OS-tan enemies (and battles)

Started by Bella, April 13, 2007, 09:37:49 pm

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True... but student calculators (at least where I am from are mostly hand downs and very few people actually need to do math on the go...

hmmm... weird idea a calculator watch is a calcu-tan or a watch-tan?


QuoteJust wondering... who actually sets what's "canon" in the OS-tan universe?
Because as far as I know the OS-tannivers... (okay I need to stop making cheesy stupid names) is all based on fanon,,,

I'm a technical kind of pig, so I'd rather give a technical kind of answer.  The original Windows ME-tan, XP-tan and 2K-tan, for example, did originally start as a single drawing/set of drawings which slowly gained a little "fandom" as you call it.

Then through frequent and consistent recreation by countless other artists, a de facto "canon" was established in that the inevitable designs did all share a common guideline (e.g., ME-tan's pigtails, 2K-tan's megane personality, XP-tan eating like a hog, etc).

If you want an actual number, assume that it would take either around [ballpark] 100 artists across different imageboards working around a common character design template, or at least 1000 redistributions of preexisting images across said interweb hotspots, for it to be considered "canon".

This is the reason why, after the original Troubled Windows characters, it's very hard for additional characters (like Vista-tan or Windows 7-tan) to be considered canon, since all those artists now have a tendency to draw their own thing rather than rally behind someone else's design.

This is also why there will never be consistent video game console-tans or military warplane-tans and what not, and why in fact the whole "-tan" thing is pretty much balkanized at this point.  

It's no small wonder Miku's so popular now -- it's a lot easier to worship one stable, commercial-supported character rather than 100,000,000 different fan-based ones.

Or so I assume...

Speaking only for myself, I've always preferred the easy-going, down-to-earth excitement of OSC homebrewed canon.  -v-

Yeah, Linux-tan did kinda go from some little girl wearing a helmet and flippers (or sometimes a giant scary penguin), to a responsible, intelligent, spirited matriarch of all Distro-tans, savior of the Unix society and a would-be Unix-sama soul mate.

Case in point!  Bella-hime did much to make the flipper girl a hottie!  (and yes, among the elite of Unix-sama visitors who lived to tell the tale)  ^.^

QuotePossibly, but calculators are still in widespread use in schools. Carrying around a calculator is much more convienient than carrying a whole computer around just to do math!

Aurora-hime, you're too cruel.  ^.^


QuotePossibly, but calculators are still in widespread use in schools. Carrying around a calculator is much more convienient than carrying a whole computer around just to do math!
Hmmm... something just hit me... that's what PDAs are for...

And another thing... Is there a Palm OS-tan to rival CE-tan?


GAH!!  XvX



.....Well.... at least you didn't ask if there was an Amiga-tan.  I would've gone rabid on the spot.  ^^

To answer your question, as I always say...

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for the evening.  But teach a man how to fish..."


"...and he'll eat for life."  ^.^


How the heck did i miss that. I thought I searched that gallery thoroughly... must have been one of my net hiccups when I searched. I clearly remembering only the top part loading when I searched for Palm X.X

Nice an Aspire. I got a EeePC running Ubuntu eee


*indulges in a little OT*

Fufufu... The Acer Aspire One I get in contact with recently still runs the original AcerOS, but it's sufficiently close to Fedora Core 8 to be surprisingly useful with the necessary tweaks.

My EeePC 4G is currently running eeeBuntu NBR for testing purposes, while my EeePC 2G is still running EeePCLinuxOS.  I have very little sympathy for the original Xandros-based AsusOS, so it rarely lasts long in my presence.  -v-

Regarding the gallery, the User Gallery was a lot more prominent before, but is currently in an obscure corner of the main gallery pending some extra fixes still needed to be done(?) by Fedora-Tan (the site Admin).  I haven't tested if we can upload new stuff to there or not since the last update, but in the past we used to be able to upload our artwork to there like mad.  

In any event, you'll find all sorts of weird and wacky OS-tans in there, for systems that you would have never imagined deserved an OS-tan (e.g., GMOS-sama).  ^__^

In any event, hope you like what you'll find.  -v-


Yup love the depiction, She's so cute... Now if only Palm would come up with WiFi for their OS.

Okay  so for something a little on topic
So we can have CE-tan vs Palm-tan... USB vs Stylus that could be sweet


ya like the other posts say an os war comic would be nice