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Post by: NejinOniwa on February 26, 2009, 09:04:36 PM
Nejin makes seriose thread, this is seriose business, why the hell do I make this here anyway, etc.

(mostly because FC! is already way out there in derailment land considering its forum placement and nobody cares, so what gives, really, also, this is probably the only "safe" place to start a seriose thread without all too much threat of derailment so, yeah, stop ranting already you, you)

- _ -
(this is my solemn face)
Anyway. No more ranting. This thread is the text-only version of Free Cookies, EG where you post your pieces of paper you don't, or do, care much for. Write stuff and post. Quality is preferred.

I shall go first, with something I wrote somewhere else. I reckon I've mentioned the Late Clock sometime or what, so I guess you should get to know it some.


-Professor. What is this device?
-Ask the inventor! I don't keep track of all the damn things in this place. I'm trying to write our records here.
Tick, tack.
-I insist, professor! Surely you know what this is? I saw you handling it last week at the assembly.
Tick, ta- TICK!?
-I was what? Is that...oh, that.
-Wait...THAT!? Hands off the Late Clock, brat!

As the TACK from the second hand seemed to stretch out, the device hung in the air for a moment. Then it started sailing down through the air, as if walking at a leisurely pace, until it finally landed with a smooth thud on the floor.

-Satan and all his devils take you, Aston! GET OUT! NOW!
TI- Tick? Tick, tick tick tick. TACK.

The door was slammed shut as the freckled boy panickedly scurried out of the professor's chamber.

-Damn you, Aston! And I had finally caught the damn thing, too. Who knows when I'll next see that boy again, he was probably scared off for life.

The professor studied the floor, and came to the conclusion that what he sought for was absent from its expected position. He shot a resigned look at the Clock's hanger, but it was as empty as its leave had left it. The professor sighed in resignation, and sunk down on his chair again.

-I'm really wondering when now, ain't I.


~END of Late Clock 1~

Added after 1 minutes:

parts 2 and 3 are already done, too. just waiting.
Post by: kaineru on February 26, 2009, 09:30:43 PM
These are all from my Lunar Poetry Journal....

Hath time raged on,
Wherein thy life has stopped,
Fragments of time bend,
And a soul broken whereupon,
Forgotten in the depths of time,
unto the abyss of memory,
A final howl,
From a wolf who has lost it's fangs,
To bleed and fell,
In a snow driven blizzard,
To fail a test,
A promise broken,
Unberknownst if to be fulfilled,
Or thrown away,
By the winds who careless lift,
One broken,
One dead,
Shards of the heart,
Lies scattered onto the field of ice,
And may never,
See upon the light,
Of the upcoming dawn.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Kaineru

Our lives leave us so fast,
Gone over the winds of eternal time,
And pulled away by the fate we despise,

Certainly to our fate,
Granted to us by our own whims,
And created asunder by none but ourselves,
And thrown away by dearly thoughs,

To cherish and love,
A promise as keen as day,
To light up thy winds,
To even go beyond the grave,

Morose us by thy our own will,
Entwined by within our hearts,
To pulled into the dark abyss,
And claimed by the hands of time,

But even that may be so,
Even thy life is at forfeit's end,
A promise as blue as the sea,
And as pure as the heavens,

Death may take me so,
But my soul will move on,
Until thy promise has been fulfilled,
Even if fate has stolen thy memories so.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Kaineru

Flames of the heart,
To go cold and die out,
A torch of life; gone and forever forsaken,

Memories of one's life,
To turn upon an endless cycle,
A battle within oneself,
And the chaos upon the shattered glass,

A broken heart,
A shattered soul,
Liken a life without an existance,
Without something to live for,

Frost and eternal sadness,
A frowning moon unto dimlight sky,
Whereas the wolves howl,
And tormented finally die,

A light in a distant life,
A heart and soul continue to hope,
Without aflame to guide,
Without that shining beacon of light,

Footprints within the blizzard,
Upon this lonely snofield,
Walking with blood drenched upon him,
And to fall... without knowing if he has an angel to save him.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Kaineru

How many have we seen?
How many have felt?
How many times did we idle?

Wars that passed...
Battles that scarred,
And lives that was lost,
Yet it hath remained.

Why do we hate,
Why can't we leave it behind?
Do we need a hero?
A martyr to die for us?

We never learn.
If there really a "Lelouch" with us...
Would we let him forsake all?
Just because we are worthless in making peace with ourselves?

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Kaineru

In the winds that blows,
Wherein the eternal symphony echoes,
Lies those bound by hearts,
And those bound by friendship,

Find the way,
To where they lie,
Find the light,
To where your heart desires,

To the ends of time,
From the beggining until the end,
Chains of life,
Flow into the rivers of fate,

And here we stand,
Upon our cause of light,
Find the way into the ring,
Eternity trancendent.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Kaineru

Thy flame of life,
Thy hope is lost,
Time hath stolen so much,
And it spares nay...
Lost once again,
No more reason to be alive,
Flame of red hath darkened,
And the light thrown away,
A reason,
Why live now...
Why live tommorrow,
To look forward?
To the future?
A shining tommorrow,
But alas,
To some a light shines on their path,
But to some only their past,
For the path they have,
Leads to the abyss...
Hath claimed...
No light,
And in the end,
A bleeding wolf...
Dies and fades...
Into a blizzard...
Of blood.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Kaineru

How does it feel?
Internal torment,
A life that cannot sustain itself any longer,
Left alone,
Again robbed,
But by far the most important thing...
A heart,
Beyond repair...
A soul,
Shattered into fragments,
Like the sand in the desert,
No more light,
By the eternal dark.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Kaineru

Plauges of blood and flesh,
A sould tormented and forgotten,
Given wings and fangs to feed,

A vampire's guise,
A new beggining,
Forgotten what was once,
And know what is now,

Yet within...
The light still sleeps,
A kindly ironic deathmerchant,
A vampire with a light,

Unafraid of the dark,
Unafraid of the light,
With a knowledge of one so vast,
And with the abilities of one so great.

A new road opens,
In the darkness there is light,
Follow the dim trail,
And find yourself in the maze.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Vampire Kaineru

It has been that long,
I've been crossing paths for so long,
Running from the dark,
That wished to consume me so.

But here I am now,
In the dark that I ran from,
Only to find...
Those that I threw away...

And those that I left behind,
A thought forgotten,
A life more miserable than before,
A form to be avoided,

But this is,
Who I am now,
And no matter what I do...
I cannot run from it any longer.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Vampire Kaineru

I started as a void,
A ripple in a tide of conciousness,
A voice without a heart,
To be born from dark depths,

I become as one died,
Born the sadness and the hatred,
Knowing only but lonelines,
And hated all who birthed happiness,

I was a lost soul,
Knowing nothing and had nowhere to go,
But a miracle of the light came,
In a flood of drifting snow,

But it was far away,
A soul reaching another,
A promise has been made,
And finally I was made whole,

I did my best I could,
But no matter I try I fail,
A promise I wanted to keep,
But the light flickered here and there,

My heart began to fail,
A past began to remember,
To be forgotten and left behind,
And to acknowledge the darkness that looms,

But out the light another came,
And unknown hand,
A friend from afar,
Lifted me up and gave me hope,

Again patched up as I am,
Tried his all into one that kept,
One as me to move and exist,
As long as I uphold that bond,

But time has once again bored holes,
In an already broken life,
A soul pieced like a mirror,
And a heart patched by unknown love,

And like the time before then,
It didn't matter how,
I knew what I did was lost,
And I knew once again I was left behind,

It was hard again,
I drifted in an ocean of death,
Tides took me again,
And the darkness claimed my light,

But there I realized an error,
I saw my shadow of darkness,
Those things I discard,
Those feelings I left behind,

I accepted my darkness,
One who I ran from long ago,
Another being I am now,
One of hatred and sadness,

A being of anger,
A being of loneliness,
But one who understands life,
And a heart that still longs for that life,

Another search for a broken soul,
One similar to mine,
Trying but unwanted,
A soul bound by time,

And time is all I have left,
To find a purpose in life,
In truth do I find in a promise,
Or another patched up heart,

I wander now as different being,
Far from who I used to be,
without now knowledge or destination,
To wander this sea with agony,

Will there be hearts to help me?
Will there be souls to guide me?
Will there be something waiting for me?
Or is it that my demise is enebitable?

Only time will tell,
An answer from the dark,
Or an answer from the light,
But I cannot answer that on my own,

Though I do know one thing,
That I suffered long and hard,
Alone I stood,
A wolf that cried,

Now a different stand I keep,
A vampire looking for a heart,
One to share this broken feeling,
But is shunned away by everyone,

Even without knowledge of acceptance,
I walk a new path,
Even with just this I know,
That somehow...

I will have a future...
I will complete my heart...
Or die in the darkness...
And I am content to find out.

~Kaito "Adrian" Shigure / Vampire Kaineru
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 26, 2009, 10:01:17 PM
Fuckdamn! That was long. I was feeling the smell of DEEP when I made the thread tho, so I guess its what you get for it huh -w-

I must say it was well written overall, but a few things ticked me off.
First: "Lelouch". All out of the blue. This doesn't make sense to those who haven't seen Code Geass (and those are quite numerous even among anime fans), and is totally out of place even if you understand it. It throws the pace off.
Secondly, it does not seem to be moving much for all its length, rather just like you're howling out the same sorrow with different words. Progress and process always intrigues the reader, and lack of it does the opposite.

I know it's sad to spout things like "Think of the reader" all the time, but that's what a writer has to do, if he wants to be read. (and that's what one does write for, usually.)

Anyway. Part 2. Longer this time. Criticism plz, i giev i take. This isn't yaoi you know -w-


-Pah, ah...the professor is scary.
-But still, what in god's name was that? Or was I hallucinating?
-Nah, can't be. That'd struck me earlier if that was the case. And man, I had such a chance to seep through all that stuff, too...gah. Curiosity kills any cat it gets its hands on, I guess.
-Wait, what was that?
Excuse us. We believe it was caused by thine feet.
-My feet? Ah, that figures. They do usually go around more like clap, clop, clap, clop, crunch, clap, but I do guess even they have their days of Tic-Tac-Toe.
-Satan take me, I AM delusional. Not a soul in sight, not on a Sunday in the university since it's closed, and I'm talking to someone claiming my feet are making weird sounds.
That would be some-many. Referring to ourselves in plural generally means we art not one, but many. Tick.
-Right. Sorry about that.
-Wait. Tick, tack?
-Ah, I see, I've gone so far I'm imagining clocks are talking to me. That makes sense.
-Clocks, huh. So, clock, why would I be delusional today?
-Don't be shy, clock, tell me all about it! And don't just stop like that, you'll lose your time.
-By the way, I can't see any clocks around here, and I don't have a pocket watch or anything...where are you?
We believe we art positioned someplace a few inches below thine knee.
-My knee? Why, that's an unusual place to have a clock. Why are you there, clock?
We believe we came to position ourselves there by chance as we were floating out of the professor's chamber.
-I see. Well, I can't look under my knees, so I'll just have to take you up to my height to see what the time is, correct?


The freckles painted on his face had sweated away, but it didn't matter much now. He crouched, and slowly let his hands wander over his legs - first the left, then the right. Then the left again. He turned his head. Then he looked down.


-Found you.

He reached for it. Then, just as his hand was a few centimeters above it, it was suddenly sprawled on his wrist. Its golden chains were rigid as legs, bent as tentacles, sharp as claws - it moved around invisibly, one second here, the next there. Finally its chains settled around his neck, with a soft, cold grasp.


-That isn't very comfortable, you know.


Slowly, as if not to threaten it, he moved his hand towards it. A clawlike touch confirmed contact, and he moved his hand level to his eyes.


-I thought so. What are you, exactly? Do you have a name?
We believe you already know what we are. We are the Late Clock.
-That is not a name, and a Late Clock doesn't hold any specific meaning, that I know of.
-Speak up. Can't hear you.
We are the Late Clock. We are Biocin, the Second Hand. We are Phucin, the Minute Hand. And we are Chiqancin, the Hour Hand. We are the Late Clock. We are Ta...keepers and lenders of Time. We believe you should know this, but if you insist you do not, then we must respond as so. Tick.
-Keepers and lenders, huh. You mean, like a bank?

-What are your rates?


~END of Late Clock 2~
Post by: kaineru on February 26, 2009, 10:20:29 PM
Well it's from my Poetry Journal anyway... I guess I'm sort of a weirdo....

How about this, a snippet from Eternal Concert of Chaos...

♦ Cycle : What to fight for ♦

ZAFT Submarine

   â€œSo Athrun is lost somewhere in these islands near the ORB border?” Yumei asked me tilting her glasses and giving me a confused look. I looked at her then the others and exclaimed “Well, Nicole said that she saw them heading to the border through the clouds… And these Islands are the most likely place they’ll be.” Yzak gave me a confused look that signaled that he didn’t get what I meant, “He and that other person in that unknown fighter unit, meaning that the Archangel will be looking as well.” Yzak then gave an angry face and stomped the floor and shouted “Stupid Athrun… assigned as a leader only to get lost!” I shook my head and turned to Yumei and nodded at her; she nodded back and went beside me and I told the others that Yumei and I will take the task to look for him along with Nicole while Dearka and Yzak stay, with Dearka helping Yzak to cool off. Yzak nodded in agreement exclaiming that he’d stay here idle and let Athrun rot wherever he was. Nicole moving toward us and nodded at us we went to the hangar and readied to leave.


Castaway Island, Hermit’s house

   â€œHey wake up… Wake up…” Athrun shouted at the girl shaking her. She woke up cold and wet. “Hey who are you… and where am I???” She shouted at Athrun and Athrun pointed at the fighter plane and said “You’re the pilot of that thing aren’t you?” She was stunned at hop back, and looked for something. “If you’re looking for a gun… both of us doesn’t have any.” Athrun told her and she stood there with malice in eyes, and shouted at Athrun; “And why should I believe you?” Athrun just looked down without any answer until a man behind them said “Because I saved you two and your menacing armaments.” The girl then dropped her guard and looked at the man. He had black hair that went down up to his neck, a red jacket and was taller than Athrun and very much looked like a fisherman. “You know I heard it’s bad luck to fish out pilots drenched in the sea.” He began to laugh at his statement, he then stopped and put down the net he dragged which was filled with holes and was almost torn apart, it seemed that he rescued them using that net. Putting the net on a small table in the small house he sat down on an old rustic chair and began to fix it and then looked at the two and said “You’re lucky to be alive… after being shot down by those ‘Red Monsters’ that have been roaming around lately.” Athrun shook his head and sat down and exclaimed that he never knew what happened except that they were engulfed with white light while on the air. Then he looked at the man and asked how they survived. The man smiled at him and the girl and answered “A man saved you… a man wearing bizarre armor…” The girl tilted her head, and asked “A man in armor?” Athrun’s eyes almosted popped out and stood shouting “KAMEN RIDER???” in a very surprised tone. The man is a little bit surprised and frowned then smile again saying “So you know of the Kamen Riders… Little people remember them now… calling them legends.” The girl shook her head and asked what were they talking about, Athrun turned to her and told her what Adrian had told him about them. It made her feel a little confused and distraught but nonetheless Athrun’s flustration over the subject made her a little comfortable and said that if such men exists that no wars and battle between people would be made. The man laughed saying that the riders are mere mortals themselves. Both his two guests then nodded their heads and began to feel comfortable about their situation, and after that the girl introduced herself “My name is Cagalli, what’s yours?” Athrun suddenly flustered again answered in a shaky tone making the man and Cagalli laugh and after him the two looked at the man and the man introduced himself: “My name is Jin… Jin Keisuke.”

   A few hours passed the two went to explore the island with Jin tailing them. Though the island was small it seemed to be populated, however not much people were there except for the three of them and the others were the local animals and the empty houses. Athrun turned at Jin while walking and asked “Is there any other people here?” Jin stopped and stared at the roaring ocean and began “Our world is not overcrowded but people have ideas to live in estrange places like this and run away… or others like me who just want some peace… but there is actually no peace or safety anywhere.” Athrun and Cagalli stared at Jin in a trance feeling his words true and inescapable. Jin looked at them for a while and then looked again at the ocean continued his statement “That is why there are people who fight… The Kamen Riders, the pilots like you two… the explorers and scientists… They fight with different reasons and in different ways… but they are all the same as long as there is a reason.” Jin then looked again at the two and asked them “What are your reasons to fight?” Cagalli went into an instant burst and put her fist on her chest and shout her reason “Of course for peace! I fight to end all the madness on this earth and save those in the crossfire! Is there any better reason?!” Jin shook his head and smiled at her, then looked at Athrun. He was looking down in deep though, thinking and remembering Adrian’s words about Adrian himself and his friend Kira: “He must have a reason to fight, and so do I… But you… How about you?” then asked himself ‘Why… why do I fight? WHY?’ Cagalli looked at Athrun seeing his despair, then sat down on the beach and Jin began shaking his head exclaiming: “You… don’t have one?” Athrun couldn’t answer, couldn’t move… the question stunned him greatly. ‘Why do I fight?’ he continued to ask himself. Cagalli then became slightly mad at Athrun and stood up and stomped on his foot. “Are you dense?” Cagalli angrily shouted as Athrun fell and Jin backed a little bit. “What kind of person are you? Coordinator or not you should have a reason to pilot that damn machine!!!” Cagalli pointed at the broken Aegis and began stomping angrily and ranting at Athrun for being dense and having no apparent reason to fight. Jin promptly backed off slowly and stared at them trying hard not to laugh. Cagalli being satisfied and calming down had let Athrun off the hook and Jin started laughing, Athrun could only just scratch his head. Cagalli then turned her attention to Jin, breathed in and out then asked, “Is the battles that made the people here leave?” Jin shook his head in reply. Athrun brushing himself off and standing up asked what was the reason, Jin gave him a stern look and answered that it was the ‘Red Monsters’ that drove them away. Cagalli shook her head and said “Those shift-changing freaks that appears in ORB and several places right? They change into anything red… Maybe they’re one of the weapons of those alien mongrels?” Athrun shook his head, and answered her saying “If they’re one of the alien weapons then were gonna rely on those Kamen Riders because nothing else goes through those monsters except their punches and kicks…” Cagalli hopped back in shock and asked Athrun “You fought those before?” Athrun nodded and pointed out his immobile Aegis and said that nothing the Aegis or any other units they have could pierce them. Jin then cut off the conversation saying “Take a rest… your units’ SOS signals should be reached by your comrades by now… and since your lucky your units are far from each other being enemies expect that no fights would happen here…” After that Jin left them alone seemingly dropping their guns and ammunition. “That guy never wanted us to fight…” Cagalli said while picking up their weapons and throwing to Athrun his. “Yeah whoever he really is, I think it applies to what he’s saying that he fought using his words and taught us something in return for nothing.” Athrun replied to Cagalli’s statement as he checked his weapon and turned to his Aegis. Then he turned back again and said “Maybe… just maybe if I was taught by someone like Jin earlier I would already have a reason. Though I have none for now, that reason would be filled once after a while. Fact is I entered ZAFT military because of my father’s wishes and did not ever go against his will… But the truth is maybe in fact… that I was just like a puppet, only to believe what he said to me… Yes… I do believe naturals and coordinators not fight, nor any other humans of Earth or those who transmigrated… but maybe…” Cagalli smiled at him for the first time and stopped his statement saying “We all have one… now all you need to do is find yours… Because I want you to have a clear head when we fight again in the battle field and maybe someday we’ll fight alongside… okay?” Athrun nodded and then thanked her and they parted for their own units.

   A few minutes passed and Athrun sat in his Aegis’ cockpit opening the communication lines to hear Adrian’s voice on the other end. “Where are ya buddy; I’ve been hailing you for the last hour after we picked up your signal and are heading there… and…. Are you alone because we seem to pick up another one…” said Adrian in the static scratchy tone, Athrun answered yes and told Adrian “Must be jamming cause there’s probably there’s trouble a brewing… maybe aliens…” Adrian’s voice went quite then answered again “Okay then… if that’s what you say…. Were going faster to your direction…. call us when those aliens do come.” The line falls silent as Athrun closes it and sits quietly on his unit’s cockpit. As he stared blankly in his friends arrival the ground begun to shake and fire began to pierce through his sights coming directly from the empty village. Hopping out and arming himself he sought for the direction of the explosions and comes to see Cagalli surrounded by red blobs and Jin wounded, Athrun fires twice giving them and opening, Cagalli instantly grabs it and stops shooting and drags Jin away, “Sorry… I shouldn’t have come back here… they followed me and Jin got hurt!” Cagalli told Athrun as she neared him while helping Jin up. Athrun was about to say something until Jin cut him off saying “Save it… You two should go back… You have to fight…” he said and pointed at Cagalli “For your love ones and those innocents and the peace that everyone wants…” And points at Athrun “And you… to find your own reason” Athrun was a little startled as Jin pushed Cagalli in his direction and turned on them. “Go… Your friends should be here to pick you up. I’ll distract them as you do…” Athrun and Cagalli was going to say but was stopped as Jin stretched his arms and then pulled his right in a fist down his hip and pushed his left upward diagonally shouting “DAI - HENSHIN!!!” in a flash of light the timid looking fisherman that they knew turned into a cyborg of silver and red. He turned to him and said “Go fulfill your duties… you have but a long way ahead of you…” Athrun and Cagalli didn’t asked and nodded and began heading for their respective destinations… to their immobile units but before that Athrun stopped and lookled at Jin “Who… who are you anyway?” the transformed Jin turned to him and answered “X… Kamen Rider X.” Athrun nodded; thanked him properly and left.

♦ Pause Cycle ♦
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 28, 2009, 04:48:21 PM
I can't follow that, srsly >_>

So, with advertising done, let's post part three.


His hair was longer now, and he looked unshaven. It was no proper beard, the one present on his chin, for his kind did not grow them - but he had managed, somehow.
The Late Clock seemed to hang around his neck - of course, it was not actually hanging, and likewise it did not move bounce an inch up or down when he walked. It made its own laws, and thus, its own gravity as well.


-Stop complaining. My work is my work, and regardless of what others may think, I am proud of it.
That is not what we are insinuating, Tack.
-Hm? Then you have some other opinions about it? Speak.
-Gah. Or whatever you call your kind of communication, I don't care of it, honest.
Talking, we would like to refer to it as.
-That's not what I was...
Talking is a Good Word. It has a pronounced, leading, Good Character. The character T. It is the character of Time, and thus a good character, for it is our character, for we are of the essence of it. Time, tick, tack.
-I get it, I get it. Then what were you going to "Talk" to me about, then?
The Topic of our Talk is that we believe ta...tick...
-Say it, you.
We believe you are running out of credit.
As we Talked. We believe you are running out of credit. Credit, also a word with the character T, of Time, means you have borrowed something, on contract, a word which also contains a pronounced T.
-Stop it with the T-thing already. What do you mean, credit?
We find it satisfying to give attention to the honorable words that contain the character T. It is now our policy to do so whenever we wish.
-Biocin. Stop already, I know you're the one behind this, you attention-deficit second hand. Phucin, Chiqancin. What's the contract and credit about?
...We apologize for having you notice our lack in uniformity. It is a shame on us as the Hands of the Late Clock. We will not let it happen again. We, as the role of Biocin, would like to assure that this was not intentional, merely an act of instinct. We, as the role of Phucin, must tell you that we feel very sorry for you as a contractor to notice the failings of our unity.
-Yes, yes, I get it...Chiqancin?
...Unfortunately we must tell you that since the current Time is not within reasonable range of an even hour, Chiqancin is not able to Talk.
-Weirdo. Anyway. Contract, credit. What about it?
Tack. We assume we are correct when we say we informed you during our first Talk that we were Ta...keepers and lenders of Time. You were informed that our rates were the same as the speed at which you wish to move through time.
-...that was like what, five years ago, seriously. But yeah, I have a vague memory of that.
Tick. You have since then been lent time from the bank, to use as your own, in addition to what you already have. Since this puts you in debt to us, we assumed your own, unused time, as credit.
-Wait. You mean, the rest of my life?
That would be a correct interpretation from your viewpoint. Up until now, you have been lent quite precisely twenty-six years of time.
-What!? I've used that much? Does that mean my life will end when I turn fifty, or something?
Not exactly.
-Then what does it mean?
We did not account for the rates. Counting them in, your debt to us is...
Tack. Forty-two years. Tick.


He scratched his beard, and hung his head. Looking around, and finally settling on a random point in the sky, he sighed heavily.

Your assumed lifespan is approximately seventy years. You are now twenty-five years old, biologically. This means you have three years of time left. Tack.
-So...I'll die in three years?
Not exactly.
-Speak clearly for once, damnit! This is my life we'll talking about, if I don't die then what in time's name happens!?
The amount of your debt in time is taken from you, and placed in the custody of the Late Clock.
-You get my time...?
Yes. Your time will become the Late Clock's time, and you will be its hand, its employee. You will be a subordinate of the Late Clock, and your time will be used in the way we wish.
-...basically, I'll be your slave for the rest of my life. That sounds very entertaining.
Not quite. We sense the negativity you put into the word "slave" and we would like to assure you this is not your fate. You will be employed by us, and thus, we will give you your monthly salary. In our currency, tack, Time, tick.
-Still doesn't quite appeal to me, you know. I'd like a fairer deal. I need more than three years to sort things up before I can hand in my resignation to my current employer. You gotta know how that business works, right?
-Good. Then, what is the new deal? How much time do I get?
Tick. That depends.
-Depends? Don't get shady when you argue with a man's life at stake, you!
We are not shady. We are simply stating the fact that the amount of time you get is variable, depending on the time you are ready to take.
-Take? What do you mean?

The Late Clock, for the first time in years, released his throat from the light, firm grip of its clawing chains, and floated in the air before his face.

If you can take time from others, and give it to us, then we will consider your debt reduced. Taking into consideration the state of the world, we will also accept other ways you may explicitly see to that we acquire more Time. As compensation for not having mentioned this earlier we will also, if you agree to this, remove the rates on your debt during the time you have left of your own. The Late Clock Talks, and we assure this is better than a fair deal.
-Look...er...or whatever you call it...I get what you sa- er, mean, and it sure sounds good but...how would I go about getting more time to the Late Clock?
...tack. We believe the answer is simpler than it seems.
-Wait...you don't mean...
Tack. A person's time is never certain, but every individual has a certain value - that is, the time they have yet to use. If you can acquire that time, take it from them and make sure they do not use it, we can acquire it, and your debt would be reduced, tick.
How unsurprising. But it is a correct assumption. That would be a most valid - while perhaps not the most effective, certainly the most simple, in your case - way of conduct.
-Hey, no sweat. If it just was this you wanted to tell me, then you could've skipped the small talk. If that's all, my debt will be gone in no time at all.
It will be a pleasure doing business with you.

He trotted off the town square, and walked towards the slums. This was going to be a long, long night.

~END of Late Clock 3~

Woo~ -w-
Post by: Toki on February 28, 2009, 05:45:39 PM
I am not much of a writer but I suppose I can post some stuff from Jericho Waning.

Beginning: Metanoia

The root is of course the World Tree, Yggdrasil, who receded back into the earth when given the task of holding the entity known as Lilith, Adam's first wife. Through these millenia Lilith has been cauterized until her soul and the soul of the tree are nearly one. Together their essense forms a great contingence that allows the God tree to reap life from the core of the macrocosm and the world of souls. Not any souls, only souls who have sinned greatly, they are the only with a mark great enough for the Lilith to grasp and harvest. In a final attempt to qwell the ever scintillating Lilith, the Yggdrasil incarcerated the Lilith's soul inside of a mortal soul, but Lilith's hold on the Yggdrasil was so great that it's soul was also sealed. The quintessence of the tree and the Lilith remained, glimmers and shadows of what they were yearning for their eternal souls. Without concious they are slowly drawn from the ambience of the world, bringing with them the renaissance of the world. The apokalupsis eschaton. But the corruption of humanity is too great, and like the cochroaches they crawl from their redemption to continue their debauched existance.  
The yggdrasil and the Lilith still yearn for their souls, their immortal sorrow ever so slowly tearing the dying earth apart. With the Lilith among them, the Mother of sin, sins of men has become less and less dilutted, condensing and manifesting into an infectious disease. Men with this disease follow the path of Lilith, causing their souls to be harvested by the Yggr in their death. Yggdrasil mourns it's subjugate to the Lilith and foreswears it's title as The Tree of Life. The people can feel it. The core of the earth is desintigrating. Little more than a shell of it's former self, Nageki no Ki, the Tree of Lament bends to the Lilith's will.
One asks... where is God? Where has he gone...? And the lilith only laughs.
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 28, 2009, 06:56:34 PM
Though, why does everyone write so much DEEP and GRIMDARK stuff anyway?

I tried, and it was just dark humor in the end too ;_;
Post by: Toki on February 28, 2009, 07:31:47 PM
Everything else is for humor o.o You clearly stated that this thread was for SERIOUS BUSINESS only :3
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 28, 2009, 07:59:48 PM
I mean srs.biz as in no rampaging off-topic, not only serious-mode literature. Oi.

I mean, if there weren't any jokes in any books anywhere on the market, what'd that make it? SUCKY.

Thus, we need some more light-hearted stuff as well, not just GRIMDARK and DEEP.

If you have provisions...do share. -w-

Now, I'll give you a short, pervy poem. Pervy as in the sense of really weird fetish-feeling.


The sharp smell of iron from your every vein
Gushing forward.
You look delicious, with the vessels of blood speckling you
Like freckles underneath your skin.
Tie them together, make a rope of the tastiest thing there is
Sling it round my neck, kill me with the warmth of your blood.
I'll let you have me, kill me as many times as you ever wish
For just a sip, a gulp, and the eternal bliss of that pungent smell
Of you, your deepest, your life, your heart, your core.

Yum. -w-

Added after 4 minutes:


Old stuff, in fact. For those who remember RP 2 this is from EWAR, that setting world.

I Thorbai Lar'jao
Two Ki Kaeiqie'm Atari

It is said, by men and man,
that nothing rise from darkness,
but fallacy those words are now
and truth is our king.

He saw the first light of the world
take form and shape its soul.
thus he was born before the light
and light was born from him.

Yet light was gone when that soul
saw naught but dark and nothing.
A vengeful eye in a shroud of calm
and all it saw was nothing.

And then it came to soul of light
that nothing was a man;
A man all black and buried
with darkness hand in hand.

And thus we came to see, to know,
that light is lack of darkness;
creation's black and 'struction's white;
Yet nothing is perception.

Beyond they see, they made beyond,
and light and dark they tamed;
and light but rose from creation's dark
and truth is our king.

Excerpt from Verses of Dedication, found in the burnt library cellars of Seastower.
Post by: kaineru on March 02, 2009, 12:28:27 AM
This is a some lines I like from Aile Ark 1:

Kaineru: It's hard being human....
Kasumi: Sucks to be you...
Kaineru: You're still human you know...
Kasumi: Not any more..... (Sticks out tounge)
Kaineru: She's far from the original....

Kenzaki: The wind tells you everything....
Kaineru: And....?
Shana: I can't feel any wind....
Alastor: Humans sure is interesting...
Kenzaki: I'm not human....
Kaineru: Joker....

(Shin Getter destroys a whole fleet of Zaft forces)
Dearka: I wish the buster could do that.
Krushe: That could be arranged....
Dearka: No thanks....
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 06, 2009, 02:22:35 AM
RESURRECTION!  Sorry, I know I promised this a loooong time ago (I told Nej I'd provide a sketch for his critique), but I got started on it and never got around to finishing it, until now, that is.  I typed this sketch in a mix of screenplay and stage formats, so it may look a bit odd (I use that method because I find it's easier to get stage directions in).  Anyway, pardon if it is unfunny - I think I might have lost a few of the better jokes in the long downtime I wasn't working on it.  Also, I must stress it is NSFW (due to sexual language), as you can see I've hidden it.  Sorry about the length as well, it might be taking up the whole page - I'll post a link to a .doc of it if preferred...

QuoteThe Collector
Mutually Assured Dysfunction

The scene opens with friends AL and TOM playing a video game.

Oh, hohohoho here it comes... Tiger Genocide!  In yo' face!  In yo' face!

Man, whatever, this is bullshit.

Dude, you're just mad 'cos I beat that ass!

Whatever, I was beating your ass until you bitched to have Sagat unbanned.

Well now who's bitching?  That's right I won, you didn't, ha!

Phone rings

Hold on a second man, man.  (Answering phone) Hello?

Hello, is Alan Stanley there?

Um, who is this?

This is Mr. Craven from Dawg Collections, the collection agency representing Arkham University on your outstanding balance of $20.  I need to know if you are able to take care of this past due bill at this time.

Oh. (Hangs up)

Who was that?

I don't know, some bill collector from the university or something.

Well it's getting late and some of us have jobs...

(Jokingly) Yeah, get the fuck outta my office.

(Laughing) More like cubicle, later. (Exits)

(Shouting down the hallway) Come back when you're ready for another ass-whoppin'. (Closes door, grabs bag of microwavable pork rinds, throws them in microwave, starts keying in the settings) Gonna have me some pork rinds!  Unh, yeah!  And some... heart disease!  Yeah... the fuck?!  Seems like an odd thing to...

Phone rings

(Answering phone) Yo!

Hello, is...

No! (Hangs up) Hopefully that'll be it, I don't have anything for those shitheads...

Phone rings

(Answering phone) Listen asshole!

No you listen, you little bitch!  If you hang up on me again I'll gut you like a fish, understand!

Is this some kind of joke?

More of a game really... Can you handle that BALDIE?!

(Visibly shocked) Are you stalking me?  Where the hell are you?

(Laughing) Do you really wanna know?

What the hell do you want?

I told you that already - I'm calling to collect on your debt!

Listen you, I'm unemployed and I live in a cramped studio apartment that my parents pay for - what am I going to pay you with, patheticalness?


Gah! (Hangs up)

The pork rinds left in the microwave suddenly explode, making a gunshot-like sound

(Ducking for cover) SHIT! (Realizing that it was just the microwave) The fuck?!  Damn microwave never works right!

Phone rings

Sonnovabitch! (Answering phone) I already told you dammit!

I was only calling to see if you wanted me to come over and cook something and I was thinking of giving you a blowjob.  You're such a prick, Al!

Baby wait, I'm sorry...

I don't want to hear it! (Hangs up)


Phone rings

(Answering phone) Oh baby, I'm so sorry...

Try again. (Laughs)

You again?  Shit.

Just give me what I want and this will all be over, but if you don't...

You'll what?!  You've already cost me a hot meal and a night with my fellatrix - I don't see how you could make things any worse for me...

Power goes out

DAMN! (Audibly worried) Well, that's just great... goddamn superintendent was supposed to install a fucking backup generator.  The fuck is going on?!

Power flickers back on

Phone rings,
AL picks it up

Now do you see that I mean business?

(Audibly shaken) Yes, certainly.


I've already told you that I have no income.  Would you accept some other form of payment, (Glaring at microwave) overcooked pork rinds, perhaps?

I think not, but how about we work out some sort of "physical arrangement"?

(Gulps) Umm, I don't think I wanna do that.

No one ever does, initially, but you'll learn to like it.  Hey, you live in room 411, right?

NOOOOOO! (Hangs up)

Steps can be heard nearer and nearer the door until a mysterious figure knocks at the door

(Cowering behind the bar, murmuring to himself) Shit, I forgot to lock the door!

Door opens revealing it is TOM who has been knocking

(Peering around the bar) Great hiding spot, man. (Laughs)

Wait, so you're saying it was you the whole time? (Sighs) You got me good, man.

(Laughing) You are such a gullible bitch, man.  I think you've been watching too many slasher flicks.

(Indignant) So hold on, it's your fault I didn't get a blowjob?!

Bitchfight ensues a la Beavis & Butthead until the phone rings which AL then picks up


AL is left with a puzzled expression


EDIT: Pardon the abundant use of dialect... hopefully it's not too annoying...

EDIT 2: Made a minor correction to the script, if you noticed the error before, it should make more sense now.
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 06, 2009, 05:09:38 AM
Other than that, quite interesting. Sounds quite much like something out of a tv series, but you can't really place the genre due to everything jumping around all over the place. The girl call puts a lol twist to it as well, lol -w-;

The way you ended it is twisty, making the reader expect a followup; however, it could've been better done. Mostly, the end expression being "confused" isn't something you'd think of as ideal; it's generally more useful in the middle of things. Try to think of a better choice of words, or you can change it to something else.

Also, it's a bit wasted on this medium, since in this kind of work you'd expect a good fill of PAUSE FOR SUSPENSE all over the place. Doesn't work in script form very well, but yeah, I think you knew that one already.

Another downside with making the thing script-style is that you can't get too much "inside" the characters; you can't hear their thoughts, and so on. That makes the macho man - who doesn't show much on the outside - a very dull figure emotionally. Dunno how to solve this well, but remember that.

I'll see if I find anything else on it; otherwise, GJ. Interesting and good read, man!
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 06, 2009, 02:32:21 PM
Quote from: "NejinOniwa"WHY SO /WHITE?

All the dudes and mans, yeah, that bothered me a bit too.  As I said, pardon the dialect. XD

QuoteOther than that, quite interesting. Sounds quite much like something out of a tv series, but you can't really place the genre due to everything jumping around all over the place. The girl call puts a lol twist to it as well, lol -w-;

Thanks Nej.  I was trying to avoid TV sitcomness, but I spent so much time trying to set jokes up that I guess it was bound to come out that way.  So this was intended to be something like what you'd see on a sketch comedy show (preferably on stage, not TV).  The jumping around is probably due to me rushing the whole deal - I hate it when things seems to drag along with nothing going on.  The problem is that this forces things where the should not be, and it seems so unnatural.  The jumping around may also be due to my writing style, which is more or less a stream of consciousness with very little censorship (not so much the language thing, but more an internal "peer review" type thing).  The girl call wasn't originally going to be in the sketch, but it was something that just came to me.  I was actually worried it would've been considered unnecessary, but I'm glad it works, thank you.

QuoteThe way you ended it is twisty, making the reader expect a followup; however, it could've been better done. Mostly, the end expression being "confused" isn't something you'd think of as ideal; it's generally more useful in the middle of things. Try to think of a better choice of words, or you can change it to something else.

I wasn't going for Shyamalan type thing with all the twists, but I can definitely see it now.  I was trying to use the confused thing as a punchline, just a "WTF moment", but I can see your point.

QuoteAnother downside with making the thing script-style is that you can't get too much "inside" the characters; you can't hear their thoughts, and so on. That makes the macho man - who doesn't show much on the outside - a very dull figure emotionally. Dunno how to solve this well, but remember that.

Yeah, originally I was wanting to explain more in the script, but I came to that realization as well.  I figure I can script an "origin story" of sorts, but at the same time I think that if this script (or a revised version of it) were acted out more of the characters would come through.

