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Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 02:17:23 am

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Woohooooooo, do I see new wiki avatars for Kolibri and SAGE?

Anyhoooo, a few bios that I wrote awhile back and shall now share through the magic of out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-New-Hampshire-uplink~!

Quote from: "Bella wrote:"Name: Bell Labs Unix
aka: Unix, formerly known as Unics
Debut: 1969
Height:  152cm or 5'0''
Weight: 47kg or 104lb
Eyes: light blue
Hair: dark purple

Quick Facts:
-Created at Bell Labs, Unix is the “biological daughter” of Multics
-Practised what many consider an early version of open sourcery
-Initiated a ruthless takeover of the  mainframe and minicomputer (and later workstation) markets
-The ultimate ancestor of all Unices (genetically, in the case of true Unices; conceptually, for Unix-likes)
-Considered difficult, manipulative, even monstrous by some, Unix does have an agreeable side which only her friends and sympathizers are aware of
-Wears plain, conservative and monotone clothing, boots and horn-rimmed glasses and carries an aluminum staff
-Physically ageless, she's appeared to be in the mid-teens for nearly 40 years
-Has owl ears
-Has ridden a wheelchair since the early 1990s (near the end of the Unix Wars)

Name:  Multics
aka: Multiplexed Information and Computing Service
Debut: born ~1965, debuted 1969
Height: 176cm or 5'8''
Weight: 61kg or 135lb
Eye Color:  blue
Hair: dark purple

Quick Facts:
-Born out of the ambitious Project MAC at MIT, Multics is the adoptive child of CTSS-tan
-Was sickly and weak throughout much of her youth, but became better as she matured
-Led a fairly tragic life, filled with numerous near-death experiences, disownments and abandonment
-Felt her glory was stolen by her “illegitimate child” Unix
-Has a vastly complex personality: friends describe her as personable and warm, while enemies report her to be mercilessly calculating
-Had amazing magical powers and fighting skills that belied her prim, elegant appearance
-In her prime she wore complex, cumbersome Rococo-style gowns and jewelry, mixed in with more ancient-looking elements
-Has white and black splotched wings, although the left one is deformed from a break
-Fluent in several languages, including Latin and French
-Died in 2000, but has since been resurrected
-Currently devoid of any substantial magical powers and her former territory and possessions, but is actually happier because of it

Name:  Burroughs MCP
aka: Master Control Program
Debut: 1961
Height:  182 cm or 5'10''
Weight:  81kg or 180lb
Eye Color:  hazel
Hair: dark red

Quick Facts:
-Born 1961, matured into her current self in the 1970s
-MCP-tan is friendly but to-the-point
-A very independent worker, sometimes to the point of snubbing co-workers who want to help out
-Can't stand an idle moment, might be considered a bit of an a-type personality by some
-Practised some type of primitive "open sourcery" (MCP source was provided to all licensees, many of whom contributed to MCP's programming)
-Ahead of her time (MCP implemented features only now becoming widespread)
-Still alive today (MCP's latest stable release was in 2008)
-Tall and heavily built (MCP ran on some or the largest Burroughs mainframes)
-Keeps up with the times: her dress style has changed to keep up with current trends over the last five decades
-Best friends with CANDE-kun

Name:  THOR Timesharing System
aka: PDP 1 Timesharing System
Debut: early 1960s
Height: 121cm or 4'0''
Weight: ??
Eye Color:  blue
Hair: blonde
Note: This character seems to represent both the PDP 1's OS and hardware

Quick Facts:
- A very small, outwardly mousey girl (PDP-1 was a modest computer for its time, and THOR a rather typical OS), but with a great inner tenacity and resourcefulness.
-Foundress of the DEC Empire.
- A good verbal communicator, but a slow writer (THOR was able to give fast console results but teletype was slower)
- Carries a large hammer (reference to the Norse god of the same name)
-  Dresses in blue and white (PDP-1 colours), dons twin buns that give the appearance of mouse ears
- Is an excellent musician-- pianist, perhaps? (PDP-1 is famous for making music)
- Possible daughter of Whirlwind-hime, sister to SAGE-sama and cousin of WAITS-tan (?)

