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i kept earning it for days and i couldn't figure out why. turns out i needed to turn in the quest to make it stop. ><;


There should be some comparable achievement for TF2 (at the risk of totally derailing the thread).  Some guy the other day in a server I was playing on mentioned he had 1000 hours in Demoman alone.  Jesus.

Sometimes I wonder if people take my joking attempts at matchmaking seriously; at least two couples I've suggested should totally go out have actually gone out.


TIL my boyfriend is Cupid.


oh you two. -w-

any chance you could covertly suggest it to this guy i know donovan that he should actually treat me the way i treat him and stop acting like the joker to my harley quinn >>;

Dr. Kraus

So I have a "date" tomorrow if you can really call it that, I'm not even sure if the girl even likes me but she said yes to going out to lunch and studying for our math test afterwords.  She wasn't reluctant to giving me her phone number either but its really up in the air from what I can tell, maybe things will take a turn and we can end up dating possibly.

She's a looker and we both have things in common from just talking to her in class so I wouldn't mind getting into a relationship with her since I haven't been a relationship for six or so years (middle school shit that doesn't count because it was really just a confusing mess of hormones and embarrassment for both of us)


nice, man! just take a deep breath, be yourself and hopefully she'll like what she sees. :3
(and if she just wants to be friends, that can be okay too. ^^; )

not to draw away focus, but i've been meaning to post this for a long time. tbh i like this system, since it gives a name to certain relationship types/feelings i didn't have names for before.

Dr. Kraus

Yay date numbah one, success! Went to the sandwich shop and ended up hanging out there for two hours just talking about stuff like how we were both in band, both our mum's have had cancer in the past, we both have a strong love for Mustangs, and a ton of other stuff.

We also don't care much for sports (I enjoy football[soccer] but nothing else really other than late season baseball and hockey).



Congrats man, I hope it works out! ^^


@Kraus: Very nice ^^

You know, is it weird how, while part of me wishes I could find someone as I'm tired of feeling alone, part of me doesn't want to find someone for fear it might tie me down to Palestine for good?


nah, that's not a weird feeling bro, it's a legit problem. >8|

(out of curiosity: did anyone see that link?)


I saw / read your link, Kari!

tbh I know that feel Pent, although in my case it's not fear about being tied down to my hometown but rather being uprooted from it? I mean I love Stew and plan to live with him someday and be with him forever but at the same time I really don't wanna leave New England. On the contrary, I wanna live in/near Boston because I feel a deep soul connection with that city and I'm not sure I'll be happy with my life until I live there.

What I'm saying is I'm dragging Stew to Boston.


correction: you'll be dragging him to Chelsea or Revere, the towns near the closest national park.


Good to know, at least.


This is where we can come to talk about weird online friendships/hateships, y?

Before we go on we'll have to talk about two pieces of jargon I'm gonna use here:
Feminism (sometimes designated as liberal feminism to distinguish it from radical feminism), is about equality between men, women, and any and all other genders / sexes. Feminists want the rights of women (trans*women included) & non binary-gender people to be elevated to the status of men's. Its pretty simple and difficult to disagree with. Because who the fuck doesn't want gender equality?

Radical feminism, aka radfeminism, is a mockery of feminism that espouses female dominance over men, asserts that trans*women are just men trying to invade female spaces, and that trans*men are poor lost souls who have been tricked by THOSE SCARY PENIS-OWNERS into giving up their female-ness. There's a newer branch of radfeminism that purports to be trans*-positive and -inclusionary, but I don't know much about it so I can't speak for it.

So awhile back I semi-accidentally started following a radfem on tumblr, normally I hate radfems but she posted enough about New England to almost make it worthwhile, and she didn't post transphobic / trans-exclusionary bullshit like a lot of radfems do. Cue really weird mutual follow / tumblr acquaintanceship that was borderline oh-god-this-is-going-to-turn-awful-at-any-second-y.

Anyway, we just got into an argument over goddamned WORDING, of all things, and of course being unable to back up her arguments with any sort of rational logic - in true radfem fashion, since if they ever tried to apply logic to their arguments, they would fall apart like sandcastles under the foot of an elephant - she resorted to typical radfem wankery like name-calling and OH GOD SHUT UP-ing.

Basically I didn't even engage her in argument, since you can't argue with a radfem, because they don't run on logic and will resort to ad-homenim attacks or sputtering about TEH PATRIARCHY! or THOSE EVIL AWFUL LIBERAL FEMINISTS or TRANS PEOPLE INVADIN MAH SPACES, because the majority of them have mashed potatoes where their brains would normally lie.

On one hand I'm really glad that she stopped following me and that I can finally unfollow her, because she really was an acrid human being whom I immediately regretted coming into contact with several seconds after following. On the other hand... there is no other hand. I just wanted to let you all know that radfems are disguising excuses for social-justice advocates are you should totally kick one in the shins if you ever get the opportunity to.