Figurine/Plush collection thread~

Started by Acher13, July 04, 2011, 06:22:29 AM

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ooooo, you're lucky. those are really, really nice! *0*

come to think of it, if i get a bunch of comic markers (copics, neopikos, prismas, etc) and some marker paper, i think i might make some of my own posters. (that might be everyone's christmas present, lol)

btw, should we expand this thread to include comic supplies? ik only 3 of us here do comics at all (maybe 2, actually), but i think it might be interesting to hear if anyone here besides me plans to get or already has things like comic tone, art/drawing books, alcohol based markers, etc. :3


sure, just add some collection stuff would be great.

these are only half of them.. =>


are those poseable!? *0*

also, since the green light has been given, i have some neopiko markers. they're comparable in quality to copics, though i find it kinda annoying that they're non-refillable. but then, most art supplies aren't, so i guess it's not too big a deal. :3

i know where to buy some comic tone, but it's absurdly expensive. still, i'd like to try it at least once. :3


Yes they are, I hope that I have enough time during this semester break to make some clothing for them and also need few extra bodies so they didn't get any paint scratch.



If those shinkis then they're from most of those online shop such as Amiami, HLJ, 1999 and sometimes ebay..
I have 16 so far..




do you have a link? poseable anime figurines sounds like more fun than video games, which i didn't think was possible. :3


main site, which you might need some proxy help:

some online shops which ships outside japan:

uh, reliable resell item

other source will be such as ebay or yahoo auction japan (needs proxy)... of course, these options could suck you dry T^T

for proxy, I use riderproxy or tokyohunter service.. google them =)
lastly, my favorite loli is:

and this is the actual pc game
its about raising those girls (well one thing about this game is that, you need to buy the actual figure to get the character access code or you're left with an mmo game without any character)


it looks expensive, but cute. :3

i'm going into the city in a few days, and i'm gonna hit up some anime shops i haven't been to in awhile. i'll try to remember to bring my camera so if i find anything cool i can post it. ^^


yeah, the price are quite something for some of them.. Take Ach for example(my current avi), when they released her during the late 2007 I bought her for something around $35.. current price, get ready with at least $200 and that's a remodel version.. each of them are limited to only 1k~1.5k unit.


ho jeez. ;^;

curious, do they have do-it-yourself kits? where you paint everything? or would i just end up buying one and repainting it? xD


That's how a lot of the PVC figures are sold.  Sometimes you have to bake it yourself.
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eh, i'm cool with that, but it depends on the shape more. having a set of poseable os-tan figures would just be too badass for words. 8)


afaik, no coz mostly fans bought the naked body (a.k.a extra body which is a plain body without paint) and do custom jobs on them..
best way to get these is to look up the incoming series before they do price hike which could get over 200% (this december is the vicviper series), I'm loooking forward to next year January where they'll release the bikers girl duo(attachment).

also, they're getting few short ovas for the upcoming PSP game which is by end of next month?
@red: yeah, its better that way for custom one.. could get cheaper.
@choco: not trying the doll series? obitsu? dolffie?

Its the first time I take them out of the box, the plant attribute sisters >.<


i haven't checked the links yet, but if it's dollfie then nevermind. that's WAY out of my price range. :\