OS-tan character development- to promote characters from 'extra' status

Started by Aurora Borealis, May 30, 2011, 02:32:05 pm

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Aurora Borealis

Looking at the list of (nearly) all the OS-tans on the wiki:


There are some entries I'm struggling to create or rewrite, particularly with many of the Linux distro-tans, who don't have much characterization because they've just been overlooked for so long.

I need help developing some more characterization for several of them, starting with what little I know about these characters, and building on from there.

*Arch Linux: A very high-end, advanced distro, uses a package system called 'pacman'. All I have for her is that she'd be a nerdy system administrator whose a huge fan of Pac Man. XD

*Evil Entity: This distro got discontinued. Allegedly deceased, or at least retired.

*Gentoo: Another high-end distro, one meant for hard core Linux gurus only. No noobs allowed!

*Dream Linux: Looks a lot like OSX.

*Mandriva: I really don't know much about this one aside from being influential. :-/

*OLPC: Used in the One Laptop Per Child project.

I'd like to start with developing more characterization for these OS-tans since they came to mind first, but if there are others you feel are overlooked, mention them too. Let's make this a team effort!

EDIT: This thread can also be used to clarify details about characters.


well, i'd imagine that gentoo might be a tad elitist, given that she has no tolerance for newbies. same goes for arch linux, but on a lesser scale.
on the other hand, i'd imagine that OLPC-tan would be very kind, gentle, and patient, as well as using small words (user-friendly). :3

given her name, evil entity would likely be alive, but under the grid, working out some nefarious plot. xD
dream linux would be a fangirl :\

i looked up mandriva on wikipedia. apparently she's professional, user-friendly, and VERY close with the windows (mandriva introduced transfugdrake, which made it nearly effortless to convert things from windows to linux). she's french, and is an office manager (her parent company has absorbed a couple smaller locations, and is located in france).
mandriva also has her own club. xD

Aurora Borealis

Those sound good! Another of the more elite Linuxes is Slackware, I wonder if she, Arch and Gentoo would get along, or would they clash and constantly compete over who has the most hardcore, nerdy followers? Either way, they'd be part of the more 'elite' alignment or subculture among the Linuces, as opposed to Linspire, Freespire and Linux XP who are the opposite of them.

I remember that Evil Entity-tan was portrayed as a vampire. A vampire mastermind? I like that!

Dream Linux would essentially be the Mac fangirl counterpart to Linux XP's XP fangirl! I remember that there was an old pic that Bella drew of Dream Linux and Linux XP together. On one hand, those fangirlish, outcasts among the Linux-tans need to stick together, on the other, might there be room for rivalry between them?

Interesting details about Mandriva, I didn't know that it had some connection to Windows in any way. But given that she's one of the more well-respected Linuxes in the Linux/Unix Consortium, she can be helpful to both the Windows and other Linuxes without being seen as a traitor!


i imagine that mandriva would be the one to keep her cool in heated situations, acting like roger smith from big o (the negotiator). ^^;

i also get the feeling that slackware, gentoo, and arch would get along, in their mutual distaste for "common users". xD

as for linux xp and dream(fighter), they'd probably be like meek and dejiko from panyo panyo di gi charat (their relationship is best described as the part in the middle of the opening; dejiko is the one with the green hair, and meek is the one with the calico cat hat). ^^;

vampire mastermind = awesome. <3

Aurora Borealis

So then, Linux XP and Dream Linux would be like Vitriolic Best Friends? I could imagine them getting along until the issue of fangirlism is brought up. :P


hah. i think they could agree on the issue of fangirlism, untill they start talking about who they support. ^^;

and i'm wondering what would happen if barbie linux wandered into the mix....

Aurora Borealis

That's what I meant, the whole Mac vs. Windows debate coming up is a berserk button for both of them!

Between the two, Dream Linux is outnumbered! Linspire, Freespire and Turbo Linux are also Windows fangirls!

Barbie Linux-tan got shunned by many of the Unixes and the more elite Linuxes. Constant social rejection turned her into a yangire, but I think she'll still get along with the other outcast Linuxes... as long as they agree to be her friend foreveeeeeer~!


aw, that's kinda sweet. ^^ and it's odd that there aren't more distros that try to emulate apple, but that could just be because of copyright issues (like how apple tried to sue windows for the 2.0 release).

any others that need more characterization? (it might also be interesting to have the 3 elitists be secretly plotting against each other. >w< )

Aurora Borealis

I have seen some Linux distros with themes in the style of OSX, but AFAIK, Dream Linux has such a theme by default. Apple did sue MS in 1988 because 2.0 allegedly looked too much like the Mac OS, but the lawsuit was dropped.

In '85 or '86, however, Apple successfully sued Digital Research because their GEM OS looked too much like the Mac OS, and as a consequence, GEM's next release was a downgrade and harder to use in order to comply.

Back then, the Mac-tans were pretty heavy-handed. Poor GEM-tan. :( She got better, and even reconciled with the Macs, though that was several years later.

Before I nominate some more characters, does anyone else have anything to add for these ones being discussed now? More input, the better!


.....think we should announce this in other threads. :\

(and good to hear that apple has lightened it's touch along with its colour scheme. xD)

Aurora Borealis


wiki overhaul? topicless maybe? :\ (btw, why aren't you in the general chat anymore? :[ )

Aurora Borealis


but we miss you... ;^;

any more characters we can flesh while we wait for people? :\

Aurora Borealis

Now this is a much more fleshed out character, but her characterization could use some changes: QNX-tan.

QNX is an obscure but extremely widely used OS in embedded systems. Among many other things, QNX is used in cars, medical devices, power plants and airline systems. This would of course make her an extremely powerful OS-tan, but she's still in the Anti$oft Coalition because she doesn't want to abandon her friends despite their lousy track record as a faction.

She doesn't want to abandon them even it means squandering her own potential. I think this characterization can remain, even though she is in theory even more powerful of a character than I originally imagined...

but... nowadays, QNX has also entered the tablet and smartphone markets, as RIM bought out QNX last year (fun fact: RIM and QNX are both from the same area). In the 2000's, when QNX was owned by another company in the 2000's, it was free and open-sourced for non-commercial users, but that is or might not be the case anymore when RIM bought them out. So apparently, QNX-tan used to be an Open Source supporter, but turned reclusive towards them. :(

Maybe she also has a megalomaniacal side? My original characterization for her was a crazed scientist type. :D

Also, should there be a Blackberry tablet or smartphone-tan, who would currently be QNX-tan's boss?