PentiumMMX's Pokémon Crystal Challenge Run: The Topic

Started by Penti-chan, June 19, 2011, 08:34:47 pm

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togepi-only would likely be badass, especially in the later games (as it would have 3 evolutions instead of 2).
and every time i walked past that slowpoketail guy i always thought that he looked a little pudgy. :\

also, after looking it up, it seems that i can attempt both a psychic AND water run, provided that i have 2 working copies of the game (and one has to be ruby, sapphire, or emerald). if not, ik i at least have 1 working copy of Gen. 3 and ik my sister has a copy of emerald lying around. ^^


Yep; it's update time again:

We begin with a Rocket Grunt proving that even evil has standards; as he "guards the well" to keep people from falling in. However, he did eventually let me through; as those damn Zubats kept coming out of nowhere while I made my way around kicking Team Rocket ass and chewing bubblegum. However, Emmy evolved into a Quagsire; which made up for it.

After that, I went to the gym to do battle with Bugsy; who I though was a girl when I first played this game. It was an epic battle; with Metapod using Harden, Kakuna doing the same, and Scyther being it's usual badass self. Scyther gave me a run for my money, although I pulled through in the end and obtained the Hive Badge for my efforts.

With Team Rocket now in the picture, things are going to get a little more exciting...


wait.....your trainer is named yendor....? .___.;

also, if there's one thing team rocket can do, it's fake it. -w-


Yeah. To quote the first post:

Quote from: PentiumMMX on June 19, 2011, 08:34:47 pm
...the trainer is a girl named Yendor (In reference to my Green Mage from Disgaea)

When creating a Green Mage on Disgaea 2, I went with spelling my first name backwards for her name; referring to that character as the "alternate universe distaff counterpart" of my Red Skull (Who is named Rodney). The two ended up trading elements in Disgaea 3; making things a little confusing.

Anyway, I'll probably play some more later tonight


ahhhhh, ok. forgot. ^^;

good luck, dude. considering starting my psychic run, once i get things a bit more settled on the water run. (also, is there a code to have eevee or espeon be the starter in crystal?)


In case anybody is interested, I got the code I used from this guide. Now you too can change what Pokémon you start with on Crystal.

Anyway, here's a rundown of what things where like tonight:

It all began with a battle against my rival...and his demonic Bayleaf. I had to do this battle several times over because it kept kicking my ass, but then I finally pulled a narrow victory. That felt good; as Wang tried to make himself feel better by talking about how how much he hates the weak. After which, I carry on and help a guy catch his Farfetch'd, so he'll give the Cut HM

After some random battles with some generic trainers, I made it to the gym, and hello nurse! It'd be awesome if this battle lead into hot yuri, but seeing as this is an E-rated game, that obviously won't happen; much to the disappointment of me and several other people on this site. Also, I fight a suspected trap before doing battle with the gym leader, Whitney. The battle was too easy compared to the past two gyms; I made her cry. Once she recovered from the shock of being beaten so effortlessly, she gave me the Plain Badge; putting me at 3 badges so far.

Also, the guy at the entrance is busy checking out the ladies. Of course, who can blame him?


lulz. greatstoryman. -w-

and DAMN, that WAS a narrow victory! *0*

i'll begin my recaps in the other thread. :3


Lol'd HEARTILY at the Suspected Trap. Gjbro.
And I can definitely sympathize with you having to battle your rival with a 4x weakness uphill...while my Glaceon is only 2x weak to fire, Snover is Ice/Grass, giving him 4x weakness to it...fuck, am I glad I have a Shellder now.


@Nejin: I knew somebody would get a kick out of that joke

Anyway, here's a rundown of how things went tonight:

After beating the gym, I went to obtain a bike before setting out to do battle with a guy who wants to show off. Not long after, I engage in a battle with a juggler who has one of the the best pre-battle quotes I've seen since this one from Blue. There was also a schoolboy who spoke very technically; making me think that he's part Vulcan.

However, the most noteworthy random trainer tonight was a Lass, whom I suspect is a gender-flipped version of Kriz, based on her name. Of course, there's a chance that she's his future daughter.

