What phone/smart device are you using?

Started by DustiiWolf, January 20, 2014, 09:29:09 pm

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Never heard of US Cellular before. I think they're tied into Cellular One?
(All I know is that anything that isn't Verizon or Cell One in my area gets godawful signal :\ )


As I understand it, US Cellular is based in Illinois and active mostly on the east coast and midwest; I always thought it was a small company too, but it's supposedly the fifth largest cell provider in the US.


wait, people, you haven't heard of US Cellular? i see their commercials all the time.
well, not as frequently as the big 4, but enough for me to remember details such as logo and spokeslady.

i think they DO have something to do with Cellular One, either that was their previous name or is an alternate brand or something.

you guys want me to get pics of my iphone? YOU'RE ASKING THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!

wait, got it.


"amazing quality" picture of front

and my actual cell phone.


Cool :3

Also, I looked it up; they seem to be two different companies. US Cellular isn't even available in this area; all I see ads for are the big 4 and TracFone (Including StraightTalk and Net10), and of the big 4, only Verizon is worth having in this area; they and Cell One have forced AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile out of this area :\


Dat case~

Also, I continue to be jelly of your strap/charm collection, and a little sad that the S5 doesn't even have a place to attach them.


dug through 4 clearance bins in a now-defunct (?) chinatown shop just to find it. totes worth it at 10 bucks~

also, it's one of the reasons that i refuse to give up my little prepaid (besides that it's cheaper): smartphones have no place to attach charms. -w-
i'm up to 13 now, hope to reach 20 by the end of the year~


I'm possibly maybe going to get a smartphone soon; at the very least I need something that gets better reception than what I have


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on June 30, 2014, 04:22:21 pm
also, it's one of the reasons that i refuse to give up my little prepaid (besides that it's cheaper): smartphones have no place to attach charms. -w-
i'm up to 13 now, hope to reach 20 by the end of the year~

Not in all cases! My Galaxy S had a place to attach straps. I used to have my yuri charm, a pokemon charm and a hand-strap attached.

...not sure about later generations, though.


oh yeah, i forgot i bought you a charm. ^^

wish i had the foresight to get you REAL yuri this year. ;^;


So I decided to splurge and upgrade my phone, since my current one gets terrible signal in the populated end of town and I honestly fell in love with the Galaxy S3 when I activated one for a customer. Although a bit overkill, I consider this a business expense; since having a phone with good reception is a a must.

Ladies and gentlemen, Flonne III (Seen here next to Flonne II):


Very nice Pent! Never used the S3 but I'd probably still be using my S1 if the menu buttons hadn't crapped out on it. They're good phones. ^.^

Here's my own cellphone lineup ...

Cherry (it had a red case for a long time), Lina I and Lina II. (And a possibly-dead Powerbook because why not.)

I see we both went from Motorola flip phones to Galaxies. ^^


In my case, the evolution went like this:

1: Motorolla bar phone (Bought with birthday money for $10 circa '07. A tank that I could text with faster than any other phone I've had)
2: LG flip phone (Christmas gift from mom circa 2009. Tolerated it)
3: Flonne I [Samsung generic smartphone] (Bought in 2011. Didn't run Android; instead, some funky "Samsung OS" that was basically unsupported. Died after a month)
4: Flonne II [Motorolla flip phone] (Bought in 2011 because I was in a bind and needed the cheapest thing StraighTalk offered. About to retire it after 3 years of use)
5: Flonne III [Samsung Galaxy S3] (Bought earlier today. Really like it so far; playing around with it via wifi :3)


1. GothPhone I (hand-me-down red motorola brick that i was the 3rd owner of; eventually went to my mother as the 4th hand-me-down and she used it until we forced her to upgrade since the buttons were failing. the damn thing has service under that number till something like 2063. )
2. GothPhone II (current cellphone, present from ex-friend for high school graduation in 10'. no intent to upgrade. LG flip phone.)
3. GothTouch (iphone, used for functions other than phone functions)

congrats on the new phone, pent. if i see a shiny phone case the next time i'm in chinatown, i'll snag it for you. ^^


That's alright; I invested in an OtterBox to protect it -w-
(I wanted something extra sturdy; given how much I spent on this phone)


fair enough, but i could have tried to find you one with a loli on it. A LOLIIIII