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Started by Chocofreak13, December 26, 2009, 10:57:38 am

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anyone have any halfway decent info on it? i googled "idolmaster" and got the inspiriation for the OS-version:


<<<<Is a big fan of Idolm@sters

Their is no OS-version. it's just a parody video made by fans. Although I if I remember correctly their was a an unfinished flash version of it though

Them be the Velvets. They are made of Velvets and Megidolaon.


ik, there was a site included with the pic we have in the gallery (one user complained that it didn't work). that's why i asked; if the users can do nijikaku, they could probably do OSIdolm@ster.

JA8956 / Patrick

I have idol Master / idol master life  for  Xbox 360, but it doesn’t work Europe pal systems, so the next few weeks ill look on eBay for a cheap Asian NTSC-J one