Name:  Ramo-Woolridge RW-300 Realtime Executive-tan
aka: RW-300-tan
Debut: late 1950s
Height:  ??
Weight: ??
Eye Color: reddish-brown
Hair: dark grey

Quick Facts:
-Ultimate ancestor of RSX 11, OpenVMS and Windows NT-tan, and thus all modern Windows OS-tans
-RW-300 was employed successfully in different chemical plants, refineries and nuclear power plants
- Mysterious, known mostly for her work and not her personality (little info on the OS, but it did make an impact on the industry)
- Like her daughter and granddaughter, she's a loner
- A very skilled chemist, has skills bordering on alchemy. This is a two-pronged reference; both to RW-300's use in the chemical industry AND a throwback to RSX-11-tan and VMS-sama's alchemical/geomancy skills
- Has a foggy short-term memory in matters not pertaining to work (Computer had a small memory capacity but that didn't diminish its usefulness). She's quick-thinking and fast on her feet (realtime OS).
- RSX 11-tan is her daughter, though RSX 11-tan doesn't know her real heritage (having only been raised in DEC by DOS Batch 11-tan). Whether RW-300-tan knew of their relationship is unknown.
-Has dark skin, long hair, dresses in utilitarian clothing

Name:  Convergent Technologies OS-tan
Debut: circa late 70s/early 80s
Height:  167cm or 5'5''
Weight: 58kg or 130lb
Eye Color: green
Hair: blonde

Quick Facts:

-Worked for several government and military organizations, most notably the Coast Guard
-Native of Convergent Technologies, but also an honourary Bull-tan (that's GECOS-tan's current corporation, was one of Multics-sama's) and Burroughs-tan
-Friendly with Windows NT-tan (CTOS workstations also supported WNT).
-Loves rats, keeps some as pets
-Supposedly the third most used workstation OS in the 1980s
-Physically a young woman wearing boxy haircut/dress style.
-Likes to dress in military-style uniforms.
-Is deceased, but maintains a rather strong following

Aurora Borealis

Thanks! :D

Yes, those are avatars of Kolibri and SAGE are new! Made the SAGE one just a little earlier today.  

Multics is taller than I thought, and THOR is a lot shorter than I thought too!

However, some of the measurements are off though, the conversions aren't equal. Do you want me to go by the height you used in inches or centimeters?

To go from inches to centimeters, multiply the # of inches by 2.54.

I bet that UNIX is an enemy to all the mainframe-tans! o_o

On the other hand... I'm surprised she's a friend of the Vintage-tans! The story you wrote of her visiting the Binteeji Renmei was very heartwarming, and it was amazing although surprising to see 2.0-chan meet UNIX, and not run away! :)


i wanna make some pics of those to feel useful, but does not have enough information....

style of clothes? hair length and style? glasses or no??



Well, Multics was fairly large for its day, seems fitting its size would have to be reflected in Multics-sama's stature. PDP 1 was "small" (sure THOR was too), but I might've gone overboard with THOR-chan's small height. ^^;;

Go by the height in feet please. I tend to think of people in feet dispute using the metric system for most things. ><; I know about the number of inches times 2.54 rule, but I used a conversion calculator for this... must have interpreted 5 feet 10 inches (for example) for 5.1 feet. Dammit. ><

Well, she did sort of usher in the Mainframe-tans' destruction. (Sorta. And took over the remainders of their market.)

It is a bit baffling, but I remember C-chan saying, way back, that Unix-sama would be very sympathetic to the vintage-tans and even help support the Binteji Renmei by throwing a little funding their way. Mostly because she's sympathetic to their industrious nature (they're considered "old and useless" by most people, but they don't let that stop them) and also, she can probably relate with them on a certain level (she was a meager little OS-tan with no home and no friends once).

@ Choco: Please do! There are reference images of each... around here somewhere... I can post links it you need them, or just make it a scavenger hunt. (Aurora's user gallery/dA page, for instance, and mine too.)


i has not the time for searching. if you want icons done, post me links!!


sure, i'll draw some icons for em'. only trouble is, ONLY TWO ARE IN COLOUR >:V

oh well, that's ok. ^^


For any that I designed, I can provide what physical description sections exist, by themselves, on command K ^^'

SAGE ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few minor corrections Aurora-sama:

Debut: 1951 (1942?)

