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Started by Raffaele the Amigan, March 24, 2009, 06:40:34 am

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Raffaele the Amigan

Hello people!

I've created a cute OS-TAN Collections TAN candidate and I hope that you can enjoy her and choose her as our official TAN.

here are the first sketches:


Age = 15

Profession = Dancer/Student

Height = 1,61 meters / 5,28 feet

Measures 70 -50 -70

Vote her if you want her as official site TAN and raise a pool to name her...
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Voting doesnt really feel democratic if there isnt any alternatives.

So I made a version of this possible "OSC-tan".

Info so far planned:
Somesort of geek, but not the stereotypical Hikikomori.
More like the home version of a rocket scientist, the type that knows Pi by 30 decimals or so. You get the point.
She got some thick framed glasses to make the geekyness even more obvious. Also some freckles on the nose bridge and bit on the cheeks.
She likes to collect old fountain pens, which she keeps a couple of in her jacket pocket. Pens are important!
Dont know about age, but I'd say somewhere in the mid/late teens maybe? Still student maybe?
But she would be working at evenings/weekends/other time in a nearby Library/antiquary.
Lives in a small appartment that's full of all kind of books, halfmade projects of different kinds. And one hueg metallic archiving drawer that contains all the images uploaded to OSC. Also one old bookshelf made out of dark Oakwood that has the complete Ostan wiki books bound into old leather covers.

She is bound to exact time manners, as in. at 5pm she likes to enjoy a cup of tea with a croissant (she lieks them).

The idea behind this character would be that she would be multitalented, as this forum has lots of people of different talents.

So.. yeah.


lol, she looks just like Chisame Hasegawa from Negima!
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Eh. I dont see much of a similarity, other than the glasses...


Mainstay meganekko. Pretty normal type thar.

She would also be prone to losing control over herself and going all batshit insane crazy on random things...



My god, she looks/sounds like the female me... ;010
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[Img disabled by Fedora-Tan]
Thanks Fedora-sama
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But that outfit of hers looks a bit it supposed to be liek insanely high-up skirt and very compressed blouse or whatever that is? Because that's what it looks like...

...or maybe she just has a messed up leg-to-body ratio, I dunno. ^^


now everyone's gonna throw their hat into the ring! i want a piece of this action, dude!

if i'm to pick from the 2, i personally like vondaab's better, no offense. i've always had a soft spot for girls with glasses (i am one, and i find them attractive as well >:] ) and honestly, she seems to be a bit more like most of us here <D (i have small bone structure, but i be horrible dancer. ;_; )

shouldn't this be in the OS-tan thread?

and i think everyone should try to submit before we vote. i was thinking last week about making a site-tan, but then my sick took a turn for the worse ;_;

i'll submit mine tomorrow.

Aurora Borealis

I like color scheme of Rafaelle's design and it is very nicely drawn but lacks the geekiness that an OSC-tan would need. Sadly, 'elegant' is not one of the things that comes into mind for an OSC-tan!

VonDaab's design is adorable and closer to what I imagined an OSC-tan would be like, especially the geek factor and that she's a computer historian!

And of course the crazy personality as suggested by Nejin!

If I were to draw an OSC-tan, she'd resemble VonDaab's design but with the color scheme from Rafaelle's design and her outfit modified for a more offbeat look.


there's gonna be a war! get your pencil-zookas ready!!


Well, my target was to make a character that symbolizes the ORIGINAL purposes of this forum. Discussion about Os-tans, creating -tans and collecting information about them. NOT random off topicness and 4chan meme spouting.


Ditto, if the OSC-tan were to be true to the current tone of this forum (rather than the actual function), she would just be some Colors-tan looking character repeatedly ramming her head into a wall :P.

Yes I'm a hypocrite, so hate me.  I'll weigh in on which design I like once all the artists who plan to contribute have done so.  I feel if I say anything now, it might lead some artists into borrowing certain ideas or modeling towards a certain ideal and possibly causing a wee bit of homogeneity leading to monotony.  I'm actually hoping for some natural evolution to kick in here and see some inspired developments.  So yeah, definitely watching this thread...

The Choice of a New Generation.


I might throw my hat into the ring.. I was thinking about this before. Tho I plan to make her look more like a hikkimori otaku girl, in like pajamas/sweats with shelves of manga anime and figures, prolly with an affinity for writting fanfics and suff
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If this girl was real, we'd get along like a house on fire.
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I'm afraid I don't quite understand that metaphor. ):
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