OS-tan character development- to promote characters from 'extra' status

Started by Aurora Borealis, May 30, 2011, 02:32:05 pm

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Aurora Borealis

Okay! Sounds good!

Starting with the first two browser-tans listed:
I like the portrayal of Safari-tan dressed in safari gear and being adventurous. She'd also be athletic too- Safari is mainly designed for speed and portability in mind, since it's also used on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Maybe this is just from personal experience, but I'd also see her as being kinda flaky because Safari crashed a lot on me (on my Mac) lately and I switched over to Firefox because of that.

Not sure about IE... I've seen characters representing separate versions of IE- I can't find the pic at the moment, but I remember at least one with IE6, IE7 and IE8 together in it.

I'm not familiar with Opera or the other Mozilla programs though.


the soul-reply pics have ie, but just in case, she's a ME-aged girl in a white dress+boots+gloves with an "e" shaped headset on (similar to the "9"s on Sonata's head). she has a habit of panty-flashing, which i think was a reference to her security vulnerabilities.

as for safari, i think sticking with the design they gave (the little explorer girl) is good, since if we find any pics they'll match up. i also agree about the flaky part; i remember hearing around the school that almost no one used safari due to technical issues. that, and all the school macs came with firefox, which says alot. :

opera is regal, stable, classy, and virtually unknown. :3 she's much more obscure than her brethren IE, Safari and Firefox, but she still has a solid fanbase, leading me to believe that she'd be more mature than the others, simply because she's not super-popular. (she's not as obscure as seamonkey, though.) other than that, she's *fairly* user friendly, but not AS user friendly as, say, IE. this is due to things like speed dial, which to outside observers is some foreign instrument, but once one is familiar with opera, the convenience she provides is something one can't live without. -w-

in short:
user-friendly once you get to know her