Debut: 1951

Debut: 1963
Height: 196 cm
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Misc.

Height: 172.72 cm


I'll look forward to seeing those avis Kari. ^^

Moar bios:

Quote from: "Me"
Name:  OpenVMS
aka: VAX Monitoring System, VMS
Debut: 1977
Height:  173cm or 5'8''
Weight: 64kg or 140lb
Eye Color:  purple
Hair: dark blue, grey highlights

Quick Facts:
-VMS is the last native DEC OS-tans to be employed after the breakup of her company
-Was a military officer during her days at DEC, but has since become a vigilante
-She wielded a rapier during her youth but has since switched to a large cleaver/longsword hybrid (as well as a variety of knives)
-One of the most powerful OS-tans in the world, VMS-tan relies on strength and strategy over agility
-Has an outwardly cold, misanthropic and cheerless disposition
-Has an obsession with security and self-defense that borders on paranoia
-Known to be rather brutal and merciless in her treatment of viruses, crackers and skiddies
-Loves sharks, spending time on the ocean and scuba dives in her spare time
-Is rumoured to play a wicked game of Scrabble
-Has one daughter, Windows NT-tan, who was created unbeknownst to her
-The leader of the technologically advanced, but otherwise ragtag Confederation of independent OS-tans (CIOST)
-Wears mostly dark coloured clothing; she typically keeps her hair tied in a ponytail, and is of an average (if not rather muscular) build.

Name:  CTSS
aka: Compatible Timesharing System
Debut: 1961
Height:  198cm or 5'6''
Weight: 56kg or 124lb
Eye Color: red-brown
Hair: dark red

Quick Facts:
-A teacher
-Trained several young OS-tans during her life at MIT
-The adoptive mother of Multics-sama, CTSS-tan is typically considered the ultimate ancestor of Unix
-Feels her greatest accomplishment in life was caring for the young (and sickly) Multics and  seeing to it that she reached adulthood
-Also proud of her tutelage of ITS-tan and CP/CMS-tan
-Considerably less grandiloquent than her daughter, CTSS is sometimes mistaken to be a simple or dull personality-- something compounded by her emotionless demeanor
-Is distant toward most people and OS-tans, at least those who aren't close friends or her student
-A sinophile, she enjoys dressing in Chinese-inspired clothing and partaking in Chinese cultural activities
-The daughter of Whirlwind-hime and sister of SAGE
-Died young, in the year 1973

Name:  DTSS
aka: Dartmouth Timesharing System
Debut: 1963
Height:  165cm or 5'5''
Weight: 59kg or 130lb
Eye Color: teal
Hair: blonde and white

Quick Facts:
-A teacher who specialized in human/OS-tan communication
-Inventor of the BASIC language
-Feels affection toward the microcomputer-tans who so widely implemented her language, especially Altair 8800-tan
-Friendly toward the other timesharing OS-tans of the day and region, like CTSS and Multics
-Dislikes squirrels
-Has been known to spontaneously build up and discharge electricity
-Is mute; in her prime, she kept an assistant as her “translator”
-An outdoorswoman
-Dresses in eclectic clothing, typically of Cossack style, and carries a wooden walking stick

Name:  WAITS
aka: SAIL, “Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab”
Debut: 1966
Height:  168cm or 5'6''
Weight: 57kg or 125lb
Eye Color: green
Hair: light brown
Notes: While not an OS-tan related work, the SAIL Autobiography is considered the basis for WAITS-tan's personality and backstory

Quick Facts:
-TOPS 10-tan's estranged daughter
-Her eclectic personality can best be described as a mix of beatnik, bohemian and hippie
-A jack-of-all-trades, she showed considerable talent in the fields of mathematics, language, music and psychology
-Also an inventor
-Notable for her progressive attitude, love of fun, free love and debauchery
-Has an affable and people-oriented personality
-Friends with other free-thinking -tans of the day, like ITS-tan and Emacs-kun
-A Tolkien fan, she's fluent in Elvish
-Dresses in a colourful mix of 19th-century bohemian and 1960s hippie fashion