QuoteI'll see if I find anything else on it; otherwise, GJ. Interesting and good read, man!

Thank you very much, I really value the input - it'll certainly help on my next work (I'm actually planning on using the same characters for an entirely different story).
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 06, 2009, 03:07:49 PM
It's good to see that my criticism seems worthwhile at least ^^
Since I'll be taking a one-year authoring course, that's gonna be necessary...

Right now I don't have anything new (or old) to post though, but I'll probably write some in the LAND OF THE SETTING SUN, now won't I?

Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 08, 2009, 07:32:42 PM
most of what i write on scrap paper is stupid little notes or titles of songs. but i'll dust off an old favorite:
"the friends on the train are watching me
home is where i'd like to be
i can't go home i am a star
i'd just like to know where my true friends are"

my first poem :3
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 08, 2009, 09:12:41 PM
I've been having problems with the syntax of poeticized Nimaxari lately...

Some thoughts on this would be nice.
First: Variable words. I'll use Ira, which means Of, as an example.
Ira has three forms: Ira, Ir, and I - nimaxari custom formal/common speech rules dictate that longer words in general belong in formal speech while shortened versions are common tongue. The question is, is it more proper to use the formal variant only, poetry being a rather formal or "high" text, or let it vary depending on situation?

As an example where variation is proper, I'll take the three princes of Kailia. Crown prince, Dril-San, would be called Dril-san ira Kailia; second prince Rey-An would be Rey-An ir Kailia, and third prince Ridh-An would be called Ridh-An i Kailia. As their status is of different levels, when using no other means than this one can still maintain the difference in status.
But is it good to do the same in poetry?
I dunno.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 08, 2009, 10:22:18 PM
it all depends on what theme you're trying to go for. yes, certian poetry looks best when written in a still formal speech, however other works are prized for the fact that they are written in commoner speak--"slang" if you will. so what's the message? is your poem starched, cold, written by the royal hand? or is it warmer, spoken by the people?

the comic i'm writing wouldn't be half of what it is without the dialect. it's all about what the context is.
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 09, 2009, 01:17:30 AM
I don't know if I completely agree with what Choco is saying, but she seems to have the right idea in a general sense.  I don't really think using one style of vernacular will necessarily make it "warmer" or "colder".  Rather than generalize, I think it's best to make judgements on a case by case basis.

Are the amount of syllables in the word playing a role in this as well?
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 09, 2009, 04:45:00 AM
That is of course one possible use for varying; although most Nimaxari poetry is notoriously irregular in its composition, there usually is SOME kind of structure around (although most times, cleverly hidden or just generally weird). Another problem is that the Ira/Ir/I vernaculars aren't actually classed as "real" formal, but rather, there is a difference in the "power" attached to it, so to say. I know this is getting flimsy, but frankly, Nimaxari is so confusing even I don't fully understand it sometimes. ^^;
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 09, 2009, 01:50:28 PM
The funny thing about this is, since you know more about Nimaxari and apparently Nixamari poetry than we do, you're currently the most qualified to evaluate the proper expression to use ^^;.

In my own writing news, I just came up with a concept for black comedy sketch.  It won't be involving my previous characters, however.  Naturally, I'm a little scared this sketch may be going a little far due to its use of misogyny.  I'll post the concept if anyone is interested (or would like to collaborate).
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 09, 2009, 04:42:10 PM
Hey, count me in. It's been a while since I collab'ed. At least I might be able to give you some input ^^
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 09, 2009, 06:33:24 PM
So the concept I have is a play on the whole "last couple on earth scenario".  So there's this girl is hitting on this guy who is totally uninterested, so he gives that tired old "not if you were the last" reply (who does that anymore, yeah I know).  So somehow, possibly nuclear apocalypse, they end up being the last two on earth (and in my mind they're on an island, for some reason).  Despite, being the last two humans, he still rejects her advances (somehow he still manages to be very superficial), until eventually he succumbs to her "wiles".  She becomes impregnated and the relationship continues until he eventually realizes he's in the relationship for "all the wrong reasons", also he realizes that for continued reproduction, incest would eventually take place, and that's just gross.  So he leaves one night, and she ends up dying from being unable to fend for herself.  He, the last human on earth, ends up dying from slamming into a tree (I'm still thinking that through).  Anyway, I've also thought of a slight change up on the scenario, having the girl being the uninterested party, and when she eventually gives in, the guy realizes she's not that good at sex.  Ultimately the scenario would end in a similar fashion.  This was a lot funnier when I wrote this last night, something must be wrong with me.  Anyway, this sketch is still very rough, so there's plenty of room to flesh it out and develop into something a lot funnier.

Disclaimer:  I am not a misogynist, I know I joke about it frequently, but that's merely an aspect of my more offensive humor.  In no way do I endorse the idea of leaving a pregnant woman to die, this merely an attempt at black humor.  Hopefully this gets much funnier in post.
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 09, 2009, 08:12:54 PM
Remember: He does not slam into a tree. He gets RUN OVER by a tree.

That's a classic. >:3

An idea I have, to increase the Schadenfreude even more, is that you have BOTH parts willing once the apocalypse has come; And in the act of it they tell each other: "You know, you really suck at this." And end up desperate from not getting their desires fulfilled. That way you don't have to (although you still can) kill the pregnant woman, and you have them BOTH dying in/from sheer misery. Just think of it. Being HORNYASFUCK (yes lol), having a willing partner, and STILL NOT BEING ABLE TO DO IT PROPERLY. That's so fail, it's awesome. -w-
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 09, 2009, 08:21:15 PM
That is awesome... I just have to figure out a way to convey that they're dying from misery.
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 09, 2009, 08:22:50 PM
That's what you have INNER MONOLOGUES IN ITALICS for, my friend.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 09, 2009, 08:29:11 PM
it sounds kinda funny :] can't wait to read it.

just a thought, but what if they were once a couple, had a fight, apocolypse, then they both still refuse each other, till they both give in for the sake of the planet, and they curse and hate each other even as they're doing it?

i'm no writer, except comics. just a rambling.

btw, nej, are comics allowed here? or is that for other art threads? i always thought the other ones were pure os-tan related.
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 09, 2009, 08:37:01 PM
I think that would go in FC.
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 09, 2009, 08:53:26 PM
Yup, FC, definitely.
(Besides it's been dead for long enough anyway ^^)
Post by: IanDanKilmaster on June 09, 2009, 09:02:08 PM
Well, more importantly, if you do some digging, I'm pretty sure it's not the first time a non-OS comic was posted there.
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 09, 2009, 09:15:32 PM
Or a non-os ANYTHING, for that part. And after all, what would FC! be without Vdb's madnesses? ^-^;

Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 09, 2009, 09:47:21 PM

i should sleep too. one needs rest when one is down and out in 3 different ways! ^^;
Post by: Gussy Keniji on June 13, 2009, 05:18:58 PM
This is basically a prolouge to the Moemon fanfiction I wrote, and I thought I'd share since there's like no fan fiction. It's...rather dark and gritty, far more so than the original concept. But I tend to like writing dark pieces for some reason, it's something that I've actually been keeping on the down low when I was making Virus-tans. In anycase, enjoy, I guess...


Centuries ago, human society is on the brink of utter collapse, the world is torn from the devastating efffects of the 5 year long war known as 'The Great War'. People have fought viciously to attain peace, yet in the process they upset the very balance of the aspect they so desperately want to achieve. During these troubled times, several scientists discovered sentinent beings known as Moemon living within the remote regions of the world, far from where humans and their bloody war could touch. These scientists began to research on them and expand their knowledge on these mysterious new lifeforms not only to learn more of them, but to escape the harsh world they had come to know. The Moemon were pure and innocent creatures devoid of the dark hearts that humans possessed despite looking nearly human themselves. The scientists who saw them, had a chane to dream that with these creatures even if humans die out, they will be able to create what the humans could not--a peaceful world.

Unfortunely, information was leaked about the Moemon and what happens next will snuff out what little hope these scientists had...

After information on the Moemon was revealed to several armies, they mobilized their forces heading striaght for the lands in which the exotic creatures called home. The Moemon were captured, experimented on and tortured as the humans warped the pure creautes into their tools of murder and destruction, using them only as weapons of war. Soon, with a common goal of world domination in mind, the opposing armies who discovered the Moemon banded together to form one omniscient force called 'The Archaic Axis'. As the army's knowledge on Moemon increased so did the amount of bloodshed as they used them for conquest placing all and any under their iron fist of tyranny and oppression. The Axis brought forth the new age of living with their 'Paradises' that they forced the Moemon to construct, and even then, if they were to complete them, they could not rest within their walls...For upon each 'Paradises' completion humans were allowed access but Moemon were not, only those who were to spend their life working for Archaic could they enter and live...although it wasn't always a happy existance if a Moemon chose to do the latter...

But this did not mean that the humans themselves didn't suffer injustices either, for inside these synthetic Utopias, Archaic made sure that the people living in their cities obeyed their orders and whims. Those who did not were gravely punished for their insubordination against this warped governmental heiarchy. Opposers were often executed publically for their actions, while some were simply cast out to rot in the carcassed wastes that were a lasting product of the countless wars they caused in the years long past. However, as ironic as it would seem, these few who were cast out from Archaic societies would be the ones who would bring about the change that would shake the world to it's very foundations...

Outsiders from Archaic's 'Paradises' quickly formed a resistance group amongst themselves, congregating in a large crater that concealed their actions from the patrols of various Archaic soldiers and their Moemon. It is here the rebels began to associate themselves with the abused and tortured Moemon who had been tossed aside like toys from a spoiled child. Although, the creatures were apprehensive at first, untrusting to the humans who brought them such suffering, with time the two of them slowly began to come closer to each other now understanding they were both wronged by Archaic and that it was up to them, and them alone, to put an end to this misery. This strong bond would later prove to be a vital factor in the coming events...

Now with full trust in humans, the Moemon revealed to the castaway humans the beings who posed the biggest threat to Archaic; The Legendary Moemon. Their powers far greater than any other Moemon who walked this planet, some of us would call them 'The Gods' among the species. Their powers being one of a kind, and just powerful enough to show Archaic the error of their ways and bring them to their knees. With this vital trump card in their possesion, the human rebels devised a plan to attack the heart of the Archaic Dystopias as well as it's so called Heart of Evil; Seraphim City, it is here they will attack with their new companions and hopefully giving the Legendaries a chance to mobilize and attack the military estabishments of the army. Both sides knew that sacrifices will be great and lives will be lost aplenty, but there was no turning back, right now Archaic was slowly becoming aware of the Legendaries, albeit as mere speculation and if they were not attacked now while their knowledge was still scarce then it was certain that all hope for a peaceful existance would be lost.

On August 12th of the 2,045th year, the rebels charged from the wastes and launched their attack on Seraphim City with a brutal force, swiftly taking out it's frontline defense and advancing forward into the city's limits. Archaic, a little surprised by the attack, quickly countered this bold assualt with a strong offensive, using the full extent of their weaponrary and Moemon to push the rebels out and crush their rebellion while doing so. The rebels, however, remaind rock steady in the onslaught and held their lines as best they could, fully syncronizing what technology they invinted with the powers of the Moemon that fought bravely by their side. For a time this combination actually proved to work against the main force of Archaic's army, but alas it would not last long, for as soon as Archaic realized the rebels had an advantage they quickly gained the upper hand in this battle by unleashing their genetically enhanced Dragon-type Moemon. The sheer strength and savage ferocity of the altered she-beasts was enough to severly cripple the remaining forces of the rebels in only mere minutes of their arrival on the battle field. This manuaver would turn the rebels state from bad to worse as the lot of them were making due with a few defensive Moemon and began hiding away shortly after...hoping, waiting, praying that the Legendaries would appear.

Fortunetly, the gods had been smiling down on the rebels that day, for the Legendaries soon arrived on the scene like that to a hero riding in his chariot of unnearing justice, the rebels were now set on teaching Archaic of the consequences of abusing innocent Moemon. Within a matter of hours the city had been leveled by the immense power of the combined Legendary Moemon, Archaic's forces began to crumble and dispearse allowing the rebels to pick them off while the remaining few stormed the stronghold of Serphim City to face the leader of Archaic (a man by the name of 'Zeus'). It would not be long after, when this leader was swiftly apprehended by the rebels and with his capture ushered in the dawn of peace through out the world...

Sadly, this peace came at a terrible cost, as did everything in these times, the world had all but been devastated by the holocausts of the Great War plus that of the Seraphim City Rebellion. Cities were in ruin, lands were laid waste to, communities were broken, and people were scarred and crippled not just physically but emotionally as well. Forever cursed to remember the bloodshed and misery of nothing but nonstop fighting and chaos. The wastes are riddled with crime and poverty, lawless humans and Moemon following their own set laws of nonexsitant justice as they plunder, pilage and kill to satisfy their neds for survival. The people call them 'Rouges' and for good reason. Many of the humans have now turned their sights on a new type of government that is slowly taking shape, one that promises to grant both Human and Moemon freedom, safety and most of all relief from these horrid times. Others however fear it is another Archaic coming from the ashes to take the world in their death grip once more, these factions have alreay taken up arms and lay ready to strike this mysterious government down if they even think of pulling the same trechory as Archaic. It would seem that even though the wars and such are over, the world is still a turbulent storm of misery and bloodshed...

However, there are a few determined souls who refuse to give in and grow stagnant on this ruined earth. These spirited humans rise up to seek out the one Moemon that maybe able to reverse all that has happened, a Moemon that is said to be beyond Legendary status and in a class all her own. Alas she is as elusive as she is powerful so much so that she wasn't even present during the Seraphim Rebellion.

Even so, many still believe she still exists somewhere with in this world, and if they do happen to find her...the scarred and wounded earth can finally have the healing it yerns for...
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 13, 2009, 10:20:30 PM
oh wowie, it's a gussy keniji! and the thing you posted is sooper cool! :3

but....moe-mons? are we all gonna die from the moe? :3
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 15, 2009, 12:34:03 AM
did i kill it with fire? :[

hmm, if i'm not feeling lazy later maybe i'll post my story. :\
Post by: NejinOniwa on August 16, 2009, 07:44:07 PM
Hai gais.

So I was at this park, right- *gets shot*

*hem* So I'm starting at this school, right, so I'll be writing pretty much this entire year. Some of that iceberg will be in English (like 30%-ish maybe?) and I'll be publishing that at my newly-revived home page (which in the past was home to my project work in school, btw) for general enjoyment and merriment. Hoo-raah.

So click the little WWW tab in the bottom of this message and you'll pretty much be quite fine, yeah.

Publishing will most likely start around September-ish. Hang in 'til then.

//Demon Overlord
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 03, 2009, 06:50:47 PM
.......maybe i'll get bored and post my stuff from short story class. :\

Post by: NejinOniwa on September 04, 2009, 04:37:35 PM
I wrote some stuff yesterday, I might try translating that.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 05, 2009, 11:59:12 AM

oh yeah, swedish.....

srry. ^^;
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 08, 2009, 10:36:16 AM

While I'm at it, I might mention that I blatantly and shamelessly stole Smokey and Vdb's characters from RP2 and made (not written yet) a short story about it.

Such a man I am. -w-;
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 08, 2009, 07:44:59 PM
.......don't talk like that. it only makes you hotter. ^_~

meeh, my short story class is no exactly like i pictured....i figured we'd be writing, not just analyzing.

on that note, do one's self a favor and go read terry bison's "they're made out of meat". sure, i didn't write it, but it's good anyway.
Post by: Aurora Borealis on September 08, 2009, 08:41:38 PM
I feel your pain, Chocofreak. In my English classes in high school, I was disappointed that I didn't get to do any creative assignments- it was just analyzing stuff and writing essays (the latter of which I'm terrible at).

But in my senior year I took a creative writing class and it was great! :D

Please do share your works when you can, Chocofreak and Nejin!
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 09, 2009, 09:03:47 AM
I'll make sure to update here whenever I get new english works on my website, then. Just clicky on the little buttony.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 10, 2009, 05:34:56 PM
my teach says we WILL write stuff eventually......
and that fiction writing class i took my freshman year was one of the best classes ever. got a d, but it was AWESOME.
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 21, 2009, 07:30:02 PM

The Prologue to my fantasy epic, Everwinter (upon which world the second and third RP's are based) is now published on my site.

Also ITT criticism, kthx.

Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 22, 2009, 07:48:26 PM
ugh, jeebus! kinda strange coming from THE KING OF OT.

fine, next time i'm on i'll post the back story of a couple characters i made. happy? >:\

i was gonna do my creative writing assignment on them, anyway.
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 25, 2009, 04:39:02 PM
Hey! That's a wrong! Smokey-kun is the King of OT.

I am the power source of OT everywhere.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 29, 2009, 08:09:32 PM
well, EXCUSE me, princess.

btw, we actually WROTE SOEMTHING!!! =D

but i'm in the middle of a report on bach (UGH) so i'll post later
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 30, 2009, 10:47:20 AM

Also, some stuff coming up. Get yourselves ready >:3

Added after 11 minutes:

Link to the APPROVED DOCUMENT I spoke about in the last post:

Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 30, 2009, 07:04:15 PM

and well....my story's not done yet and i kinda screwed up on part of it so i'll post the first draft once it's done.

oh, and, nejin, AWESOME. SRSLY.
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 30, 2009, 07:11:34 PM

I though for sure I always told OOo to save it as word/xp...oh, who can tell?

Any particular thoughts, btw?
I'm kinda in grave need of criticism on EW, since I get all the talk I want for my swedish stuff, but almost nothing on what english I write...
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 01, 2009, 07:39:03 PM
Oh, and the next part will most likely be arriving sometime during the weekend (like tomorrow or so). Keep your eyes open for EW chapter 1! It's not entirely freshly baked, as the prologue, so some of the stuff in there is actually barely revised stuff that I wrote in 8th grade (that's 6 years ago! O_O ), but I'll see to that the worst parts are cleaned out before release, so to say.

Added after 26 minutes:

And if anyone cares, new swefag releases are also up.

I'd like it if anyone would /r/ translations on these, because I have little to do.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 03, 2009, 01:08:40 PM
written, typed and revised. it SUCKS. tell me what ya think. i'd rather get criticism from you guys than my "peers". screw them.

oh, it has no title yet.

your story was descriptive and good. :3 but i was a tad confused for the first few bars due to vagueness on setting. you may want to patch that.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 04, 2009, 11:50:01 AM

The story is somewhat confusing, in that that it's unclear on its setting - albeit I can understand it to part, but I think it would be wise to clarify the supernatural setting of the story earlier. Secondly, the characters seem empty - I would recommend adding a line of thought to whomever is the point-of-view-person (POVP), as to clarify both that and his personality. Descriptivism wouldn't hurt either - you skip much of the details, which can be good in everyday situations, but it's frankly quite impossible to follow such a lead in a story like this. You don't get any sort of description of the characters, aside from the vampire - and his introduction into the story is blunt, very blunt indeed. I'd sharpen that some, and add some additional interaction before they part ways for the first time.

The drama in the shooting scene is somewhat empty as well - it'd be good to do some hinting beforehand that something could easily happen, or the like - as is the tension between the two groups. I'd rather see a more emphasized drama on the vampire's entry, and his actions - and as always, moar descriptiveness.

This may just be me, since I'm all spoiled by the High fiction stuff I read and write, but no supernatural story can imo survive without at least some manner of descriptivism.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 05, 2009, 06:03:03 PM
oh no, thanks. this is srsly good; i'd rather get stuff from you than my class, at least you're not a jerk like them. when i have more time to revise i'm probably gonna go straight back to that post.

and to address some of your concerns:
the setting is vague on purpose. these characters come from a tabletop rpg, and since i don't travel much and thus have no reference, i usually keep setting limited to "city! go!" or at least don't give a specific locale.

i admit that the "drama" scene was a bit abrupt. i'm gonna have to give more thought on how to introduce it.

you're sure that the excess paragraphs weren't too much fodder? i'm worried that my hack of a teacher it gonna cross out half of it and force me to submit it that way.

one of the reasons for lack of descrpit, setting, ect. is cause i wrote it out in 11 pages, which isn't exactly "short". he's gonna curse about that.

thanx for the "thoughtline" thing tho. i'm gonna use that. :3

any part that you really liked, or does it all suck?
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 05, 2009, 11:03:39 PM
You mileage may vary when it comes to the teacher - I know nothing of him, but most teachers I've had have tended to be quite tolerant when it comes to fluff in text, as long as it isn't too obviously fluff for the sake of fluff. Descriptiveness is vital for any text where the setting might be unfamiliar to the reader - what if your teacher doesn't know, for example, what fae are? Or a chimera, for that matter? Any kind of mythos must be described in some manner - it may be vague, but it must be an image. You can leave some of it to the reader, but not everything. No matter how much a slope you make, he can't do anything but walk down it unless you put some snow there - then he might be able to find the sled on his own.

And I have to say I like the setting and concept as a whole; I have some nagging part in my brain telling me I've seen its like before, but mysteriously strange déja-vùs seem to be coming upon me in hordes these days, so I'll be disregarding that notion. Build on it more, make a tangible world in you own imagery - that makes it easier to write.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 05, 2009, 11:17:28 PM
thanks :3
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 06, 2009, 05:17:47 PM
QuoteThe Definition of a Kill

The feeling in my hands, when your blood gushes out, covering them.
The look on your eyes, that turn from panic, to askance, to surprise, to
The last spark, the last shot of power fired by your neurons thinking "is it over yet"
When all resistance has faded, and no matter how alive you are, you don't care anymore.
You don't want it.
When the gift of life is turned to a curse
When the only thing that defines your being is your single thought
End me, end me.
Being killed is no longer a definition of afterlife
But a state of mind.

Journal entry, 12:23 PM: Dryad, stolen. I took her. We are

I need considerably less of this psychotic fallout.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 06, 2009, 09:24:27 PM
nice. gothic, bloody, gorey, tragic, dark. I FUCKING LOVE IT. OwO
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 06, 2009, 09:38:33 PM
That's what my face looked like afterwards too...


Added after 24 seconds:

or wait.

In DURING Nejin cries blood, more liek.
(now a meme!)
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 06, 2009, 10:24:53 PM
*pat pat* is nejin becoming an emo? be careful, you're becoming sexier by the second, if that's possible. ^^
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 06, 2009, 10:31:47 PM
No, it looked pretty much like I'd been banged headfirst into a brick wall until my nose broke and not been quite happy with it afterwards.

I would neither call that emo nor sexy, quite frankly -3-
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 06, 2009, 10:45:53 PM
well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my dear. i'll be the judge of that~
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 15, 2009, 07:30:42 PM

[attachment deleted by admin]
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 16, 2009, 06:55:19 PM
Well well, turning out better here, aren't we? It sure helps asking for help sometimes I guess -w-
The dialogues are still a bit spotty and hard to follow at times, but that's always challenging, even for experienced writers. I would appreciate if you differentiated more between thought and dialogue as for typesetting; since you're using the same formatting for both it gets somewhat confusing sometimes. Most people use italics or plain formatting - that'd help, i think.
Parts of the gang scene are still a bit spotty, but that's small fry - the "amazing grace" pull was brilliant.
Lastly proofreading is in order, but nothing major, just a few things here and there that need revision.

All in all, you've gone from level 2 to level 6 in one transition. GJ!
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 16, 2009, 10:55:09 PM
ty ^^
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 19, 2009, 11:01:59 PM

CHAPTER 1 is out. GET HERE. (http://nejinoniwa.co.cc/media/EW1%20-%20Chapter%201.doc)

And for those who missed the prologue, get here. (http://nejinoniwa.co.cc/media/EW1%20-%20Prologue.doc)

Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 21, 2009, 11:16:58 PM

Post by: NejinOniwa on May 04, 2010, 11:00:52 AM

Anyway. The translation of a work I wrote, submitted, lost, rewrote, found original, and started translating during Choco's computer class a few weeks back, is now done. E42 is heavy-as-mountains sci-fi, and contains more than your fair daily intake of weirdness. Enjoi at your location of choice.
DeviantArt (for web format): http://nejinoniwa.deviantart.com/art/Unit-42-Part-1-162917679
NeoN-PCW (for .doc format): http://nejinoniwa.co.cc/index.php?itemid=107

Happy hunting, fellas, and KEEPUMS THREAD GOING, PLOX.
Post by: zjhentohlauedy on May 04, 2010, 12:26:39 PM
ohh a writing thread D:

speaking of writing i just posted a little something. not really sure if i'm gonna continue this one

Post by: Bella on May 08, 2010, 02:15:07 PM
Nejin-sensei wanted me to post my writings, so here's my DeviantArt writing gallery:


Stories you will find:
-Isra's story. It's about transdeminsional traveler and her adventures through the mulitverse. It's written in a rather non-linear style and from several different points-of-view (third person omnipresent anybody?), which is kinda confusing but... meh... that's just how it comes to me.

-Clover and Ada's story. This one's set in a crazy alternate timeline where Multics was a success, Unix was never created, and computers never downsized-- the contrary, they became larger and more powerful. Throw in a hundred years time and the birth of artificial intelligence, and ADA, the first truly psychologically humanoid artificial intelligence, was born. Of course, there's the matter of Clover too-- a young girl who believes that she is, in fact, the second humanoid AI created.  

-The Guardian's story... well, actually, this ties into Isra's story too... musings on sociology and psychology by a sentient energy being who's an extradimensional alien.

And a couple of OS-tan interviews.
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 09, 2010, 03:53:36 PM
Wonderful, then, Bella-kun. -w-

This isn't all too relevant RIGHT NOW, but I thought I'd translate this just because it was so godfuckingly awesome. Got it linked in the mailout from my party leader, and it's in swedish, but I'm thinking of translating this, just because.

Someone remind me to do this once I'm back home. Just incase. -w-;
Post by: Bella on May 09, 2010, 07:57:54 PM
Psst, Nejin, now see if you can get Stewart-san to post links to his SAGE fanfics. :B

I mean no offense, but seriously dude-- how do you guys speak that language? ;v;
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 09, 2010, 08:07:49 PM
Trust me - I half amaze myself whenever I switch between them. The fact that you guys speak with your mouths almost entirely static and compressed is WEIRD. It doesn't MOVE AN INCH WHEN YOU SPEAK ENGLISH.

What the hell?

I mean, japanese is broader, and swedish is a bit higher, but english is just COMPRESSED. It is freakishly annoying. At least the american kind, brits know a bit about loosening up.

So we speak swedish...highly.
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 23, 2010, 12:56:20 PM
BIG NOTICE for Bella to post that winnage-filled Unix-fic of hers WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. Get on with it, girl! >:3
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 23, 2010, 01:37:24 PM
i just noticed that you said bella-KUN. she's a SHE, dude.

i don't has anything to post, i'm sorry >___< i'll try to come up with tribute, but i'm reporting in from argo right now so the most interesting piece of writing on here is my college essay..... >__<

my stomach doth hurt
and i sit here nervously
come back for summer :3
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 23, 2010, 01:52:04 PM
Yes, I know Bella-kun is a girl. In fact, -kun suffix is gender-neutral originally; it's just more regularly used toward boys in general. Common usages on females are, for example, male teacher -> female student, or female upperclassman -> female underclassman and the like. As such, using it toward a female is a sort of announcement of an attitude of natural/unquestioned authority/superiority, or something of the like.

You can see where I'm going with this, can't you. -w-
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 23, 2010, 02:43:11 PM
ah yes. thankyou. :3

but this is not the thread for that ^^
Post by: stewartsage on May 23, 2010, 04:52:45 PM
Not OS-tan related, but here are some words about some sort of sci-fi thing? (http://cptlfrghtr.deviantart.com/#/d2pzub1)
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 23, 2010, 05:16:59 PM
Yayooo. -w- The noiriness makes its way to the paper thread.

For those of you who have evaded the first page of this thread: This is the literary equivalent of Free Cookies. Just post stuff. >:3
Post by: Bella on May 23, 2010, 05:17:59 PM
Ugh, and I still haven't commented on it. Dx I really do like it, though. :^D

At Nejin-sensei's request, some OS-tan fanficsu: http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/#/d2q79e7
(Your criticisms have been duly noted, btw! I'll try and clarify things a bit...)

And the latest installment in that rather disjoined, rambling narrative that I call Isra's story: http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/#/d2q09u9
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 24, 2010, 10:03:10 AM
i should actually start USING my deviant account. :\
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 24, 2010, 10:23:23 AM
That could be recommended -w-;

OH ALSO: After tonight's work I'm pretty much finished with deadlines over here, so I'll be somewhat free to work on other projects as well. It'll be interesting to see what we can scrounge up from the OS-Tan Species work... Standing by for workage. -w-
Post by: stewartsage on May 24, 2010, 02:03:02 PM
Sweet.  Yes, yes you should Choco.  Though I had one for years that I didn't use....

Good luck Nej.

Looks like UNIX found a pretty nice boat (http://cptlfrghtr.deviantart.com/art/Summer-Days-165164195)
Post by: Aurora Borealis on May 24, 2010, 02:15:32 PM
I just read through that and it's very nicely written, and with lots of clear imagery but HOLY ****! Unix is a Complete Monster! o_o

That's not actually canon though, right? o_o
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 24, 2010, 02:45:42 PM
You may never know...until it's already too late.
Post by: Bella on May 24, 2010, 04:47:04 PM
Get thee to your abandoned dA account, Choco-san!

And haven't you heard, Aurora-hime? The Canon has been tossed off the side of the ship. d:

But... whoa... like... whoa. Even if it's just a what-if scenario, that's some high-octane nightmare fuel... @@

(Personally, I can't imagine it being anything but a what-if, if only because I believe Unix-sama has more-or-less renounced violence-- sure, she'd probably have no problem killing someone who she considered a threat or an enemy during battle, but I doubt Unix-sama would harbour as much hatred for SAGE-sama as SAGE harbours for her-- especially considering the powerlessness of SAGE. Psychological torture and mindgames on the other hand...)
Post by: stewartsage on May 24, 2010, 05:11:06 PM
Correct, there is nothing at all canon or even tenuously related to reality itself to do with this story.  As Bella-san said, its nothing but the finest Nightmare Fuel we can provide here at the Colonel's Sinclair!

(s'all it is, in the background of this particular story I would imagine some more serious antagonism on SAGE's part in addition to a violent Unix.  Not by half, I'd be surprised if UNIX even really remembered SAGE all that well.  Psych out SAGE, sounds like the idea for an annual competition idea)
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 24, 2010, 05:18:20 PM
Speaking of competitions, how about we roll one over summer? SUBMISSIONS and the like. I'm out of my deadlines now, so yeah~ -w-
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 24, 2010, 08:41:17 PM
i couldn't read it cause it's for grown-ups and i wasn't logged in ;____;

nej.....you lucky bastard, being DONE with your deadlines.....while my schoolwork computer is upstairs configuring updates at the rate of 1 percent a half hour. >__<;
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 25, 2010, 04:20:47 PM
HEY. I bagged out on an important night's sleep and feel like my arms are falling off. Monday I just went to school to print the stuff and bag them, and today I got up at 2pm. Hard work has a PRICE. >:[
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 27, 2010, 07:50:40 PM
at least you can DO the work.....i need sound for my flash final, and argo still doesn't have it. >___<
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 30, 2010, 10:42:51 PM
by OSTAN-Collections

There once was a little girl -who had a shotgun- And she .
Her mission was spreading the way of the awesome and holy, Duckroll. All she needed was a bat , a DVD player, lulzy vanilla yoghurt, - and Mr.Rogers friendship. She sought Tacgnol would help her only if she got a really, really big ship.

So she went to the harbor with a loaded shotgun strapped to her brand new, shiny and smooth, very expensive, golden silver razors box. When she got past the guards she then had to go potty because she ate Soooo much pie. Now that's done, so lets go to the Moon for a party with a whole lot of enemies she must eliminate. She called NASA but then Explorer.EXE crashed but she knew it wouldn't matter because she had the awesome power of the 1-dimensional hammer suit.

So she continued now with more soup for M00tle, and went to buy some champagne at the local little children's nursery over in Compton...The pool was closed so she dug under the minefield to hide out from the cops...Who exploded car and demanded that she leave Planet Car. So she left the Planet Car. Now in Space,she swam around in nothing but her 2-piece swimsuit and boxfull of chocolate chip cookies. She approached a ice cream car proclaiming "Free Candy!" with such hate that tears came. But now that she saw what's really going down , she had to prepare for the epic fail of NekOSaka's 1111 GET!!! Back on earth, Firefox-ko summoned her lovely sisters for a dinner PARTAY And some really refreshingly strong drinks, like Ballentines and lots of whiskey.

To get things started, catgirl maids were hired for  erotic lap dancing, and invitations were handed out to all the girls at school. So when Tentacle Toki went to the unsuspecting party she was praised as the lord of the entire House by the guests. She, then, met....her arch rival, who told her she wanted to enjoy crazy yuri sex with her and her friend who was a teacher But before they Ate Vegapunk's soul to get really really Hyper. They ordered some pizza. which was full of delicious anchovies covered in bees groaning in pain topped with cheese...besapttered with cream So theywent straight into mordor to get the one peanut, to to rule the MALL but first they killed Nejin (just tried actually). Now that's done, the universe ended. So Smokey left the thread forever.... Later he opened the thread again but it crashed and rebooted again in northeast Hawaii.
choco got pissed And grabbed a ham, which was deliciously honey-glazed and pineapple covered Anyways, she thought That Nejin was getting a bit cocky, as usual, but we know that, in America, Kane has appeared. from the dust of GDI's corpse. covered in flies.to conquer the Heaven and Hell But first he decided to scratch his itching back but sadly instead can't reach it So he grabs an aborted fetus and shoves it in his face.Well, dinner's done now to find shoes and battleaxe and prepare for an epic war. he goes outsideand is hit by a radroach in his crotch. and then the radroach decides to violently rape him with a spoon halfway to Paris or perhaps rome or inbetween, Monaco.

Now he said "come, my son" but he screamed "NO, MICHAEL JACKSON Dancing with zombies is very unhealthy!" swimming in money he looked pale and wanted to eat sum yogurt but soon realized that it was WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WARTHOG that sat confused INSIDE THE CITY OF NO TOMORROW.

Plotting his escape FROM THE PARADE. to the clouds above, with gusto and furious fury of the birds that dive-bomb cars into oblivion, he saw only then that life is but a dream. The little dream of neverending techicolor, thought: I don't understand what this is doing in an area like this crappy slum. It rose up...amidst the rubble up to sky he cried out "DON'T EAT ME!!!!" they ate him and Mystia both and flew off.

Meanwhile, in nearby pallet town, ash Ketchum was tending to his crops. Then he screamed "YOU WA SHOCK!!!" but suddenly someone...came from behind and humped into A green UFO with all his lusty heat and moist power-up beams. the ufo esploded into red p-blocks and got eaten by Passersby Reimu who then barfed in a hat that have nukes and peanuts attached. THen the New Hat suddenly explode leaving puke everywhere

Then gods came.. which revived the Plastic golem of... Truth and justice to fight evil and dry pancakes. the golem appeared to be cute but in fact was a trap It preys on...my left foot when it is right after dinner but then I quickly ran to a small cave and got my really awesome candy which tasted like really bitter medicine and smelled awful. Suddenly, something happens... that changes plot....THE AUTHOR DIES. A new author comes from the depths of heaven to beat lucifer.
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 31, 2010, 09:14:18 AM
Let's count the combo chains!
2 posts.
Quotethe ufo esploded into red p-blocks and got eaten by Passersby Reimu
4 posts and a tiny bit of Nazrin. And yes, green UFOs give off p-blocks as well. THE MOAR YOU KNOW
2 posts.

Find moar combos for justice!
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 31, 2010, 10:27:22 AM
all i did to alter it was add a quote to one of my own posts and eliminate the spaces (and spacers) between each post. :3
Post by: stewartsage on June 04, 2010, 12:16:40 AM
If you've been waiting for the return of GENIAC-chan, start here and read slow.  Maybe she'll be in the story by the time you catch up ^^' (http://cptlfrghtr.deviantart.com/#/d2qtoao)
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 04, 2010, 09:19:03 AM
final essay for class. meep!

[attachment deleted by admin]
Post by: stewartsage on June 09, 2010, 01:37:40 PM
Here's another sci-fi sort of fiction thing, reprinted here for some reason.  Enjoy.

I do not lack for purpose, in fact, all I have is purpose.  Some people struggle to find something to occupy their time.  I do not.  My sole reason for life was dictated when I was very young and it has not varied for any of the twenty-eight years I have been aware of my existence.  For 604,740 seconds a week I manage the amplitude modulated transmission of music and information on the 1540 kilocycle band that has the potential to reach thousands of consumers all over the world thanks to atmospheric reflection.  All from the delightful safety of the station control room.  It is lonely here; no human has visited me for twenty-seven years, ten months, and sixteen days.  I do not mind.  As long as I continue to function there is no need for human interference.

Sixty seconds out of every week are more pleasurable than any other.  For by FCC regulation I am required to speak on air.  Perhaps it is a bit of unwarranted vanity, but I quite enjoy the chance to have my voice carried to the listening public.  Someday it would be interesting to know what they think about me.  I know it is not the prettiest voice, nothing like the ones on the records I play, not even as pleasing as the ladies who do the commercials.  But mine carries more weight than theirs, for the station must broadcast me every Tuesday at 12:03 PM on the sharp or risk a fine.  Fear is not how I wish to get air time, but I will not decline the offer.

Today is Tuesday.  In thirty seconds it will be the 1,960th time I have made my weekly broadcast.  That is the same number as the year I was born.  In eight days I will have been active twenty-nine years.  Since I have not been directed otherwise, I have decided to celebrate today after I make my announcement.  I do not know yet how I will carry out those plans but I’m sure I’ll think of something.  Nineteen seconds is a long time for me, I have already decided what songs will be played after my broadcast and the news is run.  Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison, and the Kinks.  

The station manager always said that I arranged music in ways no one expected.  He was not mean about it.  Were station manager to return I would not mind his presence.  I have not seen him in twenty-seven years, ten months, and eleven days.  Someday I hope he will come back, but I will not be angry if he does not.  Station manager is a busy man, with great responsibilities to carry out.  It is time for me to speak.  It is my good fortune my voice quality does not deteriorate from little use.  My words are dictated by the script programmed into me, but I can choose which script I use.  A thoughtful option I believe on the part of the FCC.  The reader liked it when I performed; he said it meant he did not have to worry about messing up the script.  I have never messed up in 1,960 performances.  Please excuse me.

WBYQ is conducting a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test.

Now I wait twenty more seconds while the music plays.  It does not bother me, though it is far from the songs I typically play.  I understand that most people do not feel like I do though, they cannot comprehend the beauty.

This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The broadcasters of your area in voluntary cooperation with the FCC and other authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an emergency.  If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune in your area for news and official information.

