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Started by DustiiWolf, November 27, 2013, 11:56:25 PM

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ah, wait, i saw it. -w-;;

and i meant more because now they have 3. which seems like sort of a lot. >>;


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Inori just got bigger real.

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Official -tans are my bat signal.



aw, I missed the chance to say she just got real. /pun
Official -tans are my bat signal.


...So, while at work, I had a random thought earlier. Would any of the OS-tans have a love of disco or funk?

About the only one I could probably think of is Plan 9-tan, which is a maybe (Not sure if it's weird enough for her to like disco ^^; ). Any thoughts?


Considering how many OS-tans grew up during the heyday of disco and funk ... possibly quite a few.

TENEX jumps to mind, just because I imagine she'd have been pretty pop-culturally-aware during the 60s and 70s and kept up with the trends of the time. Probably PDP-8-tan ... and possibly PDP-11-tan, too. I dunno, as a whole I imagine the DEC-tans were pretty "current" and listened to a lot of music of the time ... and maybe the CDC-tans too? I can see some of the CDC-tans being into dance music, but they're not mine so I can't speak for them. (It seems a foregone conclusion they'd be into new wave, though!)

As for Plan 9-tan, I imagine she'd be into weird-ass electronic & experimental music ... which probably annoys Slackware-tan more than anything else, although I suppose they'd have enough common ground to be able to listen to things together and go out clubbing without too much disagreement. I can totally see them both being into IDM and glitch music. Haha.

Now you have me thinking about the musical tastes of other OS-tans ... >_>


Cool. I was thinking PDP-11 and possibly other DEC-tans, but I wasn't sure

As far as other -tans I can  think of at the moment:
- Multics would probably be into classical music (Just seems to fit her personality and wardrobe for her to be into classical, at least to me)
- ME seems like she'd be a Vocaloid fan (Given the artwork of her and Miku hanging out)
- TRS-80 would be into...TRS-80 (As in, the electronic music group :P)


Finally, a time to let one of my headcanons get out into the open. :D

95 would like rock music, with her favourite flavour of rock music being hard rock. Her favourite band is the Rolling Stones, and her favourite song is Start me Up.

She also likes Edie Brickell and Weezer, thanks to music videos found on the Windows 95 CD. Her favourite songs from those artists are Good Times and Buddy Holly respectively because of the aforementioned music videos.


I honestly never thought about that; good idea :3


@Winduko: More people with OS-tan music headcanons, I don't feel so alone now! (Also, if you want to talk OS-tan headcanons you have come to the right place. :D)

Buddy Holly is my favorite Weezer song so I approve of this...

@Pent: Classical definitely ran through my mind for Multics-tan. I don't know how involved she would have been in the pop culture of the time, but I can see her being a fan of 60s/70s psychedelic music ... call it a hunch. (She probably picked it up from ITS-tan.)

I can see ME-tan and the XPs being fans of Vocaloid, yeah. Somehow I think TRS-DOS-tan would find the music of TRS-80 BLASPHEMOUS, but I can totally see CoCo-tan being a fan. : o

All this talk of OS-tans and songs has me wondering: Do any of you have theme songs for OS-tans? (I do.)


You know, I never really thought much about that until you brought it up ^^;

I suppose I do relate 2k-tan to Meat Loaf's "Alive"; due to the planned ending to my story. As for the others to appear in my story, I might think of more later


@Pent: Thank you. :)

@Bella: To be honest, I only had music headcanons for 95-tan because of the way Windows 95 was marketed, and it was relevant enough to what's going on. As for headcanons in general, I'll wait for an excuse to bring them up. xD


TRS-DOS grooves to the hardcore sounds of acapella Puritan hymns secretly recorded on wax cylinders.



@Kari: Nice song. ^^
@Stew: DARN TOOTIN'. (I feel like I'm the only one who remembers TRS-DOS tan is an insane Radio Shack zealot.)
@Winduko: Hmm well this is On Topic[less] so feel free to mention headcanons whenever you want ... there's no real theme here. -w-

As for theme songs, I have so many theme songs ... what's worse, I have theme songs for specific PAIRINGS, which makes me feel so dorky ... >///>

A few of them in no particular order:
Wild Sage for current-day!SAGE-tan. (THOSE LYRICS ARE SO SAGE, I CANNOT EVEN.)
A Reminder makes me think of Unix-tan & Linux-tan ... specifically, their relationship from the point of view of Unix. "If I get old, I will not give in, but if I do, remind me of this. Remind me that once I was free, once I was cool, once I was me ..."
Walking In My Shoes also makes me think of Unix-tan.
One Fine Morning has become PDP-8 & LINC-tan's theme, for some reason.
Torukia is OpenVMS-tan's theme, as decreed by C-chan like 6 years ago.
— Minute Waltz for PDP-1-tan! (Sadly I can only provide this Synthesia version as I am too lazy to hunt down the recording of an actual PDP-1 performing the Minute Waltz.)
True Love Waits makes me think of MTC-tan's relationship toward Whirlwind-tan ... sadly.