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Started by Chocofreak13, January 29, 2012, 10:12:31 PM

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I believe Kari said 5PM EST, which is 4PM for me and midnight for Nej. She can correct me on this, of course



Sounds good to me, as long as you don't mind a break to make dinner :3





Guys, I just got a text from Pent saying that Kari's power is out and that the game might be delayed. >:/



and it is! ^^ got it back about 45 minutes ago. if it goes down again (god help me), we have a generator. i doubt it will, but this wind is showing no signs of letting up, and i guess we're supposed to have up to 60mph gusts. :\

that said, i'd like everyone present to report in 4-5pm. the extra player i mentioned has shown no sign of activity, so the ideal list is as follows:


however, jack and alex's friend jon has chosen TODAY to restart a game he's running. alex was a player when the game was running months ago, so he's rather required to participate. i've told him that if he can't devote the time needed, he's out. i know he really wants to play, so if he can make it regularly, then i'll let him stay on. but he knows that if he can't make it regularly, then that's that.

that said, game is on for 5pm est. please report in at least 20 minutes before.

EDIT: i'll also be running practice rolls beforehand for those who feel new to this.


[7:23:11 PM] chocofreak887: Per + Ken roll (diff 7)
[7:23:33 PM] Nejin Oniwa: 2s.
[7:23:42 PM] Rodney Grimes: 0
[7:23:43 PM] Jacquline Roulet: ( Your roll results:
Your rolls are  5  8  7  10  7
You had 4 successes)
[7:24:07 PM] Bella: 1 success
Rodney Grimes
John Nathan McDonald
Nejin Oniwa

This way we don't have to reroll next week!
Things to not cover in bacon: 1. Your cat, 2. Your smartphone, 3. Grandma, and 4. Your computer.
Things to cover in bacon: 1. Meatloaf, 2. Chicken, 3. Jalapenos, and 4. More bacon.


Could you please edit my name out of there and replace it with my username? >//>;;


It's a little frustrating, but this makes for a good cliffhanger :3


well this was just one big hot mess.

alright people. next week is take 2. the players will include:

Astrid (me)
Gardenia (Pentium)
Lizzie (Jack)
Cilvarge (Nej)
Jason (Alex)
[Name] (Mel)

Stew said he wanted to write a new character, so if he's still on board, he'll be there with a new face.
Bella, idk if you still want to play. if you do, then you're in. but i should say, you should play because YOU want to, not because of /dependent on anyone else. :\

also, a request: be respectful of other people when typing. if you see someone is typing something (particularly if they don't post as much as someone else), please let them finish. also, try to be slower in your replies. just because someone has posted doesn't mean you have to post right back. let other people get in on the conversation and then formulate a thoughtful reply. better n' filling up the chat with meaningless squabble. :\

let's try again next week >>;


Sorry for bailing, but seeing Stew puss out and try to wriggle his way out of the game in the underhanded way imaginable threw my confidence a lot, because of ALL the people in the world I could imagine engaging in that kind of wankery, he was pretty much the last person I'd expect. That and things weren't really moving very well/the persistent arguing of Nej's and Jackie's characters was irritating me/Kari's power going out kind of ruined any mood i was in to play.


it's alright. hence why i say last night was one big hot mess.

that said, i want you to be there because YOU want to be there, okay? :\ that said, i'm going to put my foot down about character squabbling. if ANYONE (regardless of who they are) starts jabbering like that again (in OR out of game), i will silence their characters for the rest of the game session. any breaking of this rule will result in forcible expulsion from the game session. sorry to be harsh, but then again, i'm not. ><;;

as it turns out, Alex's character (Jason) can only be part time. :\ considering his desire to play and that i know he'll do a good job of it, i've decided to let him stay despite the fact that he'll only be there every other game. :\

also, considering people were having trouble grasping some mechanics of the game (rolls and whatnot), i'm considering making a "Resource Pack" for it. basically that'll entail me making a comic explaining the rules, mechanics, ect. of the game. i figured a visual format would be easier to grasp. :3