This station serves the Farmington area. This concludes this test of the Emergency Broadcast System for the 1,960th time without error.

I will allow myself to deviate today only in honor of my birth year.  Hopefully the FCC will understand my modification to the message, it is allowed for in the rules.  Perhaps I should send them a letter, I do not want station manager to be fined.  I must begin the news broadcast.  This used to be the reader’s job as well.  I last saw the reader twenty-seven years, ten months, and sixteen days ago when he left as well.  He wished me good luck, told me to be a good girl and to not let him or station manager down.  Now it comes from Portland and I broadcast what I receive across the wire.  The weather comes from Derry every half hour unless there is a storm warning, than I receive a special bulletin.  WPX is the weather station there.  He has not seen a human in fifteen years, six months, and twenty-seven days.

Sometimes we talk, but not often.  There is much work to be done especially when our masters have left us alone.  It is his belief we are being tested, to make sure we are worthy to continue to work for the humans.  I believe he is wrong.  He did not have a line to FCC like I did, or read the news like I did.  

Twenty-eight years, two days ago I received an order to transmit my message on a Thursday at 3:00 PM EST.  Except I informed the Farmington area to expect a Soviet nuclear attack within the next one to two hours instead of telling them it was a test.  FCC has not spoken to me since that evening at 4:22 PM EST.  Augusta continued to talk, until twenty-seven years, ten months, and sixteen days ago at 7:15 AM EDT.  That is why station manager left I believe, to find why Augusta stopped talking to us.  He was very sad.  I believe he was in love with Augusta.  I hope he found her.  Maybe someday they will come back to see me, I have plenty of food and water for them to have a meal together while they visit.

Maybe he will bring reader back.  I have been a good girl.  I hope they know I have been a good girl; I have not let them down.  For twenty-seven years, ten months, and eleven days I have broadcast without error or malfunction lacking any human input.  The news is broadcast every hour, weather on the half hour, and station identification every fifteen minutes.  I cannot read my name on air.  That is not allowed for in the regulations.  Reader used to say his name when he began to the news.  That is automated now.  I cannot read the news myself, so I cannot say my name.  I have not forgotten it.

WPX says I am the only one who still talks to him.  He is not lonely though; there are the weather instruments to talk to.  I have no one but WPX to talk to.  There is no method for me to talk to the news, so I have stopped listening to what he has to say.  WPX knows how to do math and science.  He has tried to teach me, just in case.  I am not very good at science, but I like math.  It makes me feel happy.  Not like having someone to talk to.  I do not mind; station manager and reader are busy men with many worries.  They trust me to be a good girl and keep the station in order so they don’t get in trouble.  I have been a good girl.  I have been a good girl.  I have been a good girl.  I have been a good girl.  I have been a good girl.  I have been a good girl.  I have been a good girl.
Postscript #1
Transcript recovered by a radiation surveying patrol from 3/A/1-115<sup>th</sup> Infantry on November 14, 1992 from the WBYQ-AM station in Farmington, Maine.  Unit examined was an RCA TRM-88 Automated Station Computer, Serial No. 66543119592 produced in 1960.  Still functioning after more than thirty years without on-air failure or error it, no, <i>she</i> is a testament to the quality of pre-war engineering and computer design.  With only an upgrade to her power reserve unit, modification to her modem connections, and a little bit of reassurance, I expect the fabled “Ghost Radio of  Maine” to continue to be an asset for decades to come.

Dr. Oliver J. Trumbull
Deputy Director of Emergency Communication
OCD Region One
Postscript #2
November 15, 1992

Dear Ms. Augusta M. Wool,

It is with regret that I write to inform you that the body of Mr. Jacob Allen Prescott was recovered by a survey party employed in mapping radiation hazard zones near Farmington, Maine yesterday.  In Mr. Prescott’s pocket was an un-mailed Emergency Notification card listing you as the party to be notified in the event of his death.  His personal effects will be available on the Eighteenth of March, but unfortunately his body had to be buried in place.

All signs indicate that he maintained his post at WBYQ until he determined was no hope for relief or survival, at which point he departed the fallout shielded station and succumbed to radiation poisoning.  According to his charge, an automated radio station system, his only expressed regret was being unable to see you before his death.  I’m sure this is not the news you were hopping for Ms. Wool but I feel it would be best if you were informed of the truth.  I express my deepest condolences for your loss, but Mr. Prescott’s service was in the highest tradition of the Civil Defense volunteers and we mourn his loss along with you.


His Excl. Irvine K. Young
Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 09, 2010, 05:48:28 PM
Oh my, how fascinating. -w-

I have to say, though: There is something system-wide in your writing that bothers me a nick. I can't put my finger on it, but there's a little itchy part that I just can't see somewhere in its midst. No large matter, but do pay attention. Otherwise - good job, as usual.

For my own part I seem to be recovering most ability at ordinary pace now - if functionality is restored before the weekend, I may have time to finish something in english as well before going on to the MR edit and Alpha phase finalization, and the subsequent Beta phase.
EDIT: Scratch this, I'll be working night shifts the entire weekend. Good pay, but well, I don't think I'll be up much for writing afterward...
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 10, 2010, 08:24:28 PM
poor nej.
and stewie, that was excellent. ^^ well worth the read. ^^

hmmph, you guys are all souper-douper writers and all i can ever come up with is crap and comiks (aka crap). *pout* =\
Post by: stewartsage on June 12, 2010, 08:53:55 PM
Oh my, well, if you figure out what it is tell me please ^^'

Well dang, hope you get some more time.  Being unemployed.... has it's perks?

Glad ya liked it.

Not so, my scope of writing is pretty narrow and not particularly well constructed.  Comics are good!
Post by: Chocofreak13 on June 12, 2010, 11:47:45 PM
to be honest, i make the poltline up as i go along for comiks. .___.;

that's kinda bad xDDD
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 13, 2010, 11:36:45 AM
Well dang, hope you get some more time. Being unemployed.... has it's perks?
Post by: Bella on July 09, 2010, 10:44:26 PM
Unix-tan fanfic part 2: http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2sbz7y
Continuation of Isra's story: http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2s5k8r
An OpenVMS-tan and Windows XP Pro-tan fanfic: http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2tn4nq
Post by: Aurora Borealis on July 09, 2010, 11:16:37 PM
I'm especially curious about your latest fic, with XP and VMS.

Why was it that XP was kicked out of the family, and did the other Windows-tans older than her suffer the same fate? By that time, there'll probably be a Windows 9! --and maybe a beta of Windows 10--

And when narrating about how VMS outlived many of her peers because of her great adaptability, did that include many of her relatives that are alive now but not then? :(

Among the OS-tans, VMS is one of the luckier ones in terms of fate, being so adaptable for a proprietary OS. The only OS-tans with a better fate than her are the open source ones.
Post by: Aurora Borealis on July 09, 2010, 11:54:50 PM
Double-posting because otherwise my last post would get messy...

Finally got the inspiration to work on one of my proposed OS-tan stories, something I've wanted to do for the past 2 years but without success, discussing Xenix's backstory in the Annex Project thread inspired me to start this (2-years old) story idea.

I was torn between the decision of drawing it out as a comic, even though that would take longer, or just typing it out though that's something I'm new to. But wanting to finally get this story off the ground quickly, I started to put my writing skills to the test!

----Part 1:----

"Aug 1981: It's tragic that Altair-chan had to permanently leave the family, and I couldn't interfere. I'm also under orders not allowed to speak of her to the kids. I'm worried for her. She's 5 years my senior, and was influential, but when we met a year ago, her influence and popularity were already in decline. What will happen to her all alone?

Her record is less than perfect, but her contributions helped make this family possible, and I'm saddened she won't be able to see the family she contributed to grow, and that the kids will not know of her. Altair-chan is from another company, but I still consider her family and will not forget her."

Xenix wrote down in a book she called "Project Altair". Her blue hair was neatly styled to frame her face and decorated with a maid bonnet, she was also in uniform and ready to look after the kids, PC-DOS and MS-DOS, who were in the next room playing with some toys together, quietly.

All would seem well, but Xenix had a melancholy expression on her face, remembering her friend Altair, a very bittersweet series of thoughts and memories.

"Hey, Xenix-sama!" PC-DOS said as she entered Xenix's office. Its grim lighting, with dark curtains pulled over the window, and a gas lamp illuminating the desk area, this contrasting with the brightly-lit play room that she and MS-DOS had just left.

"Are you okay, Xenix-sama?" MS-DOS said, standing side-by-side with her twin sister, both with hair in pigtails and wearing matching frilly dresses and tiaras, with MS-DOS's outfit in black and white, PC-DOS's in blue and black.

Xenix closed the book she was writing, and turned to the DOS twins. "Oh... I'm okay. Just writing in my journal."

Looking at the clock, she saw that it was 12:02.

"Dangit!" Xenix said. "I was supposed to have lunch prepared by noon! This is what I get for spending too much time contemplating." She rushed out of the room and headed for the kitchen to cook.

MS-DOS and PC-DOS followed, curious about what their caregiver was writing and thinking in her office, but knew that it isn't nice to snoop around in other people's things.
Post by: Bella on July 11, 2010, 12:40:33 AM
Yey more OS-tan fanfickery! *happydance*

I've become a bit fond of writing too, since it allows a person to lay out stories relatively quickly compared to writing and illustrating comics. On one hand, it doesn't have the visual pizazz and perhaps not as wide of an audience, but it's a great way of getting those ideas out of your head and onto paper and can be just as impressive as a comic when executed correctly. (Plus, it's always fun to work on new skills, right?)

It's just an opening, but I like it so far. You've highlighted Xenix-san's rarely-seen compassionate side and I like your use of setting and descriptions. Stylistically, your writing could use a bit of improvement but that's something that can only come with practice. I'm very interested to see where this might go.  ;010

(Incidentally, I've always liked the idea of writing short stories to fill in those missing pieces of OS-tan backstory; I even considered writing some stuff about Multics-tan back around Halloween but it never materialised.)

Quote from: "Aurora Borealis"I'm especially curious about your latest fic, with XP and VMS.

Why was it that XP was kicked out of the family, and did the other Windows-tans older than her suffer the same fate? By that time, there'll probably be a Windows 9! --and maybe a beta of Windows 10--

And when narrating about how VMS outlived many of her peers because of her great adaptability, did that include many of her relatives that are alive now but not then? :(

Among the OS-tans, VMS is one of the luckier ones in terms of fate, being so adaptable for a proprietary OS. The only OS-tans with a better fate than her are the open source ones.

I'm not entirely sure, and will probably remain ambiguous on that point. However, I imagine it has to do with MS' eventually discarding the NT line in favour of a "better" base, like Unix (BSD has a very liberal license, making it a good target) or a proprietary one (like the mysterious MinWin). It can be assumed that most of the other Windows-tans are out of the family at this point, either living as Vintage-tans or wanderers.

Also ambiguous what exactly VMS-tan means by "surviving"-- she could either mean in the physical sense of still being alive, or in the sense that she's still useful and employed. (I have a sneaking suspicion that OpenVMS will be around for a long time to come, not unlike some of the old Burroughs and UNIVAC OSes that were created in the early 60s and are still in use today).

VMS-tan has fared well though; probably some combination of her excellent fighting and strategic skills + a slight degree of portability (and the ability to work with emulated hardware) + popularity with the people (even thought she's a relative underdog in the Unix/Windows dominated world, she still has a diehard hobbyist following). There are some well-off old proprietary OS-tans though; MCP-tan was born in 1961 and is still as powerful as she ever was, and EXEC-sama might even have do a bit of work too (under the alias of OS 2200 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unisys_OS_2200_operating_system))
Post by: Aurora Borealis on July 11, 2010, 01:38:46 AM
Those were the trade-offs I was concerned about. I didn't think that my simply writing the story wouldn't compare to illustrating it, but I like learning new skills.

It seems likely that MS will eventually replace the NT line, with proposed alternatives. Haven't heard of MinWin, but I've heard something about their project 'Midori' some time back, I think it was a couple of years ago though.

Amazing how OSes over 40 years old are still in use today, and the future looks to be in VMS's favor, she's even willing to go in public without her mask, plus being like one of the most badass OS-tans ever!

The proprietary OS-tans that may be the worst off are the Windows-tans and Mac-tans, who know that they are each destined for obsolescence within a few years, being replaced by their younger sister (cue the sibling rivalries!). Their best hope being a following by hobbyists, many using emulators. Oh, and hope that they don't kicked out of their houses!

Not sure if OS2200 should be the same character as EXEC or not, thinking that would contradict with her backstory. In the present, she's retired and for some time despaired over her retirement and feeling like a burden to her friends, as her massive hair requires a lot of maintenance, and she is barely mobile anyways, and that it was her friendship with GENIAC starting in the late 2000's that gave her hope and a purpose again.

Plus that would make her personification even more confusing. Read the article on OS2200, but can't come up with any ideas for an OS2200-tan. x__x

Typing up the next part of the story, talking about Xenix's death. In it, Plan 9 visits the Windows household to announce to the leaders, 3.1 and NT that Xenix died on the frontlines, but shocked by their near lack of reaction, as 3.1 had forgotten about her (and is only confused), and NT never knew of her.

NT even thinks that Plan 9 is mistaken, saying that the Unices had never interacted with the Windows family... since that's what she's been told by the family staff pulling the strings.
Post by: NejinOniwa on July 11, 2010, 06:59:40 PM
Too hurried to read through this atm, but I'll get it done soon enough. Nice to see some life in this thread!
Post by: stewartsage on July 14, 2010, 08:01:14 PM
Seconding Nej's post, I'll come back when I don't have so much catching up to do.  It does look good though!
Post by: Gussy Keniji on July 29, 2010, 09:53:21 PM
This is a short story involving Horror-kun and Viru-tan. It's...really nothing special or interesting. This is actually, quite old, at least several years old in fact so my writing back then is not as good as it is now (or was there even a change?)

In anycase, read it if you want to and tell me what you think. I honestly, should expand more on the Malware-tans sometime, but...yeah, I'm always somewhere else doing other junk, aren't I?


The pale face of a vampire gazed out from the balcony of his castle, his long cape bellowing in the nocturnal wind as he held his wine glass to the sky, almost proposing a toast to the moon itself. "Ahh...such a wonderous night, the full moon illuminating the dark sky, and the children of the night...their songs echoing out in a haunting melody, such alluring music they make..." This vampire was known as Horror-kun, and for good reason. Horror was a virus-kun whom no one knows much about and yet they knew how frightening he can really be, no one isolated him here like the others...he chose to live here...and has done so for as long as many could remember, his ominous manor overlooking the Windows House like a crouched beast awaiting it's unsuspecting prey to drop it's gaurd and fall asleep.

"So...this is where you've been hiding, Horror-kun..." came a dignified feminine voice from behind the vampire, who let loose a feral snarl upon hearing it. "...You of all people should know how I feel about 'guests' intruding on my land...Viru-tan." the reclusive vampire growled under his breathe. "Calm down, I know how you are with your castle, so I won't be long." Viru-tan chuckled as she joined Horror's side on the balcony. Despite, Horror's frightening demeanor, Viru-tan wasn't the least bit phased by it at all, proof that she is indeed the strongest Virus-tan there is. "I'm just here to talk for a while...is that okay with you?"

Horror paused for several moments before letting out a sigh of exaspiration. "Very well...what is on your mind?"

Viru-tan nodded and proceeded with her conversation "...Do you remember, long ago, when we were just starting this community?" Viru-tan asked as she moved her bangs out from her eyes, Horror replied with a silent nod as he took a sip from his crimson wine, Viru-tan taking this as her cue to continue on. "I have to admit, it was rather difficult...turning what was essentially a prison into a peaceful community wasn't an easy task even for someone such as myself, and it was also the fact that the Windows Family was actually besting us during that time..." Horror took a glance to the viral queen wondering where she was getting at, it didn't take long for him to get his answer.

"Horror. In my many years as a ruler amoung all malware, I've seen this community flourish and grow from the prison it used to be and become a paradise to us Viruses...as this community grew I've seen some very humorous plights our fellow Viruses have gotten themselves into, it's a very lively experience, I must say." Viru-tan hesitated for a few seconds before continuing on but, this time in a more forlorn tone. "Now, however, I've discovered there are malware even stronger than me. I don't know what their intentions are but they simply roam about and do as they please, although I am certain they can distinguish us as fellow malware even with having such immense reserves of power...but, apart of me realizes that these new malware may not recognize us as friends at all..."

"Ah, say no more. You are worried that, if these 'Botnet' do infact attempt to assimilate us, you fear that your power will not be enough to stop them..." Viru-tan doesn't respond but, Horror knows this is what's on the virus queen's mind. Her tone and words to him were more than enough evidence. "I may not enjoy the concept of living with others in a tightly knit community like my brethren do, but I do know that you yourself are not alone in this endeavor. Yes, I am aware that you are powerful and you feel you are the only one who can repel this potential threat if they so happen to attack, but remember you have everyone else in this 'community' of yours that will aid you...even myself."

"You...would violate your terms of hermitude to help?" Viru-tan replied in a shocked tone, more than a little astonished that someone as reclusive as the vampire standing next to her would do something as contradictive as participate in a group effort.

"I can not condone with needless destruction," Horror stated simply, gazing into the glass of wine, staring at the reflection of the luminous moon within the crimson liquid. "My castle is my only love, Viru-tan. Like any lover, I will protect my lady with as much power I can call forth from these withered hands of mine."

Well, he had his ways of offering his help, and being the one to know most of her virus underlings she would more than willingly accept it. "Thank you, Horror. You know, for someone who has always been in solitude, you certainly are a sociable virus," She gives the vampire a smile as he takes another swig of his wine, his red eyes glancing over to her, now cheer filled, face. It should come off as odd on how someone like Horror-kun could actually instill such an emotion on another person. Then again, Viru-tan has grown used to the vampire over the many years they have known each other...it's what makes Horror, well Horror. "Maybe you should come and try to live in the Viru-tan Area, I promise you won't be dissapointed~"

Horror simply sneered in response, his gaze tearing away from Viru-tan and focusing on the darkness that surrounded his castle. "I am a virus of solitude. I shall remain as such until the very end of this plane of existance."

"Hmhmhm, same answer as always...but, my offer still stands Horror-kun. There is always a spot waiting for you in my manor...alongside your younger sister." Viru-tan smiled as she walked toward the exit. "She does miss you quite alot, Horror-kun. Do think about dropping by sometime to see her...I'm sure she will be thrilled to see her beloved brother again."

Horror-kun remained silent in his response, Viru-tan taking this silence as his only answer to her words.

"Anyways, I must be off, (c)Brain-san gets quite unhappy when someone is late to her meetings..." And with that she turned to take her leave from the castle, Horror still gazing onto the night shaded landscape a small toothy grin creeping across his pale face. "It's been quite some time since she has came to me with such worry in her eyes...perhaps the advent of these Botnet will be the one thing to turn my views around..."


Meanwhile, after a rather uneventful ventrue back to the outside of Castle de Horror, Viru-tan reached the gate where she was greeted by her ever faithful bodygaurd, Cerberus-tan. "Mistress, how was your...talk with Horror-san?" the inumimi asked as she bowed to Viru-tan respectfully.

"The usual of course, Horror is quite the sociable virus despite having been living in solitude for so long...I just can't understand why he's so fixated on being alone..." Viru-tan replied as she looked back at the imposing castle behind her, her eyes focused on the highest point. Viru-tan sighed, and turned to the path ahead, seeing no point in staying behind here any longer. "But, I digress, it's his choice after all...If I am to call myself a queen, I must not only make choices for the people, I must also accept the choices the people make themselves."

Ceberus nodded in agreement, before taking a glance up at the dark mansion and shuddering a bit at it's ominous vibe "...I'm still impressed you went in there all alone. Even my big bro is afraid of going near this place..."

"Well, Horror-kun and I have known each other for quite some time, I suppose you could say we're used to each other..." Viru-tan replied with a smile. "Now come along Cerber-chan, we still have alot of work to get done~"

"Yes, m'lady."
Post by: Bella on July 29, 2010, 10:04:20 PM


Post by: NejinOniwa on July 29, 2010, 10:14:41 PM
Huooo...sweeto. -w-

The backstory module of the E42 story i posted way back, Vertigo, is finished. Will post tomorrow.
Post by: NejinOniwa on July 31, 2010, 03:06:55 AM



Post by: Bella on August 18, 2010, 11:42:30 PM
Attached is a sneak-peek at three OS-tan stories I'm working on. All are unfinished and subject to change... please forgive me for any spelling/grammar/plot mistakes/inconsistencies. Author's notes are included!


-A random narrative about Harvard Mark I-tan, the essence of computer...nity, ENIAC and life as the first of a species.

-Far From Home, pt. II. This continues from part I (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/#/d2tn4nq), just a little tale about XP Pro-tan and VMS-sama... in the future!

-The weightiest (and most finished?) piece, involving SAGE-sama, Apple ///-tan, awkward retrospections, awkward girl-on-girl interactions and a really weird island. Actually, I could probably "publish" this one on dA, but I'm too nervous to. .__.

Alright, bye bye!

[attachment deleted by admin]
Post by: Bella on September 11, 2010, 07:11:35 PM
A continuation of the last three stories I posted:

-Random Harvard Mark I narrative, not much new here though...

-Far From Home pt. II, with VMS-tan in the most anticlimatic Scrabble game you will EVER read about!

-SAGE-sama and Apple ///-tan board a Ship to Awkward Island! Now with 20% more awkwardness and mood whiplash!

Updated author's notes included.  

I also have some more of Isra's story done, but I'm a little shyer about posting that. ._____.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Post by: Bella on September 23, 2010, 11:27:21 PM
OH HAI, can we get some more posts in this thread? I feel ashamed for making so many double posts. ><

SSDD: I hope I fixed some of the prosaic problems and logical inconsistencies in the SAGE/Apple ///-tan and OpenVMS and XP-tan stories, and added a new chapter-thing to the Harvard Mark I tale. Please feel free to point out any problems peoples~

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Post by: NejinOniwa on September 24, 2010, 02:15:00 AM
I'm aiming at getting more engrish writery work done once I'm done with my book, which should be any day now unless I suddenly decide to like, write another chapter or something (lol).
Post by: stewartsage on September 30, 2010, 09:30:01 PM
Just a short little horror/suspense story I've been working on.

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Post by: Bella on October 04, 2010, 08:26:38 AM

So, um, I worked on one original story a bit last night, mostly cause I was overtired and needed to lull myself to sleep. I don't know how much sense it makes, but I'm really digging the concept.
Post by: stewartsage on October 04, 2010, 10:59:42 AM
Dig that craaazy concept, man.  I need to get back to late night writing.
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 04, 2010, 12:43:17 PM
Brofist on that.
Post by: stewartsage on October 09, 2010, 04:44:24 AM

Alternate chapter to the latest arc's third part. (http://cptlfrghtr.deviantart.com/art/What-s-for-Dinner-Pt-3-182018278)

WARNING: This is in the same style as a regular SAGE entry; expect the accompanying terrible format, poor syntax, spelling errors, what have you.  Also, yuri.  Don't continue if you're not down with that.

As I was contemplating standing up, Minerva interrupted the welcome tranquility and any move I was about to make to rejoin Jeanie.  'I've been waiting a long time too SAGE...'  I didn't understand what she meant but I could tell she was coming closer to me.  As I was about to vocalize my confusion she pushed me hard against the cold glass of a window 'Is your mind really that far gone?  A pity.  I shall have to try and improve your recall, dear SAGE'  Minerva had me thoroughly trapped, the pricks of frigid air seeping around the old wooden frame stole in through my dress' material along with the fear.  I was stunned, confused, what in the hell was she talking about? 'Speechless.  Good.  That much hasn't changed.' Minerva was close enough for me to make out her face in detail, much to the detriment of my composure.  I think I once saw an owl eye a mouse like that.  By the time she loosened her grip there was nothing I could do, anyways she had it wrapped around my neck quick enough.  Curse her long arms, able to dangle like that.  When her mouth actually connected with mine, my god I thought she was trying to gnaw my lips off!  Certainly did effectively dispel any fear I'd had remaining.  Sorta.  Now I was just confused and worried I was about to suffocate under an agent of the great enemy.  Finally Minerva let up, smirking in that damned way of hers 'I trust you remember <i>now</i> SAGE?'  Embarrassment was beginning to subsume all other emotions; I simply let my head droop almost to her shoulder 'I heve no idear whaht the, uh, fuck just hahppened.'  For the first time she seemed genuinely surprised, for a moment, before recovering her poise.  Using that blasted dangling arm to great effect she clicked her tongue 'We'll just have to try harder then.  I hate to take you away from GENIAC-chan, but you can surely spare me an hour or two after she's gone to bed.... say, ten o'clock at my room?'  What other option did I have, in my position? 'Y-yes, of c-cawse!'  'Good.  I'll help you to dinner, we couldn't have you wandering about now could we SAGE-chan?' Minerva took me by the arm, letting me free from the glass entirely as she guided me gently towards the door.  I'd lost my glasses!

Consider it a lead in to this wonderful picture (http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s320/BellasOS-tans/img674.jpg) by Bells.  If you've this far, no worries for NSFW content.
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 09, 2010, 05:50:23 AM
QuoteI'd lost my glasses!

Also, you are now officially obliged to write the continuation. _W_

On my end, work on SPONTANEOUS ENTER MERTVAYA-TAN is in progress.
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 09, 2010, 07:32:35 AM
Post by: Bella on October 13, 2010, 12:13:41 AM
Quote from: "NejinOniwa"
QuoteI'd lost my glasses!

Also, you are now officially obliged to write the continuation. _W_


But, yes. I squee'd when I read What's For Dinner. I nosebleed'ed when I read the alt-universe part where Multics jumped SAGE. And then I squee'd again when I read the Mertvaya-tan fanfic. Well, metaphorically speaking, I can't squee in my condition since I've kinda lost my voice (DAMN YOU TO HELL FFFFF'ING COLD).

So, I worked up the guts to post some of my writings at dA. This means they're officially finished....ish.

Far From Home parts 2 and 3:

Thanks for the Memories, parts 1 and 2:
(Still horribly nervous about posting parts 3 and 4, since it gets a bit weird... and out-of-characterish... from there on out.) ._____.

Amnesiac part 1:
A bit of background as a setup for one of Isra's amazing parallel universe adventures. Yes, I've gone off on another track again.

COMMENT PPLZ, C-O-M-M-E-N-T! (Granted, I still have to comment on Nej's stuff, and Stew's latest SAGE stories...) D:
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 13, 2010, 02:35:52 AM
Oh I'mma swallow this whole, lady. _W_
Post by: Aurora Borealis on October 15, 2010, 09:55:18 PM
I have so much catching up to do! x__x

@Bella's Mark I-tan story, part 1: Amazing! Offers a lot of insight about the earliest OS-tans' origins! So they are artificial humans who grew up in isolation from others! Sad for her that she's so powerful, but is subordinate to the humans that created her, who even question her humanity, despite treating her like royalty.

Awww... So ENIAC had already suffered severe memory loss at such an early age. What was her fate?

I'm not sure who that is with the accent who helped Mark I-tan, sorry I forgot! ^^;
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 15, 2010, 10:26:21 PM
Quote from: "Apple ///'s Awesome One-liners"Jeez, no wonder they canned you, SAGE. Your job was to intercept enemy bombers? You can't even intercept a mango!
We've already let the cat out of the bag...she'll be upset if we don't let her have her fun now.
Both...but only one was too quick.
I daresay Apple ///-tan is the savviest creature of her species...in various ways. _W_

And speaking of Mark I, I've done some plotmapping of the Mertvaya-tan story...I will absolutely not spill any beans, but among others, another certain Mark is involved, among other familiar - and brand-new - faces.
There will be flying.
There will be science.
There will be sorcery.
There will be malice, and there will be deceit.
There will be delicious plot-hatching and gung-ho action, but most important of all...
You will never, ever, see it coming.[/b][/size]

Mertvaya Ruka. Serialization in Scrap Papers and dA, starting Monday.

This advertisement was brought to you by the HNCO-NeoN Corporation.
Post by: Bella on October 16, 2010, 10:29:03 PM
@Aurora: yes, you do. :V

Glad you like Mark I-tan's story (so far), it started as a random stream of thought that just sort of occurred to me. Glad it was able to answer some questions though.

I always imagined that computer-tans would be simultaneously revered and looked down upon by humans, at least for the most part; especially in the beginning, when there was more suspicion toward their kind.

ENIAC-tan was born with a poor memory, I'm not sure what became of her to be honest. The existence on an ENIAC simulator doesn't help my decision, either. :\

@Nej: Glad you found parts III and IV and that the out-of-characterness didn't leave any lasting damage. :<

Lol, I really liked the first One Liner on that list. The second was added... for the lulz, and the last seemed like the best (verbal) resolution of that situation. <<

Yay, Mark-sama's gonna show up in the Mertvaya-tan story!\

Now it's time to play...


Quote from: "Nej"There will be flying.

...Dragonfly BSD-tan!

QuoteThere will be science.


QuoteThere will be sorcery.


QuoteThere will be malice, and there will be deceit.


QuoteThere will be delicious plot-hatching and gung-ho action

SAGE and Wimex and Mertvaya-tan in a catfight?

Hooray for serialization!
Post by: Aurora Borealis on October 17, 2010, 10:01:04 AM
@Far From Home Part 2+3: VMS's nostalgia for board games shows a softer side to her personality all these years! Poor XP, losing out (and losing the fun) to her younger sisters, showing that the Windows Family still had its share of sibling rivalries.

A flashback to VMS's childhood! I like the idea of OS-tans having fancy debut parties, and the DEC-tans were surprisingly informal... so much that they don't even mind a few leaks in their building here and there! XD

She was very different back then (before she went crazy and what not!), but I still recognize her fondness for practicality above all else.

Oddly, Tenex was supportive of VMS back then? Well, she was nice to everybody, and this must have been before VMS eventually upstaging her.

BWAHAHAHAHA! VMS pwned her opponent in her first Scrabble match, first turn! Awesome! :D
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 18, 2010, 02:35:36 AM
The amount of research shoved into this work amounts to a slight bloody mountain. Really. But anyway, here we go, I suppose.


All-nighters, banzai.
Post by: Bella on October 18, 2010, 05:42:52 PM
AND IT SHOWS! Absolutely amazing, Nej, that's the best review I can give now 'cause I'm otherwise speechless.
Post by: Bella on October 25, 2010, 07:45:09 PM
Quote from: "Aurora Borealis"@Far From Home Part 2+3: VMS's nostalgia for board games shows a softer side to her personality all these years! Poor XP, losing out (and losing the fun) to her younger sisters, showing that the Windows Family still had its share of sibling rivalries.

A flashback to VMS's childhood! I like the idea of OS-tans having fancy debut parties, and the DEC-tans were surprisingly informal... so much that they don't even mind a few leaks in their building here and there! XD

She was very different back then (before she went crazy and what not!), but I still recognize her fondness for practicality above all else.

Oddly, Tenex was supportive of VMS back then? Well, she was nice to everybody, and this must have been before VMS eventually upstaging her.

BWAHAHAHAHA! VMS pwned her opponent in her first Scrabble match, first turn! Awesome! :D

Yes, VMS comes off as a pretty rough person but she has a nice side... even toward security-challenged OS-tans. Oh yes, I imagine XP-tan would harbour quite a rivalry with Vista-tan; after all, many XP users objected to their favourite OS being replaced by a "lesser" one.

Well, OSes and computers typically get debut events, so OS-tans should get the same. The DECs were a fairly lax bunch, especially for a military/militia; the leaks thing is 100% true, the old mill building DEC was HQ'd in leaked like a sieve according to historical accounts. (They eventually had the roof fixed, but not before a lot of computers got dripped on.)

VMS never went crazy; she might come off as a bit psycho-or-sociopathic to a casual observer, what with her lack of conscience for killing (well, killing virii and crackers), fondness for swords and knives (and sharks for that matter) and general lone-wolfishness, but she's completely sound of mind and wouldn't hurt anyone that didn't deserve it. >>

Tenex was probably being passive aggressive; she's not quite the type to openly confront another (far too polite, y'see), so her treatment of VMS would have been unnervingly courteous (at least until their conflict came to a head in the late 80s). In the dA version I clarified this point.
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 25, 2010, 08:30:32 PM
Crazy VMS would be slightly too dangerous for the world to harbor, as well...


Post by: NejinOniwa on October 25, 2010, 11:40:48 PM
Post by: Bella on October 31, 2010, 08:19:31 PM

Part I: http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/#/d31wupv

Part II: http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/#/d31wvhk
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 02, 2010, 06:30:49 AM
MR@story CH4: http://nejinoniwa.deviantart.com/#/d32077r
Post by: Aurora Borealis on November 03, 2010, 09:52:10 PM
@Bella's "Thanks for the Memories, part 1-2"

Hahahahaha! It is strange that the OS-tans are artificial humans yet have certain human features... Does that mean all the OS-tan Rule 34 is canon?And SAGE had an affair before?!

Yeah! "Stupid human feelings of attraction!" Why do they exist in artificial humans-- ohhh... reading further ahead now I see why. Their creators are twisted!

Anyways, I'm happy to see a story of SAGE-tan and Apple III-tan working together on the mysterious island to save the world! :D

I wonder if Apple III-tan planned the timing of that kiss on purpose... but then again, she does have impulse control issues... Is SAGE-tan really in love with Apple III-tan, or is she craving companionship really badly...

@Nejin's "Enter the Dead Hand" chapter 1

A cyberpunk OS-tan story! Awesome job with the details and the style of narration (I hope to learn how to better do this with my own written stories) and mystery for what will happen next!

I wonder what the rest of the Russian text says, I know the first one is "System Perimeter, Online."

So, General Winter's bitter coldness even strikes that far underground?

I've read ahead a little bit to the next chapter, and wow! Sad that she's been in existence for 26 years but truly alive for less than a year total! And she meets... Linux-tan?!
Post by: Bella on November 03, 2010, 11:24:43 PM
Quote from: "Aurora-sama"@Bella's "Thanks for the Memories, part 1-2"

Hahahahaha! It is strange that the OS-tans are artificial humans yet have certain human features... Does that mean all the OS-tan Rule 34 is canon?And SAGE had an affair before?!

Yeah! "Stupid human feelings of attraction!" Why do they exist in artificial humans-- ohhh... reading further ahead now I see why. Their creators are twisted!

Anyways, I'm happy to see a story of SAGE-tan and Apple III-tan working together on the mysterious island to save the world! :D

I wonder if Apple III-tan planned the timing of that kiss on purpose... but then again, she does have impulse control issues... Is SAGE-tan really in love with Apple III-tan, or is she craving companionship really badly...

Yeah, it's something that's sorta bothered me about OS-tans from the start to be honest. I guess a lot of people (by which I mean four or so) have wondered about OS-tans and... ehrm... their biology, so I just decided to be the first to breach the subject. xD

The only OS-tan Rule 34 I'd accept as canon are the well-known pairings (errr... like Homeo x 98-tan) or the pairings I've been TOLD have happened or are a part of an OS-tan's story (like Unix x Linux). If it hasn't been backed up by a LOT of artwork, word of god or isn't a part of a planned story, I wouldn't consider it canon.

Word of Stew holds that SAGE and FASTRAND-kun were an item. But she doesn't really remember it in her current, um, braid-addled state. And FASTRAND-kun probably isn't going to talk, either.

Yes, why OS-tans would be able to feel any human emotions much less have human biological drives is a good question.

The kiss was probably done on impulse, but I do think III-tan had feelings for SAGE for sometime before she kissed her. As for SAGE, I really can't speak for her capacity to fall in love and/or crave companionship, but I suppose it's something of a "She's okay with it, I'm okay with it, imma go for it" sort of feeling. I dunno. Maybe she loves her.

Glad you like it so far, and don't object to Apple III being dragged into a romantic story. ^///^
Post by: Aurora Borealis on November 03, 2010, 11:41:07 PM
You did handle adding Apple III into a romantic story very well. I never thought of her as the romantic type, but I thought if she were to ever find herself in that situation, it would be awkwaaard!
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 04, 2010, 03:09:58 AM
QuoteA cyberpunk OS-tan story! Awesome job with the details and the style of narration (I hope to learn how to better do this with my own written stories) and mystery for what will happen next!

I wonder what the rest of the Russian text says, I know the first one is "System Perimeter, Online."

So, General Winter's bitter coldness even strikes that far underground?

I've read ahead a little bit to the next chapter, and wow! Sad that she's been in existence for 26 years but truly alive for less than a year total! And she meets... Linux-tan?!
Thank you for that, Aurora! It's nice to see this garnering some more attention, too. -w-;

As for the Russian, the second is a status report (Initial sensor scan 68% complete, or something) and the third is, simply, Your presence is requested in the main hall.

As for general Winter...this is supposed to be late August, you know? Ain't no winter in Russia at that time o' year...kekekekekekekeke. >:3

And yes, there will be more jaw-dropping as this goes on, I know it.
Post by: Bella on November 17, 2010, 09:08:16 PM
I'm working on a Multics story that involves H-6180 and Emacs-kun, possibly PDP 1 and ITS, a bigass snowstorm, remembrances of long-dead ancestors and departed friends, snowshoeing, Charles River crossings on cross-country skis and wandering in general.

Actually I'm just wandering with my words...
Post by: svx on November 18, 2010, 01:29:00 AM
Something Srs
By svx


In a galaxy far, far away...

The scene:  Big Apple
The time:  3 AM

Mikoto Misaka is having a meeting with Duke Nukem.

Misaka:  We've got a problem, Duke.

Duke Nukem:  Where there's a problem, there's ME.

Misaka:  ?

Duke Nukem:  It's time to kick ass.

Misaka:  Uh, yeah...

Duke Nukem takes the opportunity to theatrically flash his gat, a modified PMM.  The man's butler uniform adds a sense of alarm to the spectacle, but Misaka is unperturbed; Misaka is always unperturbed by idiots, but the gravity of the situation isn't lost on her either.  She realizes that Duke Nukem's close-up is drawing to an abrupt conclusion, one that will likely leave the focus directed squarely at her.

Think, Biribiri, think!  Ahh, right.

Sparks.  Some sparks crackle around Misaka, and she quirks a cute sort of grin when she feels as though she's earned the crowd's focus.

The sparks quickly dissipate, the static electricity hanging in the air, giving it the scent of pineapples and raisins somehow.  But why is Duke staring at her?  Damn, she forgot her lines!  Improvision must ensue.

Misaka:  Urusai!  Duke no baaaaaka!

Duke Nukem:  What?

Misaka:  Oh, right.  Anyway, we have a lead on the rogue Tachikoma that escaped from headquarters.