Name:  Mac OSX 10.6
aka: Snow Leopard
Debut: 2009
Height:  163cm or 5'4''
Weight: 52kg or 115lb
Eye Color: light blue
Hair: light blue, almost white
Note: in various OSC storylines, Snow Leopard-tan is considered to be a more mature version Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard-tan. She exists in the present and alongside Leopard-tan, however, due to her unique ability to traverse the spacetime contiuum.
Quick Facts:
-More serene and mature-acting than her “predecessor” Leopard-tan
-Has largely relinquished her time machine, but is known to do a bit of traveling on occasion
-Knows just as much (or more) now about the backgrounds of various OS-tans, but seems at peace with this information and chooses to keep what's past past
-Dresses in light, feminine-looking clothing with a touch of the futuristic
-Has white snow leopard ears and a tail and long, wavy hair
-Affable toward the Windows-tans
-Considers herself a part of the Unix family

Aurora Borealis

YEEEEEAH! We're making lots of progress with this! :D

Oops! I couldn't seem to find an accurate release date for IAS, ORDVAC, or SCOPE, and assumed they were all 60's OSes. ^^;

LOLed at VMS cracking down on skiddies! BTW, what are skiddies?

CTSS is technically the 'grandmother of modern OSes', isn't she?

DTSS is right at home at the Binteeji Renmei with lots of microcomputer friends!

WAITS is awesome too! An Elvish-speaking hippie, inventor, free-thinker and fun-loving rebel. Doesn't get much more awesome than that! :D

Nooooo! Snow Leopard is a traitor! Renouncing her ties to the Apple/Mac Family in favor of those Unices!

(Or are the other OSX-tans the traitors?)

Still, I like that you addressed a solution so that Leopard-tan and Snow Leopard-tan can exist side-by-side while still being the same person, hopefully without causing any time paradoxes! :)


^^ lovely details. ^^

elvish  = win, snow leopard = kitty, ctss = old? xD

and don't worry, i put the pics on ym ipod so i'll be able to quick reference. xD


Elvish? Oh my. -w-
Reminds me of the OLD old days, now...


QuoteNooooo! Snow Leopard is a traitor! Renouncing her ties to the Apple/Mac Family in favor of those Unices!

(Or are the other OSX-tans the traitors?)

It's more a matter of who gave birth to her and who raised her. You could be a Japanese that was raised with an American family... and you would feel more like part of that family even if you acknowledge your heritage.

Betrayal conspiracy? I don't want that... there's too much of that already in the world.
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@ Aurora: A skiddie is a script-kiddie, someone who relies on programs to crack into a system or network.

CTSS could be the grandmother of modern OSes, but Multics probably has a better claim to the title since Multics directly influenced not only Unix but VMS (and therefore Windows NT) too. CTSS is supposed to have a lot in common with Unix, but dunno if its features have shown up in any other OS family....

Yes! Didn't even think of the DTSS-micro connection until recently, but it just seems to work. ^^

WAITS is one of a kind, that's for sure. d:

Nah, I think Snow Leopard-tan would have one foot in both camps... she's a proud Mac, but also a proud Unix. Even if the old-school Unix-tans would sort of treat her like that strange cousin that always shows up at a family reunion... "wait, who's that one over there with the ears and tail?" O.o

Can't see anything that would cause a paradox, although I've a pretty skewed way of looking at time and time travel... ^^;;

@Kiso: Well, Rhapsody-tan is supposed to be the mother of the OSXes (she's a Unix too) and [Snow] Leopard-tan would have been raised a Mac, but she's also the first OSX to be recognized as a certified Unix (Leopard got the Single Unix Specification certification). I felt I had to work that into her backstory somehow...


That, I don't diasgree with... I mean... that pretty much represents a key aspect of Unix

You could have also gone the other way around and say that the Unix family recognizes her as a blood-related member of them, even if she hangs with a different crowd (the Macs). Then again, "whatever goes" applies as my usual response. lol
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