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OS-tans and Tropes

Started by Aurora Borealis, May 07, 2011, 01:19:00 pm

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Aurora Borealis

Since enough encouragement was given, thought I'd start this!

There is a TV Tropes page on the OS-tan canon, but how about the OS-tan expanded universe? I don't know if it should actually become a page on there, but at the very least we could make a mock-up for a page in this thread!

I'll start off with one:

*Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness: Both ends coexist. Early OS-tan comics fall mostly on the silly side, and more serious interpretations have been made in recent years, but most OS-tan characters have silly and serious parts to their backstories at the same time.


Aurora Borealis

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*must not... click links*

Good job! :)

*Cursed With Awesome: Multics, who was born with a huge amount of wealth, prestige and power; all of which were a burden to her, came at the expense of her freedom, and has made her a target for assassination attempts in her early years.

Unix, who inherited Multics' power by stealing it from her, suffered the same burdens.

*Hilarious in Hindsight: XP-tan's portrayal as a glutton with Gag Boobs in the present day.

*The Napoleon: Many examples. Among them are Pilot OS, Macintosh System 2, PC-DOS, PET (formerly), VIC-20, Commodore Minuteman, and UNIX. Tiny OS cranks this trope up to eleven!

*Yangire: Barbie Linux (after suffering Break The Cutie), alternate interpretations of Windows 95 and NT.

Another example I can think of for Unix is that she may be a subversion of the Complete Monster, as some mistake her for such in-story. She's really a Jerk With A Heart of Gold.

Aurora Borealis

Not going to post links because how freakin' addictive it is, but here I go:

Apple II:
*Cool Big Sis
*Cute Bruiser: Skilled in martial arts.
*Promoted To Parent
*Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Lisa's girly-girl.
*Wise Beyond Their Years

Apple III:
*Ax Crazy: Don't worry- She got better!
*Break The Cutie
*Black Sheep
*Drives Like A Maniac
*Les Yay: With SAGE-tan.
*Lethal Chef
*Pyro Maniac
*Shout Out: To "Lost"
*Walking Tech Bane

Macintosh System 1:
*Attention Defecit-- Ooh Shiny
*Cloud Cuckoo Lander
*Cute Bruiser
*Drop The Hammer
*Genki Girl
*Shout Out: Her wielding a large hammer is a shout out to the "1984" Macintosh commercial.
*Totally Radical


Quote from: Aurora
Les Yay with SAGE-tan.


Lol, thanks a lot for making these! I wanted to find some for Apple ///-tan, but wasn't sure where to start... besides Pyro Mania, of course.

She was Ax Crazy as some point? owo;;

Aurora Borealis

The two things that drove Apple III-tan over the edge early in her life were Apple I's death, and social rejection from the public even after her efforts to improve herself.


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I think it's about time we have some OS-tan Wild Mass Guessing up in here. <O>____<O>

I'm working on a few personal OS-tan WMGs (including one that will never been seen due to spoilerifficness). One concerns SAGE, another, WWMCCS, and the last and least speculative involves Unix-sama.

[spoiler]Unix is the head of an assimilation plot![/spoiler]

Aurora Borealis

Happy to see this thread brought back! :D

Bring on the WMGing and more trope-listing!


These theories are still works-in-progress, but...

-Unix is the head of an Assimilation Plot (well, duh)

-Wimmex is not a singular individual like most OS-tans, but a construct created from the minds/"code" of various OS-tans (reflecting the fact that WWMCCS incorporated various hardwares and softwares). This changed in 1971, when her primary psychological influence became GECOS-tan... and then the psychosis set in.

-When SAGE was connected to her radar stations, she had the ability to visually perceive the radio spectrum - in other words, she could see in radio as well as the visual spectrum. When she was cut off from her radar stations in 1983, she lost this ability. Thus, current-day SAGE is not entirely blind - she can still see as a human can - but her vision has still been severely compromised, since the spectrum she can perceive is now so limited. (Imagine if you lost the ability to see, say, 3/4th of human visual spectrum, and how that would impact your life.)


Hoo. That thing with SAGE is somewhat like Ruka's senses are in her linked state...Ruka's sensors are mostly seismic, though, so it's mostly a matter of range; and, her tactile senses are sharp as fuck naturally, so she mainly loses the ability to sense things 8000 miles away.


Quote from: NejinOniwa on September 12, 2011, 03:48:42 pm
Hoo. That thing with SAGE is somewhat like Ruka's senses are in her linked state...Ruka's sensors are mostly seismic, though, so it's mostly a matter of range; and, her tactile senses are sharp as fuck naturally, so she mainly loses the ability to sense things 8000 miles away.

VERY SHARP AS FUCK. @____@;;;;

Yeah, dunno why this didn't occur to me sooner, but it makes too much sense...


I think I wrote most of that down in her wiki article...?

Oh well.


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Quote from: NejinOniwa on September 15, 2011, 05:15:33 am
I think I wrote most of that down in her wiki article...?

Oh well.

Probably, it's just been so long since I've read it. -w-;

Oh, and I have another WMG. It just came to me yesterday, but I find it odd that I hadn't considered it before...

Does anyone else find it weird that we don't know WHO resurrected Multics or WHY? We assume that Plan 9-tan did it since she's the only known necromancer in the OS-tanverse, but there's a hole in that theory - when Plan 9 raises a dead OS-tan, they're essentially her zombie slave or whatever and tend to die back off after a short time (or whenever she's done with them). Yet Multics genuinely came back from the dead with her free will intact and shows no signs of dying again.

So I offer this WMG: SAGE did it. Think about it; SAGE has obviously found a way to cheat death, since she is alive in spite of her last installations being shut down 30 years ago. That's the who. As for the why, it'd probably be a twofold reason: for starters, she seems to have had a thing for (and maybe even had a thing going with) Multics in the past, and in her state of loneliness and mental decay thought it'd be nice to have her back. Secondly, SAGE knew Multics nearly killed Unix - making her the only person on earth to defeat her (even if it quickly backfired) - and raised her from the dead in hopes of killing off Unix for real this time.

"But there's a hole in your theory," you might say, "Why was SAGE surprised to find out Multics was alive? And why is Multics in the Binteji Renmei, and not with SAGE?" As for the first question - SAGE is freakin' nuts, and prone to lapses in memory, that's why. As for the second - after SAGE realized that resurrected!Multics lacked any powers, she knew she wouldn't be of any use in defeating the very powerful Unix. Since she loves Multics and wants to keep her safe, she sent her to the only safe place for an OS-tan of her age, the Binteji Renmei. 


WMG-COUNTERING TIME though it might bring spoilers...
[spoiler]OMEGA DID IT[/spoiler]

Then again they shouldn't have much reason to mess with MULTICS, apart from...actually WHY DOES THIS START TO MAKE SO MUCH SENSE TO ME FUCK

Aurora Borealis

Sounds good, and it if so, it's nice that SAGE didn't toss out Multics, after Multics never lived up to her usefulness (as perceived by one of SAGE's original intentions) as Unix's assassin.

Wasn't CTSS-tan also brought back from the dead since CTSS became open-sourced? I asked that question before, but we never got to a consensus about that, but I bet that if she was brought back, it was SAGE that did that!