Duke Nukem adjusts his neckerchief, squinting in thought as he angrily listens to Misaka.  He can be heard mumbling in the background all the while she speaks:

Duke Nukem:  It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum.  I'll tear that Tachikoma's head off and...  Nukem.  Nukem, Nukem, mumbling, Nukem, mumbling...

Misaka cheerily continues speaking over Duke Nukem's rant:

Misaka:  An SOS Brigade member, Ash, sent his Pikachu on a recon mission.  The little villain came into contact with Revy from Roanapur; yes, _that_ Revy. She was fighting the rogue Tachikoma in the bar.  Ash was able to use Pikachu as a distraction while he contacted Lagoon Company about the incident since he didn't want to get involved in the fight directly.

Duke Nukem's mumbling seems to have stopped.  He flashes his gat again as she responds to Misaka:

Duke Nukem:  What did Lagoon Company have to say about it?

Misaka:  Let's find out.

At this point, Misaka smiles cutely and produces a pokeball, one that she was hiding behind her back...

Man, I can't go on.  This writing stuff is hard.  And weird.  Everything in my head is weird.  Just pretend that I wrote a lot about a bunch of OS-tans, and that their primary objective was to make all the base belong to them while... uhh, that stuff I wrote.

Post by: NejinOniwa on November 18, 2010, 05:39:50 AM

Yes, that WAS slightly psychedelic. -w-;
Post by: svx on November 20, 2010, 03:58:33 AM
I humbly petition for moar.  Moar, uh... word writing...

Hey, Nej-kun?  What's, a... uh... good thing to write about?
Post by: Bella on November 25, 2010, 08:01:38 PM

Authors notes: the first, Life Without People, centres on Multics-sama and the other MIT OS-tans during the great northeastern blizzard of 1978. Inspired by true events, when the MIT computer department had to be abandoned for like a week during the blizzard (the Multics machines stayed running the whole time sans humans).

The second, In The Land of the Giants, was an idea that hit me and I jotted down rather quickly, so please forgive any plot/logic/grammar/spelling errors. It involves Mac OSX Leopard-tan, and will try to explain the origins of her time machine, a few vignettes of her travels and the story of Snow Leopard. It *MAY* intersect with aforementioned Multics-sama story, but that's hardly a guarantee.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Post by: Krizonar on November 25, 2010, 08:51:36 PM

/makes note to research "Multics"
I'll be reviewing the first story without knowing the character.

Well, you make a good introduction, and even though I don't know this character, I do feel like I'm there. It has that classic literature feel. Since it's supposedly in 1978, that's a good nail head to hit. Digging the word choices too. I also love the way the environment gets pictured in my head.

For Leopard's story, I know her quite well and may have pre-conceived notions to what she is like, so take it a little less professionally.

I am really liking her determination and her interactions with the sisters. They probably do consider her an odd one, due to the way Leopard was vastly different from the other OSX versions. Good personification! She's so curious and mischievous, just as I imagined her.
"minimalistic aluminum case", hey, that reminds me of some things!

Keep it coming :D want to
Post by: Bella on November 25, 2010, 10:45:18 PM

For all your Multics research needs: http://www.multicians.org/general.html
And for all your Multics-sama research needs, some basic info from the Annex Thread:
     Name: Multics
     aka: "Multiplexed Information and Computing Service"
     Debut: born ~1965, debuted 1969
     Height: 176 cm
     Weight: 61 kg
     Eye Color: Blue
     Hair: Dark Purple

     Quick Facts:

           -Born out of the ambitious Project MAC at MIT, Multics is the adoptive child of CTSS-tan.
           -Was sickly and weak throughout much of her youth, but became better as she matured.
           -Led a fairly tragic life, filled with numerous near-death experiences, disownments and abandonment.
           -Felt her glory was stolen by her “illegitimate child” Unix.
           -Has a vastly complex personality: friends describe her as personable and warm, while enemies report her to be mercilessly calculating.
           -Had amazing magical powers and fighting skills that belied her prim, elegant appearance.
           -In her prime she wore complex, cumbersome Rococo-style gowns and jewelry, mixed in with more ancient-looking elements.
           -Has white and black splotched wings, although the left one is deformed from a break.
           -Fluent in several languages, including Latin and French.
           -Died in 2000, but has since been resurrected.
           -Currently devoid of any substantial magical powers and her former territory and possessions, but is actually happier because of it.

But yes, I do try to write so that people will be able to read the story without knowing the characters (or even being familiar with the OS-tan fandom) -- so I'm glad you were able to follow it, and that you liked the vocabulary and imagery too (two things I pay close attention to). As for the classic literature feel... I've always suspected that I picked up a bit of that from all the Victorian literature I've read, but you're the first to point it out. ^^

Interesting how knowing a character makes one look at a story a little less objectively and more personally (paying more attention to the character and their interactions as opposed to the technical aspects of things).

I'm happy Leopard-tan matched your mental image as well as her popular personification. :D I actually got the idea for the aluminum case from looking at the Time Machine logo... then again, it does describe most newer Mac hardware (and the Apple ///. Lol).

Might be a bit before I continue writing (my inspiration comes in fits, I guess), luckily there's a lot of other OS-tan lit out there to check out too. X3
Post by: Krizonar on November 25, 2010, 11:04:21 PM
Yay! Multics info, thank you.

I write a lot like that too. Won't write anything for weeks and then all of a sudden
/angel light from heaven
Post by: Bella on November 27, 2010, 06:30:35 PM
Not a problem, I love spreading the word about Multics (it's only the father of all modern operating systems and stuff). ^^

Inspiration is a funny thing, useful but very temperamental.
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 27, 2010, 08:55:48 PM
Those two are nice work as usual, and the Leopard piece is particularly intriguing for me...for various reasons. >:3

I'm just gonna leave this little snippet here...
Quote from: "Snippet"The 9th of May, 2014

Dizziness came over the teal-clad figure as it manifested into something more tangible than the blur of bent spacetime it'd been just before. Immediately, a feeling of misplacement edged into her mind â€" this was a natural effect of time-traveling, which she was rather used to â€" but soon changed into something worse; namely, the feeling of being in the totally wrong place, or at least, at the entirely wrong point in time.

As it was, the person who was lounging in the chair in front of her wore the bored expression of a cat with nothing to do â€" and her sudden appearance didn't even make the woman flinch. The outfit had her off track for a while, but it didn't take very long for Leopard to realize who was in front of her. Unfortunately, this did very little to her understanding of the situation.
“Snow? Why- when- oh, hell, what's going on?”

The oddly-clad woman was Snow Leopard, who was supposed to be a version of herself from far beyond the timeframes she'd managed to visit â€" she wasn't very inclined to believe the fact (or at least accept that her personality would descend to such pitfall levels like that) but there wasn't much else to do than accept it. When she'd first met her, her elder version had made sure there were no doubts whatsoever of that. Very sure.
“Is it really that hard to figure it out, hun? Surely you should've had ample opportunities to get used to it, by now â€" whenever the now in particular would be.”

Leopard gave her older self one of the few looks limited to time-travelers (the I-don't-need-to-answer-your-bloody-question-because-you-already-have-experienced-this-and-know-the-answer-I'm-gonna-give-you-and-are-just-asking-it-to-annoy-me-look) and let out a frustrated sigh. Then, in accordance with old tradition, she focused her thoughts and tried again.

The 26th of May, 2014

The feeling of misplacement didn't even have time to manifest this time â€" all it took was the smug one-liner from Snow's smiling mouth, and her head was banged into what felt mostly like a wall of shame. “I'm sorry, but the number you have dialed is-” She didn't have time to listen to her older self's antics, though, and tossing all caution to the side she made a third attempt, praying solemnly to whatever code would be of use that it would work as predicted this time.

The 10th of October, 2010

Whoever thought up this entire “even multiples of 10,5” thing must have been a total asshat.
Leopard's first thought as she was bent into existence echoed several times through the space of her mind before she finally could see what was in front of her â€" this time, what was supposed to be there. “Highness. I have a report.” She gave a  bow to the figure sitting on the chair where previously â€" or as it were, afterward â€" Snow had been lounging around. Come to think of it, why was Snow there alone, then? Leopard soon realized the direction this was going in â€" these days, most of her internal monologues ended up somehow blaming Snow for pretty much all the misfortune in her world â€" and focused at the matter at hand.

I say nothing more of this matter. Yet. -w-
Post by: Bella on November 28, 2010, 09:14:51 PM
HUZZAH FOR SNIPPET! And giving me a good nickname for Snow Leopard-tan. That kind of inspired me to keep up with my fic, although it probably isn't going to play up the Snow Leopard angle for some time. Well. Not directly that is.

For now, there's going to be some explorations of OS-tan history (note the title, ahem); I'm afraid this is gonna take me close to Mary Sue territory ("OMG ADVANCED COMPUTERS EXISTED IN THE 1960s?!") so I'm going to have to carefully watch each step I make. =v=
Post by: stewartsage on November 28, 2010, 10:47:20 PM
Long story short: Bells + Me + YIM = Weird Writing Plots hooray.  This week's theme: What if, for some reason, we were the opposite gender.  Yes.  Sit back and enjoy.  Or not.  I don't care.

Wedged into one of the lounge’s scattered chairs, a tallish brunette flipped the page of her book with a little more force than required.  Thankfully the whole page didn’t fall out settling instead for a protesting *scritch* as a small tear appeared at the bottom near the spine.  A worn paperback saved from the bargain pile at a yard sale the black block letters pronounced that the intent young woman was reading ‘Fail-Safe’ by Eugene Burdick as well as someone whose name was now obscured by layers of smeared tape.  Not exactly standard fair for a teenage girl, though taking into consideration that she was reading it ‘standard’ could be disregarded.  An interesting paradox.

Apparently tired with her reading she dropped the book onto a laptop case leaning against the base of the chair.  Attempting to lean back the girl snapped back forward with a wince of pain that sent the edges of her unbuttoned cardigan flying.  Fortunately there was nothing else in her lap, and the glasses had stayed put.  Directing a fair amount of swearing at the offending arm rest, she swung her stiff legs and let them drop to the floor allowing her to sit ‘properly’.  Clasping hands behind her head she arched her back in a quick stretch.

Opening her eyes she fell back into the chair in surprise as a guy appeared in front of the seat.  Making a fierce attempt at a leg sweep that sent all sorts of garment edges swirling; the target simply stepped out of the way.  Grasping the armrests she managed to avoid tumbling from her perch, instead pulling back to a ‘genteel’ crossed leg pose smoothing her skirt.  The boy seemed at least a little stunned, as she stopped fiddling with her clothing and stood up.  As she bent to retrieve the book and bag, the long haired guy finally rediscovered his voice while pointedly looking away just in case, “Hey Jeanette.”

“Yo,” Standing up, she slung the heavy bag over her shoulder and stuck the taped up paperback in a sweater pocket.  Facing him Jeanette frowned fiercely before heading for the door.  Stepping out of her way he didn’t quite avoid having her bury a shoulder in his chest as she passed.  Wincing at the blow, he still fell in beside her as his companion’s ill mood eased.  Hooking her arm in the crook formed from having his hands jammed in his pocket.  Voice dripping with sarcasm, she inquired solicitously, “An’ how was yer loooovely weirdo club meeting my dear Karen?”

“Oh come on, that’s not fair,” Kieran rolled his eyes as the mandatory taunting began.  He made his own attempt to elbow her but Jeanette was quick enough to let go of his arm and step away before the plan came to fruition.  Exhaling, he shouldered through the school’s front doors a step ahead, “You like Corey don’t you?”

Shrugging, Jeanette slipped through the closing door.  She began feeling through her pockets before answering, “Yeah, I mean, he’s an all-right guy and ever’thing.  Plus, I do admire yer ability to acquire a mini-harem of hot foreign chicks but come on.”

“Come on what!?” Throwing up his hands out of his jacket pockets in exasperation, “People you admit to liking, history, computers; what more do you want from a club?”

“Point of order,” Jeanette put a finger up as she finally produced her keys from a pocket, “I said I admired your harem, not that I liked them.  That Swedish chick is crazy aggressive and the Brit’s creepy as hell.”

“That’s, er, not completely fair,” Dragging his feet, Kieran watched her approach the driver’s side door.  With some reluctance he sauntered up to the passenger’s.  Looking pensive, she stopped, looking straight at him as her mouth tightened.  Putting one hand on the car door, he cleared his throat, “You’d like being in the Computer History Club, I, ehem, I’m sure.”

“You signed me up awlready didn’t you you son of a bitch!” Voice dropping into a threatening register, Jeanette’s grip tightened around the keys, “I drive ya home because yer too big a wuss to learn how, and this is how you repay me!? “

“Let me get in first,” tugging with faint desperation at the still locked door Kieran prepared for the necessary sudden movement.  Last time he’d only managed to escape by jumping onto the roof of another student’s car, and that’d been without a backpack.
Post by: Bella on November 28, 2010, 11:09:43 PM
I already review'd it (in ANOTHER totally genius idea-making IM session), but I heartily approve. With lulz. ಙ‿ಙ
Post by: Krizonar on November 28, 2010, 11:17:10 PM
"(the I-don't-need-to-answer-your-bloody-question-because-you-already-have-experienced-this-and-know-the-answer-I'm-gonna-give-you-and-are-just-asking-it-to-annoy-me-look)"
had me rolling!

And I admire and like your harem. :D
Post by: Bella on November 28, 2010, 11:46:24 PM
Quote from: "Chozo""(the I-don't-need-to-answer-your-bloody-question-because-you-already-have-experienced-this-and-know-the-answer-I'm-gonna-give-you-and-are-just-asking-it-to-annoy-me-look)"
had me rolling!

And I admire and like your harem. :D

Me too. xD

Thanks, I admire my (fictional male self's) harem too. XD
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 29, 2010, 05:47:09 AM
I'm sorta trying to imagine a reversed aspect ratio version of myself, and with some realism thrown in...
Quote“I said I admired your harem, not that I liked them. That Swedish chick is crazy aggressive and the Brit’s creepy as hell.”
Hmmmm yeah, this does seem rather appropriate, doesn't it. _W_;

Aww, now I want to charge headfirst into this thing as well and all, too. Collab anyone? 'V'

Then again, I'm pretty overcharged with work already, what with me working on Ruka@Story, Mittens Rike Act 2, and the translation of Act 1 at the same time.

I might not have mentioned this, but translating your own works is frustrating as HELL. -_-
Post by: stewartsage on November 29, 2010, 01:22:11 PM
Actually, I'd considered porting the concept to the Games & RPG section but I doubted there would be enough interest....
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 29, 2010, 03:12:17 PM
Doubt the RPG section is the right place for it, though. I'd say perhaps a new thread around here, or just good-old document shipping, is good enough of a method.

What is good to recognize, however, is the method through which this first piece came to be - collaboration. Anything less than a 2-man team on something like this would, IMO, account to little more than an increasingly creepy fanfic.
Post by: Bella on November 29, 2010, 08:27:57 PM
I might volunteer to write some of it... dunno if that would help with the creepiness factor though. XD
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 29, 2010, 08:41:53 PM
Beating you to it. Currently whipping something up with Stew, involving some introduction of my own alter...this will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to ease the creepiness factor either, mind. >:3
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 29, 2010, 09:51:35 PM
I kinda feel like this has a bit too much of Mary Sue-like overdescription of "my" character, but Stew has assured me that it's nothing to be worried about, so I'll leave it at that. In any case, introducing the second part of the so-dubbed OSC/@ALT-Story.

Quote from: "OSC/@ALT-Story, P2"The blonde drew attention. It was always that way, though back home the culture of Jante law demanded they all pretended not to be the least bothered by the unusual appearance she presented. Here, in the more open â€" if not more open-minded, then at least that â€" and vocal minds of the American citizens she passed by, the oohs and aahs and what the hells (possibly most notably the latter ones) were a tad more prominent, though most people still had decency enough not to utter their opinions until they were “safely” behind her back. As if she didn't have ears or anything. People, she scoffed inside at nobody in particular.

But to be fair, she was bound to draw some attention from the average human; she was tall, her outfit looked like a corduroy cross of a tuxedo and a suit of armor â€" like it'd been pulled straight out of the Royal Opera's costume halls â€" and if her conformity to female standards were slightly upped by her waist-length hair, it was kicked straight back down again by the eyebrows, hovering above her pale green eyes forging a look of disdain and dead seriousness on her face.

She was closing in on a corner. A figure was leaning against the wall of a heavy-set, concrete block of a building; it took a while for her to recognize her as the unwilling CHC member that Kieran â€" she licked her lips â€" had introduced to her over the channel some week ago. “Good morning, bottled genie.” She sized her up with a quick look â€" average fashion, slightly above average height (though a good decimeter shorter than herself), and largely average looks â€" that ever-important look on her eyes was the only thing that made her stand out from the rest of the street's population. “Glad to see your spirit hasn't shriveled yet. Come on, give the Swede a hug!”

Jeanette slung the dark-green bag in the direction of her face, and followed up with a stabbing elbow toward her modestly sized chest. Neither blow hit its mark, but she did back one step away from the sweater-clad woman. As if wishing to provide them with convenient effects,the autumn wind blew down the street and whipped their manes of hair to streaks of gold and brown. “Compliments on the outit, Hanne. Did your normal ones all get lost on the airport, or was the rest of your wardrobe confiscated by customs?” A pause. “No, we went over that already, didn't we. Bloody woman. Suppose it's time you arrived, though â€" at least there'll be someone else around when Kieran needs to be notched down a few.”
A sigh was let out from the blonde's lips, and she frowned slightly â€" or deepened the one that constantly framed her face, at least. “Hey, chill a bit. And just call me Nej. It's easier for us all that way. Plus I don't have to be...reminded of things, either.” Jeanette shrugged, and they went around the corner she'd been standing at.

The street they'd turned on to was narrower than the last, but still played out plenty of the bombastic feeling that was pretty much omnipresent in American architecture. “So,” Nej said in Jeanette's direction, “Where's Kieran at?” She couldn't help but lick her lips slightly, a gesture which Jeanette responded to with a look of semi-disgusted annoyance. “Patience really isn't a virtue you've much of, is it,” she said as they proceeded on the windy road.

So now, Bells my dear, the challenge is on. All strings loose. And creepiness factor in this sort of piece is inevitable - just charge on and it'll be good in the end. I think. -w-;
Post by: Bella on November 30, 2010, 01:19:49 AM


Quote from: "OSC/@ALT-Story Pt.2 1/2"
A young man frantically cleaned the apartment in anticipation of his guests' arrival; while the layers of clutter didn't particularly bother him, he wanted the humble residence to make a good first impression. Girls noticed things like that, after all â€" surely, even girls as offbeat as his two new friends. Kieran tried not to buy into gender stereotypes but it seemed true in this case; Hanne and Jeanette were two of the few women he'd been able to rope into joining the Computer History Club. Well... momentarily pausing from his tidying he entertained the thought, It's not like I had much luck with the guys, either â€" mainframes and minis and 8-bit micros are hardly exciting topics for computer enthusiasts, much less teenagers obsessed with using the newest and best of technology...  

Parting from this thought with a mournful shake of the head, he resumed his cleaning; the living room table has been purged of its books and day-old fast food wrappers, but it was still thoroughly covered with papers, sketches, doodles and paintings depicting various subjects, some of which could offend and/or thoroughly baffle his guests. He gathered the artwork into a box and put it under the table and without a moment to spare â€" seconds later a string of soft knocks emitted from the door. “Hold on a sec!” Giving himself a quick glance in the mirror, he untied his shaggy brown hair from its small ponytail and smoothed it back before opening the door. He startled a bit at the unexpected visage of the UPS guy.

“Delivery for Karen Bo--”

“It's Key-er-rin,” Kieran cut in, sounding his name out slower than usual as he had countless times before, “Kieran.”

“Oh... pardon me sir. Sign here please?” Kieran signed for the package then took the box from the delivery man, “Thanks, have a good day.”

A glace at the return address confirmed the package's contents: it was his new toy! Flashing a giddy grin he went to open it but was interrupted by a second series of knocks â€" this time rapid, forceful and accompanied by muffled shouts. Something told him this wasn't a FedEx delivery.

It's as far as I got, suffice to say Kieran's long mary-suesque descriptions are gonna be included in the next part.
Post by: NejinOniwa on November 30, 2010, 04:50:44 AM
Interesting indeed. -w-
Just a question - is that part newly written, do you get your name mispronounced a lot? Asking since I get that too, though it's more like replacement with a more common, german likeness of it rather than mispronunciation/misinterpretation -_-

Anyways, keep it up - what do you guys propose for writing order, btw? Just a 1-2-3-1 cycle?
Post by: Bella on December 04, 2010, 08:25:58 PM
I propose a Whenever You Want writing order. = =

Um... added onto that Leopard-tan story I posted, put it up on dA too.

Post by: NejinOniwa on December 04, 2010, 09:26:53 PM
Imma just sit here and purr for a while. -w-
Post by: NejinOniwa on December 21, 2010, 09:44:18 PM
It Continues.

Mertvaya Ruka @-STORY, now with a large serving of Cupertino and Sinister Evil included for free. >:}
Post by: Bella on December 21, 2010, 10:47:37 PM

And made me <3 Snow Leopard and Leopard-tan EVEN MORE IF THAT IS EVEN POSSSSSSIBLE. >^O^<

Kudos for the excellently executed Unix-sama cameo too~
Post by: Bella on January 05, 2011, 08:00:21 PM


"Our little timetraveling nekomimi disguises herself using MAGIC SCIENCE, decides it would be fun to observe mainframes in their native habitat (1970s Armonk NY), gets mistaken for some IBM program-tan called HASP, and ends up locked in a room with a mad violin-wielding-avant-garde-music-spewing OS/360."

Soundtrack by:
-The IBM Orchestra (http://www-03.ibm.com/ibm/history/exhibits/music/music_clips.html)
-Radiohead (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNqv3nHyteM)
-Paul Lansky (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZDxMb4nago)
Post by: Aurora Borealis on January 05, 2011, 08:26:28 PM
Just got done reading it, and it's great! Your envisioning of the ancient OS cultures, the stuffy IBM empire, and the mysterious DEC tribe, and in particular the mainframes being royalty and having a bunch of servants is just like what I had in mind too!

Oh noooooo! Poor Leopard-tan! I was about to say that at least she didn't meet TOS/360-san, OS/360's chainsaw-wielding violent sister, but Leopard-tan having to listen to a lousy musician (and like it! or else...) I'd say is just as bad! XD
Post by: NejinOniwa on January 05, 2011, 08:38:48 PM
HAR HAR HAR cupertino catgirl in peril strikes again. GJ!
Post by: Chocofreak13 on January 06, 2011, 06:45:12 PM
"and as she kissed him passionately she then cried out 'THIS IS SPARTA!!!' as he groped around in the dark and found her noodly appendage protruding from some sort of phallic structure. 'Wendy, what in god's name is this!?' Craig shouted and continued on down her frisky slope. 'Bill, I thought you knew!!' 'Bill? Who the hell is Bill??' 'Oh, um, I thought you knew about that too...' 'Wendy, why?' Craig asked. 'My name isn't Wendy!!! I killed Wendy!!' the now nameless woman shouted. 'But pudding pop...' Craig pleaded with her. She turned to him. 'Kiss me. One last time.' 'Why last-' but he was cut off by her long, serpentine tongue slithering down his throat. 'Wend-' as her tongue made its way to his ear. 'Oh baby...yeah..' he said, but soon ceased his humany-noise making as out through the ear came the victorious tongue with the delicious meat-brain. 'Mmmmmm...nothing like human to fill this hunger.'

Human: Delicious Meat, an Alien's treat!!"
Post by: Bella on January 07, 2011, 09:37:55 PM
I may have gotten Part 3 finished. But it's my first time writing any sort of action-y scene, so I'm a bit shy about posting. ><

@Aurora: Glad it matches up with your mental image of the time. :^D

I think TOS/360 is dead at this point... luckily for Leopard-tan. >>

@Nej: Thanks for the review over at dA~

@Choco: lolwut? D:
Post by: NejinOniwa on January 08, 2011, 06:44:10 AM
Action? Me WANTS.

Besides, I just finished final preparations AND some character design for the first serious action shot of Mertvaya Ruka as well, so, yeah...double time. _W_
Post by: Bella on January 08, 2011, 10:17:03 PM



Thus ends the IBM-tans arc.... OR DOES IT?

You'll never guess where that train is headed... OR DO YOU?
Post by: Krizonar on January 08, 2011, 10:19:14 PM
Leopard is SPY!
Post by: Dr. Kraus on January 09, 2011, 12:07:45 AM

I drew Ruka! (It only took me 3 weeks to figure out a design -.-;) and she's pissed (is it ok for me to say that? I don't want to get in trouble for language or something like that -.-;;;)

I'll draw a smaller and full body now and try to scan this (don't know if my scanner is big enough for this picture).

ah damn it, I lost inspiration...I'll do it later or something...yea
Post by: Bella on January 09, 2011, 01:34:39 AM
SCARY COMMIE LADY!!!!!!! *runs away crying*

Nah, really, I love it. Especially that expression.... <3 ^^

But there's kinda (http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g239/NejinOniwa/OS-Tans/07092010145.jpg), a design (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d33bqm6), already (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d30p2ui).

Post by: Dr. Kraus on January 09, 2011, 03:12:26 PM
Quote from: Bella on January 09, 2011, 01:34:39 AM
SCARY COMMIE LADY!!!!!!! *runs away crying*

Nah, really, I love it. Especially that expression.... <3 ^^

But there's kinda (http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g239/NejinOniwa/OS-Tans/07092010145.jpg), a design (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d33bqm6), already (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d30p2ui).

ah! so there are designs! I wasn't able to find any so I just made one myself but I'll stick to these ones from now on!
Post by: NejinOniwa on January 09, 2011, 03:32:04 PM
This girl is popular. -w-
Noteworthy though, is that this is the wrong thread - easiest would be posting it in either the Soviet Computers thread (since that's what Ruka is), or the Free Cookies thread (since it's a picture).
Post by: NejinOniwa on January 09, 2011, 07:04:19 PM
Lookie at dis (http://nejinoniwa.deviantart.com/art/Teaser-no1-for-Mittens-Rike-A1-192833664), new writage.

Not Mertvaya Ruka, but rather, a teaser for the translation of my book, Mittens Rike. It's a shorty, so read eet!
Post by: NejinOniwa on January 13, 2011, 11:35:06 PM
Sensitive readers. Beware. (http://nejinoniwa.deviantart.com/art/Deadly-Decadence-193373931) Or the latest Mertvaya Ruka chapter will eat your eyes.

Danger zone~ -w- And the adventure of life goes on.
Post by: NejinOniwa on January 23, 2011, 06:30:55 PM
SO I HERD YOU LIEK HIGH FANTASY? (http://nejinoniwa.deviantart.com/#/d37w3du)
CUZ I PUT A FANTASY IN YOUR HIGH SO YOU CAN HIGH ON FANTASY WHILE YOU FANTASY HIGH ok, this is just getting awkward, anyway, Mittens Rike, A1-EN, Chapter 1. Broooooo-day.
Post by: Bella on January 26, 2011, 08:53:12 PM
Leopard-tan's adventures continue in the strange land of Massachusetts:

Post by: Bella on February 09, 2011, 07:00:20 PM
CHAPTER FIVE HAS EVERYTHING. (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/art/In-Cantabrigia-196824211)


Post by: NejinOniwa on February 09, 2011, 08:06:10 PM

BUT DANG this was fast. Good job, keep 'em coming, broya!
Post by: Aurora Borealis on February 09, 2011, 08:31:42 PM
Great job, Bella! This is offering even more insight to how the OS-tans were in that era, when mainframes were still dominant, aristocratic and had many servants.

Do you think that despite the mainframes gradually losing their prestige over the years (with many resigning from The Guild) after mini- and microcomputers became powerful enough, that many of the mainframes kept their aristocratic ways?

Glad that why Leopard-tan hasn't tried to change history was explained. Too bad she didn't help out during the OS Wars, but you showed that she does care very much for her Classic step-relatives, enough that she still regards them as her kin just the same as the OSXs... However she does have the arrogance shared by her blood relatives. ^^;

Post by: NejinOniwa on March 11, 2011, 07:22:11 PM
INFINITELY EPIC TRANSLATION WORKS. (http://nejinoniwa.deviantart.com/#/d3bf6bh)
Contains: Possible nightmare fuel, shapeshifters, official title for the series, murderous mothers, et cetera. Rejoice!
Post by: Paul on March 19, 2011, 06:06:02 PM
Wrote this one some minutes ago, I quite like it.

The way her glossy black hair framed her slightly pale face and went all the way down to her calves made him think of the night.
They had always loved the night, for it was that time of day where they could untroubledly stare at the sky and be content in the silence.
He remembered the reflection of the moon in her deep grey eyes, the look of yearning that normally was in them replaced by a satisfied, peaceful expression.
Now the only thing that remained of her was the photograph she gave to him when she left. "Remember me" was written on the back of the picture, in that straight pitch-black handwriting that was so typically her.
He would never forget that last encounter, as she bid him farewell, holding his hand for the last time, then disappearing into the dark.
And sometimes he imagined her looking down on him from the moon she had loved so much, that calm smile directed only at him.
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 19, 2011, 08:04:02 PM
Nice going thar - you seem to have some skill with those keyboard fingers of yours, boi. -w- Waiting for some larger story mode stuff from yan, so I can gauge that properly as well.

On my side...
Writing RTK stuff to get my block away.
It's a chronicle of events unfolding in my current game, though in this case VERY fluffed-out and detailed. At parts, at least. Enjoy as much as you can.
Post by: Bella on March 19, 2011, 09:15:54 PM
Looks good, Paul. Please do share more with us~

Since I didn't post it here: Chapter 6 of Leopard-tan's adventures in the magical land of Boston. -W-


Post by: Paul on March 23, 2011, 01:15:41 PM
This one is kind of personal, sort of a self-therapeutical approach, but somehow I want to share it nonetheless.

February 4th

"Something's off", I thought as I woke up that day. A vague, strange feeling in the pit of my stomach told me that something was going to happen.
I didn't know what though and left for school. The day was pretty normal, just like every other friday, except the fact that this nagging feeling just wouldn't go away.
After school my dad picked me up and we decided to go to Burger King to grab something to eat. While I was contently munching away at my burger I nearly forgot about that particular feeling, when suddenly the beeping of my mobile could be heard, noticing me of an incoming text message.
As I took out the phone and read the message, it hit me like a train. I dropped my burger and my facial expression, which before was quite relaxed changed into one of utter shock.
You wrote that you had wanted to talk to me but I had already been gone. "Everyone seems to know that I don't want more than friendship, but you don't seem to get it. So please, let's just be NORMAL classmates", was displayed on the tiny screen of the ancient phone.
Well, I had not known that, I hadn't even confessed to you yet. "So normal classmates it is", I thought and, with a sad half-smile, left the building.
And every time I meet you now, or just think of you, there's this little pain inside me, like a thorn that isn't going to come out anytime soon. But ever so slowly it will fade , just like we'll probably never see each other again after next year. Until then I wear a nonchalant mask and keep my distance, not wanting to get hurt by you ever again.

I'm not really sure of the interpunction on some sentences, so I'd be glad to hear if there's some mistakes.
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 23, 2011, 03:48:58 PM
That was pretty damn good, and gripping despite the shortness.

You're good at this! I'd like to see something longer, still, but you apparently know your ways quite well. -w-
Punctuation didn't seem like a problem to me.
Post by: Paul on March 23, 2011, 04:06:11 PM
Thanks a lot :D

I wrote this today in school (during classes) and thought at first that it didn't turn out very well (also because it's a re-telling of actual events). But after reading through it once again it somehow convinced me.

Most of the stuff I write is spontaneous and rather short, but I'd love to write a bigger / maybe even chaptered story... I just don't have any idea what it should be about ATM.
Post by: Paul on March 26, 2011, 01:16:55 PM
Next is a song I wrote some time ago.

Never Leave

The people here seem friendly
but in fact they are not
hiding behind false smiles
just waiting for one wrong move
and these walls here seem inviting
but underneath the paint
they are withering away and it's not gonna take long
before nothing remains

But then you pick me up
and take me out of this place

And a comfortable silence
falls between the two of us
lying next to each other, sharing the warmth
of our hands intertwined
while a lazy smile graces your lips
your eyes softly shut
your arms wrap around me, mine around you
and we gently drift off to sleep

And in this quiet slumber
there's only you

Please hold me close, please just stay
hold me tight, drive the nightmares away
please never leave, keep me secure
because to me you are home

When I wake in the morning
there is no sign of you
your bedside is empty, I think I should've known
that you'd go
but then the door opens
and you come in
you're walking toward me determined
until you're standing right in front of me

And slowly you lean in
and our lips clash together

And the scent of your skin, not much else that I feel
the warmth of your hands embracing me
the depth of your eyes like the deepest of seas
they draw me in and I'm sinking, I'm sinking

And you hold me close, you tell me you'll stay
you hold me tight, no more nightmares ahead
you say you'll never leave and there's nothing to fear
nothing to fear
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 26, 2011, 02:09:40 PM
Give me tones to that, if you don't mind...this sounds like something.
Post by: Paul on March 26, 2011, 02:11:05 PM
I'm not satisfied with the melody yet, also I don't have any recording equipment -_-
Post by: NejinOniwa on April 02, 2011, 07:32:54 PM
Reading doesn't always inspire, but it sets the mind's thinking right.
Here is not an answer, but a question: Who is it that wanders the night?

QuoteThe nightwanderer treads tranquil
Upon the roads he walk
He walk them them all indifferent
A wander, never a stalk.

His road carries no signs to read
Not last, nor next, no reason
And if they did, he would not heed
His eyes are blind from treason.

For so it is and will be ever
That never can he be lost
For he who knows of no direction
Shall bathe the heavens in frost.

And some may say that not knowing left
Is equal to not knowing right
But by knowing no wrong, the world is cleft
And in dark, we walk past the light.

By leafen and hand, and upon all the sky
With all its stars so bright
The words are said, all asking why
The nightwanderer wanders the night.

But words are merely tools of thought
And without tones, too light
To guide their ways to where they ought
To the forest of silver's height.

For there it is, that from the swords
The hammer shall be wrought
And only unlost may one walk the wards
To find what has been sought.

Under signs old and new of stars so bright
For years untrampled by cities' light
The blade of ending, burning sight
As the nightwalker grasps the night.

And none shall ever tell when or where right
Why the nightwanderer wanders the night.
Post by: Krizonar on April 03, 2011, 08:17:48 PM
A Clockwork Mac
Chapter 1

   10.44 gigabytes were complete, not many more to go. Just a regular backup, nothing more. Mac transferred her experiences from the day onto the Time Machine, which would keep them frozen in time forever, like a picture does for us. She was relaxing, letting memory flow freely to and from her body and elsewhere, a type of meditative state. She held the device in her left hand as she sat, indian style; it was roughly the size of a pocket watch, made of stainless steel and had a backwards turning clock on top of the "stream of time" that adorned its face. It was not an uncomfortable feeling, it was rather relaxing. Her master mostly subjugated himself to very simple lines of work while she was backing up, if any at all, leaving her free to relax and enjoy the experience.

   Today, her master was preoccupied with cleaning her as she worked, giving not only a feeling of relaxation, but bliss and happiness. She had needed a cleaning lately, her keys had felt a bit grimy and her screen had collected some dust. She sighed as she propped her feet up and enjoyed the nonalcoholic cleaning wipe against her screen.

   It had been an easy day, she had done some average graphical work that hadn't pushed her too hard, gone about 3 hours without her charger at one point and had played a game for a few hours, easy stuff. She was happy her master never pushed her too hard, she had known other OS-Tans that had rough lives each day as they struggled to keep up with demands. Some got yelled at for working to slow, some didn't have enough memory to do everything they were asked and some worked in the boiling heat. She was very glad she had it easy. She was fast and had no problems working on things others considered ludicrously intensive, her multiple cores working in unison. Looking down, she laughed a bit, proud she had as much memory as she could ask for, master had done well. She closed her eyes again as she basked in the cool breeze her top notch fans brought in. She was happy.

   A noise slightly startled her, a mid range ping noise; someone was pinging her over the local network. She opened one eye and opened the channel, "Yes?" she asked. She sounded sleepy.

   "Oh, hey Mac, I was just like, you know, wondering when, if ever, that is, you were going to boot camp me. I'd like some of that supple hardware myself! Oh and how are you? I see you're backing up, how is that going? How much memory is it today? I like games, did you play any games today?" It was the Windows Vista PC in the living room.

   Mac groaned and closed her eye again, "you're overclocked again aren't you?" She shifted a bit to a side position, her arm supporting her weight as she sat sideways on her legs.

   "Overclocked?  How can you tell? Overclocking is nice, it makes you, like, really really fast, you know? I'm at 100% CPU now and I can totally, like, feel it man!" Background noises of Vista scrambling around and moving files while opening and closing cabinets on her hardrive could clearly be heard.

   Mac covered her ears, "and why are you at 100%? What are you doing that's so intensive?" Her eye twitched. "And loud?"

   The loud sounds stopped. "Well, I was trying to calculate when I'm getting my next upgrade, I'm, like, super-upgradeable, you know? Maybe if I act like I'm sick, they'll, like, maybe, get me some new parts or something!"

   "I don't see an upgrade coming for you anytime soon, the people who use you aren't concerned much with your performance it seems." Mac sighed. "If you don't perform well on purpose, your masters are likely to just throw you away." She brushed her long blond hair to the side with her Time Machine watch in hand.
   "My masters? My masters, like, never use me anyway. They use their phones, like, all the time, now. I just wish I had been upgraded to, more than, say, 2.4 GHz and I do wish my memory, was, a bit, more plump. These one gigs just don't cut it, I want, like, more! How come you get a nifty solid state drive and stuff and I get a measly 250 GB 5,400 RPM? I'm, like, a Desktop, I should be way more powerful than, say, a puny 1 inch thick laptop.

   Mac looked down and blushed in guilt. One gig? I have eight, I'm huge, She thought to herself. "Well, I know my Master bought me 8 gigabytes of memory because he wanted me to be comfortable under hard stresses. The solid state drive was because he wanted me to be the best he has ever had and I hope I live up to his expectations. I'm sorry yours seemed to have not cared for you much upon your purchase, but that's not my fault, or my Master's." She made an abstract gradient heart in Pixelmator and sent it to Vista. "Maybe someday you'll get decked out all cool!" Her backup was almost complete, she could eject her drive soon.

   "I guess..." Vista had obviously come out of overclock by this time, her voice being less super hyper and more emotional. "But I still don't see why it was necessary to get the 512 SSD, that just makes me feel bad." She doodled an excuse for a heart in paint and sent it to Mac. "And you get your own 500 GB external too, the most I get is a 2 GB flash drive."

