We have all been gender flipped

Started by stewartsage, January 11, 2011, 12:49:20 AM

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*Pats Zen on the head* Yes you are cute Zen-chan. ^^

Hm, interesting that you always found men to be filthy Nejina. I was always a bit adverse to members of my own gender back when I was a girl, for various reasons. Maybe because I'm androgynous, and for a girl, being androgynous usually = being more male-acting. :\

I haven't thought about it Chalk; but I think I could like yaoi. I think one of the reasons girl-me liked yuri was because it involved members of my own gender, which meant I could identify with them better. Perhaps now that I'm a dude, I'll be able to appreciate yaoi. Hehe. ^^'



Chalk blushes lightly at Brandon's answer.
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Aurora Borealis

Well, make that three guys here! One night, I'm my regular self, the next morning, I wake up and find out I've turned into a DUDE! A DUUUUUUUDE! I had thought something was suspicious when I knew I smelled funny this morning!

And I didn't get any taller either! At least now my massive Napoleon Complex can be justified! It looks like I'll have to go without my glasses. They're too girly. I still have my long hair, but I also have some kickass sideburns to go with them. :D

*realizes I'm still wearing a girly shirt*


*wears aviator coat over it*

Problem solved!


DUDE! Sorry about not getting any taller, but if it's any consolation: those ARE some kickass sideburns!

*compares hair-length with Borealis-kun* You win here!

Nice aviator jacket too. :^D


yaoi? >3<

Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu!
My my, aren't you lovely~


-secures corner table and mug of tea for herself-

Ayup.  Next person who says DUDE gets a 90's Kid montage.


Per Stella's (?) request, Chalk utters one word:


Chalk admires Boris' sideburns. Chalk contemplates growing muttonchops in response to this.
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Now I has realized a problem. Almost none of my old gear fit me. -_- At least I've almost retained my shoulder width, so my jackets should still be largely wearable, with some front-level pressure...not that it's all too much, but I might have to skip a button or two -w-;
All of my shirts are way too long, however, so I'll have to deal with that somehow. Trousers can just be folded up a bit, so it should be fine (my ass/hips haven't shrunk one bit >_>)...as for underwear...my sister has more than half of her combined wardrobe in my room. It'll have to do for the moment.
THE GOOD SIDE OF IT: My cashmere coat now goes well below my knees, making for epic awesomeness.

Aurora Borealis

Maybe Boris's fabulous sideburns will inspire a trend! He was also thinking about growing a beard, or grow out his nose hair so he could practice the SUPER FIST OF THE NOSE HAIR!!

"Most of my shirts don't fit either." Boris laments. "So I'll have to go clothes shopping." He says, while admiring Nejina's awesome-looking long coat.


-suffered through enforced shopping spree-

Good luck.  At least all my coats and sweater's still more or less fit.


Chalk takes pride in the fact that most of his clothes were either donated from older brothers or androgynous to begin with. He wonders what he will do with his skirts, however. Maybe he will try using them as kilts. :\

Chalk gives an odd look to Nejina. Anyone who would be willing to share their family's undergarments must be VERY close.

Speaking of which, what will Chalk do with his bra now?

Chalk contemplates wearing it on his head in an attempt to imitate that one bad guy from Little Nicky.
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Willing? More like, I can safely say she wouldn't notice if one or two was missing. I'm not intending to make this public. Not at the moment. I need to make some...yes, some recognizance first. Solo.


...........Chalk is disturbed at the thought that Nejina might panty raid his own sister. O___O;
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The Colonel is b-beginning to wonder w-why Chalk is talking in th-the th-third person.

....and is s-suddenly very th-thankful not to be r-related to N-Nej.


(What is this I don't eve... wait, it started on TVtropes? Oh well, a Troper's gotta do what a Troper's gotta do. XD)

-Female!Nuker Is now possibly even shorter than Female!Nejii, and finds her intimidating stare quite scary.
-Finding a girlfriend is now going to be even harder, and Female!Nuker's looks are now probably going to attract lots of unwanted male attention. Ugh. Bleah.

-Was already described by girls as adorable while he was a male, now as a female she is shorter, has considerable "assets", and can now use the puppy dog eyes technique to its fullest extent. This means...

I have now become Moe, destroyer of worlds! Muhahahahhahah! XD