OS-tan character development- to promote characters from 'extra' status

Started by Aurora Borealis, May 30, 2011, 02:32:05 pm

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Quote from: stewartsage on June 18, 2011, 10:17:39 pm
Or any other characters for that matter.

I wanna know moar about that Univac-tan whose name I keep forgetting. U-1050..II, or something? I forget. Maybe if I knew more about her, I wouldn't keep forgetting her name.

All I remember is that she's smallish and has short brown hair. .____.;


God damnit Borya, this is like the dozenth time I've told you about U1050-san :<


Quote from: stewartsage on June 22, 2011, 11:14:19 pm
God damnit Borya, this is like the dozenth time I've told you about U1050-san :<

What? Really?! It seems like i keep asking and getting no information..... >:


I've given you all sorts of info!  Let met gather it together again, for posting.

Aurora Borealis


Quote from: stewartsage on June 23, 2011, 12:13:43 am
I've given you all sorts of info!  Let met gather it together again, for posting.

Let's see... I know:
-She's shortish and thinnish... both of which are unusual for a Univac-tan (at least i think, I never did get around to characterizing their family)
-Brown hair, green eyes (?)
-Worked in the Air Force, was FASTRAND's boss
- ???
-No profit

Aurora Borealis

I did some more research on the Linux distros mentioned at the start of the thread, and here are semi-finalized bios for some of them:

Name: Arch Linux
Debut: 3/11/2002
Height: 162 cm (5'4")
Weight: ??kg
Eye color: orange
Hair: blue

Quick Facts:
-Sees CRUX-tan and BSD-tan as her role models. (inspired by CRUX, and uses a BSD-style init framework)
-System administrator in the LUC.
-Quiet, stoic, and laconic- does not speak any more words than she needs to.
-Fond of old-school arcade games, mostly Pac-Man.
-Dresses simply but elegantly with a futuristic touch.
-Wears glasses, has her hair in a ponytail and wears Pac Man-themed headphones.
-Wields a bow and arrow.
-Doesn't keep secrets, doesn't like to hide things. (doesn't hide complexity of the system, attempts to would only make it more complex)
-Prefers command lines over graphics.
-Friends with HURD-tan.

Name: Mandriva
aka: Mandrakelinux
Debut: 7/23/1998
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: ??kg
Eye color: blue
Hair: brown

Quick Facts:
-One of Red Hat's daughters.
-Mother of PCLOS and SAM.
-Is from France, and also has ties to Brazil (originated and headquartered in France, development center is in Brazil, where the Conectiva, which merged into Mandriva is also from).
-Professional, level-headed and friendly.
-An office manager.
-Wears a long blue skirt and yellow blouse decorated with a pearl necklace.
-Decorates her hair with star-shaped hair clips.
-Diplomatic, friends with the Windows-tans while keeping loyalty to the Linuces.
-Has her own fanclub, more cynical Unixes and Linuxes see it as narcissism.
-Started suffering hardship in 2006, is trying to get her life back together.*

*The Mandriva distro forked into Mageia in 2010, released in Jun 2011 by Mandriva developers that were laid off after their parent company got liquidated. I don't know if Mageia-tan should be Mandriva-tan's daughter and assistant, or they should be the same character, with Mageia-tan being Mandriva-tan's new identity.

Name: Dreamlinux
Debut: 2/10/2006
Height: ???cm
Weight: ??kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Brown

Quick Facts:
-Hard to get to know (hard to install, most average users would give up), but is very friendly once you get to (user-friendly despite difficult installation process).
-Gets along better with intermediate and advanced Linux users. (not meant to be a newbie distro, requires use of command line)
-Very resourceful and ambitious. (developed by only 3 people)
-Values aesthetics and functionality alike, is an artist and a programmer.
-Fangirl of OSX-tan, even though OSX-tan doesn't acknowledge her.
-Mainly friends with Linux XP-tan, Linspire-tan and Freespire-tan; also has some respect from the more advanced Linuces.
-Gets along great with Linux XP-tan until the topic of fangirlism is brought up. They are quick to reconcile after arguments though.
-Has long brown hair and wears a bodysuit similar to OSX-tan's, but in black and white. 


if Mandriva morphed into Mageia, then it should be her new identity. if Mandriva still exists as a standalone, then Megeia should be her daughter. :\

Aurora Borealis

I had in mind either of those options, but haven't decided which one.


well, does the distro still exist or doesn't it? it can't be both. :\


OS-tan Rule of thumb: LESS > MORE.

Just as SLS morphed into Slackware, SunOS became Solaris (later OpenSolaris), and VMS -> OpenVMS, we should say Mandriva has "reinvented" herself as Mageia.

Aurora Borealis

I was also thinking about that rule, but wasn't quite sure if Mageia-tan should be the same character because Mandriva is still widely used. But it's safe to say that she's transitioning into her new identity as Mageia-tan.

Do you agree with the info for the other characters? Does it sound good?


i agree with the other characters. but i think it would be cute to have Mageia as a daughter-figure. :\

and i don't think of that as a 'rule', per se. :\ that's more a preference.


I'd say Mandriva->Mageia.

And what we call "rules" are actually more like...guidelines.



you guys follow the 'guidelines'. doesn't mean everyone has to. :\

also, tenkohime mentioned adding some characterization to Safari. i figure if we're going to work on this, why not hit up similar characters?

if anyone remembers this thread,, you'd remember that soul-reply.net had small characterizations of lots of os-tans, but some of them weren't quite as complete as they could be.

so, i vote that we give Safari, IE, the Moezillas, and Opera some personality. :3