with the late Soviet and certainly the modern era.  Same hair and eye color as OS/360-tan.

Relationship Notes:
Unlike the actual DEC -tans who have a variety of convoluted relationships, I consider all the DEC clones to be sisters since their cloning/translation was all done by basically the same teams for the same Institutes in the various countries.  RAFOS-tan is kind of distant, preferring not to take responsibility for the rest leaving that to KP-tan, especially taking care of RVR-tan.

Coming soon....
-MOS, MNOS, and DEMOS-tans: The Soviet Unixes.


reall cool, dude, i'm looking forward to it. i'd wonder about artwork, but we all know bells will come sniffing through this thread soon. -w-;


One wonders how the Soviets ended up cloning them in the first place ... stalking around DEC HQ and stealing -tans' hair?

Also, I really like your DOS/ES & OS/ES-tan designs! (I'd say more but I gave you most of my comments the other day.)

Quote from: stewartsage on March 20, 2015, 10:35:52 pm
-MOS, MNOS, and DEMOS-tans: The Soviet Unixes.

Hooray! Some actual communist Unices to go along with our pseudo-communist Unices (which is to say, the Unices).


Unixes and Clone Unixes are natural enemies.
Like Soviets and Communists.
Or Anarchists and Communists.
Or Marxists and Communists.
Or Communists and Communists.
Damn Communists....they ruined Communism.


Communism would only work for machines (or for a society ruled by machines) in the first place, anyway.