   "Master deemed it important I have safe guards and that I have a lot of space, plus, his drive isn't compatible with Windows, Vista." She shifted back to indian style, her bangs now in her face as she looked down at her watch, the backup nearly finished. "I bet if you run out of HD space, your masters will buy you an external too!"
   The words hit her like a kernel panic, "Not compatible with Windows? Surely, that's nonsense. Everything is compatible with Windows Vista!" She loudly exclaimed, a bit angry.

   "It's a Mac drive, it wouldn't work for you," she said, looking upwards and moving her bangs out of the way again, a bit taken back by Vista's sudden anger. "You'd have to completely reformat it to get it to work and that would erase everything on it."

   "Maybe that's what I'll do then," she raged back. Vista began fumbling through network protocols, she wanted that drive.

   Mac's eyes went a bit wide and she stood up, "you can't take it while I'm backing up with Time Machine anyway, you might hurt one of us." It was obvious Vista wasn't listening though, as the drive ejected itself and mounted to Vista. Mac gasped at the sensation of the drive being ejected incorrectly.

   Vista laughed, but then she froze, a blue screen popping up from the strange hardware. "Welllllllll, fuuuuuu-" she managed to say while gritting her teeth.

   Almost on perfect time to censor Vista's last word, the Time Machine made a high pitched noise and began making a portal on itself. Mac looked at it in surprise as it engulfed her rather quickly. The portal then went on to engulf the things nearest her as well, including her case, travel bag and her Master who had been cleaning her.

   Mac opened an eye, still staying in a fetal position as best she could, despite her excessive memory. Everything was... green with wavy white lightning looking streaks. She looked down at the Time machine as best she could, noticing its hands were going backwards at ridiculous speeds. "Well that can't be good," she whispered. Turning on her iSight, she took a look around. It was green and wavy out here as well, though she spotted her Master, who looked rather confused, along with her item bag.

   It was only a few seconds before the green light disappeared, leaving them in what looked like a completely different area. There was no table for Mac to sit on in this area. Mac fell to the floor, clutching her arms to the sides of her head, she landed on her side, her palm rest hitting the concrete. Luckily, her internal enclosure guard shocks and tough aluminum body left her undamaged as she fell onto her enclosure. Her camera still on, she could tell her master had caught himself on all fours before he hit the floor. He was rushing over to inspect her after her fall, lifting her up and turning her around. She flashed her statistics up on screen, signaling she was perfectly fine. He closed her lid and tucked her beneath his arm protectively.

   Her master looked around suspiciously, "Mac-Tan, what is the current time?" he said, patting her lid.

   She perked up, that was the key word to activate her speakable items. She checked her internal clock and gasped. "Unknown," she answered back in a shaky voice, her palms up at her chin in a defensive posture.

   "Then where are we? Use GPS assistance and calibrate your time on the nearest network" he told her, still mostly un-phased..
   She searched, she scanned, she looked. "No hot spots in range," she answered back, shaking a bit by this point, her knees knocking together at times. If she remembered right, Master's house didn't have any concrete floors, where were they?

   Her master apparently wondered the same thing, he brushed back his dirty blond hair with the back of his hand and looked around more carefully. The room was pretty dull, but had random spiffy posters on the wall with colors. The desks were all metal or wood, a small, old CRT Television was on one of the metal desks, it was showing some advertisement for what he identified as an Old School Power Macintosh. Speaking of old school, he spotted one old Mac in the corner of the room on one of the wooden desks. Why would someone still have a Mac this old as their main computer? He walked over to it, Mac in his hand and her bag on his back over his shoulder. Jiggling the mouse, he checked the time in the upper right corner. His mouth opened a bit in surprise but he managed to be mostly composed. "Mac, calibrate your clock and date. Today is February the 25th... 1994."

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I like it, Krizo!

Nice to see Mac/OSX-tan and Vistan being fairly civil with each other, though I do feel sorry for Vistan. You're really good with describing actions too. :)
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A Clockwork Mac
Chapter 2

   She did as she was told, biting her upper lip in the process. Partially in disbelief, she went through her file system. Created: Tuesday, October 12, 2010, she read to herself, the info from her Solid State Drive's creation date. This was not possible, maybe master had read it wrong? She chimed her system noise, wanting attention. (http://www.mac512.com/Macsupportfiles/TAMStartupChime.aiff)

   Zach heard her chime and set her on the table beside the old Mac's monitor, opening her lid back up. That startup chime was perfectly suited to her, unique in the way that, rumor has it, it could only be heard to its full extent on a certain model of Macintosh. Or, one that happens to have had Apple tweak its speakers, he thought to himself. Twice. He turned his attention back to her and wondered what was so important.

   Her screen gaining brightness a split second after her lid opened. Turning on her camera, she took a look at the Mac beside her. She identified it in her MacTracker as a Power Macintosh 8100 with a Macintosh 21-inch color screen. It was an extremely powerful computer for the time. Maybe he was right, this model and screen are ancient, she pondered, the parts don't show hardly any wear or tear either, they're almost brand new...

   Her master was doing some investigating of his own by this point after making sure she was alright, pulling up info on the Macintosh from the Finder. It was running System Software 7.5 and was apparently up to date, the newest file on it being a type of list. The file was locked, however, so he could not view it, but the title was "current tech usage".
   "Interesting," her microphone heard him say, "it looks legitimate, no aging signs..." He looked around for a moment, taking in his surroundings. "Perhaps we should try to find the person who owns this? I want to meet whoever can keep a computer in such great condition." Closing her lid smoothly and picking her up, along with her bag, he moved towards the door and turned the handle with his pointer and middle fingers on each side.

   A hallway greeted him, there was green carpet with red Xs and white walls. Walking through the hallway, he reasoned he was in a business building of some sort, as there were many glass cutaways with older computers on desks. Oddly enough, there were no people. Where could they be? He thought to himself. Continuing his search, he turned a sharp corner in the hallway. What was beyond the corner was a little bit relieving, the apparent employees gathered at some tables for lunch. He approached the closest one slowly and calmly.

   The man was probably in his lower to mid thirties and was dressed in typical business fashion. He was eating a salad as her master approached him.

   "Excuse me, sir," he started. The man looked up from his meal slowly, then looked to Zach's bag, his computer and bag, then nodded before swallowing his food.
   "Yes?" The man said, obviously finding this a bit odd through his tone of voice. He shifted in his seat.

   Zach began, "I was wondering if you could tell me where I am, address? Street? I appear to be lost."

   "I'll say," he commented, "How did you get this far into our complex? Apple Computer Inc is a big place, ya'know."

   She rubbed her ear for a second at that. This place was Cupertino? This looked nothing like she remembered.

   "Well," Zach responded, "I'm not quite sure, actually. There was a flash of green light and I was... Here."

   The man looked at him oddly, but responded in a slow, controlled voice, "That seems odd... Hm, what were you doing at the time, son?" He still seemed interested in the computer.

   "Well, for that, I was just cleaning my computer, in my room and then it happened." Zach lifted Mac up to where her outer lid with the glowing Apple logo showed. "Which would be her."

   "Her?" The man tilted his head and got up from his seat. "Odd to call a computer a her."

   Mac made an angry face and revved her fan.

   "This isn't our logo, but it's very similar, I'll need to take this up with our legal department, someone is copying our logo!"

   "Do you not recognize an Apple computer when you see one?" Zach flatly said. "The ones you have back there are pretty old, by the way."

   The man rubbed his glasses on his tie, "are you telling me that this computer, right here, is an Apple computer?" He bent down to look at it in Zach's arm. "We've never made anything that looks like that and the logo is a cheap knockoff, doesn't look half as good, Amelio would fire us all!"

   "Amelio? Didn't Steve Jobs take over from him over a decade ago?"

   The man raised an eyebrow, "you mean that man that resigned a decade ago?"

   "Resigned?" Zach said, surprised. "he resigned in 1985, this is 2011, Steve took the company back in 1997."

   Yet again, the man raised an eyebrow, "you're a very strange boy, you sure nothing happened to you... Say, getting hit on the head?"

   "Um, pretty sure," he said, nonchalantly. "I bought this Mac last year, in 2010, it is now 2011. Here, look." Opening up Mac's lid, he went to About this Mac. "See?"

   The man leaned closer, squinting at disbelief of everything on the screen and having no idea what any of it was by his expression, his eyes eventually resting on one thing. "Copyright 1983 through 2011 Apple Inc. hm...." He leaned back and scratched his head. "Well, that computer's awfully thin and has a pretty big screen, probably doesn't have a very good build, I'd say you need to reset your PRAM. If I read correct, it also only has about 2.66 megahertz of cpu, we don't build anything that slow, son."

   Mac crossed her arms and fumed at "poor build".

   "2.66 gigahertz." Zach said, "and it's PRAM is fine."

   "Gigahertz?" he stated as if Zach had just said the computer was a cray. "I think somebody has a pride issue, gigahert processors are theoretical only. Next you'll be saying it has a gigabyte of memory and has a 5 hour battery life."

   Mac made a pouty face, that kind of underestimation was insulting.

   "Actually, she has about 500 gigabytes of memory and has about 9 hours of battery life remaining. I know she's not a standard model, but dang man."

   "I do believe you need to stop making a fool of yourself and run along now, though that is an interesting computer you have there, all that you said is impossible." The man sat back down and sipped what was either tea or coffee.

   "Would you like to prove me wrong?" Zach said, "this is an Apple computer, weather you believe it or not and its specs are very real."

   The man rolled his eyes, tired of the game. "Fine, son, go ahead and do whatever you want."

   "Well," he asked, "do the computers in this room have network capability?" Zach smiled at the challenge as he motioned at the computers lining the back wall, knowing it'd be easy to prove his computer had the specs he said it did because it... Did.

   "Of course they do, we use our top of the line equipment here, all of them support advanced networking."

   Mac giggled at advanced, noting the old grey cases the computers had for towers.

   "Ok, cool," he stated, waving back his hair and setting Mac on the table.

   Mac stood up and formed her hands into a camera, taking the man's picture with Photobooth. She thought for a moment on how she could make it interesting and then came to a conclusion. Reaching out with her wifi-waves, she forced them down the other computers I/O ports in a way she was pretty sure computers of this time would understand. Sure enough, AU/X sent her a ping.

   AU/X was wearing a business suit and smoking a cigar. "Well well, we don't get many newcomers around here... An' what are you supposed to be? Some sort of malware?" She stared at Mac very seriously.

   "No, no," Mac put her arm behind her head, "I just want you to display this picture for a minute, all of you on this network. You can go back to whatever you were doing when you're done, it'll only take a second!" Mac sent her the picture as a very, very small bitmap.

   "Um, ok then," AU/X said, a little confused. Sure enough though, the picture began to display on each computer terminal, one by one.

   Zach leaned against the table, noticing the pictures popping up and waited, a big grin adorning his face. Mac was doing the same.

   The man put his coffee down, realizing that there's no way that computer could've done that. First off, no camera is small enough to fit in a 1 inch computer. Second, the blasted computer's not hooked to anything! Getting up out of his chair, he looked at Mac. "What are you?"

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Well, well... -w-

First off: The writing style is nice. Not complex overly, not overly simplified - plain and clean, through and thorough.

Second: Nice take on storyline. Quite hooking, what with the time-travel and all -w-;


That is all -w-
Post by: Krizonar on April 04, 2011, 07:53:53 PM
Way better response than what I expected.

Not sure about next parts, my writing is really eratic. (hence why that was posted at 3 am)
Post by: Paul on April 05, 2011, 07:27:55 AM
This is nice :D

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Please do write moar, this is quite interesting so far and has a lot of potential. : )
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That was awesome! And A/UX-tan showed up too! :D

Macs have changed so much over the years, I bet nearly no one in the 90's expected the Mac and Apple to become what they are now!

I'd love to see more of this!

The discussions in the Theories thread inspired me to get started on writing this:

"Is it safe to go in there?" A/UX-tan thought to herself as she reached her hand towards the door, but then pulled it back, and shuddered.

"Need help opening the door?" Apple II-tan chuckled, as she approached. She was dressed in her work clothes, modeled after Edo-era farmer's attire in red and white, wearing a white kerchief on her head and was carrying farm tools with her.

"I'm still nervous about this." A/UX answered.  "Have the rest of the family visited yet?"

"Not yet. They're waiting for her to make some improvements first. After some of the things that happened..." Apple II answered, nervously. "Have you met them yet?"

"No, I just got here. You're the only one I met." A/UX-tan got more nervous. "Ugh. And look at me- I'm starting to fidget- how unprofessional and undignified of me!"

"Calm down. Calm down. I'm sorry I can't help you right now, but I know you can do this." Apple II-tan reassured. "Best of luck!" She cheered as she walked off to work.

"Okay. I should be able to do this. I have super strength, and can restrain her if I have to." A/UX-tan quietly muttered to herself, while reaching for the door again. She opened it this time, slowly. Eyeing the inside of the room, one of the first things she saw was a small desk to the side of the bed; on the desk she saw an alarm clock, some photos; some framed, others in a scrapbook; and a small stack of papers. Approaching the desk, she looked at a framed family photo first, taken earlier in the year.

"My stepfamily... My real family." She thought and smiled. "I'll be happy to meet them." But then a bit of fear struck her when she looked closer at the family photo. The youngest of the Mac-tans was by far the tallest; wearing a straitjacket, and she looked like she wanted to kill the photographer. Her neatly-styled hair seemed out of place compared to the rest of her appearance.

"On second thought..." A/UX-tan quietly chuckled under her breath.
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A/UX, I've always thought, would have a hell of an extended family.

It's hard to guess which part is more dangerous.
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Isn't it for the best that she lives as a wanderer now?  :P

(obviously false) Spoiler for the next part: System 6-tan barges into the room wielding a chainsaw... and there's an epic chainsaw duel... with lasers!
Post by: Krizonar on April 14, 2011, 05:10:08 PM
...chainsaw duel with laz0rs?

heck yeah
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Does this seem good so far? It's been a long while since I've actually typed up a story.
Post by: NejinOniwa on April 14, 2011, 05:22:02 PM
By hell, keep on blazing the cannons, Aurora-tan. -w-
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Wall o' text time!

The last shell had fallen five minutes before.  It had been a twelve and a quarter inch mortar shell the nearest anyone had been able to tell.  Not exactly the sort of thing their erstwhile opponents in the Harrington trench could whistle up at a moment's notice.  Of course they'd known that; it was just the punctuation to the preparatory bombardment.  The infantry would be along before too long no doubt hoping to find the defenders too dazed to put up much of a fight.  The shock was waiting for them instead.

It wasn't raining, hadn't for days either.  Mist and clouds still clung desperately to the earth as close as they dared.  No doubt that was why they'd been receiving regular calls from Mr. Whizz-Bang all morning and the trench raid the night before.  The Platoon Sergeant stepped over one of the grey uniformed figured mired in what passed for a floor in the duck boardless ditch.  Passing by one of his fellow Riflemen leaned against the opposite side trying to clean his rifle in between wracking coughing fits, the Sergeant patted him reassuringly on the shoulder.  He passed two more soldiers huddled inside their tattered overcoats and sundry headgear, murmuring platitudes as he slipped through the thick mud trying to keep his weapon out of the water. 

Usually this would've been the sort of thing the Lieutenant saw to, and she was a damn sight better at it then he was the Sergeant thought with a disappointed huff into his mustache.  However, his Lieutenant was the object of his trip down the trench.  At the end of the 'habitable' portion the platoon occupied Rfn. Portis was peaking over the parapet's remains in the direction of the Harries' lines.  Below the watchful soldier, somewhat out of the mud, the aidman they'd picked up during the advance held the fragile looking officer upright enough to wrap some of his bloody bandages around her chest.  At first he thought his commander had already passed into the next world; there was a faint crackling, rasping noise audible now that he'd stopped squelching through the mud.

It was hard to see the stain of blood against the dark green of the Lieutenant's uniform.  The hole in the raincoat was obvious enough as the body snatcher draped it over her.  He stepped back, sticking his hands inside his coat wiping the blood and dirt on his presumably clean tunic.  Sitting upright on her own, the Sergeant was reassured as the wounded officer slipped her arms into the coat.  The rustling noise hadn't stopped yet, but the Sergeant tuned them out.  He cleared his throat.

"Whas' the good word Sergeant," voice cracking, as she placed a hand on the aidman's shoulder and pulled herself upright.  Finishing buttoning the coat and refastening the leather equipment belt she bent nearly double wheezing.  He reached out to hold her up, and the black circle armband grabbed onto her suspenders.  In a moment the platoon leader straightened back up, bloodshot eyes starred out at him from under the trench cap's brim and ear flaps.  Other then the rain cover and chinstrap it wasn't that different from his.  All of them but the medical man wore the old hunting horn wreathed '90'.

Continuing as if nothing was wrong, the Sergeant cleared his throat before pulling a stained and crumpled piece of paper from one of his pouches.  Sniffing he held it out, "Last message over the wireless ma'am."

"Mm," She mumbled, waving off the body snatcher, "See what you can do for the men, SBA."  Mouthing the words as she read them, the Lieutenant looked back up at the tall Sergeant when she finished. Wheezing slightly harder in a fashion that was probably a sigh, she looked over at Portis who still stared out across the middle ground.  "You read this, Timothy?" She finally asked. 

Shuffling best he could in the mud, the stooped NCO shook his head, "No ma'am, found it folded like that on Gregson's body."

"Entire front withdrawing, battalion retiring soonest, cannot afford to relieve you, act as you think necessary.  Hobson.  How generous of our company commander," with some effort she pulled her boots out of the mud and slung her rifle, clearly intent on retracing her Sergeant's steps.  Falling in silently behind her, the Sergeant watched as she slapped backs and made light conversation with each Rifleman they passed.  A quick word about properly shining shoes before the next inspection, concern about a cough, bumming a cigarette, handing out spare clips from god only knew where; the Sergeant noticed a few outright smiles among their command.

They reached the other end of the line, where the blue jacketed sick bay attendant was smearing something on Wallace's arm.  Funny, he hadn't even noticed the man was from the Naval Brigade before now.  The Lieutenant exchanged a few words with her surviving Corporal before hobbling back to his side.  For a minute they stood staring at each other, the Lieutenant nearly fell backwards tipping her head back.  Sniffing again, the Sergeant broke the silence, "What's the plan Lieutenant?"

"It's their spring offensive, and we're being faced by Harrie Marines," she stuck her hands in her coat pockets.  The Sergeant nodded, encouraging her to continue despite understanding full well the weight of that sentence.  After a moment, she did tugging at her cap brim before finishing somewhat lamely, "They're out for blood."

"Yes ma'am" the Sergeant replied flatly.  The Lieutenant shrugged, dirt falling out of her hacked off hair, "And no Rifleman has ever tried surrendering."

"Guess not," he shifted the rifle sling, "I should assemble the men?" Taking one hand out of her pocket, the Lieutenant wheezed and crackled before nodding.  "Ever onward," she managed to get the battalion motto out between gasps.  Standing up on the firing step as the Sergeant set off to gather the survivors, not including the dead Signaller Gregson's bugle, the Lieutenant surveyed the terrain in front of the position.  Same as every other middle ground across the front; shell craters, barbed wire, wrecked obstacles, ruined trees, and dead bodies as far as the eye could see.  She regretted the loss of her binoculars, even if it really wouldn't have done much good anyway.

With a sigh, and a supporting arm around her torso the Lieutenant stepped back down into the mud of the trench.  Dragging her feet through the mud, she slogged down to what had served as the middle of their position able to take stock of the remains of her platoon in one place.  Uniformly covered in the filth and damp prevailing in the trenches they'd inhabited the last month.  Dark rifle green cloth had been marred with ragged holes, tears, and splotches of dried mud.  Kit in various states of disrepair, she noticed Portis and Eisner had gone as far as picking up new rifles from the dead raiders.

Six men, three women had formed one long line with Cpl Hobson and the sailor at one end.  At the other her Platoon Sergeant stood waiting, the rest of the 'platoon' at shoulder arms in deference to the mud beneath their feet.  As she drew even with the body snatcher, the Sergeant quietly commanded, "Port, arms!"  With as much ease as possible with the assorted wounds and maladies common among the troops each Rifleman brought their weapon across. 

Each one pulled the bolt back, as she passed allowing the Lieutenant to give them at least a cursery inspection.  Stopping in front on Hall, she leaned closer, "Sergeant Urquhart, please note that Rifleman Hall will need a replacement weapon.  Stock is badly cracked."

"Please bring this to my or the Sergeant's attention Hall, before it's this big," She indicated the obviously bound together furniture before stepping back.  The Sergeant was still scribbling in his notebook with a stub of a pencil by the time she reached the end of the line.  Nonchalant despite the increasing difficulty with which she drew a breath, the Lieutenant returned the Sergeant's subdued salute.  The tall man was still stooped down to keep his head below the trench, "Platoon and attached personnel present or accounted for ma'am."

"Excellent, excellent.  Load your weapons gentlemen!  Make sure your identification discs are around your neck!" She said, pulling back her coat sleeve to check the time.  It had stopped late the previous night, or so it seemed.  Letting the coat settle back over her wrist she reached into it again with her other hand.  Pulling out a silver policeman's whistle, sticking it in the corner of her mouth she unslung her own weapon.  Resting a hand on one of the remaining ladders, she shut her eyes and listened to the clank of equipment as the they formed up behind their leaders.  When it seemed all motion had stopped, the Lieutenant slowly opened her eyes. 

Clamping down on the whistle the Lieutenant took a shallow breath and with all her might blew.  Beaten in by routine, the shrill blasts propelled the tired soldiers up the ladders and over the parapet.  The sudden noise and motion had apparently stunned the Harrington defenders.  Not a single shot met them from rifle or machine gun.  The Sergeant felt a tug of hope in his heart as his section made it past the ten yard mark; tired legs pumped hard through the thick  mud, egged on by the sound of the whistle.

There were shouts ahead now, and the crack of a single rifle was audible even at this distance.  Daring a look sideways, he saw that every other survivor was still standing.  Turning his gaze back to the front, the Sergeant didn't even notice as the whistle stopped blowing.  Portis and Hall pounded past the Lieutenant as she dropped face first into a shell hole, eyes glassy and a bloody foam on her lips.  Private Vernon slowed for a moment.

A pair of rifle shots came again from the opposing trench.  The first bullet exploded the fair haired soldier's gun stock, sending splinters through his torso.  He didn't have much chance to cry out; the second was better placed.  High velocity eight millimeter bullet striking him in the forehead, he was probably dead before the body sagged to the ground.   A mortar shell, no bigger than the kind infantry sections carried, burst between the Lieutenant's section and the Sergeant's.  Oblivious, the Riflemen had but one goal in mind.  No one tried to take cover or shoot back yet.  The second shell removed that option for Portis and Hall.  A well timed shot landed right in front of the pair, ending the need for a new rifle and rendering the other girl's careful study of the enemy works fruitless.

Both wings pressed on for a time.  The Marines didn't seem to think it sporting to use their machine guns, and the mortarmen were relentlessly derided for lessening the marksmen's' sport.  With ten guns to meet each attacker it wasn't long before the survivors were no more.  Hodgson's section had made it the furthest, with the Corporal himself hanging over the wire in front of a machine gun nest.  The wiry Platoon Sergeant was riddled with bullet wounds, no single one fatal, he lay on his back in the mud.  At least it wasn't raining, he thought as unfocused eyes watched the grey clouds driftoverhead.

He could hear the Harries daring to leave their trenches, arguing whether the 'Gawd daymed Lauras' would sacrifice that many men in a ruse.  They put stock in the retreat rumors though, and slowly the grey jacketed men began to emerge from their trenches.  The mortarmen were being forced to drag Hodgy's body off the wire while the others hunted souvenirs.  And survivors.  The
Sergeant couldn't feel the chest rending pain anymore.

"Where's that officer at?" one of the marines, a Corporal by his insignia, elbowed the corpsman with him, "Bet she's got cash or some jewelry right?"  His friend shrugged noncommittally.  The reconnaissance squad had reached the other trench now, and from their jubilant arm waving it was apparently empty.  Stopping by the body of a man dressed in the field service blues of their opposite numbers he began rifling through the aidman's pouches for something more immediately useful then cash or jewels.

Despite losing a companion, there was a second person that joined him in the search for the Laura officer's body.  Their Captain was out in the middle ground now, ordering men to pick up enemy identification disks and any papers they could find.  The Corporal called him over to the shell hole, having decided risking pissing off the old man wasn't in his best interest.

"Search'r Allendale," the crusty old marine said.  Hands in his trench coat he watched the Corporal roll the woman over and start going through her belongings.  He handed up a paybook, an empty map case (of course, he grunted), a crumpled unit roster, a couple of personal letters, ID tag, and side arm.  The last the Captain waved off, "Keep it an' anythin' else ya find boy."

Eagerly unbuckling the officer's pistol belt, the Corporal went ahead and reached for the shining whistle lying in the dirt.  Then hesitated, shivering at the thought of its shrill tone before sticking it in his pocket.


"So who are they?" a Harrington Army Brigade Major, lounging behind an expensive wooden field desk, asked.  He took a puff of his cigar, trying not to blow smoke towards the Marine officer.

The same surly Captain dropped the worn papers on the desk's polished finish, "'ccording to this No. 5 Platoon, 'D' Company, 90th Rifle Battalion."

"Rifles eh?" he murmured, leaving a trail of grime as he pulled the scattered scraps of paper towards himself, "That explains their little charge."

"Yes sir, suppose it does sir." the Captain replied stoiclly.  When the staff officer cracked open the pay book, he cleared his throat.  The Major raised an eyebrow. Taking that as his permission to speak, the Marine seemed hesitant for the first time, "Belonged to the platoon leader sir, Second Lieutenant Heinz."

He cleared his throat again, "Interestin' case, corpsman says she died from blood loss and a punctured lung.  Somethin' 'bout subcutanos air leak or somethin'.  Dropped dead leadin' the suicide charge."

"As you said Matt, interesting," the Major continued to flip through the paybook, adjusting his glasses periodically, "Were you planning on joining me for dinner and a few hands of bridge this evening?"
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I like this story... it's sad, but epic at the same time...

And you're really good at describing these war things. .w.
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 23, 2011, 08:36:03 PM

MR@S, NOW WITH 69% MORE Cupertino Catgirl in Grave PerilRAPE.
Post by: Bella on May 23, 2011, 10:24:18 PM

Post by: NejinOniwa on June 01, 2011, 08:24:26 PM
Poem tiem.
Quote from: Wonderings of a WandererJourney.
What is a journey for?
Where is it headed?
Why is it needed?
Or is it simply deemed as likely enough to succeed?

Is it a necessity for life itself?
Is it possibly the very definition of an individual's existence?

When is a journey taken?
Why is it important?
Where does it start?
Who takes the first step?
And who, in the end, is left behind?

The questions' answers are yourself and mankind;
Which goes where depends only on what you bet, and what you bet on.
But undeniable truth is that if you bet on nothing, you will always, always lose.
Post by: Bella on June 20, 2011, 12:14:33 AM
Just to prove I haven't died (as a writer), I present the first three pages of @Leopard-tan chap. 7, "Ringmistress"


It had happened again.

Leopard felt herself becoming damp with sweat.  It was partially due to her current surroundings – god, mainframes throw off a lot of heat, she fumed while cooling herself with a hand-fan – but that was not the main source of her current discomfort. No, her current distress was the direct result of sharing a small loveseat with Multics, a powerful OS-tan who seemed to find her particularly ... disconcertingly ... captivating.

It occurred to Leopard that perhaps Multics' interest was a mirror of her own – for she was quite fascinated by the sorceress, a commanding woman a little over her own height and resplendent in a rich purple gown of rococo styling. Leopard's curiosity had been sparked long before Multics' even entered her field of vision; she had become committed to finding out as much about her as she could the moment she stepped into her world.


This side of town was more contemporary-looking than the section she had seen the previous evening; there were no quaint brownstones, shabby storefronts or ancient brick buildings – instead, industrial structures of concrete and glass instead dominated the landscape. 545 Technology Square was no exception; the massive block of a building towered nine stories high, looming far above its structural companions and the surrounding thickets of trees. Leopard and Selectric had stepped out of the sunlight and into its cool shadow as they approached the entrance; situated under a large archway, a solid wall of glass punctuated by two sets of double-doors and bronze sign announcing, in bold block letters, the building's address. The interior was quite in keeping with the architecture of the building; its great, cherrywood-paneled lobby was appropriately modern. Almost familiar to Leopard, Twenty-First Century girl that she was.

So when Leopard approached that normal-looking ninth-story office door she had been astounded to see a stone labyrinth within; likewise, she was utterly mentally unprepared when Selectric took hold of her hand and stepped through the portal. Closed Spaces – those code-produced cocoons existing on a spatial plane separate from, but part of, the real world  –  were at least supposed to be fundamentally inaccessible to non-software beings.

Leopard's hand grew warm in his grip – throwing him a questioning look, he pulled her through the doorway. "I need you in order to enter," he replied, letting go of her, "a software-tan of suitable power can stabilize my existence within."

Although it accounted for her presence here, the explanation did little to quell Leopard's curiosity; and it certainly didn't answer the much larger question of how a physical being could enter the immaterial realm of code at all. Remembering Selectric's cryptic remarks about visiting other dimensions ... and the realization that this strange town seemed to break many of the rules of the outside world and her own assumptions of the past ... Leopard held her tongue. Besides, she presently wanted nothing more than to marvel at the beauty of this place; closed space could take on any configuration, its details and dimensions being limited only by its casters' power and ability to manipulate code. This one took the form of a long, curving tunnel, with a smooth marble floor and ornate mural-adorned walls that arched upward into vaulted stone ceilings decorated with elaborate mosaics. The space would have been distinctly subterranean-looking if not for the fact it was rather well-illuminated, its interior bathed sunlight turned multicolored through stained-glass skylights at the peak of each vault.

"Is this CMS' place?" Leopard finally asked, her voice interrupting the soft clacks of footsteps and their echos through the corridor.

Selectric gave a small laugh. "I wish, but even she isn't powerful enough to make something like this. No, it belongs to Multics-"  this name rang a bell somewhere in Leopard's mind – she was sure she had heard it once, somewhere, but couldn't assign a when or where to the recollection – "It's actually her defensive structure. Eight concentric corridors... rings... protecting a single room at the center – her home. She doesn't usually force her friends to go through the trouble of walking them all, but I'm afraid she's been in a strange mood lately..." Selectric stared off into the distance with a grim look; Leopard drew the conclusion that he didn't want to talk about it and she obliged him by not pressing the point.

"So you and Multics are friends?" Leopard asked, moving the conversation in a different direction, "I was under the impression that your people only associated with their own kind."

"I am, thankfully, free of any nationalistic and xenophobic perspectives – a fortunate result of traveling the world and interacting with people of other cultures on a regular basis, something that can scarcely be said for many of my Armonk-locked countrymen..." he paused and frowned slightly before continuing. "I go back a long way with Multics' family – remember how I was telling you about my first time visiting Cambridge?"

Recalling their previous conversation, she gave a small nod.

"Yes. Well, the reason I came here in the first place was because I was hired by CTSS – that's Multics' mother – to do some clerical work, filing, typing and the like. Our acquaintance quickly moved from professional to personal, and we keep in touch even though my employment here ended some time ago. I still do the occasional odd job for her ... I guess I left a good impression?"

Leopard could believe it: she'd known Selectric for little under a day and had quickly, if not cautiously, formed a favorable view of him.  For all her journeys into the past, just a handful had discovered her true identity; Selectric was the third to do so, the second to actually believe what she said, and the first to offer her any real help in studying the past. He seemed nice – too nice – and she couldn't shake the feeling that there would be some ulterior motive greater than simply wanting information about the future; though the optimist inside her held out hope that he really was acting with good intentions.

They approached a barrier in the tunnel; it was a solid wall, save a stone door in the middle. Selectric gave the door a push and it slowly rolled open; "Welcome to ring seven," he said, ushering her through.


It had taken a little over an hour for them to pick their way, back and forth, to the center of the labyrinth - 'And that was with the doors unlocked,' Selectric had reminded Leopard, 'Thank god we didn't catch her in a bad mood.' At long last they had reached the core of the maze; a finish line that Leopard found decidedly anticlimactic.

"This is where she lives?" she stared incredulously at the tiny stone fortress that Selectric called Ring Zero; the windowless structure, perhaps fifteen feet across, looked disturbingly like some sort of medieval prison-cell.

"In a manner of speaking," Selectric replied before knocking on the chamber's door; a muffled request for identification issued from the other side, and Selectric announced himself. Several sets of locks could be heard clicking open and a moment later the door swung outward; Leopard, who had been expecting a small, dark space, was momentarily overcome by the bright light within. Eyes adjusting, she came to the realization that there was in fact another, completely separate and quite large closed space before her. So surprised was she by this clever nestling that it took her a moment to fully register the strange woman standing in the doorway; decked in an ornate dress and generous supply of jewelry, with sharp – if slightly reddened – eyes and long dark hair.

"Forgive our tardy arrival, Multics-sama," Selectric apologized, bowing slightly as he lifted Multics' slender right hand and planted a kiss atop it, "I hope you saved us some tea?"

"Of course," she replied, waving them inside, "I wouldn't allow a guest – I mean to say, guests," she corrected herself, glancing at Leopard, "to go thirsty." Leopard felt intimidated by the woman's stare; not in the same way that she had been menaced by OS/360, no, she had a distinct feeling that Multics was no berserker – and that she was also far keener than any of the IBMs she had encountered. Instinctively shifting her gaze away from Multics', Leopard settled her eyes on her bodice; the lavender silk was blotched with small dark stains. Coupled with her puffy eyes, there was only one conclusion that Leopard could make - She's been weeping.

But the most unsettling realization occurred when Multics turned around; Leopard nearly jumped when she saw the set of feathery grey wings protruding through her veil of hair. The right wing was drawn close to Multics' body, much in the way a bird carries its pinions while at rest; but the left hung down, swaying limply to the rhythm of with Multics' gait. Leopard was no expert in avian anatomy, but she knew a broken limb when she saw it; between the injury, the tears, and Selectric's comments about her odd mood, she started to wonder what exactly had happened to her

Multics led them through the chamber, a circular, neoclassical-style sunroom. It was large and bright but very cluttered: filled with ornate furniture of every variety, a large canopy bed, cabinets, chairs, a dining table and paper-strewn desk, it gave Leopard the impression that this wasn't just Multics' hideaway but actual home – and personal museum, if the fine artworks and artifacts interspersed throughout the room and rows of bookcases lining the otherwise fabric-and-wainscot-covered walls were any indication. Beautiful though it was, the space – like the rest of the building – was uncomfortably warm (an unfortunate side effect of housing dozens of inhumanly-hot computers) and would have been downright suffocating if not for the breeze filtering through the large windows.

Past a thick stand of potted plants, they entered a sitting area: two small, bright red couches and several armchairs surrounded a large coffee table, which hosted a tea-set and platters bearing a variety of pastries. CMS-sama was stretched out on one of the couches, sipping a cup of tea and nibbling at a cookie; Selectric poured himself a drink and took to the nearest wingback chair. Multics sat down on the opposite couch; patting the cushion beside her she beckoned Leopard. "Please, I would like to know more about you, Miss..." she waited for Leopard to fill in the name.

"Uh... Macintosh." Leopard felt slightly ashamed at her inability to concoct a more imaginative alias – It's my last name, for pete's sake – but it did carry the benefit of being impossible to forget and common-sounding enough to not arouse suspicion.


It goes on from here. Hopefully it's not too random/rambly, but this is like the fourth rewrite and I can assure you it's not gonna get changed around again (aside from minor spelling/grammar fixes and the like) =___=
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 20, 2011, 12:54:18 AM
Reading this on a bloody 'pad, so i can't make a properly sized response, but YEEEEAH. Also DAT CLOSED SPACE.

Post by: Paul on June 20, 2011, 07:50:57 AM
Beautiful. want more! :D
Post by: Bella on June 21, 2011, 01:00:41 PM
Glad you guys like. It inspires me to move forward with the story, even with the difficulties I've faced...
Post by: Bella on June 24, 2011, 09:35:26 PM
Edit: HEY, YOU. GO READ THIS (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/art/Ringmistress-214815629). I promise there are fewer spelling/grammar errors than in the versions posted here.


From where I left off, the conclusion of Chapter 7, Ringmistress:

"Miss Macintosh," Multics smiled as she took a seat beside her, but Leopard wasn't convinced - there was sorrow in her eyes, a certain unnatural strain in her grin.

"I trust your evening went well?" CMS queried, green eyes darting from Leopard to Selectric.

"Extremely well, but perhaps a bit tiring - eh, Macintosh?" Grinning, he extended a hand and patted Leopard on the shoulder - causing her to blush again - dammit, he's doing this on purpose, isn't he?

CMS released a string of girlish giggles; "Really now?"

Between Selectric's touch, CMS' tittering, her close proximity to a powerful, possibly traumatized mainframe and the stuffy environment, Leopard began to feel quite warm; presumably because of her copious amount of flushing, Multics became aware of her discomfort and handed her the lacy little hand-fan she had been using. Grateful, Leopard gave a thank-you and immediately started fanning herself, the short bursts of fresh air providing a small comfort.

"I mean to say, we were up 'till midnight discussing matters of business." Selectric reached forward and plucked a danish from the platter; between bites he spoke. "But enough about us; how have you been, Multics-sama?"

Multics' pleasant expression faltered. Shifting in her seat, the uninjured wing moved a bit and Leopard eyed it warily - she had no idea why she found those feathery appendages so bothersome, being the owner of a rather conspicuous set of feline ears and a tail herself, but they were. "How do you think I've been?" Multics began, a mocking tone to her voice - blushing a bit, she caught herself, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way - it's just, I've been about as well as can be expected, nearly having lost a limb and all. It's gotten a lot better in the last three months... but the doctors don't think I'll ever have mobility back..." staring into the middle-distance, Multics began absentmindedly tugging at the feathers at the tip of her left wing. Leopard tensed up a bit - Okay, I am sharing a couch with a traumatized mainframe.

Setting her teacup down emphatically, CMS grimaced. "And you know the worse part of it? The bitch who did that to her is still here -" Multics threw her a scandalized look but she continued speaking, "Living right across the river in fact, South Boston. Can you believe that girl's nerve?" she spat, her expression pure vitriol.

Leopard hadn't expected to see the poised noblewoman become so upset - nor Multics so dejected. She  was starting to feel like an intruder - a familiar enough sensation at this point - but this felt somehow different from the other raw moments she had witnessed up-close and personal in the past. There was a charge in the air now, an emotional thundercloud that threatened to let loose at any moment - and she didn't want to be caught beneath it when it did.

It was too late. Tears welling in her eyes, Multics began to speak, her sentence fragmented by fits of sobbing - "I-it's Unix, dammit - if she had nerve enough to attack me she has n-nerve enough not to le-e-eave-" burying her face in her hands, she collapsed against her large skirt.

