PentiumMMX's Pokémon Crystal Challenge Run: The Topic

Started by Penti-chan, June 19, 2011, 08:34:47 pm

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June 19, 2011, 08:34:47 pm Last Edit: June 19, 2011, 08:37:15 pm by PentiumMMX
After bringing up that I was doing this over in the Topicless thread, I figured I'd make a topic here to talk about my progress on my challenge run through Pokémon Crystal for anyone who might interested.
Also, this keeps Topicless from being taken over by teh Pokémons

Ruleset wise, this isn't too different from what I did in late '09 with the Pikachu-only run through Yellow; the major difference being that, instead of starting with a Surfing Pikachu, I just have a plain Wooper. As for the names of the main cast, the trainer is a girl named Yendor (In reference to my Green Mage from Disgaea), her Wooper is named Emmy (I just came up with a random girl's name off the top of my head, since the Wooper is female), and her rival is named Wang (Seeing as I used Khan last time I did a run like this, I once again pulled a name out of a hat and ran with it).

Anyway, the game officially began today, with Yendor checking stuff on her "PC" (Which looks more like a Macintosh Classic II to me). Shortly after heading downstairs and receiving her Pokégear, she checks the oven to find that Mom was cooking her specialty; Cinnabar Volcano Burgers, which are likely so hot that one needs to sign a waver before they're allowed to eat them.

After some banter from Prof. Elm, Yendor finally got to pick her Pokémon; a Wooper, which was misidentified as Totodile. Also, just because, she remarks about how good her reflection looks before setting out...only for the journey to Mr. Pokémon's house to be interrupted by the first wild encounter of the game; which thankfully wasn't shiny, or else I'd be pissed off because I don't have any Pokéballs yet.

Speaking of Pokéballs, an old man gave Yendor a tour of the town...and made sure to mention that that the store sells Balls. I know what he means, but you can't help but find it a bit uncomfortable when taken out of context. After arriving at Mr. Pokémon's house and getting more banter and a free Pokédex, I was faced with what amounted to a mini-boss: the damned Hoppip that wouldn't die easily. It couldn't fight back at all, while my only attack move barely did any damage to it; making this fight a lot longer than it needed to be...and the first battle against Wang and his Chikorita was worse, since his Pokémon was capable of fighting back.

Still, I made it through both battles just fine; as, now with all that pregame stuff out of the way, I can officially begin my journey to collect the Gym Badges and head to the League.

I'll post again when more happens. Until then, any questions and feedback is appreciated


I'm making my own thread instead of hijacking this thing, but inspired me it did.

And good luck with that Wooper run. You'll be having living hell with it until he hits Quagsire .w.;


That's why I decided to go with a Wooper; since the Pikachu I used in my Yellow challenge run was too much of a powerhouse even early into the game (By the end, the damn thing could punch out Cthulhu with no negative consequences).

Also, which Pokémon game are you going to do a run on?


Dunno, really, but it has to be something decently challenging for my tastes; and it's likely going to be one of the DS (or at least GBA) games, since otherwise choices would be VERY limited for certain types. I mean, Gen 1 with ice? Jynx, Dewgong, Lapras and Cloyster, all you get. Gen 2 with Ghost? Haunters and Misdreavuses and NOTHING ELSE. And let's not even start about fucking Dragons, because anyone doing a type run with Dragons is a fucking retard, in one way or another.


Also, an all Psychic run on Gen 1 would be way too easy, since Psychics are overpowered on that version


Yeah. Besides, not having Dark/Steel just feels wrooong.

Anyway - I think I'll be rolling with one of the Gen2 remakes (SS/HG), since they're fucking rad. Dunno which one.


June 19, 2011, 09:39:59 pm #6 Last Edit: June 19, 2011, 11:11:05 pm by PentiumMMX
Go with SoulSilver. It has the cooler name
Also, I own it. I actually was the first person in line at the local Gamestop on release day to pick it up, because I wanted my damn Lugia figurine

Anyway, I'll likely play more here in a few minutes I just finished playing for the night. Here's a rundown of what happened, with more pictures:

Departing from New Bark Town once more, Yendor obliterated Youngster Joey and his prized Rattate twice. Of course, I exchanged phone numbers with him for the lulz, even if this is what most conversations with him amount to, with a little bit of this on the side. After that, mere feet from the end of the grassy field and the gates to Violet City, I found myself completely screwed as a Bellsprout from Hell nearly finished off Emmy while she was defenseless. However, that isn't the one that got me; the one that did was in Sprout Tower, which speaking of Pokémon getting knocked out, why do I always black out, or in this case white out, when I have no more Pokémon left, but nobody else does?

