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Started by panda, November 27, 2005, 01:21:02 PM

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No one, Shoud Commit Suicide.


Ok...Im risking into posting in a delicate  thread, even when my english isn't really good and may cause misunderstandings...but here we go

Quote from: "panda"how come that is always people's first response? even if they don't know the situation, its just "dont' do it".

Well, maybe because many people think that there's nothing so bad that's worth a life.
I can't say that I'm able to fully understand your situation, for I have never been in the same situation as you, so many hard things. I can only try to imagine how you feel  However, I can only say that life's worth the pain. Even when there are a lot of hard and harsh things in our lives, you must find a way to go through it, trying to make things better. As someone before me in this thread said, "there's always a tomorrow", things always can get better. That's a good reason to live for, to see a better tomorrow.

Yah, I know, feel free to think that I cant understand you, that I'll never know what you feel, etc...that'd be the second time someone tells me that. A friend of mine also had lots of problems, and he seriously thought about commiting suicide. In the end, he realized that there was nothing so bad that was worth a life. (how? I dont know, I dont have the courage to retake such a delicate topic