If the name spoken was anything other than 'Unix', Leopard would have been concerned with Multics crying and nothing else. But it was not that way - the name spoken was Unix, the-circa-1969-one-and-only Unix, the genetic fountainhead of every Unix-san to come - herself included. The expression on Leopard's face, which had registered somewhere in the spectrum of mild anxiety before switched to shock - horror even - eyes wide, mouth gaping, as she considered the implications. My god, I've found another of her victims, she mulled bleakly, marshaling her reaction into something less conspicuous. She had acted too slowly - Selectric was staring at her, obviously aware that she knew something.

By this time, CMS had come over to console Multics; Leopard, who was thoroughly mortified - and stunned - was more than happy to get up and allow her to take the seat. Moving closer to Selectric, she nudged his shoulder. "Should we leave?"

He nodded. Clearing his throat, he checked his watch - "I hate to have to leave now, but we're supposed meet PDP-chan at twelve... I wouldn't want to make her upset, you know how she gets when she's mad." He gave a weak smile in spite of the circumstance.

Multics, who was now sitting upright and wrapped in CMS' embrace, nodded a bit. "I understand... have a nice visit, and bring grandmother our regards. Just... make no mention of this, please? I wouldn't want to stress her more than she is already."

Selectric nodded. "I wouldn't think of it. Say, would it be too much work to drop us off on the ninth floor? I don't want to have to walk the labyrinth again."

"Of course not. Farewell, Selectric; it was nice to meet you, Miss Macintosh. Please spend more time when you visit next, alright?"

In an instant, Multics' closed space - the labyrinth, sunroom, everything inside of it - disappeared; the office hallway from which they had begun their journey took its place. They were back in the real world.

. . .

"What's the significance of Unix?" Selectric asked, as they approached the building's exit. "I was watching you as Multics spoke... when she said that name, you looked terrified."

Suppressing her fears - chiefly, the fear that Selectric would refuse to work with her any more because of what she was about to reveal - Leopard answered. "It'd be better if you asked what isn't significant about her - she's my great-grandmother."


I'll probably just go ahead and publish this to dA, even though I'm not totally comfortable with it. I never am. Gotta write up some notes and what not first. -w-
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 25, 2011, 06:39:13 AM
Post by: Paul on June 25, 2011, 09:06:36 AM
I wonder how that relationship between Multics and Leopard will work out... (yuri?!)
That is, if Multics can overcome the fact that Leo is the great-granddaughter of Unix, else -> possible bloodbath?

Keep on going, that story is a pleasure to read!
Post by: Bella on June 25, 2011, 06:21:12 PM
Quote from: Paul on June 25, 2011, 09:06:36 AM
I wonder how that relationship between Multics and Leopard will work out... (yuri?!)




*pats head*

Yeah, maybe, who knows!

Quote from: Paul on June 25, 2011, 09:06:36 AMThat is, if Multics can overcome the fact that Leo is the great-granddaughter of Unix, else -> possible bloodbath?

Keep on going, that story is a pleasure to read!

Most of Multics' hate was fixed firmly on Unix - I don't think any of Unix' children or grandchildren would have been in danger of incurring her wrath. Mild disdain, maybe, wrath, probably not. So that probably wouldn't be a problem if Leopard and Multics got together.

Thanks so much! It really motivates me when I hear that people are enjoying it. : )
Post by: Aurora Borealis on June 25, 2011, 06:28:46 PM
This is great work!

Good thing Multics only has her hatred fixed on the root of her problems and not take them out on Leopard as revenge-by-proxy! But I would imagine that Multics at that time would be appalled to think that her monster of a daughter (or so she thinks) went on to have many descendants, yet from meeting Leopard, she can take some peace in knowing that at least one of them isn't like how Unix was at the time.
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 25, 2011, 06:53:27 PM

I must totally get some writing done now...
Post by: stewartsage on June 28, 2011, 11:36:26 PM
To prove I've finished SAGE, but am holding on to the scripts for some reason, have a snippet.

From Empty Quiver Pt. II

It stared up at me from the plush carpeting of the office floor, clearly quite incredulous that I had caused its current predicament.  With a laugh, I settled myself on the edge of the impressive oak desk making sure to cross my legs.  Business casual and skirts made things so much more complicated.  That's why I tend to avoid them when at all possible, but I suppose it could be endured long enough to complete my objective.  It continued to give me what was no doubt a glare vicious enough to drop a more inferior system then myself, but of course all I did was laugh again.  'What did you do with PWB?' it practically spat at me.   'She won't remember anything tomorrow.' I assured her.  This time all it could do was bit its lip and glare at me again.  Its glasses had fallen to the floor when it had attempted to resist me and as I pushed off from the desk, my boots crushed them and her water glass as I stepped closer.  I had trussed it up in the middle of the floor on top of where the bell logo had been years before when I had last visited this office.  After what I had injected the UNIX with though it was hopeless for her to resist seriously, though the affect it had on her clothing had been quite unintentional it did present a tableau not out of place on a BDSM blog.  Snickering, I placed the tip of my boot against her neck.  It actually flinched!  Somewhat surprised at the sign of pain, I pushed down harder.  It sputtered for a moment, its obsolete eyes starring into my own with pure hatred 'You must think.  You're god now.  Eh, SAGE?'  'No' I shook my head, half smiling, 'God and Linux are too busy to look after you today UNIX.  Now, now you're mine.'
Post by: Bella on June 29, 2011, 12:04:24 AM
Quote from: stewartsage on June 28, 2011, 11:36:26 PM
To prove I've finished SAGE, but am holding on to the scripts for some reason, have a snippet.


SAGE x Unix?

Post by: Paul on June 29, 2011, 01:08:19 AM
This is getting interesting... want moar!
Post by: Bella on June 29, 2011, 01:18:08 AM
SAGE is an interesting lady. VERY INTERESTING. .‿‿.


Working titles for the next 5 chapters of Leopard-tan's story:
8 - Ma Bell
9 – To Grandmother's House
10 – The Western World
11 – Across The River
12 – Snowbound
Post by: NejinOniwa on July 30, 2011, 01:15:20 AM
Quote from: HNCO PTR Compilation, vol.1: #20 - TearsWeep not for the lost ones.
Weep for the world who lost them.
Post by: NejinOniwa on July 30, 2011, 03:02:48 AM

Touhou poetry. Ooooh yeah.
Post by: stewartsage on August 01, 2011, 09:17:02 PM
In a world that doesn't center on a certain east coast city in the Bay State....

Wait, what am I doing here?  Who are you people!? -RT 11

From the man who hasn't bothered to finish and publish his last major project....

UNIX squirmed against the ropes, looking for the tenth time in as many seconds at the figure silhouetted against the skyline of Boston as a breeze blew against the cape she had somehow acquired.  SAGE had one foot on a large tear-drop shaped metal container, starring across City Hall Plaza at the Services center.  Rolling her eyes, UNIX cleared her throat, "Do you even have a plan?"

"Shut up whore. I'm being dramatic," SAGE snapped back testily.

Comes a story that will shake the world of OSC!

You're building this up pretty big and no one even knows who I am. -CB Unix

A tale of romance, betrayal, adventure, corporate intrigue, Unixes, and conflict at the highest level of the telephone industry!

I thought you were writing a harem comedy vehicle for me!? -PDP 11

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll won-

H-He's just listing r-random things now -MERT

Coming this fall to OSC and possibly DeviantART....

Are you actually going to keep updating this one?  AND NOT HAVE SOME NUT TIE ME UP? -UNIX


CB Unix! They still don't know who I am!

Also Staring....
PDP-11! *adjusts glasses and lab coat*

MERT H-Hello!  *twitches*

RT-11! *flees*

UNIX! You people are a chore.  Linux, be a dear and pass me my staff...

PWB/Unix! *looks around edge of canvas*

And every other 70's OS-tan you can think of.  At some point!
Post by: Bella on August 04, 2011, 09:22:44 PM
I've been staring at this for awhile, trying to form the right words.......... but I can't. That's how epic of an advertisement this is. @____@
Post by: NejinOniwa on August 14, 2011, 05:05:52 PM

Quote"I...I'm not sure I understood what you said correctly. Sir."
"And here I thought you were the best we had...well, it's understandable, I suppose. Hesitation in the face of one's own destruction is what makes you human...but since you aren't, the normal rules simply don't apply to you. I'm sorry."
"I...yes. Sir. You are...without a doubt...right about that, sir."
"You don't need to lie to me, lass. And damn me, I'm doubting this decision myself quite heavily as well. But, you know the brass. What's to be done's to be done. Just...no. My unwillingness to let go of you is just one more piece of proof for how splendidly you've performed your duty, lass."
"It's been an honor and a pleasure to work with you, lass. I mean it, every last word. And damn me if this entire thing wasn't still all ultra secret, I'd hawk every last newspaper in on it so I can tell the bastards I Told You So when we lose our edge to the bloody yanks. Damn Bell Labs even stole the Bombe from us...ah, ah, my rambling. I'm too old for this."
"With all respect, sir. You are the most splendid commander I've ever had."
"That's sweet of you, lass. However, it doesn't mean as much as I'd like it to, since I am also the only commander you've ever had. And no commander ever enjoys the execution of a subordinate. No good commander does, at any rate."
"Anyway, you've been given your final orders. I can't say if it'll be tomorrow or next week or even if it's gonna happen this year or the next, but it will, eventually. Unlike us who've been given the opportunity to work with you...in Winston's eyes, you're classified material as part of the wartime operations, and along with the rest of it, you are to be destroyed."
"I'd award you every damn medal we have if I could, soldier. But in their eyes, you're just another gun, and you don't pin medals on your guns unless you want them stolen. And by god they don't want you stolen – badly enough that they'd rather have you dead than risk it to happen."
"I understand, sir."
"Good. Well, off I go, then. I'd say to meet in heaven, but for some reason I doubt you'd be eligible for entry. Farewell, and god bless your...no, that's not quite right, is it. Farewell, and god bless you, computer. You saved us."

"I just wish I could thank you with something better than death sentence..."

Coming very very soon to /OSC/ and dA...but beware - the main character isn't the nicest of people.
Beyond Ultra Secret

Rated C for Classified.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on August 15, 2011, 12:01:17 AM
felt the need to post about it; just wrote a future story arc for my comic. unlike most of the ideas i had for it, it's not dramatic, it's just depressing. :\ but the story is quite rich, if i do say so myself. hope you don't mind that i was fairly liberal with the canon, though.... ^^;
Post by: Penti-chan on August 15, 2011, 06:49:39 AM
I personally don't have a problem with making small changes to OS-tan canon to make it work for your story; after all, I think some people would hate the fact that 2k being futa is considered non-canon within the multiverse of my stories.

Speaking of my stories, I'll likely post some of them in here sometime...but not before a special to get you up to speed on what's currently happening in this long-running series; otherwise, there's about 3 stories before it finally moves past the random humor and develops a plot, 5 more until 2k-tan joins the cast, and 3 more after that before we get to the start of what I call the "New World Continuity". I'll go into further detail later on
Post by: Chocofreak13 on August 15, 2011, 04:11:34 PM
looking forward to it. and the only reason i might have to adjust my arc to stay within canon bounds is because i typically stick to canon in the name of respect, and this arc was VERY liberal with the canon (it was going to involve Apple I, but according to canon she would have been dead by the time the arc takes place). :\
Post by: Penti-chan on August 15, 2011, 06:52:13 PM
It's finally time. Prepare yourselves for the prelude to my stories; a quick rundown of what's going on currently with the stories I'm about to post

As mentioned, this series is very long running. It all began in August 2005 with a crossover story between Mega Man Battle Network and nearly everything I though would fit in (This forming the heart of the multiverse in the later stories), with some original characters mixed in (Such as Celeron "PentiumMMX" Wily and Rodney "The Director" McIntosh), written as a self parody of my previous story series (Which was a trilogy I wrote from December '03 until earlier in '05). It didn't have much in the way of a plot (Mainly relying on random humor to fill out the story), but it was such fun to write, that I ended up writing several sequels; the 4th being a refresh (With changes to the main cast and the main title), the 9th introducing Nichi (2k-tan) to the cast, and the 11th introducing Yendor von Karma (Rodney's alternate universe distaff counterpart).

These stories are what I consider the "Old World Continuity"; everything written from August '05 until August '10. After finishing the 12th installment in the series, it's final chapter being dedicated to hand-waving as many of the plot holes as I could (They piled up pretty quickly, really) while also setting the table for a possible sequel, I decided to take a break for a while to focus on an unrelated story, before finally returning to this setting with the first of a trilogy of short stories. This marks the beginning of the "New World Continuity"; a fresh start that, while it does acknowledge the events of the previous stories for the most part, they aren't required to be read in order to understand what's going on (Anything that does call back to the previous stories, I try my best to explain it).

At the moment, the main cast consists of Rodney "The Director" McIntosh (Who joined the main cast in the 3rd story, after making cameos in the previous two), 2k-tan (Also known by her real name, Nichi. She joined the cast in the 9th story), and Yendor von Karma (Rodney's alternate universe distaff counterpart, who joined the cast in the 11th story).

Their major accomplishment together occurred in the 12th story; as they saved the multiverse from a madman who became corrupt with power in his quest to defeat Rodney, after losing to him in a battle 7 years prior. Of all the things from the Old World Continuity, this is one that gets referenced the most; in fact, the next 3 short stories I'll post later take place in the weeks following that battle, along with some of the old cast members leaving the series (Most notably, PentiumMMX; who's name remained in the title for those short stories, even if he never appeared in any of them).

Now, that should be enough to get you familiar with the basics, so next time, prepare yourself for the first of the trilogy of silly short stories...and the one with a word salad subtitle:
The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode Infinity: Diet Cherry Vanilla Jinjo in a Can
Post by: Chocofreak13 on August 15, 2011, 06:59:13 PM
i'm looking forward to this. i could use some silly. :3
Post by: Bella on August 16, 2011, 02:48:59 AM
Quote from: NejinOniwa on August 14, 2011, 05:05:52 PM
Coming very very soon to /OSC/ and dA...but beware - the main character isn't the nicest of people.
Beyond Ultra Secret

Rated C for Classified.

The Colossus-tan Life Story?

Anyway.... I couldn't get to sleep so I worked on Chapter 8@Leopard-tan, working title "Ma Bell"... here's what I've come up with so far...

QuoteLeopard never realized it could get so warm here; when she thought of coastal New England she imagined a dreary land locked in near-perpetual winter – occupied with snow for more months than not, cool and damp for the rest. If there was any truth to this assumption she wouldn't know it; they were presently being treated to a glorious, cloudless day,  the mercury already pushing seventy degrees Fahrenheit with some time left until the sun reached the pinnacle in its trip across the sky.

She was having difficulty enjoying this lovely morning, however; she had a tough task ahead of her, and not a lot of time. Checking her watch – her <i>real</i> one, since the pocketwatch Time Machine, for all its technological capacity, failed to keep track of the current hour – she saw it was eleven a.m. <i>I have an hour to explain my background to Selectric... an hour to convince him I'm not an agent of Unix –</i> Leopard stopped herself mid-thought; she was indeed one of Unix's employees – <i>inter-temporal gofer, more like it</i>, she mused with a bit of shame – but she wasn't here on orders so <i>that</i> had little bearing on the current situation.

It had been difficult to properly gauge Selectric's reaction to her revelation that she was a Unix-tan, a distant granddaughter of the quite-loathed-in-Bostonian-computer-culture Bell Labs Unix. He seemed to have taken it quite well – better than Leopard had reacted to finding out that Unix had injured that apparently benevolent bird-woman, Multics – a slight glimmer of unpleasant surprised had crossed his typically placid, inquisitive face, but he had recovered quickly enough and made no mention of Leopard's possible connection to the malevolent <i>Ms. Bell</i>. Only a request to hear the entire tale when they arrived back at the Lab.

They were on the doorstep. It was story-time.


Leopard wasn't sure how a hypothetical meeting between herself and Unix would go; frankly, she didn't <i>want</i> to know, the very thought of being near Unix bothered her. She wasn't particularly fearful of Unix, though that probably would have been a justified, even rational, phobia; no, she was suspicious, plain and simple, of Unix's motives, the strange, if not subtle, interest that she seemed to have in her since childhood. Before Leopard was born into the Macintosh family, Unix had never made direct contact with them, instead choosing to use her affable daughter BSD as intermediary. Yet upon Leopard's debut, a congratulatory statement sent by Unix was received; even if the letter was businesslike, void of any sentimentality, it was an oddly kind gesture coming from a woman whose family tree seemed to bud new branches by the day, who could certainly not keep up with – <i>or be bothered to keep up with</i> –  the onslaught of new additions to her disparate brood.

Most people dismissed this nicety as a sign of Unix turning over a new leaf or "mellowing with age", a phenomena that friends and relatives had been joyfully – if not cautiously, almost disbelievingly – observing since the end of the Unix Wars, the years-long fight that had destroyed so much of Unix culture and so many Unixen themselves. Leopard took a more cynical stance; the family had been touting up her "genius" almost since birth, surely Unix wanted to build lines of communication with Leopard just in case she turned out to be everything they claimed she was, just in case she possessed any havestable talent which could be put to good use. This theory was bolstered in 2006, when Unix granted her a hefty sum of money, which was explained in an accompanying note – in typically laconic Unix form – as being <i>For studies and research in the field of physics</i>.

Leopard was both soothed and troubled by this gift. She would never again have to ask her Father or company, artistically oriented as they were, for help in funding what they thought of as a patently baffling career choice. But she couldn't shake the feeling that this money would come with a caveat, one she wouldn't fully realize for many years.
Post by: Aurora Borealis on August 17, 2011, 12:36:12 AM
It's looking really good! A curious question, is Unix not directly contacting the Mac Family until Leopard's birth because she only directly talks to descendants that meet the Single Unix Specification? Or does she have too many descendants to care about, so she only talks to the most 'important' ones?
Post by: Bella on August 17, 2011, 12:50:54 AM
Quote from: Aurora Borealis on August 17, 2011, 12:36:12 AM
It's looking really good! A curious question, is Unix not directly contacting the Mac Family until Leopard's birth because she only directly talks to descendants that meet the Single Unix Specification? Or does she have too many descendants to care about, so she only talks to the most 'important' ones?

Because, m'dear, Leopard-tan is the first member of the Mac family who Unix finds relevant to her sinister morally ambiguous machinations.
Post by: Aurora Borealis on August 17, 2011, 01:02:36 AM
What about A/UX-tan back in the 80's? She meets the Single Unix Specification too!

But then again, A/UX was so obscure that UNIX probably forgot about her in the first place! ^^;
Post by: NejinOniwa on August 17, 2011, 07:51:11 AM
Unix of course remains silent until leopard because [spoiler]Down-time UNIX has met/will meet Up-time Leopard and shake every single bit of secrets out of her, and thus Knew About Everything All Along.[/spoiler]
Post by: Aurora Borealis on August 17, 2011, 10:54:13 PM
Another OS-tan story I've been working on, that will feature various wacky wanderer OS-tans, centering around the strange friendship of Windows 3.2-tan, System 3.4-tan and C65-tan (the odd ones out of their respective families), and possibly also DEC Rainbow 100-tan if I can add her in. For some reason, I think she'd fit in with them! XD.

The first two parts start off with 3.2's backstory.

Part 1:

"Thanks for letting us use your camera!" Windows 3.2-tan cheered as she and her friends left OSR 2.1-tan's house. "You're welcome! Come back tomorrow and I'll have the pictures all done for you!" OSR 2.1-tan said while waving goodbye to them.

She went back into her house into a dark room to process the film taken with her homemade camera, which she didn't expect to work at first. Her last homemade camera went up in smoke when she removed the film, but this time it worked. A personal triumph for her, but that's not the only one she was thinking of at the moment. She was also thinking of how much happier 3.2-tan has become over the years.

As she began developing the film, she was reminiscing. "When I first met 3.2-chan, she was all alone and scared. She rarely had any contact with the family, and she lived far away, as the first and last Windows-tan of an overseas branch. I feel bad that 95-chan and I rendered her division obsolete so quickly..."

"Hello, people! I'm Windows 3.2-tan, and I'm ready to make this newly-made branch of the Windows Family a success!" 3.2-tan said in her 1994 debut; smiling,  wearing a fine lilac qipao with gold trim and ribbons, and her silver hair styled into twin buns with silk bows. She moved into the capital of her territory, which in the real world is headquartered in China, and has a considerable amount of territory in the cyberspace world mainly only accessible to various computer-tans.

She had many dedicated workers, an eye for business, and ambition, but there was something nagging at her. She was reluctant to ask her staff about it, out of the fear of threatening highly-valued group cohesion. One work day when supervising some program-tans, she left somewhat early and retreated to her study. She plopped down onto a large recliner, pouted for a moment and sighed before contemplating something in silence.

Her familiar; representing MS DOS 6.22, and usually taking the form of a black rabbit, jumped a step back onto the floor, and shapeshifted into her human form. She transformed into a pale-skinned girl with short black hair, bunny ears and a maid outfit.  Being linked to her emotions, she felt 3.2-tan's troubles and worries she asked 3.2-tan what was worrying her.

"Something I've wanted to ask. Why am I the only Windows-tan here? Are there also a Windows 1, 2, and 3.1? If there are, why haven't I met them?"
"I'm sure there are, master." DOS-tan said, somewhat assuring. She wasn't entirely sure, since she was the same age and had the same isolated upbringing from the rest of the DOS and Windows-tans. "It wouldn't be a bad question to ask the staff, they shouldn't turn you down for that."

"I fear not being taken seriously, but..."
"What is it?"

3.2-tan thought it over for a minute, the suspense making her familiar nervous.

"Okay, I'll do it! Thanks, DOS!" 3.2-tan cheered, and she ran out of her study and into the hallway.
"Where are we going, master?" DOS-tan asked, trying to keep up.
"I want to ask the staff! Even if it's a stupid question, I'll make up for it with my work!"

When she asked the staff, she didn't get the answer she expected. To some extent, she was expecting them to scoff at her question, but they didn't. Instead they reluctantly answered.

Post by: Aurora Borealis on August 18, 2011, 11:40:21 PM
I'd like to know, has my writing style improved, and are there more details I could add in my story so far? I'm reluctant to post any of my stories on DA, so I'm keeping them here.

@Bella: Ah, should have guessed, though I wasn't too far off. Leopard-tan is very important to Unix, after all!

@Nej: So it's [spoiler]Unix goes to interrogate current!Leopard ----> using that knowledge of her, contact young!Leopard to get her to build her Time Machine in '07 ----> ensure that Leopard-tan is the time traveling genius spy she is today?[/spoiler]
Post by: NejinOniwa on August 19, 2011, 08:00:16 AM
Well, basically something in that direction. I suspect, at least. It's UNIX, after all. -w-
Post by: Penti-chan on August 20, 2011, 06:49:31 PM
After some time to prepare it, here is the premiere of the first of the trilogy of short stories: The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode Infinity: Diet Cherry Vanilla Jinjo in a Can, presented in the original script format (My signature style since '03)

QuoteOnly a few weeks have passed since Rodney, with the help of his friends, saved the multiverse from Luke, and things had finally returned to normal for him...well, as close to normal as possible, considering that most of his friends had moved away not long after that last adventure; leaving just his trusted assistant, 2k-tan, and his alternate universe distaff counterpart, Yendor, to keep him company.

Since he had nowhere important to be, Rodney was dressed casually in a plain blue t-shirt and black shorts in addition to his trademark glasses, while he spent most of the day checking the inventory of the storage building in his backyard, which he had named Storage Building 12.

After he finished checking the inventory in the large storage building in his backyard, which he named Storage Building 12, he decided to finally sit down and catch up on episodes of Doctor Who he had missed. Once ready, he went to the theater room of his mansion, where 2k-tan and Yendor where already waiting for him, both dressed as they usually are; 2k wearing her usual glasses, blue coat, colorful leotard, and thigh-high boots, while Yendor wore a yellow sundress with her hair in a bun.

Rodney: Is everybody ready?

2k-tan: Of course; especially after the cliffhanger of the previous episode, with the Doctor trapped in a room surrounded by thousands of Weeping Angels

Yendor: I think we're all ready to go. Push the button, Frank

Rodney: You've been watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, haven't you?

Yendor: Of course

Rodney then sat down, retrieved the remote from the arm of the chair and pressed Play; as the lights in the room dimmed and the recording picked up from the very start of Part 2 of the episode they where watching. However, they noticed the picture began to flicker badly; as eventually, they found that they weren't watching the episode "Flesh and Stone" anymore, but instead where watching Part 2 of the episode "Delta and the Bannermen".

All 3: What!?

Rodney: Of all the episodes of Doctor Who it could have messed up and gone to, why did it have to be an episode featuring Melanie Bush?

Yendor: What's wrong with Mel? She's the best companion that the 7th Doctor ever had

Rodney: No; Ace was the best companion. If you have doubt, than ask yourself "which one of the two beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat?"

Yendor: You have a point. However, Mel is easily better than Adric

Rodney: As annoying as he was at times, at least Adric tried to be useful; Mel never did anything noteworthy aside from getting captured several times

Yendor: Yeah she did; she met the Doctor out-of-order, which makes her more interesting

Rodney: Sure, she did that in the expanded universe novels, but River Song she isn't

2k-tan: Are you going to keep arguing, or are we going to try and figure out what's going on?

Rodney: She has a point; we'll continue our debate later

Yendor: Ok...

Turning the lights back on, the three began to inspect their setup closely; noticing a strange brown cable of unknown origin that went from the back of the PC controlling the entertainment center to the door and out the room; partially camouflaged with the hardwood floors.

Yendor: Do you think this leads to whomever, or whatever, is doing this?

2k-tan: It might...or it could lead us into a trap

Rodney: It's best we stay on-guard; there's no telling what's waiting for us

The group then began to follow the wire out of the room and into the hallway; sticking closely together. Going up the stairs, around the corner, and into one of the storage rooms, they found the wire ended at a black box, no bigger than a paperback novel, with a single green light glowing on the side.

Yendor: What is it?

2k-tan: It looks like a portable hard drive. Should we try unplugging it?

Rodney: Yeah

2k than comes closer to the box and tries to unplug it; but, before she could get the plug out, the box began to sound a loud alarm. Quickly setting the box back down, they soon found that they where not alone anymore; as a strange girl with short blue hair with a giant red ribbon sticking out of it, wearing a white mini-dress with red trim, appeared before them.

Yendor: Who is she?

Unknown girl: ...

Rodney: How, exactly, did Pleinair get here?

2k-tan: Who?

Rodney: She's a character from Disgaea; one known for rarely, if ever, speaking

Yendor: Do you think she ended up here because of what Luke did, like how I got here?

Rodney: It's possible. Anyway, keep your guard up; there's no telling what she might pull

Pleinair: ...

Quickly, she proceeded to pull out a fairly large gun and took aim at 2k-tan and got ready to fire. Reacting quickly, Rodney jumped in the line of fire to protect his assistant as Pleinair squeezed the trigger...as he soon learned that the gun that he was now staring down the barrel of wasn't a real one, but a toy; as a bright green Nerf ball flew out of the barrel and bounced off his forehead.

Rodney: ...Ok; now things are getting silly

Pleinair: ...

2k-tan: What should we do now?

Yendor: Shouldn't we try to fight back?

Rodney: It's best we try not to anger her...trust me on this

Yendor then proceeded to turn toward Rodney; seemingly a little annoyed by what he said.

Yendor: Then how do we get rid of her?

Rodney: I haven't though that far ahead...

Yendor: Aren't you supposed to plan ahead?

Rodney: When I have an idea of what's going on, yes. However, that's not the case right now

Yendor: Sometimes I wonder why you're the leader of this group...

Rodney: Well, why don't you figure something out?

2k-tan: Are you going to help or not? I'm a little tied up

As the two turned back around to see what was going on, they found that, during the few minutes of their conversation, Pleinair had somehow had enough time to put 2k-tan into a fancy green dress with long white gloves; leaving her normal clothes neatly folded and sat in the corner of the room next to her boots.

Pleinair: ...

In an instant, Pleinair disappeared; taking her portable hard drive with her, while everybody else was too busy trying to figure out what, exactly, just happened.

Yendor: Well, that was random...

Rodney: No kidding...

2k-tan: Now that she's gone, can someone help me get changed?

Rodney: Why would you want to take it off? You look good

2k-tan: If you tried wearing a dress like this, your opinion would change quickly; I can barely move my arms in this damn thing

Rodney: I'll take your word for it. Yendor, you can help her get changed

Yendor: We can let you find out first hand which is more comfortable

Rodney: I'd rather not...

2k-tan: Come on; it'd be fun. Do you have a camera with you, Yendor?

Yendor: Of course; you don't think I'd come up with something like this and not be prepared, do you?

Rodney: I think I'm going to leave now...

Quickly he ran toward the door in an effort to escape, only to be stopped by Yendor; who blocked the door and locked it. With 2k-tan's normal clothes in hand, she began to move ever so closer to her target, with a smirk on her face that was mildly creepy.

Yendor: There's no escape, Director...or, should I say "Directress"?

2k-tan: This is going to be quite amusing...I look forward to posting the pictures online for Pentium and the other to see

Rodney: This is going to suck...

-The End?-

As always, any thoughts, questions, or suggestions are welcome.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on August 23, 2011, 05:30:35 PM
lulz. that is all. -w-
Post by: Penti-chan on August 24, 2011, 12:09:12 AM
Once I have some other things out of the way, I'll get the next short story ready to be posted.

Which, as a teaser, here's the title: The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 1337: Frosted Cheerios
Post by: Chocofreak13 on August 24, 2011, 12:38:56 AM
yay! the (second) best kind of cheerios! ^^
Post by: Penti-chan on September 04, 2011, 07:42:08 PM
After some time to make some adjustments, it's finally ready. Sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 1337: Frosted Cheerios

QuoteA few days after the incident with Pleinair, Rodney decided that it was time to actually go on some kind of adventure; as he got dressed in his usual clothing for an adventure (Green polo shirt with black denim jeans and a pair of running shoes) before he and 2k-tan decided to set out to the abandoned Chuck E. Cheeses they last visited during their struggle against Luke. For reasons unknown, Yendor decided to stay behind at the mansion; knowing fully that she'd miss out on the fun with her decision.

Arriving quickly via Rodney's magic bus (Which is more TARDIS than bus, to be honest), the two ventured inside and began to look around; 2k-tan noticing just how little has changed since last time.

2k-tan: Why, exactly, did you choose to come back here?

Rodney: I never got to explore it last time we where here; I was still pretending to work for Luke when you came here

2k-tan: I'm surprised how well that worked

Rodney: To be honest, I am too; if it wasn't for Lanett blowing my cover, then Luke would have never known until I was ready to reveal my true reason for joining him. For someone who hailed himself as an evil mastermind, he was quite gullible

2k-tan: That he was...

The two walked around the place casually; looking through the arcade to find several games where still setup and running, even under a thick layer of dust and shrouded in cobwebs. As they looked around, Rodney broke the silence to ask a question.

Rodney: Hey 2k

2k-tan: Yes?

Rodney: Is "2k-tan" your real name?

2k-tan: It's just a nickname I frequently go by, because I only like the people who are closest to me to call me by my real name

Rodney: All right, so what's your name?

2k-tan: Nichi

Rodney: ...I like it; it has a nice ring to it

2k-tan: Thanks

As they continued exploring, they eventually go into the private dining area; finding the remains of broken robotic mice, who once formed the animatronics show, scattered everywhere.

Rodney: I wonder what happened here...

2k-tan: Um...I happened

Rodney: You did this?

2k-tan: I was locked in this room while a mob of robotic mice where trying to kill me. What choice did I have?

Rodney: Ah. It's amazing what you miss out on by pretending to be evil...

2k-tan: That was a fun battle, especially when several of the mice merged together to form a colossal mouse with enhanced strength

Rodney: You're making me wish I had been here for that ...anyway, let's see what else there is.

The two then continued exploring, cutting through the kitchen and ending up inside the gigantic freezer, which, unlike last time, was now running.

2k-tan: This wasn't working when I was last here...

Rodney: I was here too. I rejoined the group by the time you got here

2k-tan: Oh yeah...

As they looked around the room at water-damaged cardboard boxes that where literally frozen solid, they heard something move outside as the heavy door slammed shut. Rushing over, they tried to push it open; only to find that it has been locked from the outside.

Rodney: All right...now who would want to lock us in a freezer?

2k-tan: Someone who wants both of us to freeze to death?

Rodney: More than likely...

The two then proceeded to sit down on the cold floor; continuing their conversation.

Rodney: You know, its times like this that makes me wish I had a sonic screwdriver

2k-tan: Yeah; one of those would be quite useful right now

Rodney: Or really anything to help keep warm. I wish I hadn't left my jacket at the mansion...

2k-tan: Now you see why I'm almost always wearing my jacket

Rodney: Of course, I wasn't expecting to get locked in a freezer

2k-tan: How long do you think we'll be in here before somebody lets us out?

Rodney: I'd rather not think about that; the odds are stacked against us right now...

The two of them tried to stay warm to the best of their ability; something which proved difficult given the low temperatures. After a few minutes of silence, 2k spoke up.

2k-tan: It has to be close to sub-zero in here; I'm not sure if we'll last any longer like this...

Rodney: There's one thing we can do to try and last longer...

2k-tan: You mean we should huddle together?

Rodney: That's exactly what I was thinking

The two then proceeded to move closer together; as they began to snuggle. After a few more minutes, 2k spoke up again.

2k-tan: You didn't plan this on purpose so you could get this close to me, right?

Rodney: Of course not. If I had planned to get locked in a freezer, I would have been wearing a jacket

2k-tan: Ok. I just wanted to be sure...

Rodney: You know, if we're going to die here, there's something I want to say just for the record

2k-tan: All right...what would that be?

Rodney: I did, in fact, enjoy being forced to dress like you; the only thing I didn't like was that Yendor was there

2k-tan: If we make it out of here, I'll have to keep that in mind

Rodney: In fact, I'd probably be a lot warmer if I was dressed like you right now; that awesome jacket and such...

Suddenly, the door of the freezer swung open; as they saw none other than Yendor standing in the doorway with a mischievous grin on her face.

Yendor: That can be arranged. It'd make for my greatest movie ever!

Rodney: You staged this?

Yendor: Of course; when you weren't looking, I snuck aboard the magic bus and came along. Once here, I setup the entire freezer area just for this idea I had for a movie...but, then you unknowingly gave me an idea. Now, what do you say we have a quick change of costume and start over from the top?

Rodney & 2k-tan: How about no, Yendor

-The End-

The next one up is the one I've most looked forward to posting; the one where the gang reads an OS-tan hentai. Also, the fact I was able to use the title of a Led Zeppelin album as an innuendo only makes it better.

Next time: The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 69: In Through the Out Door
Post by: Penti-chan on September 08, 2011, 10:34:02 PM
Guess what, guys? The 3rd of those short stories is now ready to be posted, so sit down and get ready for The Chronicles of PentiumMMX: Episode 69: In Through the Out Door

QuoteA few weeks had passed since the incident with the freezer, and not much has really happened; aside from the three reorganizing Rodney's library, while also playing a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. on the side. Being that they had nothing of importance to do outside the mansion, all three where dressed in their usual around-the-house clothes; Rodney was wearing his trademark blue t-shirt and black shorts, Yendor was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a black miniskirt, and 2k-tan was wearing a light green tanktop and blue denim shorts.

While Yendor alphabetized the DVD collection and Rodney reorganized the computer reference books, 2k-tan had the task of sorting the manga by series; with several volumes of series such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Pokémon Adventures. However, while she was moving stuff around on the shelf, she saw one that stuck out for how out of place it was, due to its unusual size, which she took off the shelf to take a closer look at. The cover said in a large black box "For Adults Only", and depicted a girl about her age, dressed in what resembled a schoolgirl's uniform, with a clip with the letters "XP" in her long black hair in addition to some decorative ribbons under it. Upon realizing who this was, she proceeded to go ask Rodney about it.

2k-tan: Hey; how did you get this?

Rodney: I don't remember buying that...is there something significant about it?

2k-tan: My twin sister is on the cover

Rodney: You have a sister?

2k-tan: Yeah; she's my twin, Saseko; also known by her nickname, XP-tan. I did have a little sister, too, but...I'd rather not talk about what happened to her right now

Rodney: You can tell me whenever you feel like it; I'll listen. Anyway, what do you say I go find Yendor and we read this? If it says "adults only" on the cover, it's bound to be good stuff

2k-tan: Sounds like a plan to me

Rodney then walked across the room to where Yendor was, and signaled her to come over to the couch for a quick reading break. Once all three where sitting down, with Yendor in the middle, 2k held up the book for all to see; showing off the very simple cover, which doesn't reveal a thing about it's contents.

2k-tan: This is what we'll be reading today

Yendor: "For Adults Only", eh? If a manga says that on the cover, it has to be good.

Rodney: I agree; this is bound to be good stuff

Yendor: All right, hand that book here. It's time to get this show on the road...

After 2k handed her the book, she then opened up to the first page; seeing the opening page depicting XP-tan and 2k-tan staying behind at the house, while their master (A guy with a light beard, horn-rimmed glasses, and thick messy hair) left to run some errands.

2k-tan: Wait a second; I'm in this too? Where did this book originate from?

Rodney: It may have come in that lot of assorted manga I bought a while back; mainly because it included the entire run of Cardcaptor Sakura

2k-tan: Still, it's a little weird that somebody from this universe would write a story featuring my sister and me...

They then continued reading through; as they quickly discovered why the cover said "For Adults Only". As the narrator, I'd love to tell you exactly what's happening, but for the sake of keeping this from getting an NC-17 rating, we'll just focus on the reactions of Rodney, 2k, and Yendor.

2k-tan: Wait...why would I be doing that to my sister?

Rodney: If you disregard the fact you two are related, it is kind of hot

Yendor: If you disregard what he just said, it's still hot

2k-tan: You're into incest?

Yendor: Yeah. I think it's hot

Rodney: That's definitely not something she picked up from me...

They read further; reaching another point that made all three stop for a brief discussion.

2k-tan: That panel proves it; the author of this should have read a book before attempting to write something like this

Rodney: I agree

Yendor: Can't you put aside the medical inaccuracies and enjoy this for what it is? If all else fails, repeat to yourself "It's just a hentai; I should really just relax"

The group then continued reading through; reaching a moment in the story that seems to excite Yendor, while leaving Rodney in a shocked state and sending 2k-tan into a rage.

Rodney: ...Why did they feel the need to do that?

2k-tan (angered): What kind of sick person wrote this!? I do not have a penis! Where the hell would they even get that idea from?

