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Any OS-tan comic ideas you want me to draw?

Started by Aurora Borealis, September 24, 2012, 12:45:30 AM

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Aurora Borealis

Quote from: Bella

That's the one! (.....that emotionally scarred me a little inside.)
Excellent! My memory served me right!


.....Is it Linux XP-tan's outfit? It looks awfully familiar (I keep thinking of one of the older MSDOS-tan designs), but I'm really not sure. x.x
No, but interesting coincidence! The Easter Eggs are on the books Dreamlinux and OSX are reading.

Looks good so far! :D
Okay! On part 2, I don't have the script yet, but Multics and Cray-1 start discussing what to do, when Multics takes off her winter coat, and that is when Cray-1 criticizes her fashion sense.

Interesting! I wanted to know more about Cray-1-tan's personality, since her wiki page left me curious....

And I know you're referencing the ice queen trope, but I'm just going to use this opportunity to mention that I want to do fanart of Cray-1-tan dressed up as another Ice Queen....


Yes! I really want to see that! That'd be perfect!

Aurora Borealis

October 15, 2012, 01:21:48 PM #46 Last Edit: July 26, 2020, 09:03:32 PM by Aurora Borealis
First 4 panels storyboarded!

EDIT: Oops. I drew some details inconsistently like Multics' hair length, but that will be corrected!


So far, it looks good to me. ^-^ (Especially fond of Multics' scowl in that second panel, haha).

Aurora Borealis

October 24, 2012, 01:11:46 PM #48 Last Edit: July 26, 2020, 09:03:39 PM by Aurora Borealis
@Bella: Thanks! I'm now about 3/4 done with the vectoring process for that part. :)

Here's the storyboard for the next part:


This also looks good Aurora. ^^ I can't wait to see the first finished page!


Multics is kind of adorable when she's angry, haha... the second and fourth panels stand out especially. I really like the details you've put into Cray's palace, and the guard in the first panel too~

Anyway, seeing this has made my afternoon and I can't wait to see part 2! ^0^

Aurora Borealis

Thanks! I used to hate drawing detailed backgrounds, but now I've gained a liking for it, especially when they say something about the character who lives there. Even the thermostat was designed with a futuristic look in mind! I assume that Multics would be weirded out by the futuristic style, but is too focused on how it's freezing in there! Panels 2 and 3 are my favorite on this page.


I wish I had your background-drawing fortitude. ;-; I can envision the sort of settings many of my characters would live in, but I'm too lazy to ever draw them errrgh.


Aurora Borealis

When I read WAITS-tan's article, I wanted to make a strip about a young WAITS-tan's hiccuping fits. :P

Mostly done with part 2 of the Multics and Cray-1 strip, and here's what I've proposed for part 3:

panel 1:
   Multics: Uhh... Nice to meet you?
   Cray-1: Yes. We will begin our collaboration promptly. Follow me.

panel 2: [Multics and Cray-1 are walking down a hallway]
   Multics: (thinking: 'It's not much of a collaboration when I'm the servant!')
   Cray-1: When we go to the next room, you can hang up your coat and hat.

panel 3: [In the next room, Multics hangs up her coat and hat, revealing the rest of her rococo-style dress.]

panel 4:
   Cray-1: What the hell are you wearing?
   Multics: ...


The WAITS Hiccuping Incident of 1966 is such a popular subject for artists... ;u;

A bit tangential, but I may or may not be working on a short PDP-8 'n LINC comic.....

Aurora Borealis

The hiccup beam comment on one of those links made me giggle. I was struggling to come up with dialogue, but now I should add something about SAGE saying "It's not like I unleashed a hiccup beam on you!" then imagine herself unleashing one on her enemies. >=D

I'd like to see your comic.


I have an idea for a comic, based on a dream I had about an OS-tan anime series:

It starts off with 2k-tan sitting at the edge of a lake, fishing...when suddenly XP-tan came out of nowhere and pushed her in. Shortly after, 2k reappeared behind XP, standing on a return platform from Super Smash Bros., with an annoyed look on her face.

XP-tan could be swapped out with a different -tan (Like if you can think of one who seems more like a prankster), and as for the return platform thing, we could have her climb out of the late. Either way would be good, but feel free to suggest any ideas for it

Aurora Borealis

November 04, 2012, 02:26:16 PM #58 Last Edit: July 26, 2020, 09:04:21 PM by Aurora Borealis
@Pentium: It's a good start. For the prankster character, I'd recommend Macintosh System 5-tan for that role. Because she's a ghost and can make herself invisible to those outside the Mac House, she could get away with it. Better yet, the scenario could be set up so that System 5-tan was with another Mac-tan, who tries to stop System 5-tan from pushing 2K into the water, but was too late and because 2K couldn't see System 5-tan, the other Mac-tan gets blamed for it. Akwardness ensues.

Another prankster I could recommend is EvilEntity-tan, who would push 2K into the water (she has a vendetta against Windows), but gets caught by 95-tan, who was nearby and banishes her.

I think either one of those would work well.


Part 2 of the Multics and Cray-1 comic finished!:


Quote from: Aurora Borealis on November 04, 2012, 02:26:16 PM
Better yet, the scenario could be set up so that System 5-tan was with another Mac-tan, who tries to stop System 5-tan from pushing 2K into the water, but was too late and because 2K couldn't see System 5-tan, the other Mac-tan gets blamed for it. Akwardness ensues.

I like this idea. System 5 seems like the perfect prankster for something like this