We have all been gender flipped

Started by stewartsage, January 11, 2011, 12:49:20 AM

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Boris gives up his attempt to carry Colonel-chan and puts her down. "Rory!" He exclaims, with a pat of his old comrade's head, "How you doing, bro?"

Aurora Borealis

"Hey, uhh... Boris is your name now?" Rory said cheerfully, though rudely; he was talking with his mouth full since he forgot basic table manners presumably as a result of the transformation. "You want some chocolate too, comrade?" He said wistfully. "Maybe while we're at it, we can talk about the old days, back when we were at bootcamp on the Martian colony. Before things got complicated."


Boris smiles. "Sure, I'll have some chocolate. Though you might have to refresh my memory," his eyes shift uneasily, "I'm afraid my recollection of, uh, Martian Bootcamp is a bit fuzzy."

Aurora Borealis

"Thanks. I could use the extra comfort food." Rory said. "When we were living on Mars, we were both sent to bootcamp as teens. That was where I met you. I don't know what you were in for, but I was quite the notorious bandit." Feeling nostalgic, he mused on.

"Remember when we were both scoping out members from other platoons to pull pranks on? Good times, comrade. Let me tell ya, the old hand in the water while sleeping prank works! And there was that time that you, me and a few others within our platoon became the queens of the old swimming hole. That was righteous."


Eavesdropping on their fascinating story, Penti-chan interjected with a question for Boris and Rory. "You were on Mars at one point? Where there any extra-terrestrial beings there, or was it only populated by humans?"


Chalk shovels another load of chicken onto the plate, and loads up some more.

While the chicken is frying, Chalk takes some rice bowls out from a cabinet. He goes to the kotatsu in the living room and begins setting it with chopsticks and napkins, and pours tea into each of the cups.

Chalk goes back and stirs the rice, and unloads, then reloads, another batch of chicken.
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