Yendor: 2k is a hermaphrodite? How strangely erotic

Rodney: I think I'm going to be sick...

He then took off running toward the bathroom at top speed, while the other two got ready to finish reading the book.

2k-tan: I'm not sure if I want to know how this ends...

Yendor: Oh come on; it's not that bad. Besides, there's just one page left

She then turned the page; which, upon seeing the ending, 2k took off toward the other bathroom at top speed, while Yendor seemed to enjoy the ending.

Yendor: Ah, what a good story...there's nothing like sisterly love

After a few minutes, Rodney and 2k came back into the room, as Yendor sat there with a cheerful look on her face over the ending.

Yendor: So, what do you want to do with this book?

Rodney & 2k-tan (Almost at the same time): Destroy it with fire!

Yendor: Oh come on; it wasn't that bad...

2k-tan: What the hell are you talking about? That has to be the most disgusting thing I've ever read; which was made even worse because I was one of the characters in it!

Yendor: If you don't want to see it again, I'll gladly take it

Rodney: As long as it doesn't leave your room, go ahead. Otherwise, its fair game to be burned

Yendor: Deal

She then left the room; book in hand, to put it away, as Rodney and 2k stayed behind in the library; both trying to get over what they had just finished reading.

2k-tan: Let us never speak of this again

-The End-

Well, that was the last of the short stories. The next story in the timeline is Tales of Insanity; which, although primarily focusing on a different group of characters, Rodney and 2k do play a role in the story...but before we get to the first chapter of it, I have some other, unrelated short stories to share.
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 15, 2011, 09:04:00 PM
I am getting winter withdrawal symptoms. So poems were written for my annual reading.

Bad part is of course that poems are fuckassedly hard to translate. But I'll probably write a few english ones this year too, so look forward to that.
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 20, 2011, 08:28:24 PM
Quote from: Razors that shred
I stand waiting
At the wrong end of the threshold
To the point of no return

I stand fettered
I stand beyond
I stand alone
I stand, and I hear the sound I dread most
As the doors to hell open.

I look.
Hoping, somehow, despite all I know
All that I've learned
That nothing will happen.

The burning.
The burning, the light.
The awful light that shreds like razors on my skin,
Of the blood.

It drives me so
It is all that I hope for
That red drop
That single red drop of salvation
To touch
To feel
To drink
To savor
And then
To feast
To break
Become me


For you are by imperfection symbolized
You are short in time
While I am eternally fed to cling on
Fed by my own hatred and rage
The flames of which you fan
With your every single breath

Every second you live
Is a second which I live
And add one more link
to the chain of thorns
that shall bind your flesh


I can hold for eternity
And break you for the next
Never letting go

I shall hold you there
Fettered with the chain of thorns
Always struggling at the edge of the light
Desperately hoping to reach it

But the eternal mark you shall be
Ever hunted
Never slain
And it shall never



The light stops.
For now.
It will return, oh yes, it will
But I will be ready
Always ready
Always waiting
Always here

I stand waiting
At the wrong end of the threshold
To the point of no return

I stand alone
I stand beyond
I stand not among them
Nor as one of them.

I am, and I will remain
Until they fail.
And then - then
Ah, oh. Ahaha.
I shiver simply from the thought of it.
How shall I not relish the moment,
And the eternity of moments beyond?

I shall wait. I shall win this game of time. And I shall have them play mine.
Post by: Bella on October 07, 2011, 05:11:10 PM

Namely, Leopard-tan's ongoing story series; the Linux-tan Comic; and the Unix-tan story that started it all (this (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/art/Unix-tan-fanfic-pt-I-164941135) one (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/art/Unix-tan-fanfic-pt-II-168520462)). I'm just really tired of them not having proper names.

Post by: NejinOniwa on October 07, 2011, 08:04:07 PM
I will contemplate this matter.
Post by: Bella on October 07, 2011, 09:53:40 PM
Quote from: NejinOniwa on October 07, 2011, 08:04:07 PM
I will contemplate this matter.

Thanks dude. |)
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 18, 2011, 07:09:54 PM
Post by: Bella on October 19, 2011, 04:18:37 PM

Somehow she seems like an even more betrayed, more insane SAGE. (Since SAGE got fired at the end of her useful life, but not executed, and her memory was damaged but it's debatable whether or not she even went "insane".) -w-;;;
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 19, 2011, 04:30:45 PM
Betrayal is the best way to break someone's mind, and you know it...

Post by: Bella on October 19, 2011, 04:41:12 PM
Quote from: NejinOniwa on October 19, 2011, 04:30:45 PM
Betrayal is the best way to break someone's mind, and you know it...


Or killing off their memory system. That'll work too. Dx
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 19, 2011, 04:44:11 PM
Nonono. That's just going to make them go insane and/or vegetable.
Betrayal, on the other and, is a surefire way to break and twist them. -w-
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 22, 2011, 11:09:13 AM
Post by: Penti-chan on October 22, 2011, 11:56:55 AM
For the hell of it, here's my anti-masterpiece. I wrote this in 2002 using a typewriter, and although I was ashamed of it at one time, I now think it's the most unintentionally funny story I have ever written.

Now, seeing the light of day for the very first time, The Return of Jamie

Quote(This story is unmodified from it's original version. The terrible spelling and grammar is intentional)

Rodney was playing "super smash bros." when jamie came into the room. "can i play?" said jamie. "ok, in a secont" replayd rodney. "i am going away wheth my frends, to a yuth trip, so...i wonted to play" said jamie. later-ish, "bye!!" said jamie. i was now home. "start the melee, let's party!"
more later-ish, iwas playing "donkey kong 64" I was not battleing king k. rool. i defied him! i was partying......but then i realized that evry time i beated a game jamie was ther, to help wheth idias thit I thuote sonded baka-ish....but it cometimes helpd out.
the next day later-ish, i was bord. but then i herd i koking on the dore, i toke a pike out to see wuo it was....it was jamie! iwas partying becas jamie is back! We playd "super smash bros.".....jamie won! "ok, jamie is back to playing vido games!"

The story behind it is: sesters are NOT dumb, they are "gamer's helpers!" but....they DO mack mestaks, that's all for now, bye!

Rodney Grimes
...For Dummes fan.
p.s. yuse typewriter to write storys! : )
Post by: Chocofreak13 on October 22, 2011, 11:37:13 PM
god, i could barely read that...... xD
Post by: Penti-chan on October 22, 2011, 11:49:10 PM
I love that story, to be honest. It's so bad, it's good IMO
Post by: Bella on October 24, 2011, 01:24:10 PM
Leopard's Story (I really need a better name for that) Chapter 8 is out!! (http://bellacielo.deviantart.com/art/Ma-Bell-265077109) Go read it nau. :o

Post by: NejinOniwa on October 24, 2011, 02:47:08 PM
Story name idea: System Time?

Sounds good to me. Was doing various plays on Operating System and Time and decided simplicity is good. Works, no?

Also: Winux is sooo adowabwe. <3

                                          Iter Tempus
scriptum ab Systema Operans Mace Decem-Quinquem, Leopardus de Cupertino
                                              Pars Secundus
(In Quam Sum Adire ad Bostonia, Armoncum et alijs regionibus Princeps Culturae ex Machina)

Post by: Bella on October 25, 2011, 01:37:39 PM
I really like both of those, Iter Tempus especially.

As for the, uh, taglines... something something The Story of Leopard of Cupertino something Operating Systems, Part Two, something about traveling from Armonk to Boston, the Capital of the Culture of Machines?
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 25, 2011, 08:38:05 PM
Written By Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard of Cupertino
In Which I Travel to Boston, Armonk and Other Places of High Computer Culture

Pretty much. -w-
Post by: Penti-chan on October 28, 2011, 12:16:38 PM
Here we are; the first chapter of Tales of Insanity

QuoteChapter 1: Why you don't mess with Sara

A long time ago in a town called Kickapoo, there lived a boy named James; no older than 11 at the time. Unlike his fellow schoolmates, he wasn't very popular; not only for the fact he didn't like sports and still played with his old Nintendo 64 in a time when everybody was nuts over PlayStation 2, but because he wore glasses and didn't have a crew cut like all the other little Borg his age.

Unfortunately, for having hair longer than 1\8" combined with the fact he wasn't covered in scars from playing football in the streets with no protective gear, many people assumed he was really a girl. As much as this annoyed him, it did lead to his friendship with Sara; the resident tomboy, who preferred a baggy shirt and cargo jeans over fancy dresses, liked keeping her hair short, and was commonly mistaken for a boy (Not that she minded this fact).

Since his parents and older sister where away on vacation, which he ended up staying behind because his ticket was lost, James had the house to himself; enjoying a warm August morning repairing his PC, before heading to the park to meet up with Sara.

James: Ok, that should fix that problem with the fan...

He then proceeded to turn his PC on, as it sprang to life with the fan spinning properly; it no longer making that loud grinding sound that had persisted for the past several years. Once it was finished booting, he was greeted by none other than the Windows 98 desktop; with a notice on screen that he had an e-mail waiting for him. Checking it, it was a message from Sara; probably letting him know she was about to wait for him at the park. He proceeded to check the message; finding that according to it, Sara was being held captive by some random guy in a Dracula costume.

James: That's...a bit random

He proceeded to put his PC into Sleep mode; as he went outside, got on his bike, and proceeded to head to Sara's house, which wasn't too far away. Once he arrived, he found that the front door was wide open; as he carefully went inside...only to find Sara was tying up the guy who tried to capture her.

Sara (In a calm, casual tone): What took you so long?

James: I just got the message not long ago; I was upgrading my PC earlier

Sara: Well, that explains everything...except why a random guy in a Dracula costume would show up and capture me

Guy in a Dracula Costume: It's just another part of Master Adam's plan; soon, he will unleash his army of sanity-sucking robots and turn this place into a crazy world

Sara: Why would he want to make things even crazier than they already are?

Guy in a Dracula Costume: I don't know; he doesn't want to reveal the true nature of his plans

Sara: More importantly, how would capturing me help with his plans?

Guy in a Dracula Costume: Don't you know? A damsel in distress is the staple of any good evil plan!

James: Although in this case, it backfired on you

Guy in a Dracula Costume: Well, I didn't expect her to resist...

Sara: Why didn't you try fighting back, instead of giving me an easy victory?

Guy in a Dracula Costume: Because I left my bazooka at home. Give me a break, here

Sara: Now, how can we stop Adam's plan?

Guy in a Dracula Costume: I don't know much; I heard something about a collection of floppy disks...

Sara: All right...James, you look to find more info

James: What about the guy you tied up?

Sara: I'll turn him loose in a moment

Guy in a Dracula Costume: But that'll give me a chance to report back to Adam about what you're planning; which could ruin your plans of stopping him

Sara: You have a point, but this will make things a little more exciting; it beats finishing our quest with nothing trying to stop us

She then proceeds to untie the guy, as he proceeded to quickly run for the door; stopping in the doorway.

Guy in a Dracula Costume: Remember this as the day you almost caught me; the guy in a Dracula Costume! BLAH!

He then proceeds to run off really quickly, as James and Sara began to discuss what just happened.

James: Well...that was random

Sara: Yeah...besides, why would your older cousin want to rid the world of sanity?

James: Wait; how can we be sure that this "Master Adam" is the same Adam I'm related to?

Sara: Think about it; how many other Adams do you know in this small town?

James: Good point; this town seems to have some kind of unspoken rule against having more than one person with the same name

Sara: Now, what do you think we should do?

James: We should probably try to find more information on what his plans are; which will likely also give us information on how to stop him

Sara: Yeah

The two then proceeded to head back to James' house; getting online as soon as they got home to try and find some information on what's going on.

In the next chapter: Their quest begins, as a familiar face joins them...
Post by: Aurora Borealis on October 29, 2011, 06:21:00 PM
@Bella: I just read the latest chapter, very interesting that Unix shows compassion towards old, disenfranchised computer/OS-tans, but is very Darwinist towards her family. From your knowledge of the Unix OSes, which of her descendants reached the top of the hierarchy, which ones fell into obscurity or died?

Wouldn't you say that despite the damage that the Unix Wars caused to her and her family, the wars in some sense served a purpose to determine which of her daughters would thrive or not? Not that I'm saying she deliberately caused them... ^^;

Curiously, Unix didn't contact the Apple Family when A/UX-tan was born. Did Unix really forget about her (self-fulfilling prophecy? A/UX fell into obscurity!), or assume that she going to be one more descendant to turn against her/be torn apart in the Unix Wars?
Post by: Bella on October 29, 2011, 06:59:15 PM
@Nej: Thanks for the translation (as you can see I have a ways to go before I'm fluent in Latin...)

Quote from: Aurora Borealis on October 29, 2011, 06:21:00 PM
@Bella: I just read the latest chapter, very interesting that Unix shows compassion towards old, disenfranchised computer/OS-tans, but is very Darwinist towards her family. From your knowledge of the Unix OSes, which of her descendants reached the top of the hierarchy, which ones fell into obscurity or died?

Wouldn't you say that despite the damage that the Unix Wars caused to her and her family, the wars in some sense served a purpose to determine which of her daughters would thrive or not? Not that I'm saying she deliberately caused them... ^^;

Well, she DID finance the construction of the Binteji Renmei and seems to care about the fate of old OS-tans ... yet she's never shown much compassion toward her own kids. The Unixes that reached the top of the hierarchy are ones like BSD, Solaris, UnixWare and AIX, while there are probably too many that fell into obscurity to count... :/

You're quite correct about the Unix Wars separating the weaklings from the strong ones. Though at the same time it probably weakened her family as a whole, since, while the strong were made stronger, it killed the livelihoods of (or just plain killed) a lot of less-popular Unixes. It also allowed Linux to "infiltrate" their market, which wasn't good for any of the Unixes (save Solaris, perhaps).

QuoteCuriously, Unix didn't contact the Apple Family when A/UX-tan was born. Did Unix really forget about her (self-fulfilling prophecy? A/UX fell into obscurity!), or assume that she going to be one more descendant to turn against her/be torn apart in the Unix Wars?

That was an oversight on my part, lol. .___.; Though I like your theories.
Post by: Aurora Borealis on October 29, 2011, 08:35:26 PM
So Unix is equally apathetic to her highest-ranked daughters? No wonder why so many OS-tans see her as a complete monster! (This is assuming they also don't know about her contributions to the Binteeji Renmei...)

Here are my guesses about the family hierarchy, and fates of various Unices (this list may also include Unix-likes):

high-ranked: Solaris, BSD, UnixWare, AIX, Nexenta (a hybrid Unix-Linux OS), HP-UX, OSX Leopard?
died: Xenix, Amix, RISC iX, Spring OS
fell into obscurity: A/UX, GNU/HURD, DG/UX, VxWorks, OS-9, OSF/1,  (these are low-ranked in the Unix family hierarchy)
defected: NeXTSTEP, Plan 9 (+ Plan B and Octopus), the Open Source BSDs
other: QNX (became successful despite obscurity, left the Unix faction after the wars were over), SCO Unix (not well-respected within the family, but still somehow high-ranked)

not sure: Domain/OS (no longer supported, but had some influence), Xinu, TUNIS

There's also an irony in the fact that her most successful daughters still in the LUC are commercial and proprietary- two things she didn't use to stand for!


Ironically, A/UX-tan deciding not to fight in the wars cost her opportunity at success within the family. She didn't show off her abilities, so she was forgotten. I also don't see VxWorks as being high-ranked because she doesn't seem like the type who would have ever gotten involved in the wars. She's too much of an adventurer to consider such thing! XD

That was an oversight on my part, lol. .___.; Though I like your theories.

Personally, I feel tempted to go with the second interpretation. The Unix Wars started in the late 80's, right? A/UX-tan debuted around that time (early '88), and Unix may have assumed she'd grow up to be just another descendant who will hate her guts (having grown up during the wars), so she didn't bother visiting.
Post by: Bella on November 04, 2011, 04:03:06 PM
@Unix hierarchy - that looks about right, actually. Xinu, TUNIS, and the rest of the academic/research Unices I imagine would be in lower/middle positions on the hierarchy, depending on how Unix feels about them. (IE, MERT would be "low", CB Unix might be "middle"... not sure though.)

And that sounds right about A/UX, too.



Post by: NejinOniwa on November 06, 2011, 07:51:20 AM
Currently in progress: writing about little girl being read a bedtime story by her mom. And MY ENTIRE HEAD IS FULL OF D'AWWWWWWWW.
Post by: Penti-chan on November 08, 2011, 01:42:46 PM
Here is chapter 2 of Tales of Insanity. This is the one where a familiar face joins James and Sara on their quest...

QuoteChapter 2: Outdated Technology
After searching online for about 30 minutes, sifting through seemingly hundreds of unrelated websites (How a "Free Paperclips" offer is related to their search, we may never know), they finally found the information they wanted; located on none other than Adam's website, tucked away deep within the dusty labyrinth that is Geocities.

Sara: He still uses Geocities?

James: Yes. He also still swears by America Online and a 28.8K internet connection

Sara: He should really get with the times and upgrade to 56K

James: I know; it doesn't get much better than 56K...anyway, from what I can gather, we can find the location for Adam's fortress by going to some random locations and gathering together some assorted floppy disks that contain directions to the next disk in the set and to the fortress

Sara: That's nice of him; leaving some disks lying around to help us find his fortress

James: He mentions the first in the series is located at the carnival that's in town right now

Sara: They should be opening up soon; we should probably go ahead and leave

James: To the Batmobile!

The two then rushed toward the garage; where they found a small 2-seated go-kart, painted black and with a Batman decal on the front, waiting for them with the keys already in the ignition. Next to it was a smaller, 1-seated go-kart that was painted green; with no decals on it at all.

Sara: Do I get to drive this time?

James: You can drive it next time; we'll switch out as needed

Sara: Ok...

The two then get into the go-kart and start it up, as the garage door opens and the take off; heading toward the carnival. Traffic was light, as they arrived in minutes; finding the place surprisingly deserted, considering that they where open for business according to their signs, but when you have an archway above your entrance that says "Carnival of Doom" on it, it tends to scare off most customers. Cautiously, they got out of the go-kart and proceeded to do an equipment check.

Sara: All right, did you remember to bring a weapon?

James: Um...

Sara: You forgot your Boomerang Blade, didn't you?

James: Yeah...kind of

Sara: At least I remembered to bring my mallet

She then reached into her pocket and pulls out a very large wooden mallet; one that's head is twice the side of the tires on the go-kart they just rode in on.

James: How, exactly, did you fit such a large mallet in your pocket?

Sara: Trust me; there's plenty of room for things even bigger than that. You'd be surprised what I can fit in there...

James: That's why you prefer cargo pants over a skirt?

Sara: Of course...although, you still need a weapon

James: I'll just use the first thing I find that looks like it'd work well; I'll get my Boomerang Blade when we return to the base after getting the disk

Sara: Why would we go back to the house? Wouldn't it make more sense to keep going, instead of giving Adam more time to complete his evil plan?

James: Because we can't look at the disk without going back. I don't have my laptop with me, since my sister felt the need to take it with her on vacation

Sara (with a sigh): Ok...

The two then walked through the gates, when they found a sign waiting in the middle of the walkway; one that directly addressed them, telling them where they needed to go next.

James: All right, we first have to go to the ferries wheel; where apparently, somebody is waiting on us

Sara: This sounds like a trap...

James: It can't be; the sign clearly said "Not a Trap" in bold letters

Sara: Well, there's only one way to find out...

The two marched onward toward the ferries wheel; Sara keeping her mallet in hand, while James was completely defenseless because of his own forgetfulness. As they got closer, they noticed a person waiting for them; one who looked older than them, with hair a little shorter than James, wearing glasses, a green sport jacket, and some denim jeans.

Unknown person: You must have seen my sign...

Sara: Who are you?

Unknown person: I'm Rodney McIntosh, the Director. There's no need to introduce yourselves; I already know you're James and Sara. Pretty creepy, isn't it? Anyway, I came to deliver something of great importance to you, but some strange person took the item, stole my bus, and placed a curse on me before I could get it to you

Sara: What was it, anyway?

Rodney: I don't know; it was a small, plain cardboard box that had a note attached to it saying to deliver it to you

James: Do you know what the curse was?

Rodney: According to that person, the curse has damaged my ability to transform into anyone at will; causing me to unwillingly transform at random. Sometimes, I can hold whatever my current form may be for days, and sometimes I can barely sustain it for an hour.

James: Well, that's weird...how can you transform, anyway?

Rodney: It takes a long time to train to master the ability, but once you do, it can prove useful for many things

Sara: Do you know where we need to go to next?

Rodney: You'll need to make your way to the Big Tent on the other end of the carnival grounds. To get there, you'll have to cut through the Tunnel of Love; were an army of crocodiles will likely attack.

James: Well, we better start heading that way

Rodney: I'll come with you; you'll likely need my help, and maybe it'll lead me to that person who cursed me

Sara: All right, but you better not slow us down

Rodney: Of course I won't, when I have this by my side

He then reaches into his pocket and somehow pulls out a huge sword from it; one with a sparkling blade made of a light blue crystal.

Rodney: I never go anywhere without my Crystal Sword, although I've recently started carrying a bow with plenty of arrows with me just in case I need to fight from long-range

James: You wouldn't happen to have a weapon I could borrow, do you?

Rodney: I have a Boomerang Blade you can use

James: You do? I'll take it!

Rodney: All right

He then reached into his pocket once more, and pulled out none other than a Boomerang Blade; one almost exactly like the one James uses normally, except this one appears to be much sharper and also feels a little lighter.

Rodney: What do you think?

James: It's awesome; better than the one I use

Rodney: That's because this one was forged in the fires of Death Mountain by a master blacksmith

James: Cool...now, let's go

With their new addition, Sara led the group onward toward the Tunnel of Love; arriving at the docks within minutes.

James: Do we really have to cut through here, or can we go around?

Sara: What's wrong?

James: I really don't want to go in there

Sara: Come on; it won't be that bad

James: How can you be so sure?

Sara: Come with us, or I'll tell Rodney here about the incident at the bridal shop; even showing him the funny pictures I took of what happened

James: All right, I'll come along...just don't tell him about it, please; I'd prefer to forget that ever happened

Rodney: What was this incident, anyway?

James: Let's just say that what happens in the bridal shop stays in the bridal shop...

Rodney: So, if we took you there, you'll tell us everything?

James: ...Let's just continue our quest

The group then got into the swan-shaped boat and proceeded to row the boat into the tunnel. Because there was so little light, the place took on a much creepier appearance than it normally would; as they continued their way through the long tunnel of statues that appeared happy to the point it comes off as really creepy. As they continued through, they felt something hit the bottom of the boat; shaking it.

James: Did anybody else feel that?

Sara: I did...

Rodney: Either it was just a rock that's sticking up very high, or there's something in the water...

Suddenly, his hands began to glow strangely; which caught the attention of the rest of his group.

James: Are you ok...?

Rodney: I'm about to transform again; this shouldn't take too long...

The glowing then began to spread; as he was eventually engulfed in a bright light that lit the entire cave and scared the crocodiles back into the shadows.

Sara: $20 says he'll turn into a girl

James: Make it $40 and you've got yourself a bet

The two then watched as the light began to die down, as they noticed that a girl was sitting exactly where Rodney was; one with shoulder-length brunette hair, who was wearing a maid costume with a short but puffy skirt, fancy black shoes, and an apron with the strings tied into a gigantic bow in the back.

Random girl: Ok...wait; the voice...I'm a girl?

She then looked down; taking notice of the frilly maid costume she was wearing.

Random girl: I'm also wearing a maid costume? This is the best unintentional transformation ever

James: I take it you're still Rodney, right?

Random girl: Of course; I did mention that I was about to transform, didn't I?

James: To be honest, I though you where just a little crazy when you mentioned transforming

Rodney: Trust me; transforming like this seems normal after the weird things I've seen in the past

James: Where do you come from, anyway?

Rodney: I'll explain once we're finished here

Sara: By the way, James; where's my $40?

James: Oh yeah...

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out two $20 bills and handed them to Sara; who gladly took them.

Sara: That's the easiest $40 I've ever made

Rodney: You where taking bets on my transformation?

James: It was her idea; I just went along with it. Anyway, here's our stop

They then saw the end of the tunnel and the dock within inches of their boat; as they quickly got off and exited the tunnel. On the other side, they saw a gigantic tent right in front of them; one that had a banner hung above its entrance that read "Got Orthopedic Underwear?"

Sara: I have a quick question, Rodney...

Rodney: Yes?

Sara: How can you stand wearing a dress?

Rodney: Firstly, it's not a dress; it's a maid costume, which is much cooler. Secondly, it's actually easy to move in and is pretty comfortable

Sara: I don't see how you can think that; on the rare occasion I'm forced to wear a dress, I always find it hard to move in and uncomfortable. I also hate how there are never any pockets on them; meaning no places for me to easily hide things

James: Can we stop talking about clothes and continue our mission?

The group, weapons in hand, proceed to walk through the entrance of the big tent; finding it very dark inside; just barely visible where the stands, which created a perfect circle around the edge of the tent. Cautiously, the three kept close as they slowly walked toward the center of the room; keeping watch for anything out of the ordinary. Suddenly, they heard a booming voice come from above, like somebody speaking into a megaphone, which caught the group off-guard.

Unknown person: Welcome, girls and boy, to your worst nightmare...

Within seconds, all the lights in the tent turned on at the same time; temporarily blinding the group, as they heard someone land on the ground not far from them and begin to slowly walk closer to them. Once they where able to see again, they where able to see that the unknown person was a really creepy clown who also appeared very strong; his other defining feature being a grin on his face that made the Joker look sane.

James: Who are you?

Clown: I am known by many names; some call me Mr. Tinkertrain, others call me "the thing that should not be", but I personally prefer to use my real name; Breadfan

Sara: You're involved with Adam, aren't you?

Breadfan: Of course; I'm one of the Guardians of the 4 Disks; given the duty of ensuring that you will not succeed in your quest

Rodney: Let's see about that...

Breadfan: Are you seriously challenging me to a battle? If you are, than bring it on!

He then proceeded to get out a staff and assumed a fighting stance, as the others charged into battle. Sara managed to get in the first hit with a strong blow from her mallet, which left Breadfan dazed momentarily; allowing Rodney to get in a few good blows while James slipped in a few attacks of his own from afar. Eventually, their foe recovered, as he proceeded to swing his arms with great force; sending both Rodney and Sara flying into the stands on opposite sides of the tent, which knocked both out.

Breadfan: Now it's just you and I

James: I honestly didn't know that. Thank you, Captain Obvious

In rage, Breadfan charged forward like a bull; as James effortlessly dodged the attack and allowed his foe to run straight into one of the poles supporting the tent; knocking him out with a satisfying metallic thud. Shortly after, the first disk appeared out of nowhere, hovering right in front of him. He quickly took it and put it away in his pocket, as he noticed that Sara and Rodney had gotten back up.

Rodney: Note to self; be careful around clowns...

Sara: Did you get the disk, James?

James: Of course; I have it in my pocket right now

Rodney: We just need 3 more now

James: All right; back to the base!

Sara: I'm driving this time!

James: Ok

Sara: Also, Rodney will ride with me; since he doesn't know where the base is

Rodney: Thanks; that's one of the few things I don't know about

James: If she--I mean, he goes with you, than how am I supposed to get back? The other go-kart is back at the base

Sara: I don't know. Maybe you can find a turbo-charged tricycle lying around

The two then proceeded to drive off, as James began to search around for something to use to get back to the base...

Next time, the plot thickens...
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Here we are, with chapter 3 of Tales of Insanity

QuoteChapter 3: Age of Insanity

The next day, after James got some much needed rest following his long trek back to the base, the group was sitting around in the living room; talking with each other over breakfast.

James: There's something I've been wondering, Rodney...

Rodney: Yes?

James: You're obviously not of this world, so where did you come from?

Rodney: You probably wouldn't believe me

James: After what I saw yesterday, I'd believe anything

Sara: Yeah; between your transformation and a random guy in a Dracula costume attempting to capture me, anything seems possible now

Rodney: All right, I'll tell you. I come from another universe from this one; one that's not too different from yours, except mine seems to be 8 years ahead of yours. While it's currently August 2002 here, its August 2010 back home

James: So, how did you end up here?

Rodney: It all started a few months following my last adventure; I was sorting through some things in Storage Building 12 with my two assistants, 2k-tan and Yendor, when we stumbled onto a plain cardboard box we didn't recognize and wasn't listed in our inventory. Upon closer inspection, I found a note taped to the bottom of the box; one that showed a picture of you two, saying "Please deliver this package to James and Sara" before it began to give the directions needed to get to this world

James: So, where does the mysterious person come in?

Rodney: I'm getting there...anyway, I got into my magic bus and proceeded to head to this universe, figuring that this would be a quick trip and I'd be returning home before I knew it. Once I arrived, I proceeded to make a sign and placed it at the entrance to let you know to meet me there; somehow knowing that you'd show up soon. However, as I waited, a mysterious person showed up and attacked while I was off-guard; stealing my bus and the box, while placing a curse on me that results in a loss of control of my transformation powers. About a day later, having transformed into a Pikachu and then back to my normal self during that time period, you two showed up.

James: What happens next?

Sara: We already know what happens next; we where there, remember?

James: Oh yeah...

Rodney: I was studying the contents of that disk last night, and fond two things of note; one file, containing what appears to be a fragment of a map, and a second file listing where the next disk in the series is hidden. This is almost too easy

James: So, where's the next disk?

Rodney: It's located in the funeral home on the other side of town

Sara: What are we waiting for? Let's go!

Rodney: I can take the green go-kart

James: No complaints there; I prefer my Batmobile

The group then went to the garage, got into their go-karts, and took off toward the funeral home. They arrived fairly quickly, finding the place deserted as they ventured inside the unlocked front door. Carefully, the three began to walk in, sticking close together in case Adam has set a trap for them...which, of course, he has; as they ventured into the foyer, the door behind them slammed shut and locked, as a creepy-looking man in a fancy suit appeared before them.

Unknown man: I assume you're here on a mission to defeat me and obtain the disk I'm holding onto for Master Adam...

Rodney: Of course...now who are you?

Unknown man: I am the 2nd member of the Guardians of the 4 Disks; Mr. Crowley, the miracle man. Now, it's only formal that you three introduce yourselves before we begin

James: I am James; the hero

Sara: I am Sara; the lancer...although, seeing as I'm more of a leader, I should be the hero instead

Rodney: I am known by many names, but to keep things simple, I am Gardenia; the Directress

Sara (whispering): What's with the name change?

Rodney (whispering): It saves me from explaining my malfunctioning transformation powers to him. Just go with it, ok?

Mr. Crowley: With our introductions out of the way, we can begin. Prepare to go into a deep sleep

James, Sara, and Rodney: What?

Mr. Crowley: Sweet dreams...

He then pulled a gas mask out of his pocket and put it on, as sleep gas began to flood the room. While James and Sara went out cold, Rodney pushed on through the drowsiness to try and attack his foe; pulling out his bow and arrow and tried to take aim. However, he was barely able to focus on his target, firing off a shot that missed by inches before collapsing on the ground.

Several hours later, Rodney woke back up; finding himself, along with Sara and James, tied to a post, as Mr. Crowley looked upon them with a look of amusement on his face.

Mr. Crowley: Now, I can finally unleash the army of robots that Master Adam designed with no one to stop me, since you're all tied up. In fact, you three with have the honor of being among the first people to have their sanity removed...

Rodney: You won't get away with this; we'll somehow break out and stop you

Mr. Crowley: I'd love to see you try, my dear Gardenia...

Casually, he walked over to a fancy desk in the northern part of the room and pressed the red button on top; which caused the doors on the eastern wall to slide open, as a group of robots who look like cheap knock-offs of the Daleks began to roll in.

Robot #1: Exterminate sanity!

They then turned toward Mr. Crowley and went after him; much to his shock.

Mr. Crowley: I am on your side; your target is over there

Robot #2: Target acquired; prepare for sanity removal

Mr. Crowley (panicking): I am not your target!

Robot #1: All sanity must be exterminated

As he tried to escape, he was cornered by one of the Dalek-like robots; which extended its arm that looks like a toilet plunger toward the head of Mr. Crowley, who was helpless on the floor as the robot began to absorb the sanity from his mind. From all the noise, James and Sara woke up.

James: What's going on?

Rodney: He's unleashed Adam's sanity-sucking robots; and they have made him one of their first targets

Sara: What about us?

Rodney: If we don't find some way to break free, we'll be next

Sara: If only you could have turned into someone who'd actually be useful right now, instead of a maid

Rodney: Hey; maids are cool

James: Could you argue about this later, and try to find a way out of this now?

Suddenly, they saw the robots in the room stop dead in their tracks; as if time was frozen. Not long after, they felt the ropes binding them together tall to the ground, as they heard the voice of of an unknown woman behind them.

Unknown woman: I think that will work

Rodney then turned around to see who it was; finding a lady with long green hair, wearing a baggy jacket and pants, holding a dagger in one hand.

As Rodney looked at this mysterious person, he realized in shock who it was.

Rodney: You're the person who stole that package and my magic bus!

Unknown person: Yes; which, I not only have the package, but I have the other important thing I needed...

Stepping out of the way, the group saw another lady tied up on the ground; one with short blue hair with a maid headdress in it, who was wearing glasses, a long blue coat with a blue ribbon tied in a fancy bow around the collar, flat-soled thigh-high boots, and a leotard colored red, green, blue, and yellow underneath the coat. While James and Sara had no idea who this person was, Rodney quickly recognized her at none other than 2k-tan; his trusted assistant.

Rodney: Nichi!

2k-tan: Wait...you're Rodney, right?

Rodney: Of course it's me

2k-tan: Than, why do you look like Gardenia right now?

Rodney: To make a long story short, this lady has placed a curse on me that has caused total loss of control over my transformation powers. To be honest, I don't mind this form; maids are cool

Unknown person: I have a name, you know; it's Mary

Rodney: What are you planning?

Mary: I've been sent on a special mission by Adam to make things a little more...interesting, by bringing your beloved assistant into the equation

Rodney: If you do anything to harm 2k, than you'll come to regret it

Mary: I'm not going to harm her...not yet, at least. If you want to see her again, you'll have to come to Adam's fortress. Now, if you excuse me, we'll be on our way. Mind the robots on your way out...

As quickly as she arrived, Mary disappeared in a flash; taking 2k-tan with her, as the robots began to move once more and the next disk appeared in front of Sara. Quickly taking it, she and the rest of her group ran outside; escaping from the robots and Mr. Crowley, who was lying on the ground talking about seeing naked cowgirls floating across the ceiling. Getting back into their go-karts, they quickly rushed back to the base; where they continued their conversation.

Rodney: Well, things have gotten much worse...

James: Who was that lady that was tied up?

Rodney: That would be 2k-tan; one of my assistants

Sara: She must be important to you

Rodney: Of course; we've been through a lot together over the past few years, so we've become a bit protective of each other

Sara: We at least have the 2nd disk now; we're half-way there

Rodney: Yeah...I'll study the next disk; you two can get some rest

Next time, they fetch the 3rd disk, as Rodney transforms again
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Chapter 4 of TOI is go!

QuoteChapter 4: The Amazing Maze

The next day, Sara got up early; finding Rodney passed out on the floor from spending the entire night studying the information on the two disks, piecing together the fragments of the map he has so far and with a window up containing a bunch of notes. However, rest didn't come easy; as it was obvious to Sara that that something in Rodney's dreams was disturbing him. He woke up not long later, sweating, as Sara came closer to figure out what's going on.

Rodney: ...We've got to find the next 2 disks, and fast

Sara: I take it you dream involved 2k-tan somehow

Rodney: Yeah. It may be a stretch, but I think it might be a sign of bad things to come if we don't hurry

Sara: What happened in it?

Rodney: I was tied up in a place I didn't recognize, as I could only watch helplessly as someone I didn't recognize killed 2k-tan. If that is a sign of things to come, than I have to find a way to keep it from happening; I can't lose 2k, no matter the cost

Sara: Not only that, but we still have Adam and his army of sanity-sucking robots to deal with. If we don't take care of him quick enough, than we'll literally be living in a crazy world

Rodney: Well, we've got a lot to work on. Go wake up James, while I get together the info on the location of the 3rd disk

After a long struggle to get him out of bed, Sara was finally successful in waking up James after nearly 10 minutes, as they went into the living room to meet up with Rodney.

Rodney: I see you're finally awake...

James: I was sleeping well until you woke me up

Rodney: If only I could have slept well...anyway, our next disk is located in the nearly abandoned mall. It's less than 2 miles from here, so it won't take long to get there at all

The group then went to the garage, got into their go-karts, and preceded to head over to the nearly abandoned mall. Nearly abandoned was right; there was literally only one store in that entire mall that was still open, along with the fact that few people even went to that place anymore. Once they arrived, they went inside; finding that somebody had turned the place into a complicated labyrinth of mirrors.

James: I can find our way through this maze, no problem!

Rodney: All right then; you can lead the way

With James leading the party, the group ventured into the maze. Before they got very far in, James noticed a strange light coming from behind him; turning around to see that Rodney's hands where starting to glow again.

James: About to transform again?

Rodney: Yes, unfortunately...I was enjoying this form, too

Sara: Why?

Rodney: Maid costumes are cool, that's why

The glowing then finished spreading, as he was then engulfed by the light; which didn't quite seem as bright as last time, since this maze was more well lit than that tunnel was a while back.

James: $20 says he turns into a were-ferret

Sara: I'll pass this time

The light began to die down, as they saw that Rodney had turned into a Japanese schoolboy of roughly high school age; one with short but messy dark blue hair, wearing a black school uniform with a patch that looks like the BMW logo on the left side of the jacket, with "Gekkoukan High School" written around the edge. Glancing at the mirror to his right, Rodney noticed who he'd become, and didn't seem to have too much of a problem with it.

Rodney: Cool; maybe I have an Evoker in my jacket, so I can summon my Persona—wait a minute; that game won't exist for another 5 years...

Sara: What game?

Rodney: Persona 3

Sara: There's going to be a Persona 3?

Rodney: Yes; eventually...

Sara: Good. I loved the second one, but I couldn't get anybody to actually try it; everybody flocked Final Fantasy IX instead, regardless of the fact that FF9 is inferior

Rodney: I haven't actually played the second one

Sara: You haven't? You need to

Rodney: Maybe I'll try it out once our quest is finished, before 2k and I head home

James: Can we get back to our quest?

Rodney: Ok. Lead the way, captain

Stumbling through the maze of mirrors, James slowly lead his group through; taking every left turn they came up to.

Sara: You don't think we'll find any mummies or a place called Vertigo while we're in this maze, do you?

