What phone/smart device are you using?

Started by DustiiWolf, January 20, 2014, 09:29:09 pm

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Phone history? Phone histories.

Family phone:
I was never allowed to use it but I think it's worth mentioning that we had a Motorola brick whose model number I don't remember. I'd have to find it, assuming it's still around.

First phone:
Don't remember my provider back then...
Second phone:
Third phone:
Cingular? I forget my carrier back then.
Fourth phone:
Fifth phone:
(given to me by my dad, used it for a couple weeks. Would have went back to my 4th phone, but I got my current one instead. lol)
Current phone:
Samsung Galaxy S3

(I really liked flip phones btw. It was just so satisfying to open.w)


me too, plus it eliminates the potential for butt dialing and reduces damage potential. plus, since mine's a flip, i can read text messages without having to spend minutes. 8)

curious, what made you give up the cookie?

@pent: as it turns out, i was wrong, the first BB's came out in 99'. and as it turns out, i meant palm pilot, lol. ^^ it came out in 97, check out the cool (now defunct) 90's gaming apps for it:


the interface+touchscreen just wasn't to my liking. I can't really give you a concrete reason why, it just didn't feel natural to me. Of course, neither did the Android on my first try, but I got used to it fairly quickly. But it's entirely possible that I just hadn't spent enough time on the LG Cookie.


true. did you need a stylus to interact with it? it was pictured with one,  so maybe that was the awkward disconnect.


So my phone is running KitKat now.



I think mine is on Jellybean, since KitKat is only for 32GB models :/


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on July 22, 2014, 10:40:55 am
true. did you need a stylus to interact with it? it was pictured with one,  so maybe that was the awkward disconnect.

You didn't /need/ the stylus, but it still felt clunky to me. (Scrolling down anything was a pain in the ass) It was too much trouble to take out the stylus anyway. Especially coming from a flip phone, I was used to getting through menus and things fairly quickly.


You know, I remember wanting the Motorola Razr way back when. The ad for it was so cool *w*


My bro had a silver razr. I wanted one too but in the end I was too attached to my little cheap flip phone to give it up. Also this was around the time the iPhone came out and I was seriously considering getting a hold of one of those, however our cell provider didn't pick them up (until a few years ago, lulz) so I never did...

Sad thing though, he ended up ruining it when he jumped into a river with it still in her pocket. Got a cheap little keyboardphone not too long afterward.


Samsung tablet 2, Kindle Fire.
and a Kyocera flip phone
Simon was here :P<br />


My dad has a Kindle Fire (that I occasionally hijack).

It's pretty good for web browsing and reading but I don't really like the OS. It feels too ... Amazon-y. I mean Android is thoroughly Googlized but it's doesn't seem as overpowering to me.


my sister had a razr for years. i always wanted a phone but this was during the time when you could only get one via a plan, and i think she either paid for it via various jobs or piggybacked off a boyfriend's plan. i think it initially had cingular but eventually moved to verizon.


Mmm. Actually had someone come into work one day, wanting a new phone. Her old one, which she had with her, was a Cingular phone; obviously running on AT&T now.

So, if anyone is curious, this is what happens when you try to sync a Galaxy S3 with an iBook G3. From the Android side:

...and from the OS9 side:

Got to love how Flonne is all "Please plug me into something newer :\", while Sonata is like "I can check online to find drivers maybe ^^". Although, at the very least, Sonata can charge Flonne -w-