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Started by Agelu, December 20, 2005, 05:34:38 pm

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Currenly playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, also plays some GameBoy Advance Games; on a Emulator of course....

Already played PC Games:
Star Wars: Jedi Outcast, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Hitman(only the first one),  Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Fallout 2, ONI, Brave Soul (an RPG game combined with dating sim), and few others dating sim games. Does Minesweeper and solitare count for PC games?

GBA games: (I play them on an emulator)
Super Robot Wars Series (A,R,D,J,OG1,OG2), Zone Of The Enders: Fist of Mars, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Crystal Cronicles, Tales of Phantasia and some other GBA games.

PS Games:
Final Fantasy Series (VI, VII, VIII, IX), Legend of Dragoon, Tales of Eternia (or Tales Of Destiny 2), Thousand Arms, etc


Im still playing Oblivion.  I dont sleep sometimes.   I have 127 hours logged on one character....  my eyes feel dry... but I cant stop...    this game... rocks.....
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heh, just try a 2 day non-stop gaming session with your friends.  Thank you Mountain Dew!!


forget that, I got a 24 pack of starbucks double shots!
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Alex Stankevitch

PC: Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X Demo, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Special Forces, Sims 2, City Life, Cruise Ship Tycoon, Homeworld 2 + mods. Some other dating sims and some H-games.

PSP: Burnout Legends and Fifa Street 2. Waiting on GTA: Vice City Stories.


Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!

Alex Stankevitch

The Feeling - I Love It When You Call

Its blaring loud and i singing along, WHOOO.


PC: SimCity 3000, SimTower, Mall Tycoon, Civilization III: Conquests, The Corporate Machine, etc.


QuoteQuote from : destroyrhawk

heh, just try a 2 day non-stop gaming session with your friends.  Thank you Mountain Dew!!

I once did a 36 hour halo 1 marathon with a buddy, from start to finish, eating while we played we went through the entire game on legendary co op.  i think I ingested unsafe amounts of caffine that day.

Anyhow, Update:
I have to many games to play right now!  I should forbid myself buying new games.

For 360, Im playing some Quake 4 (mith of rose, forget Q3, go Q4) for my FPS addiction, still playing oblivion, got some Call of duty 2 going on, and my most recent and most addicting title: DEAD RISING.  one man, one mall, thousands of zombies. it just dosent get any better.  Cchan,  we talked zombies before, this game is it.  You live the zombie movie and have a chance to do it better.   Unlike RE they give you enough zombies to keep in zombie killing action for as long as you can survive.  Anything you find in the mall is a weapon (tho some are damn near useless.. like the glowing toy sword.  it makes cool light effects and makes a nifty electronic woosh woosh sound but it dosent seem to do any damage...) Or perhaps you want to have a zombie costume party... I dressed up 6 zombies with servbot/lego man head masks from Mega Man Legends, then put on a megaman costum and shot them with nerf balls.  oh the zaneyness of it.

On the computer Im playing RO and F.E.A.R.  both of which Kick ass.  RO everyone is familure with.. But F.E.A.R. it seems some are not (i thought they made a big deal about it in the stores but alot of people tell me they havent heard of it)  Its a FPS about a us army agency formed to combat supernatural threats.  yes.  they are ghost busters.  as silly as that sounds, its like Halflife on crack mixed with the ring/grudge.  Its got that high speed ZOMFG that was the coolest firefight ever with a WTF just happened, I need to have a cup of coffee to calm my nerves bits of horror to it.  

For example... your creeping along, minding your own buisness, trying to wish the creepy girl that keeps showing up into nonexistance, when you knock over a metal can and you hear someone go "what was that?"  Next thing you know the door near you gets kicked open and 3 genetic soldiers come running out, dive into cover near some boxes and barrels and then lean over  to fire at you keeping most of themselves covered.  you click the reaction time button (your character is known for insane relexes.. its almost like.. bullet time...") everything slows down, you have enough time to toss a grenade behind them and run forward SMG spraying.  your bullets tear up everythign around you filling the air with smoke and spining splinters, tearing huge chunks of plaster from the walls, your muzzel flashes lighting up the smoke and darkness light lightning.  for a moment your world is armmegedon. the grenade goes off, sending shrapnel everywhere, a peice of rebar Impales one soldier to the wall through his chest, another leaping over the box to get away from the explosive is thrown forward, and time is still slow enought for you to swing your rifle butt to meet him in mid air.  Slow mo time runs out, all three guards are dead, but now you are low on ammo, you hear more coming.. its gonna be a bad day.

At other times however, youve been creeping around... without action.. and you keep sing this horrid little girl.. (looks like the one from the ring)  she apears only to turn people inside out, or to freak the shit out of you.  At odd times your radio will crackle and make errie noises that nothing natural makes from a unknown recipiant.. and it often happens when she is near by.  Once.. I was in an empty room, filled with pipes and steam, on a catwalk.  no one around, hadnt heard the radio in a while.  came up to a ladder, swung my leg around onto the rung, rabbed the rails and looked up about to slide down the ladder, and there she was, face to face with me.  If I had had my SMG in hand i would have screamed bloody murder while firing a full mag i was so startled.. but instead of her turning me inside out.. she simply turns to ash and blows away.  i breath, relax, slide down the ladder, turn and there is the enemy commander who has been eating people mouth covered in blood.  that time I did have my SMG out and i did scream bloody murder and let out a long uncontroled unaimed burst.  He too fell apart like ash.. and as the smoke from the chipped plaster and punctured steam pipes cleared i could hear his voice in the wind.. "he deserved to die, they all deserved to die."  Not fair of them to team up on me like that.  normaly they give you a while after they startle you before they do it again...

anyhow, awsome game, looks great on my pretty XPS (still need to draw XPS-tan...)
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I bought Prey a while back, got around to playing it at last.  The gravity and portal stuff is kinda cool.


Still going through:
Suikoden V (Don't remember where I am...)
Riviera: The Promised Land (Chapter 3)
Tales of Phantasia (GBA) (gettin' the Fire sword)


Cooking Mama DS!!!!!!

This game owns! :D

Also playing Fatal Frame III (PS2) and Guitar Hero (PS2). GH owns my rock soul.
So cute it\'s deadly!


Metroid Prime: Hunters, Madden 07, and KH II

Alex Stankevitch

Battlefield 2 (still)
Midtown Madness 2
Flight Simulator 2004

Coming Soon:
Flight Simulator X
Battlefield 2142