OS-tan character development- to promote characters from 'extra' status

Started by Aurora Borealis, May 30, 2011, 02:32:05 pm

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well, there's an android-tan, and since we used to talk about the hardware -tans being "lower class" than OSes, it'd be interesting to have a hardware -tan be the boss of an OS-tan. :3

to be honest, i like your characterization, but i'd make her a little tsundere; all that power would conflict with wanting to support less powerful friends, probably making her a little cold. (the power might make her cold anyway.)

Aurora Borealis

I originally also portrayed her as being surprisingly easy-going, but that -might- have to change. She doesn't strike me as a tsundere type, since she is polite towards others, and wants to get along, but would be better portrayed as often being distant because of all the responsibilities she has. One of her fears could be the fear of her own power corrupting her so she is willing to waste some of her potential.

Some role-reversal would be an interesting touch, and I bet that Blackberry-tan would revel in her leadership, but since QNX still has its own website and community, QNX-tan would still have some independence, though Blackberry-tan told her to give up on Open Sorcery.


yeah, i'd agree with the last part.

as for the tsundere thing, maybe not tsundere, but at least somewhat cold, even if it's not on purpose. all that power and responsibility makes it hard to stay all warm and fuzzy. :\

Aurora Borealis

For three of the Linuxes, this is what we have so far for characterization:

-An architect, designer, and modder (some depictions of Gentoo-tan have Wrench Wench tendencies)
-Intimidating, does not have any patience for Linux newbies.
-Looks down on the Windows fangirls among the Linuces.
-Allied with Arch-tan and Slackware-tan, but also known to have their own rivalries.

-Friendly and professional.
-Level-headed, is good at keeping her cool negotiating between the clashing Linux subcultures.
-Gets along well with the Windows-tans, while still contributing a lot to the Linux/Unix Consortium.
-Mother of PC Linux OS-tan and SAM Linux-tan.
-An entrepreneur.
-Has her own club, the more cynical Linux-tans interpret this as arrogance.

Dream Linux-tan
-Mac OSX fangirl.
-Dresses in a bodysuit like OSX's, but in black and white.
-Close friends with Linux XP, but the subjects of their fandoms spark rivalry when mentioned.
-Is quick to reconcile with her though.

Anything else we can add on to them?


i would think that while dream was fangirlsh, mac wouldn't return the appriciation. while WE-tan hangs out with ME-tan occasionally and the windows are friendly with (if a little creeped out by) linspire and the others, i'd think that mac would just ignore her. i doubt this would deter her, however. ^^;

Aurora Borealis

That sounds about right that Mac-tan wouldn't return the favor.

I'll look up more about those distros for some more possible character details, but in the mean time, I've been editing more articles on the wiki, including these two:


I know some things about their characterization, but there are more details I'd like to know, such as NOS's rivalries, and TSOS's experiences being moved from faction to faction before settling with the IBMs. IIRC, it was said that she wanted revenge against Unisys- I'd like to know what may have happened!


you'd probably have to ask bella about that. :\

also, this probably belongs in the wiki thread, but i'm slightly tenative about starting some of the os-kun articles, since when the picbomb died, i lost all of my graphic evidence of their personality. ><;

and since the website where i got them is gone too, well.....

you get my point. :\

EDIT: pixiv didn't have all of the ones i lost, but i found a few (of 3.1-kun). :3 so all hope is not lost. ;v;

Aurora Borealis

I hope she and stew post in this thread, they know more about the mainframes than we do.


I know nothing about NOS, and the depth of my knowledge of TSOS-tan extends to her interest in television and radio and love for OS/360-tan. ^^;;

I was going to make a list of OS-tans and their "animal anthropomorphisms"/spirit animals - considering that these animals can be used to furthur characterize and map the personalities of characters, is this something I should post here? Or should it go in the wiki thread/make a wiki article about it?

Aurora Borealis

Any conjecture? If there isn't a given explanation for those things I was wondering about, we can still try to come up with something.

With the overlooked Linux distro-tans being discussed earlier, Choco and I improvised some characterization to them.

I'd like to know what you have so far for that idea. It sounds like a good one, but I'm not sure whether it should be posted here or in the wiki thread. Probably here first, and move further discussion to the wiki thread if an article gets started from it.


NOS and TSOS?  What all do you want to know?

Or any other characters for that matter.

Aurora Borealis

I'd like to know more about their backstories, particularly the extent of NOS's rivalries, and TSOS's life in the other factions, especially her former connection to Unisys.

Those are the first two that come to mind because I was updating their articles. I'll see what others come to mind when I get back to more editing.


half the -tans weren't made with a personality. so i figure any insight into that is nice.

anything i can help with....?


All of mine have personalities; their stories just haven't ever been published.

NOS doesn't have rivalries so much as she hates KRONOS and SCOPE with a burning and undeviating passion.  I'd imagine contemporary 'foreign' OSs were beneath her notice.

TSOS cherishes her time at RCA above; a time while not without its problems was probably her most triumphant period.  She's embittered towards Sperry (and Unisys) for their lackadaisical treatment but things seem to be improving in exile with Fujitsu Siemens.  Any lasting connection to Unisys is long gone, though rather then taking a active interest I imagine she just pretends they don't exist.

Aurora Borealis

Thanks! I'll get to adding in those details to their articles! :) When more questions for other characters come up, I'll ask.