Anyway, I did battle with a a Sudowoodo, which I successfully captured and gave it a nickname I though was funny.


the funny thing is, that's a lie since sudowoodo is technically not made of wood. on the upside, he's rock hard :3


June 30, 2011, 12:03:28 am #25 Last Edit: June 30, 2011, 12:05:58 am by PentiumMMX
Still, you have to love it when the game says "IHaveWood used Strength!"
If I actually fought with it, I'd make sure it knows how to Harden

Anyway, here's a rundown of the past 2 nights, since I neglected to update last night due to a lack of significant progress:

My journey last night began with a run-in with Bill; who finished working on a time machine. Although, since it only allows me to trade with people in the past instead of exploring through time and space, I'll probably never use it. After that, I went over to do battle with the Kimono Girls; each one fighting with a different evolution of Eevee. They put up a decent fight, as I decided it was high time to take on the gym.

However, an old man wouldn't let me in because the leader is absent, so I decided to go over to the Burned Tower. I had a run-in with none other than Wang, which lead into a battle; complete with Haunter committing suicide and the return of the demon Bayleaf, and Wang calling me a wimp right after having has ass handed to him. After the battle, a hole in the floor opened; as I fell down into a chamber where the legendary dogs cats gerbils slept.

After they took off running, along with some other unimportant stuff, I was finally able to go to the gym and do battle with Morty, who fights with ghost Pokémon. Emmy only had minimal problems, because Mud-Slap = Instant Win; which lead to a fairly easy victory and the Fog Badge being added to my collection. I just need 4 more before I go to the league...

After that, I head southwest toward Olivine. Along the way, this guy states the obvious (Thanks; I couldn't have figured that out on my own) and this lady promotes milk.

I then arrive in town, only to find the gym leader here is away at the lighthouse; which I proceed to climb up...but not before looking at my reflection on the window to make sure that I'm still lookin' good. Atop the tower, I find her waiting...but she won't battle yet; I first have to fetch medicine for this sick Pokémon, which means a trip across the sea.

But first, I need to find the Surf HM...
EDIT: All right, it turns out I already have it. Tomorrow night, I sail away


It's been a while since I last played, but at last, it's time for an update:

Not long after moving the run to Asagi, since 2k isn't setup right now (Also, it's too damn hot to use something that generates as much heat as her), I sailed away; as Emmy turned into a Lapras when I used Surf, which does seem a bit odd when you stop and think about it.

While out at sea, I saw Tentacruel. Lots and lots of Tentacruel. I did try to capture one, to handle the other water-type HMs later in the game (To avoid clogging up Emmy's moveset with too many attacks of the same type), but I didn't have any Pokéballs on me. Thankfully, it wasn't shiny, or else I'd be pissed off; seeing as I've never seen a shiny Pokémon outside of the scripted ones like the Red Gyarados...although my team on Platinum caught the Pokérus while out training (Which the odds of that are even slimmer), so I guess it does balance out a bit.

There was also a girl with a name similar to Choco; just a single letter difference. Perhaps Johto exists in an alternate universe, where several OSCers happen to be Pokémon trainers with slightly different names, and in a few cases, are gender-flipped?

Once I reached land, I caught a glimpse of Suicune, before Eusine challenged me to a battle. However, Eusine isn't an ordinary man, he's a Mysitcalman; which makes me think of a song by Heart...

After that quick battle, it's time to hit the gym; as my Sudowoodo showed off it's moves by pushing a boulder, before I engaged the gym's leader, Chuck in battle...which was much easier than I expected, but it wasn't completely pointless since I was given the Storm Badge. Right after that, I went back across the sea and delivered the medicine to complete that sidequest, allowing me to finally engage in battle with Jasmine; who actually put up a semi-decent fight with her Steelix, but I still came out on top and earned the Mineral Badge.

I have 2 badges left until I head to the League, reaching the half-way point of the run. Later tonight, I'll continue on my journey to the top



Since the Nuzlocke run has me on a Pokémon kick once again, plus I still have my save file for this challenge run, I figured it was about time to finally finish this Wooper Quagsire-only challenge run of Pokémon Crystal. I'll report back later with any changes


Well, here's the latest progress. I left off at Olivine, after defeating Jasmine, and now I finally follow in the footsteps of Paul, Nick, and Josh and continue the adventure.

...and I will be surprised if anybody actually gets the joke ^^;;

Anyway, the trek went smoothly; as I fought a Fisherman who had a Quilfish. This reminded me of Kari joking about wanting to catch one to go with a Hoothoot named Hootie xD

Once I arrived in Mahogany Town, I promply purchased a RAGECANDYBAR. I always liked the name, so I had to buy one xD

Now, resting at the Pokémon Center, I prepare to make the trek north to the Lake of Rage; where apparently Team Rocket is preparing to cause trouble. However, apparently the Men in Black are there to cover the whole thing up.

What will happen next time? Stay tuned; same Poké-time, same Poké-channel