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Started by Chocofreak13, February 26, 2011, 05:56:50 PM

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Cool.  I just ask everyone, regardless of nationality or the team's nationality.  Mainly because no one else in my family is really much of a hockey fan.

That seems to be everyone in Europe's favorite team.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Oh, I have the feeling the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup when my brother was in the critical age or something. xD

I used to go watch quite a lot of games some years back, but since I moved to the western edge of the city, the trip to the ice hall would require taking two buses and walk a bit after as well, so I've stuck to listening to them in the radio. ~.~


I've never been to an actual game, I live too far away from any rinks.  Though I do watch just about any match that comes on TV.


From what I've heard, the games are a bit more like big events in North America than here with lots more spectators. The ice halls here are quite small: the current one in Tampere only draws something like 7,800 spectators when totally full and I think it's the second or third biggest in the country. Obviously, the size of the country has something to do with it as well. xD

The Tampere ice hall is also the oldest ice hall built in Finland (and according to players has the worst-quality ice in the country), and a replacement for it's been planned already. I'm a bit sad about that still, as I really like the old one. ._.


There are three forums I visit regularly (including this one), two Finnish news sites, BBC's website, couple blogs relevant to my interests, wikipedia and youtube. 4chan I haven't been really visiting nowadays, but I'll mention it since two years ago I spent there hours every day. xP Hmmm... Danbooru, serebii, a certain LGBT community site, some Finnish library sites useful when at work, deviantart, some online clothing stores...

I think those were the most common sites I visit aside from the sites I won't mention here. :p


Yeah, the Flyer's current rink can hold about 19,000 I think.  A lot of the WHL games I watch are about that size though, I think.

Sounds like the Red Wing's old rink :/


@remillia: what kind of clothing? :3 and why the drop off in 4chan? just don't like it anymore? :\
@pitkin: consider listening to hockey on the radio a warm-up for when you move to france, cause once you move you REALLY won't be about to get to the ice hall. xD
@stew: who's your favourite team? :3
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Well, when it comes to buying clothes online, I mostly try to find some clothes that aren't too mainstream, but hopefully still something I would dare to wear outside (although currently I'm making an exception to this rule because of... well, see the fetish thread :p).

I didn't have anything to do back then (or was just too bored of everything to have any motivation of doing something useful), so my days consisted mostly of playing Touhou and pressing F5 on 4chan when I wasn't playing. Now that I haven't been unemployed and have plenty of other things to do, I just haven't had time for that site and I'm quite okay with this (okay, I admit that I'd like to have less working hours and more spare time per week).


@Choco, I definitely do. x) It won't change much however, as this season for example I've seen only one game, and last season as well. The change will be quite minimum in France at the end, as I still can resort to internet radios. ^.^


My favourite hockey team is the Bruins .w.

I lurk /u/ too. ^^ And Wakachan (mostly Net Characters) and +Nijura+


Ah, I visit TV Tropes a LOT too. And Wikipedia, Craked and The Jargon File. That's my axis of computer-time-wasting-evil. >___<

Aurora Borealis

Yay! A fellow Troper! Any other fellow Tropers?


StumbleUpon... And, ehh...

Craigslist... I silently keep up with, too

The Zune development forums are stealing me lately. :p


@aurora: i avoid tropes like the PLAGUE. it's bad enough i wikiwalk.
oh, and, i can has cheezburger! ^^
@svx: alot of kids at my school use stumbleupon. i don't get it, what's it about?

i forgot,  i can accidentally spend hideous amounts of time on wikipedia if i'm not careful. .__.;
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Kari: It's the Philadelphia Flyers.

I forgot the tropes!  Yes! I am there ALL THE TIME