After that, I just wondered around town for a while; seeing a guy talk about a wiggly tree outside of town that squirms when you touch it (I know he's talking about Sudowoodo, but it still sounds wrong...), a teacher who speaks in Engrish ask if I want to be a winner (He provide the strong funny promptly), and a little girl who named her Pidgey "Strawberry" (Well, it's good to know I'm not the only person with a strange naming system...)

Tomorrow, I think I'll explore the Ruins of Alph before I attempt the gym, let alone venture back into Sprout Tower



you guys make me sick. if it's not 8 or 16 bit, IT'S NOT POKEMON!!

(aka anything above GBA is a piece of newfag BS. >>; )

have fun with your lame little sparkly edward cullen pokemon.

*plays red in corner, NO NOT THE GODDAMN RE-RELEASE OH MY GOD*



June 20, 2011, 07:24:10 am #8 Last Edit: June 20, 2011, 07:29:10 am by PentiumMMX
Sorry to break it to you, but GBA is 32-bit
Troll Fail


:3 you know i'm not a real troll. but i'm sick of hearing about nothing but remakes. :\ ORIGINALS FTW~~

and good luck with your tododile wooper. :3


Yeah, but I couldn't resist with a detail like that. That's part of the fun of the boards on GameFAQs; when somebody is trolling, point out little things like that in what they say and watch as it all unravels.

Anyway, I played some more tonight, so it's time once more for a recap with links to pics:

After resting at the Pokémon Center overnight, Emmy and I returned on our quest; going to the Ruins of Alph and into the first cave we saw, finding a message on the wall telling us to escape (Which we obviously ignore) as well as a stone puzzle that felt like something out of Ancient Empires (To be honest, it was easy to solve), which opened up a trap door upon solving it.

Down in the caves, I found the alphabet monsters of doom Unown awaiting me. They where easy to defeat...until I got a little too cocky, as one got in a critical hit at the start of the battle; taking out Emmy, with a flawless victory on top of it. Yeah, time to black out again...

After more training, I decided to finally go to the gym and take on Falkner; who opened up the battle with a laughable level 7 Pidgey, which was much weaker than the level 9 Spearow one of the people training under him had. However, after taking that weak foe out (Leveling up in the process and learning a new attack), Falkner made up for it with a Pidgeotto of questionable legitimacy; which packed a punch for something that is at a unnaturally low level. However, I came out on top in the end, after using a Potion and a Berry to keep going.

Now with the Zephyr Badge in hand, I return to the Pokémon Center; which, while I'm there, Elm's assistant gave me a Pokémon Egg, which I believe contains a Togipi. I used to make fun of them...until I played Platinum back in summer '09, when Cynthia's Togekiss (The fully evolved form) totally obliterated my team including the cosmic horror that is Giratina (Yes, the fucking evolved form of Togepi took down a legendary with little effort).

With that done, I take a break for the night.


ho shit, togepi wins. -w- why do you think the most badass character in pokemon, misty, had one? :3

i'm thinking of looking up some of the early pokemon in crystal and yellow, to attempt a semi-challenge at nej's thread. :\


June 21, 2011, 10:41:53 pm #12 Last Edit: June 22, 2011, 06:57:08 am by PentiumMMX
Do it!

Anyway, I played a little bit more tonight; which, aside from conquering Sprout Tower with a Pokémon that was at a major type disadvantage (Which I was defeated a few times, but kept coming back and returning the favor), the most noteworthy thing was how Joey kept calling to challenge Emmy, who is a level 14 Wooper, to a battle against his level 4 Rattata. Each battle ended about how you'd expect; considering the gigantic level gap. Now, Emmy and I prepare to head south; toward wherever the road takes us.


wooper's cry is so cute. ^^

and i feel bad for joey. he looks so determined, that i'd imagine that he'd be upset when he gets defeated. :\


After being a bit tied up, I finally got around to playing more last night.

My journey to Azalea Town was kind of boring, as Emmy is steamrolling everything that comes her way. I'll let this Camper sum up what the journey south was like for me.

However, I did learn that even in the world of Pokémon, some people are too busy talking on their cell phones to care about anything else. Also, Emmy fought off a male Wooper that was likely trying to hit on her; not realizing that he really needs to be a lot stronger if he wants to impress her.

Then, there's the creepy guy selling a SlowpokeTail for one million dollars. I remember when I first got to this part of the game ages ago, I found what that guy was selling to be a bit unsettling...

I made it through the cave without many problems; as the egg I was given earlierhatched into a Togepi...which I then stored away in the PC because this is a Wooper-only run. However, it'll become useful later on as an HM slave. You know, maybe I should do a Togepi-only run on one of the other games after I finish this...