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Started by Aurora Borealis, December 06, 2010, 06:40:33 pm

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Aurora Borealis

Thanks! :)...  How could I have overlooked those? :(

I'm still looking for and cropping images to be used in the new infobox.


this is going so nicely. :3

btw, what happened to krizo? :[

and my theory thread died. ;___;

Aurora Borealis

I don't know. He's at least still lurking here. I want to jump-start the theory thread again too.

Here's GENIAC-chan!

Got her backstory updated and tried out the new infobox template. Unfortunately there seems to be a glitch. On the second row of boxes, the actual information won't show up, just the placeholder text even though I replaced it. :(

EDIT: Got the mistakes in the template fixed. :)


Aurora Borealis


yaaaaay! <3 i love that! i never knew about the relationship between those two, it's so sweet. <3

Aurora Borealis

Updated EXEC's article to include her history, and I got a pic in the infobox! Problem is, I can't get images to center. T_T

Does 300x300 work, or do you think it's a bit much?


I think it's a bit much; in all honesty, I'd rather go small on the pictures again (or perhaps try a taller-but-narrower image format) and provide full-sized examples in the links. :\

I really liked GENIAC's article, and EXEC-sama's was interesting too. Mostly 'cause I didn't know much about her before. For instance, I had no idea that she represented hardware and software, and didn't know that OS 2200 was supposed to be a separate -tan either. Forced retirement sounds about right though; I believe I once heard Univac had a notorious scorched-earth policy when it came to destroying their older model mainframes (to keep them from "competing" with the newer ones).

It has been proposed that Unix-sama would look up to her as a sort of surrogate grandmother figure, which I find interesting; and at least one of her old sorta-colleagues is still around, Fastrand-kun.

Aurora Borealis

Okay. I'll try 200x200 next.

I didn't exactly know about UNIVAC's policies towards their old hardware, but let's just say that because of her past importance, her staff was merciful, or tried to be.

The isolation she suffered in retirement could be considered an unintentional fate worse than death. If she had found out that some of her hardware-based colleagues had been killed on purpose because of obsolescence, I don't know how she would react, but some combination of horror would be involved. :(

I think it had been mentioned in another thread that there was to be OS 2200 as a separate character, but there were no details on her then. It may have also been OS 2200 who was ordered to carry out EXEC's forced retirement.

When the gallery feature gets implemented, I'll include full-sized pictures there.

When on that wikiwalk looking for info on the UNIVAC series, I noticed that FASTRAND was mentioned and I thought "That name sounds familiar, where have I seen that before?".

Unix never did have a grandmother figure, did she?


Or even something like 150x400... to give a rough estimate.

I once considered making an OS 2200-tan, but the wikipedia wall o'text scared me away. <<

And now you know where you've seen it before~

Unix never did have a grandmother figure, or mother figure for that matter. Although one could argue that she and CTSS may've met, that's pure conjecture (but an interesting one at that). -v-


you beat me to it.
i was going to suggest 200x200, being that i'd like larger than 100x100 but 300x300 is a bit too big. i also second the linking to fullsize pics.

if UNIVAC learned about the vintage-tan genocide, she'd probably break down, and go one of two ways:
1. catatonia
2. kill bill.

does FASTRAND have a -kun yet? :\ (a picture, i mean)

be brave, bella! conquer that wall of text! >:3


One would think, but these ARE vintage-tans -- accustomed to a life where survival was never certain and death often came from the ones closest (ie: parent companies). Not to mention being conditioned to think that humans are the arbiters of life and death.

Fastrand-kun has been drawn before as a sort of pre-concept doodle-thingy:

(Right of EXEC-sama on the top row; left of upside-down H6180-kun on the bottom row)

He's heavyset and really tall, extremely conspicuous in his gestures/mannerisms and very commanding -- referencing the fact that the FASTRAND memory unit was one of the largest, heaviest and possibly loudest ever made. Contrary to popular, er, my belief, he's not one of SAGE-sama's posse but one of.... some Univac-tan's whose name partially eludes me (U1050-tan IIRC), and SAGE's ex-bf-thingy. May have a superfly side!

I don't do walls o'text anymore, sorry. >>

Aurora Borealis

So then, for her safety, EXEC doesn't know that some of her old comrades had been killed off, but OS 2200 does.

Still not many physical details for an OS 2200-tan, but she might be EXEC-sama's daughter, and look similar to her, but dresses practically (although old-fashioned still), is athletic, obviously has shorter hair, is up-to-date with current events (a still current OS after all these decades), and lives a life of regrets. She didn't want to force EXEC to retire since the two had gotten along so well by then. An Atoner personality-wise, might be affiliated with the CIOST, having given up her position in the Mainframe Guild (who prohibit interacting with outsiders) in order to visit with EXEC in the Binteeji Renmei.

If Unix and CTSS had met, apparently they didn't know each other for very long or see each other very much, not enough to see CTSS as a grandmother figure. And didn't CTSS know that it was Unix who maimed Multics in a particularly brutal fight?

FASTRAND-kun is a cool guy! Large Ham types FTW! :D


he looks so....plain. of course, looks are deceiving. >:3


that's interesting about 2200-san, to think that something that old (how old is she again?) is STILL ALIIIIIVVVVEEE~~ ^^

it's really quite inspirational. <3


@Aurora: Your concepts for OS 2200 sound good, I'll buy it. :3

CTSS and Unix could've met while Unix worked in Boston in the 1972-73 time period. At this point CTSS would've known her own death was coming -- although burdened with the knowledge of what Unix did to Multics, I imagine she would have treated the girl with kindness, understanding and forgiveness. Much to the surprise of Unix, of course... =v=

Heh, I've never seen him as a Large Ham before... though I don't know much about his personality, to be honest. ;;

@Kari: Plain? But he's easily the tallest -kun (though H6180 might have that on him) and one of the only big beautiful men-or-women in all of OS-tandom (the others being XPMCE-tan and Master Control Program-tan, I suppose). :V

Speaking of Master Control Program, it seems amazing that OS 2200 has been in use since 1967 but MCP IS a lot older - and still in use - being first created by Burroughs in 1961. Amazingly, it's still one of the more advanced mainframe OSes in existence despite pushing 50 years old.