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Started by SleepyD, March 29, 2011, 03:43:29 am

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don't worry, your time will come, both of you. :0


Absolutely not worried. Not for me, at least. Kind of a "waste" feeling, just.


i feel a bit like this box we're living in might be putting a strain on me and Steve. we're not in jeopardy of breaking up, but we've had to have a few long talks in the past few months due to stress and lack of communication. the space issue and not knowing where the hell either of our jobs are going certainly aren't helping. so i'm iiiiitching to get out of here. at the very least, i miss having at least a sink or drain. >>;

so, yeah. in case anyone was wondering where the 'me and Steve' front is. shaddup Kari, no one cares~


Mmm. TBH, that situation is also frustrating for me, as I find it hard to motivate myself to put money into savings when I haven't the slightest idea when I'll be able to move. Was hoping for the summer, but that's feeling less likely each passing day :\


i know, that's another squeeze i'm feeling as of late. letting you know now, Steve is more interested in getting our situation figured out than giving you updates. not in a rude way, more in a "we need to get our shit settled before we bring another person into this" way. :0

i'm getting really anxious to get a place, though, not just for the reasons above, but also because my sister keeps threatening to keep my cat....


Mmm. TBH, I suppose it does give me time to clean up my room, and maybe I can eventually motivate myself to start putting money into savings again :\
(Well, whatever I get from my load tomorrow will go into savings)


good on ya! i'm trying to give you as many updates as possible, but we've basically had jack shit recently. what with my hours going down and Steve's job suddenly going Schrodinger we just have no idea. :0

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Quote from: PipPitkin on March 09, 2016, 05:11:45 pm
I believe it's only right to post a small update here.

Fedora-Tan and I are filing for divorce and separation. Thanks all for kind words for us, the fate was not on our side.

I suppose my queer side claim this caucus at the end.

I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out. :( Sometimes marriages just don't work out, without it being either person's fault. I hope it goes smoothly at least and that you two can still be friends.


when you're still crushing on someone




I grew some balls and tried to flirt with a girl that I liked, it turned out she was lesbian. It was at that moment I realized that every girl I've liked since highschool or asked out since highschool (about 4) has either been lesbian or bisexual in a lesbian relationship. What does this mean about my standards for women, or me?


Not sure, though I know I can relate; it feels like, every time I take interest in someone, they're always in a relationship currently
(I'm not too sure on how I'd feel if they were single but a lesbian, as in spite of my gender identity, I do appear as an ordinary male :\)


quick version: mid-August last year: Steve breaks up with me and moves to Florida
4 days after breakup: I end up in ER due to panic attacks; start seeing a therapist by the end of the month, am prescribed anxiety pills, depression pills, anti-nausea pills
Sept - Jan: Steve and I talk, he talks less, I get mad, we stop talking, life changes for both of us (for example, i'm moving and have entered college)
Jan: Steve spends copious amount of time around cute girl; realizes she's quite a bit like me; realizes he fucked up
texts me
we get back together

TL;DR: Steve and I broke up, he took some time to get his head together, is moving back here to Rindge with me, is super-anxious to see me again so we can have a cuddle party


Nice -w-

Meanwhile, I'm still lonely. Granted, there was this one girl at work interested in me, but she was creepy as fuck; just deciding out of the blue that I'm her boyfriend. Thankfully, she dropped it, and apparently hooked up with someone else and left the job.
(TBH, if she kept persisting, I was likely going to bribe Kari or someone into pretending to be my girlfriend, just to get her off my back. Although, I don't think I could afford to mail Kari all 100+ volumes of One Piece to date in exchange for her services ^^; )