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Started by NejinOniwa, March 12, 2013, 05:05:30 PM

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I actually kind of liked Arceus. While not as badass as motherfucking Giratina, I do have a figurine of him standing beside Captain Picard in my other room. Maybe if I'm bored or just find a really good deal somewhere, I'll pick up Black and give it a shot :\


Well, The Starters Thing is something I've enjoyed...

for Gen 1 my starter was a squirtle, I'm a wind type person, and since they decided to go fire water grass on starters he was the Choice of the Bunch... I remember Naming him WarHero (Hence the name of my starter in HG and SS)



In all seriousness I have never completed a Pokemon game. Got CLOSE to beating Blue, but I don't have a Gameboy anymore.
Saved Pokemon Silver when I needed a break but the saves never returned after I restarted the GB because there is no battery.

*sigh* My life has no meaning ;0_0;


Completed as in caught them all, or finished the E4 and afterplot?

I've completed the E4 of just about every pokémon game except Diamond(i think)/Pearl(i think)/Black/Black2 (only played on White, almost finished with W2). Catching them all is of course a pretty long shot in the later gens, but I did finish that mission on my original Blue version back when I was a kid (150, not Mew). The last one I got was Omastar, which I traded my clone for, giving us both the full 150. Felt good man.


I nearly beat it plotwise, I didn't catch 'em all yet.


I had beat the plot of every Pokemon game I picked up. Except for crystal. The game wouldn't save.
I got close to completing the Pokedex in pearl, but then I lost the game.
Simon was here :P<br />


The only generation I've played but never beat a game from is Gen3. I need to get back to Emerald :\


Quote from: NejinOniwa on March 18, 2013, 07:35:47 AM
What do you guys think about Gen6?
"Not ANOTHER one...!"

srsly, pokemon has scraped the bottom of the barrel in the ideas department SO MUCH that they've now broken through the bottom and are serving up turf. i'm not even enthused about the new eeveelution, which says it all: this gen is an even bigger MEH than the last, which i didn't think was possible. they can't even name them creatively.

@starters: gen1: the game i played the most out of gen1 was pokemon yellow, where the starter is decided for you. i even have hey you pikachu, so my bias is a tad skewed towards the impossible starter--i never developed much of a loyalty towards any of the "real" 3 starters. :\

gen2: this is where it gets sooper cereal, because of how much i played Crystal. THIS was the gen where i came into my own, and Cyndaquil was always along for the ride. i felt bad about the Tododiles that got captures by TripleQ (aka ???), but over time, i started unconsciously seeing tododile and its evolutions (the evolutions especially) as kind of......evil. like, dark. i felt (and still feel!!) horrible about saying that, but it's not an active way of thinking; it just is there. nowadays i'm trying to break the bias. ;^; Chikorita was a bit "meh" considering it just always went unused. :\

gen3: i had both ruby AND sapphire (well, till ruby got stolen along with a bunch of my other GBC/GBA games; thanks a lot for making me loan it all to my cousin, mum.... >>; ), so i used all 3 of the starters at least once. over time, like nej, i developed a preference towards torchic, helped in no small part by the Blaziken from the series. it was quite the badass, and having the fire favouritism left over from Gen2 also influenced my choice. plus, fire kick. ohhh yeeeahhh. -w-
my sister's favourite was treeko, but i just never got on with it. mudkip was a bit of a joke at this point considering gen3 was the first inkling of the silly designs to come, and we had the internet at this point as well. (SO I HERD YOU LIEK MUDKIPS)

gen4: n/a; going off design alone either piplup or the monkey. turtwig is cute but grass-types seem to have a hard time impressing me. plus i've heard it has low speed.

gen5: n/a; going off design alone that ridiculous-looking otter. it's kind of cute. but really, gen5 suffers from "LOLDESIGNDERP" Syndrome.

gen6: already mentioned what i think of the whole idea of it. stupid, stupid, stupid. ><;

EDIT: now, if they looked more like THESE, i'd be more enthused:
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But...that one in the middle there, sans the little plume on its head, IS Fennekin...

Just saiyan.

I was very skeptical towards Gen5 as well at first, just for the fact that it ONLY introduced completely new pokes and nothing linked to the older; however, the plot and innovation of these games in other directions (CUTSCENES! WOOT!) made me very much reconsider that opinion, and while the original BW were somewhat meh due to you being stuck with only the native Unova pokes, B2W2 leaves that and gives you a bunch of other regionals right off the bat. And I mean, who can dislike a game that gives you limitless catchable Eevees? Not to mention the ability to catch Lucario's pre-evo at LEVEL 5, before you even take on the first gym? It may not have the best starters, but fuck those, I had a Lucario when I took on the second gym. A FUCKING LUCARIO.

Given how we already have a new Eeveelution, I'd be very surprised if we didn't get another boatload of evolutions for other older-gen pokes as well.
If they give Mawile an evolution, I am officially going to squeal for joy and buy myself a damn 3DS with the game fucking STAT.


I'm gonna buy it, Pokemon is my childhood.

oops... sorry choco
Simon was here :P<br />


@nej: come to think of it, on one of those "what pokemon type are you?" charts, i came up as steel/normal, meaning the only pokemon i really came up as was Mawile. thus, I AM MAWILE, MASTER'S FAVOURITE

oh, that IS the fire starter in the middle there? damn, then i guess the game art just sucks. xD or the other two starters bring it down enough that i didn't recognize it. (there's a beaver-thing with a

limitless catchable eevees sounds badass,  but once you get an eevee you can just breed a farm of them anyway....
also, when it comes to the new eeveelution, i wouldn't say that guarantees attention to the old ones. after all, i agree with this video's theory that Sylveon is likely a new type.

(dammit simon, i was about to post. ><; )
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Guarantees or not, it still seems a lot more likely in my eyes. Gen5 is the only generation we've had so far that didn't expand on previous gens at all, and with this we already have confirmation of expansion in Gen6. It'd be silly of them not to do more, imo.


>B2W2 Elite 4
GG easy

I mean, honestly. The Ghost girl? Calm mind x2 on Lucario, sweep like a boss. The Dark dude? Not even setup, just swapping between Weavile, Lucario and whatever else. The Psychic girl was trickier mainly because she killed my Weavile 2 pokes in or so, and her Gothitelle started Calm minding up for a sweep of its own, taking down a few of mine before I could put it to rest. The Fighting dude WOULD'VE been easy if not for the fact that FOR SOME REASON, HIS DAMN SAWK HAD STURDY, which means I can't 1HKO it, and it killed off my Espeon. I sad. :/

Iris de Champ was cute, but that's all she has going for her, really. I mean, if you have 2 Ice types and a Lucario, dealing with a little girl with nothing but Dragon-types and Flying-types is a bit too easy, honestly. I even derped up in my setup, bringing out my Espeon first instead of Lapras or Weavile or something, so I had to switch in Lapras and give free damage away. Still gg easy. CM Lucario with Dragon Pulse, Shadow Ball and Aura very much pain.




also, iris is the champ? laaaaaame.
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Why lame? She's the 8th gym leader in the original White, and since the champ of B/W is sort of retired in B2/W2, it's kind of logical to have the strongest gym leader follow him.