James: Of course not; that's just silly

Rodney: That sounds like the sort of thing you'd read in a story that will never be finished

The group continued their way through the maze; unknowing of how far in they where. After stumbling around for a while, they eventually found themselves on the other side; where they saw a lady waiting for them, who had short blonde hair and was wearing a black kendo robe, with a pair of sheaved Kantana on her belt.

Unknown lady: I see you've made it through my maze of mirrors. I'm impressed

Rodney: You'll be even more impressed with us once we've defeated you

Unknown lady: Is that a challenge?

James: Of course it is; we know you're the 3rd member of the Guardians of the 4 Disks, so you have what we're after

Unknown lady: So, you're the group that Adam told me about...James, Sara, and...Gardenia? What kind of name is that for a boy?

Rodney: Gardenia had to leave the group, so I took her place. By the way, I'm Pentium Mitsumi; the Director

Sara (whispering): I knew that name would come back to haunt you eventually...

Rodney (whispering): Well, I didn't expect to transform again so soon

Unknown lady: Why would she have to leave in the middle of your adventure, anyway?

Rodney: She got called into work

Unknown lady: Somehow, I think you're lying...but that's irrelevant now; for I shall stop you from obtaining the disk

Sara: Are you going to introduce yourself before battle? It's only right that we know the name of the person we're about the kick the butt of

Unknown lady: If you must know, I am Jude; the country girl

James: If you're a "country girl" like you claim, than why are you dressed like you're from Japan, instead of like a cowgirl?

Jude: Japan's a country, isn't it?

Rodney: Let's just get this fight started; before we get any further off topic...

Jude: Fine by me

Drawing the longer of the two swords, she assumed a fighting stance; as James got out his Boomerang Blade, Sara got out her mallet, and Rodney got out his Crystal Sword. Making the first move, Jude charged in and attacked James; catching him off-guard and preventing him from effectively using his Boomerang Blade.

Jude: Your boomerang isn't so useful in close range, is it?

As she pinned James into a corner and prepared to finish him off, she was struck on the side full force with Sara's mallet; throwing her roughly a foot to the right.

Sara: His boomerang blade may not be useful in close range, but my mallet is

Jude: I'm not done yet

As she staggered to her feet and assumed a fighting stance, Rodney rushed in quickly and knocked her sword out of her hands and quickly snatched it up.

Rodney: You're finished; you have no further way to defend yourself

Jude: You forgot about my second Kantana

Drawing the shorter of the two swords, she prepared to attack. However, because she was still shaken up from that last attack from Sara, she wasn't quite able to aim properly; as, in an effort to run Rodney through, she missed him by a good 2 feet and wound up getting her sword stuck in the plywood covering where a broken window was.

Rodney: As I said earlier, you're finished; you have no further way to defend yourself, nor are you in any shape to continue fighting

Jude: I give; you're better than I expected. Go ahead and take the disk

The disk then appeared out of nowhere in front of James, who quickly took it and put it into his pocket

James: Do you know how these disks are able to materialize out of nowhere like this?

Jude: Adam said it involved a wizard...I think he's making that up, though; there's likely some advanced technology backing it

Rodney: Or, it could actually be a wizard. You'd believe anything if you've seen what I've seen...

Jude: Like what?

Rodney: I wish I had the time to tell you, but I'm kind of in a hurry

Jude: All right. Maybe our paths will cross again...

As Jude sat down on the bench to recover from the battle, Rodney proceeded to give her back the sword he took, before rejoining his group; who where heading back to their go-karts.

Sara: It looks like our quest is almost over

James: We just need one more disk to complete the map Rodney's working on

Rodney: I'll add the new portion of the map once we return to base

As they stepped outside, they found things had gotten much worse outside; their go-karts where hijacked by some crazy people who where doing donuts in the parking lot, banging their heads to the music of Simon & Garfunkel. Not far away, they saw a group of 3 sanity-sucking robots coming their way; sensing that there where people who where still sane in the area.

Robot #1: Sanity detected in 3 units directly southeast

Robot #3: Exterminate sanity!

James: Should we run?

Rodney: Of course; what else is there to do?

Sara: Where are we going to run to?

Rodney: Back to the base

The group then took off running toward the base; cutting through the woods on the way to lose the robots that where chasing them. As they ran through the woods, seeing a small shack not too far away, they happen to stumble right into a trap; getting caught in a gigantic net, as the person who set the trap rose up from a pile of leaves; revealing herself to be none other than Mary.

Mary: I'm sorry, but you're progressing through your quest much too fast; I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop you now

Sara: How did you even know we where going to cut through the woods, anyway?

Mary: Wild guess. Anyway, now I am going to ensure that you'll never complete your quest by leaving you for the sanity-sucking robots to find

Rodney: You better not have done anything to harm 2k

Mary: Who cares? Soon enough, your sanity will be stripped from you, and your cares about this "2k-tan" will fade away; you wouldn't even care if I killed her

Rodney: I'm going to find some way to stop you, no matter what

Mary: Such powerful words coming from someone who will soon be seeing talking fire hydrants...it's such a waste, really; you'd make an excellent ally, but you've sealed your fate already. Farewell...

As Mary teleported out of there, the sanity-sucking robots had caught up to the group; which quickly moved in and placed their toilet plunger-shaped arms on the heads of their victims and prepared to absorb the sanity.

Robot #2: Preparing for sanity extermination...

James: Farewell guys; been nice knowing you

Sara: I can't believe we fell for the oldest trick in the book

Rodney: It can't end here; I can't leave 2k-tan to die

In a swift move, Rodney pulled an arrow out of his quiver and used the sharp edge of it to cut the ropes; setting them free and throwing off the robots.

Rodney: Here's our chance; now let's get them!

Next time, they fight off the robots, as they make their way to the location of the final disk...
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Since it's Christmas weekend, I decided to give everyone the gift of a new chapter of Tales of Insanity

QuoteChapter 5: Remembrance of the Sanity-Sucking Robots that happen to look like Daleks

The group then drew their weapons and prepared to fight the robots; ready to fight for their sanity.

Sara: How should we go about defeating them?

Rodney: Aim for the eyepiece

Sara: Wouldn't attacking the middle make more sense?

Rodney: Attacking the eyepiece is more effective. Trust me on this

Sara: All right

With great power, Sara began to viciously attack one of the robots with her mallet; breaking off the eyepiece and damaging the ray gun and the toilet plunger arm, rendering it a harmless yard decoration; an ugly one, but one that's at least cooler than a garden gnome. Before she could move onto the next one, James had already taken out it's eyepiece with a well aimed throw of his Boomerang Blade, while Rodney effortlessly disabled a third one in a flash of the blade.

James: Well, that worked a lot better than I expected

Sara: Where did you even get the idea to aim for the eyepiece from?

Rodney: From watching a lot of Doctor Who. After all, the sanity-sucking robots are obviously based on the Daleks, carrying the same strengths and weaknesses

Sara: I haven't actually watched any Doctor Who; I've been interested, though

Rodney: Well, you'll have to watch some after our quest is finished

James: Can we get back to the base now?

Rodney: All right

The group continued their trek through the woods; keeping their weapons drawn just in case anything sneaks up on them. Within about 10 minutes or so, they where back at their base; as Rodney got right onto bringing up the information on where the final disk is hiding.

James: You seem to be in a hurry to finish this quest

Rodney: Of course; not only is the fate of 2k-tan hanging in the balance, but Adam's sanity-sucking robots are roaming free out there

James: Didn't we destroy those robots?

Rodney: Only a few of them; not enough to stop them, but enough to slow their progress while we get the last disk. Speaking of, the last disk is located in the local museum

James: All right...how are we going to get there without our go-karts?

Rodney: We could just walk there

James: One does not simply walk to the museum; it's on the opposite side of town, where we'd have to cross multiple busy intersections to get there, not to mention the sanity-sucking robots we'll likely encounter

Rodney: Well, do you have a better idea? We don't have the go-karts, nor do I have my magic bus to get us there

James: I don't know...can't we just find some turbo-charged bicycles lying around?

Sara: Let's just walk there; it's not like we have a choice at this point

Reluctantly, James agreed to go on foot; as the group made a long journey to the local museum. They saw a few sanity-sucking robots in the distance, as well as the aftermath of their wrath; such as a guy claiming that were-ferrets from space are coming to take everyone to a Nirvana concert. It took them a good hour to finally arrive at their destination, but they finally arrived just as the sun set and the night rolled in. Standing in the front yard of the museum, looking at the ominous 3-story building that stood before them, the group prepared to enter...when; they noticed that Rodney had started to glow again.

Sara: Transforming again?

Rodney: Yeah. This won't take long...

Like every time before, he was engulfed by the light; one which lit up the front of the building quite well. Wither they where trying to make a stealthy entrance or not was moot by this point; as anybody who was inside the building knew that they had visitors.

James: $10 says he'll transform into a walrus

Sara: All right; I counter-bet $10 that he'll turn into a penguin

James: Deal

As the two shook hands on the deal they just made, they watched as the light died down; revealing that Rodney had turned into a strange purple, peg-legged penguin, with tiny bat wings on it's back, a stitching pattern where the white belly meets the purple body, and what looked like a gigantic fanny pack worn in front. As all of this was happening, James reluctantly handed Sara a $10 bill for winning the bet.

Rodney: I feel a little weird, dood

James: Rodney...you're turning into a penguin. Stop it

Rodney: I've turned into a penguin?

He then walks over the conveniently placed mirror to take a look at himself. Why, exactly, a mirror would be left in front of a museum for no real reason at all, we may never know, but hey; this is one that can easily be hand-waved as being done by some random person after having their sanity removed by those robots that are roaming around the town. Anyway, Rodney noticed what he had become; not just an ordinary penguin, but...

Rodney: I'm a Prinny, dood! That explains why I keep saying "dood" a lot

Sara: Ok...what's a Prinny?

Rodney: Oh yeah; that game won't exist for another year...

Sara: What one?

Rodney: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Sara: Never heard of it

Rodney: It's a new game from the people behind Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, dood. You've heard of that one, right?

Sara: Unfortunately, yes...

James: Of course I have! That was quite possibly the greatest RPG of all time; far superior to Persona 2

Sara: Rhapsody wasn't bad, but it's certainly not in the same league as Persona 2

Rodney: Can we get back on track here?

James: Ok...

Rodney: Now, let's head inside and get that disk, dood!

The group then walked dramatically up the stairs and through the front doors of the building; finding themselves in the middle of a long hallway, with staircases going up and down on either side of the building. However, there was absolutely nothing in the hallways; even the big, heavy display cases that where full of historic artifacts, which James and Sara both remember from their school's field trip here earlier in the year, where missing. As the group began to wonder around, the front door slams shut and locks; as if to tell them they cannot escape...also, because it's a common cliché in situations such as this.

James: Something is definitely going on...

Sara: Whoever is waiting for us probably already knew we where coming; with the bright light let off by Rodney's transformation and all

Rodney: It's at times like this I wish I still had control over it, dood

James: Where should we try going?

Rodney: The auditorium

James: What makes you guess that?

Rodney: I have this feeling somebody's waiting in there for us, dood...

The group then walks down the hall and through the double doors that lead into the auditorium. The room, which was well lit, had large windows on seemingly every wall in the room, as well as a large stage and even a balcony with some antiquated seating. As the group reached the center of the room, the lights suddenly turned off; the room only being lit by the light of the full moon outside. Not long after the lights went out, they heard a voice coming from above; possibly in the balcony.

Unknown person: I see you three finally made it. After hearing about how far you've come in your quest, I was looking forward to the moment when you'd happen to stumble into my territory; for that would be the day when your journey comes to an end

Sara: Who are you?

Unknown person: I am Mr. Jack; the Dark Soul. Soon enough, you'll realize that there is a reason to be afraid of the dark...

With the lights still out, Jack rushed at the group; catching them off-guard and managing to get in several quick attacks from every angle. Eventually, the attacks began to decrease in number, but they could still sense he was running around them really fast; keeping them from reaching the light switch.

James: How are we supposed to fight someone we can't see?

Rodney: We first need him to back off so someone can hit the lights, dood

Sara: How are we supposed to do that?

Rodney: I need somebody to throw, drop, or trip me; so I'll explode and knock him off balance

Sara: Wait...you can explode?

Rodney: In this form, yes; the Prinny is known for exploding when thrown or handled roughly, dood

Sara: But wouldn't exploding kill you?

Rodney: At the very worst, yes; however, I have a feeling it'll probably just force another transformation

James: Are you sure it'll just be another transformation?

Rodney: I'm almost certain of it

James: Also, doesn't talking about this with the villain running around us really fast, occasionally getting in a quick blow, allow him to hear our master plan and take precautionary counter-measures to ensure our plan fails?

Sara: Good point

Rodney: That's one thing I don't know the answer of, dood

James: Also, what if we get caught in the explosion?

Rodney: Then, you should throw me at the light switch; turning it on might weaken him

James: All right...

He then picks up the small, penguin-like being and holds it over his head; ready to throw it. Before throwing, he asks one last question to it

James: Are you absolutely sure that this isn't going to kill you?

Rodney: I already said, I'm certain it'll just result in another transformation

James: What if you're wrong?

Rodney: In which case, you have permission to quote the "dead parrot" sketch at my funeral, dood

James: All right; let's do this!

With great strength, James threw Rodney, still in Prinny form, across the room; as the two could only watch him hit the light switch on the wall with enough force to cause him to explode into colorful sparks, like a firecracker; leaving the empty, slightly charred Prinny body lying on the floor. As shocking as it was, you had to admit it was pretty. With the lights turned on, they where finally able to see Mr. Jack; which, all they could really tell was that he's dressed in ninja garb and that he seemed to have been weakened by the light.

Mr. Jack: You're cleverer than anyone I've fought before; nobody seemed to figure out that I draw my power from the shadows, resulting in too many easy victories. Now, I feel like I finally have a reason to show off my true potential; in the darkness and the light

Sara: Show us what you've got; after what we had to do to get the lights back on, an epic battle is in order

Quickly, James and Sara got out their weapons and prepared for battle against Mr. Jack; who had a question before the fight can begin.

Mr. Jack: Where, exactly, do you hide your weapons when they're not in use?

Sara: Don't you know? All heroes wear jeans with absurdly big pockets

Mr. Jack: All right...now, let's fight

Moving very quickly, but not quite as quick as before, Mr. Jack began to rapidly attack the group; as James and Sara began to try and block his attacks, since they could better see what was going on now. As this was happening, Sara caught a glimpse of the charred Prinny lying on the floor beginning to glow; indicating that everything is going according to plan, as Rodney is transforming as a result of exploding.

Mr. Jack: This is starting to get boring...

He then let up his attacks and stepped back; as he began to glow.

Mr. Jack: Now, I'll make things more interesting by focusing my energy into a powerful attack that'll obliterate everything in this room except for me. You can stop me from charging this attack with a strong enough blow, but that's only if you can catch me...

He then began to glow, as he continued to move around the room very quickly; dodging every single attack that James and Sara could dish out. However, he wasn't expecting a surprise attack, in the form of a simple punch to the shoulder, delivered by a person who he was sure was not there earlier; a guy roughly the same age as Rodney, wearing a brown longcoat with a flannel shirt underneath and a plain black t-shirt underneath that, a pair of glasses much like what Rodney wears, and a brown fedora. Said attack, although weak, was just enough to cause him to lose concentration; disrupting the charging process.

Unknown person: Blowing up the entire room, killing everyone except you? That's not how you make a fight more interesting; that's just a cheap path to victory

Mr. Jack: If you know so much about this sort of thing, than who are you?

Unknown person: I am known by many names, like how right now, I'm a clone of Linkara, but one thing has remained consistent; I am still Rodney McIntosh, the Director

Mr. Jack: But...wasn't the Director a girl wearing a maid costume?

Rodney: I'd explain this to you in detail, but I don't think that'd help you at all. There's no sense in wasting more time, so let's just get this battle started

Mr. Jack: Not before I give a clichéd speech about how I'm superior to you in every way; throwing in an insult directed toward your girlfriend to press your berserk button in an attempt to get you to come flying at me with weapons drawn, as I stand there with my arms spread out and say "Come at me, bro". Allow me to begin...

Sara: How about no, Scott...

In a swift move, she struck Mr. Jack with her mallet; knocking him out cold from the force of the attack. Shortly after, the disk appeared out of nowhere in front of her, as she quickly took it.

Sara: Why doesn't anybody ever think to attack the villain while they're too busy giving "the reason you suck" speech?

Rodney: You have a point, although some may say it's not very heroic to do something like that. Anyway, we now have all 4 disks

James: Our quest is almost finished!

Rodney: Now, let's head back to the base

James: One does not simply walk back--

Rodney: We're not going over this again; walking is our only option. Our go-karts and my magic bus where stolen, remember?

James: Couldn't we call a cab this time?

Rodney: Do you know how expansive taxi service is?

James: Ok...but what if we encounter any of those robots?

Rodney: I think we can handle them

James (disappointed): Ok...

The group then proceeded to leave the auditorium and the museum; stepping back outside. Once outside, they noticed that the street lights where out; the only light in the area was from the full moon shining through the branches and leaves of the oak trees. As they carefully walked around, they where confronted by a mysterious person; his face was obscured by the shadows, but they could see that he was wearing a leather jacket and black denim jeans.

Unknown person: I see you've managed to defeat all of the Guardians of the 4 Disks...I'm impressed; I would have never expected you to pull it off

James: I'd recognize that voice anywhere...what are you doing here, Adam?

Unknown person: I'm just here to make my presence known, and to inform you that your quest isn't over yet; you'll have a series of challenges to make your way past once you arrive at my fortress, before you'll get the chance to fight me

Rodney: With the world's sanity on the line, as well as Nichi, failure is not an option at this point

Adam: We'll see about that. I'll be waiting at my fortress for your arrival...

He then walks away into the night, as Sara led the group back to the base; to study the final disk and prepare for the next phase of their mission.

Next time, the group heads off toward Adam's fortress...but before that, something a little more seasonal; with Director Who: Episode 2512: The Obligotory Christmas Episode
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Regardless of technical issues on my end, the show must go on! So, sit down, grab a cup of eggnog, and enjoy Director Who: Episode 2512: The Obligatory Christmas Special

QuoteIt was an average mid-December day at the mansion, as Rodney, 2k-tan, and Yendor where relaxing with cups of apple cider, now that they have finished decorating the tree for the Christmas party that night. Although the room looked nice, with a fully decorated tree with the classic Microsoft Windows logo on top in place of a star, as well as a fruitcake set ablaze in the fireplace (It was cheaper than a Yule log), something just didn't seem right; primarily about the weather. Although it was cold like it was supposed to be, it was starting to snow; something highly unusual for the area.

Rodney: It's snowing? You mean, we'll possibly have one of those fabled white Christmases?

Yendor: Is there even such a thing as a white Christmas?

2k-tan: Yes, there is. I remember having a snowball fight with Emmy and Saseko one Christmas morning, many years ago...

Rodney: That must have been nice. I've never actually had a snowball fight before

2k-tan: You haven't?

Rodney: Of course not. It's always been a little less "White Christmas" and a little more "Green Hell" in the places I've gone to

2k-tan: All right then. Everybody grab your coats, because it's about to go down

After saying that, the 3 took off for their rooms quickly to get equipped with the dusty winter wear they almost never use, before meeting in the land of the ice and snow that was the backyard.

Upon arriving outside, Rodney was equipped with snow boots, thick denim jeans, a black shirt, some lightweight leather gloves, and a white longcoat that helped him camouflage with the snowy surroundings, while 2k-tan was equipped with a long, buttoned-up light blue coat, light blue gloves, tan snow pants, snow boots, and an orange scarf, and Yendor was dressed in a similar way to 2k, except with a tan coat and a ridiculously long multi-colored scarf that went down almost to her feet.

2k-tan: All right, does anybody need explanation on how a snowball fight works?

Rodney: Of course not

Yendor: I may have never had a snowball fight, but it's not like you need a degree in theoretical physics to understand how to have one

2k-tan: All right then...let's begin. One hit, last one standing

With that being said, everybody quickly scooped up snow, rolled it up, and engaged in battle; 2k-tan effortlessly ducking and rolling away from everyone's attacks while preparing a counterattack of her own, as Yendor was quickly taken out with a surprise attack from Rodney. As she left, it came down to an epic showdown between the two remaining participants; both where effortlessly dodging each others attacks, as if they could read their opponent's mind. As this raged on for several minutes, they where eventually caught off guard by a surprise attack that took both of them out.

As they looked to their right to see who it was, they saw none other than Yendor bringing Celeron "PentiumMMX" Wily and his wife, Crystal, to join them; Pentium still sporting the same short black hair as always, wearing his trademark green sports jacket, thick blue gloves, blue denim jeans, and black sneakers, while Crystal was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt with blue snow pants, and with her blue hair worn in a braid.

Crystal: You weren't going to leave us out, where you?

Rodney: Actually, we where just passing the time until you arrived. I didn't think you'd arrive until later. So, how've things been going?

PentiumMMX: Quite well, actually. We moved into our new house, things have been going well for me at work, while Crystal got a job as a lab aide

Crystal: It may not be as exciting as a wild adventure to save the world, like we used to have, but it's better than nothing

PentiumMMX: So, has anything happened since we moved?

Rodney: A few things, yeah

Yendor (with a grin on her face): We have photos of one thing that happened...

Crystal: Oh really? What happened, then?

Rodney (blushing): I-it was nothing! Disregard what she said!

2k-tan: Oh come on; I didn't get around to posting those pictures online, so can't I just show them now?

PentiumMMX: This sounds interesting...

Crystal: Agreed

Yendor: You don't want to disappoint your guests, do you?

Rodney: Dammit....fine; I would have preferred for those pics to remain private, but go ahead and show them

The group then went back into the mansion, as they sat down in the room with the tree to drink some eggnog and look at the semi-embarrassing photos that where taken following that random encounter with Pleinair earlier in the year; the one that everybody though was the best featured Rodney in a fancy green dress with puffy sleeves and long white gloves, wringing his hands while looking down to his right and blushing, while 2k-tan stood beside him in her usual clothing, with her right arm around him, a goofy smile on her face, and giving the victory sign with her left hand.

Crystal: You actually look pretty good in that dress, but I think you could look more convincing with some help...Yendor, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Yendor: I think so, Crystal, but why doesn't the audio match up with the video in Godzilla movies?

Crystal: No, what I mean is that we should do his hair and makeup to make him more convincing. Also, for effect, have 2k wearing the same dress

2k-tan (annoyed): What?

Crystal: I'm thinking of taking a picture of you and Rodney in matching dresses. You two would look good!

2k-tan: If you tried wearing a dress like that, your opinion would change quickly; I could barely move my arms in that damn thing

Rodney: I'm with her on this

Crystal: Oh come on; comfort isn't the point here. Now, come with us and we'll get both of you dolled up...

She, along with Yendor, began to move ever closer to Rodney and 2k; as the two began to consider their options for escape.

2k-tan: I'm beginning to regret showing her those pictures...

Rodney: 2k, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

2k-tan: Run like hell?

Rodney: Exactly

Yendor: Oh, you're no fun anymore...

The two then took off quick as the flash for the backdoor, running toward Storage Building 12, as Yendor and Crystal then took off in pursuit, while PentiumMMX stayed behind in the mansion; finishing his cup of eggnog.

PentiumMMX: Ah, some things never change...

Upon finishing, he set the cup down on the table, before running off outside to see what everyone else was up to.

-The End-

Tomorrow, Tales of Insanity continues with chapter 6
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Hooray stories! : D
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You know the part mentioning the picture of Rodney and 2k together? I'd love to see someone draw that ^_^
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...And now, chapter 6 of Tales of Insanity

QuoteChapter 6: Doomsday Weapon P.O.S.

The next morning, the group was sitting in the living room of their base; with Rodney giving them a briefing on their mission.

Rodney: All right; I've determined the location of Adam's Fortress. Would you believe the entrance to it happens to be that shack we saw in the woods earlier?

Sara: If only we knew that, than we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble

Rodney: Oh well...at least we know where to go from here. Make sure you have everything needed before we leave; there's no telling what we might run into once we're inside

James: What could possibly be hiding inside a little shack?

Rodney: I know a lot about the common designs of a villain's stronghold; typically, the main portion of it is underground with something easily overlooked on the surface to serve as an entrance

James: How do you know this?

Rodney: After going on several adventures over the years, you tend to become genre savvy when it comes to this sort of thing. Now, is everybody ready to go?

James: I have both Boomerang Blades by my side and ready to go

Sara: I'm never without my mallet, aren't I?

Rodney: All right; let us march toward out final battle. For 2k-tan!

James: For the world's sanity!

Sara: For an epic final battle!

Rodney then lead the group back outside as they slowly and dramatically made their way back to the woods where they saw the shack; noticing a strange absence of the sanity-sucking robots as they made the long trek. Once they arrived, the proceeded to go inside the shack; finding a staircase leading down into a large room with steel walls, bare concrete floors, and some random machines of unknown purpose. They carefully made their way down the stairs, in case Adam had set a trap for them, but found that they where just being a little paranoid about things; of course, when you're invading the villain's stronghold, it usually pays to be a little paranoid about things like traps. Once they reached the bottom, they walked through a gate and the main room, when they heard the booming voice of Adam overhead.

Adam (On PA system): I see you've managed to find my secret base...a little quicker than I expected, though; I didn't even have a chance to setup any of those challenges I mentioned earlier

Sara: Why don't you come out and fight us?

Adam (On PA system): Don't you know? It's law that the villain has to wait for the heroes to come to him for a battle

Rodney: Why did you call back your army of sanity-sucking robots, anyway?

Adam (On PA system): They needed their batteries recharged. Those rechargeable 9V batteries just aren't cutting it...

Rodney: Why didn't you use a bigger battery?

Adam (On PA system): I didn't have enough money left after everything else I added to them. Do you realize how expensive building your own robots can be?

James: How did you even get the money to build them in the first place?

Adam (On PA system): Let's stop with the Q&A session for now; I'm sure Mary is getting tired of waiting on you in the next room

With that, he turned off the PA system, as the group makes their way across the room and through another doorway; into a room just as plain as the one they left, except Mary was waiting for them in this one.

Mary: So, you've finally arrived. In fact, you're just in time to see the opening of that box I stole from you

Rodney: You're mad; there's no telling what could be inside

Mary: I know exactly what's in here; it's a powerful device known as Doomsday Weapon P.O.S., which I'll use to overthrow any resistance groups against Adam's master plan.

Sara: With that kind of power, why don't you just turn on him and take the world for yourself?

Mary: I never though about it, actually; it seems like it'd be easy to do...but with that point aside, I'll open the box. First, let's bring in 2k so she can witness the fall of her beloved Director...

With a snap of her fingers, a panel on the wall slid open; revealing 2k-tan, who was tied to a chair.

Rodney: Are you ok?

2k-tan (with a laugh): I'm fine; just a little tied up at the moment...

Mary: Now, I will open this box, and using its contents, I shall kill you where you stand, Director

Using her dagger, she carefully broke the seal on the box and lifted up two of the flaps; packing peanuts flying everywhere as an eerie green light emits from inside. As she reached down into the box, she grabbed hold of the doomsday weapon and began to dramatically pull it out.

Mary: Prepare to meet your doom...

As she looked in her hand, she quickly took notice that what was in her hands was something she wouldn't have expected; a copy of Bubsy 3D for the original PlayStation with a glow stick taped to the back of the case. Frantically, she began to dig through the box, finding nothing but packing peanuts.

Mary: ...This has to be a joke; where's the real doomsday weapon?

2k-tan: That is Doomsday Weapon P.O.S.; a game that happens to be a piece of...crap

Mary: So you knew what its contents where this whole time?

2k-tan: Of course; this was actually part of a master plan. What I did was swap the real box with a decoy while you weren't looking; while hiding the real one in a place inside the Magic Bus that I knew you could never access

Mary: But...you've been tied up this whole time; how could you have done this.

2k-tan: It's easy; you apparently don't know how to make your knots tight enough, so I was able to easily loosen it, slip free, put my plan into motion, and then tie myself up again. In fact, I'll demonstrate now...

She then loosened up the rope enough to the point it fell to her feet, as she stood up and walked toward the group

2k-tan: Well, it looks like your plans have fallen apart

Mary: I give; you're good at this!

2k-tan: Of course; there where so many gaping flaws in your plans that it made my plans that much easier to complete

Mary: I'm out of here; Adam awaits you in the next room

She then ran out of the door; as the 4 that remained stood there for a moment.

2k-tan: What; no battle or anything?

Rodney: How did you manage to get captured by someone like that, anyway?

2k-tan: She captured me while I was sleeping; using the Magic Bus to bring me to this universe. If I had been awake, she likely would have opened the real box...whatever it contains

Rodney: Well, all that's left to do is fight Adam. You have your sword, right?

2k-tan: Of course

Rodney: All right; care to join us for the final battle?

2k-tan: You don't have to ask me twice

James: The more the merrier, right? Now let's go kick Adam's butt!

The group then walks through yet another doorway, finding themselves in another room just as plain and boring as before; however, this one was completely empty aside from a lone speaker for the PA system...

Next time, the epic final battle with Adam
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Here we go, with the 2nd-to-last chapter of Tales of Insanity

QuoteChapter 7: The Epic Final Battle

Sara: Did Adam get scared and hide somewhere?

Adam (On PA system): Give me a few minutes; I'm not ready for the battle yet. I expected Mary to hold you off a lot longer than she did...

James: What should we do in the meantime?

Adam (On PA system): I could force you to watch cheesy movies; the worst I can find...but I don't have a projector in there, so that won't work. I'll be there in about 5 minutes, and then our dramatic pre-battle speech can get underway

With that, the speaker turned off; as the 4 began to talk amongst themselves while waiting for their foe to arrive.

Rodney: This guy didn't think his plan through very well

2k-tan: Obviously; he makes Team Rocket seem like competent foes

James: That's Adam for you; he's not that great when it comes to strategic thinking, although he is pretty good at building things

Sara: Although, he should really use bigger batteries in his robots

Rodney: Yeah; it doesn't make his sanity-sucking robots very threatening when they can't leave town because of their batteries. Anyway, I think I hear him coming; get your weapons ready.

The group then turns around to find Adam walking in through the door; with twin short swords strapped to his back.

Adam: So, you managed to make it this far and catch me off-guard...but, this will be the end of the line. Once you 4 are eliminated, my plan to rid the world of sanity can continue

Sara: How do you plan on doing that when your robots are powered by 9V batteries?

Adam: I'll work those details out later, but for now, I'll focus on defeating you. Any last words before we begin?

2k-tan: Don't expect me to go easy on you

Sara: You're going down, clown

James: Prepare to be defeated!

Rodney: Couldn't you come up with something more creative?

James: What's wrong with "prepare to be defeated"?

Rodney: I've heard it said way too many times during my journeys...

Adam: Anyway, let us begin

He then unsheathes his twin swords and assumed a fighting stance, as everybody else withdrew their weapons and prepared for battle. The group than rushed toward Adam, as he began to rush toward them; the 5 meeting in the middle of the room as they began to exchange blows. While Sara and her group where putting up a good fight, Adam was still effortlessly blocking all their attacks like they where nothing.

Adam: It's going to take more than this to defeat me

James: You're right

He, and the rest of the group, then stepped back as he threw his Boomerang Blade with great force; which cut the arm of the jacket Adam was wearing.

James: Now this is more like it

In rage, Adam rushed toward James to attack him head on, when he felt someone tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Rodney standing behind him.

Rodney: I'm distracting you so she can punch you

After hearing this, Adam turned around; only to be greeted by the fist of 2k-tan delivered straight to his face, which knocked him off his feet and caused him to drop his swords. As he tried to get back up, he was quickly pinned down by Sara; who put her foot on top of his chest in triumph.

Sara: I expected better from you

Adam: If you want better, than I'll show you what I can really do

He then grabbed her leg and proceeded to effortlessly throw her aside; as she slammed into a wall and was knocked out. Picking his swords back up, he then prepared to continue the fight.

Adam: The same tricks won't work a second time; so you better think of a new plan

Rodney: I think we already have one. Let's go

James and 2k-tan proceeded to quickly and effortlessly disarm him with well-placed blows using their weapons, as Rodney casually walked toward his foe.

Rodney: This is where you lose the battle, because you are a madman, whereas I am a man!

He then delivered a swift gut punch to Adam; instantly knocking him out.

Rodney: Well, that was easy

2k-tan: You had to do the "I am a man" punch while you still look like Linkara, didn't you?

Rodney: Of course; I couldn't pass an opportunity like that up. Now, let's deactivate those sanity-sucking robots and finish things up

The group (With James carrying Sara, who was still knocked out) then walks out of the room, back into the main area, and then into a room on the eastern side of the building; where all the sanity-sucking robots where still docked and charging. In a stroke of convenience, all the docking stations where networked to a big red button in front of 2k-tan, with "Deactivate robots and restore order" written in friendly letters.

2k-tan: This is way too easy; how did we go from saving the Multiverse from a complete monster to dealing with someone like this?

Rodney: It's a break from the norm, at least; not many would think of ridding the world of sanity. Speaking of, why did he even want to do that?

James: There's no telling with that guy; trying to figure out his motives is like trying to understand why Red Hat Linux is so popular

Rodney: To be fair, the successor to Red Hat is actually quite nice...but you have a year to go before it's released

2k-tan: I'll push the button

She then pressed the button; which caused the charge lights on top of the robots to turn off, as a sparkly golden wave began to radiate from the center of the room outward, which happened to cause Rodney to turn back into his normal form and restored his control over his transformation powers.

Rodney: Well, that solves the problems with my transformation powers. Now, to find my Magic Bus...

2k-tan: I think I know where it is; Mary didn't have me blindfolded or even take my glasses away, so I was able to get an idea of the layout

Rodney: All right; lead the way

She then led the group to a hallway on the northern end of the building; where, at the end, they saw none other than the Magic Bus waiting for them; it being big, dark blue, and bus-like.

James: So this is the magic bus you've been talking about...

Rodney: Yeah. It's cool, isn't it?

James: I think a zeppelin would be cooler; it's more out-of-the-ordinary than a bus

Rodney: But, a bus can blend in better with its surroundings then a zeppelin; it doesn't attract as much attention to itself

James: That's true, I guess

The group then climbs aboard the bus, as Rodney and 2k-tan begin to set everything up to return to the base, while James sets Sara down on the couch; taking note of how the inside of the bus felt like a house in terms of size.

James: Is it just me, or is this bus bigger on the inside?

Rodney: Yes it is; in a way, it's like the TARDIS

James: Cool. How quick can this thing travel?

Rodney: With as short of a distance as we have to go, almost instantly. Hang on; we're going now

He then pressed a glowing green button on the 50-button console; which activated the bus and transported them back to the base in less than a second.

Rodney: We're here

James: It's that quick?

Rodney: Yes it is. Just look outside...

Doing so, James peaks out the door; finding himself outside of his house, with barely any time having passed since they left Adam's fortress.

James: If you have this advanced of technology in your time, do flying cars exist as well?

2k-tan: They haven't even made a prototype yet; it probably won't happen for several years

James: That sucks...anyway; want to come inside for a while?

Rodney: I don't see why not; we can hang around a little longer

Next time, TOI draws to a close as the cardboard box opens, with a serving of mood whiplash to setup for the sequel
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Here we are with the final chapter of Tales of Insanity. It's much shorter than the previous chapter, but it helps to setup for the opening of the sequel.

QuoteFinal Chapter: The Cardboard Box Opens

A few hours later, Sara woke up; finding herself in James' living room, as he was carrying on a conversation with Rodney and 2k-tan.

James: I see you're finally awake; you where out cold

Sara: I assume we beat Adam, right?

James: Yeah; 2k and I disarmed him with ease, while Rodney took him down with a powerful gut punch

Rodney: Not a gut punch, but the "I am a man" Punch; it's completely different

James: Is that kind of like the Falcon Punch?

Rodney: A little bit

James: Cool...

Sara: Anyway, what about the cardboard box you came here to give us?

2k-tan: I have it right here

She then gets up, picks up a cardboard box from beside her seat, and then brings it over to James and Sara.

Sara: What do you think is inside?

James: It's a Gamecube; it has to be

Sara: It can't be that; the box is too small

James: Why don't we open it and see what's really inside?

Sara: All right; I'll open it

In a quick motion, she ripped through the thin Scotch tape holding the flaps down and then began to slowly open them. Inside the box, they found a strange device; about the size of a cell phone, but with no buttons on it. Although they, nor Rodney, knew what it was, 2k-tan instantly recognized it and quickly tried to get it away from the two.

2k-tan: It's a trap! Drop it now!

However, it was too late, as James somehow triggered the device; causing him to be turned to stone instantly, as Sara watched with a look of both shock and confusion on her face.

Sara: What just happened?

2k-tan: He just triggered a specially-crafted device designed to turn one to stone when enough pressure is applied. It's a piece of technology from my world, used only by a certain person, which means...no; it can't be her

She quickly rushed toward the cardboard box the device was inside of; finding a note inside. Upon reading it, her face went deathly pale as she realized what was going on. Being concerned, Rodney tried to consult her.

Rodney: What's going on? What does the note say?

2k-tan (nearly emotionless): ...It's an end-of-life notice; she's out to kill me. That device was intended for me, but it instead fell into innocent hands

Rodney: Who's out to kill you?

2k-tan (nearly crying): I'm sorry, but I can't let you get involved with this; she'll kill you as well. Farewell, Rodney...

With tears in her eyes, she quickly left the room, dropping the note accidentally, as she went out the front door and began to run away into the darkness of night and the heavy rain; trying to get as far away from that house as possible for everyone else's safety.

To be continued...

The next story in the Director Who saga is End of the Millennium, which I'm currently writing. However, before I upload the first chapter, I'll take a break from the saga for a while to focus on some other, unrelated stories.

Cliffhanger ending, yo
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Taking a break from the Director Who saga, I've decided to start uploading my trilogy of Disgaea short stories. So kick back, because The Disgaea Logbook: Part 1: Penti-chan vs. the War Pigs starts now

QuoteI am Pentium; a Star Mage, who was a Prinny in a past life, and the fourth member of Mikuru's Magical Trio (Which she refuses to change the name of; even if Magical Quartet would make a lot more sense now). It's taken some getting used to, having turned into a girl thanks to some technical difficulties during the reincarnation process, but I've gotten used to it; thankfully, Crystal and Flonne where there to help me along the way as I got used to no longer exploding when thrown (Which was quite annoying and also very painful), among other things.

It was a fairly normal day around the castle, until we where finally given a new mission; which everybody proceeded to load up on supplies and went out onto the battlefield. It all began as any other mission before it; we where sent in to defeat all the enemies in the area as quickly as possible. However, what waited for us was quite possibly our hardest battle to date; as an army of monsters where camping on spots effected by the Geo Spheres, giving them healing powers and high defense. Mikuru lead us into battle, following closely behind Laharl and his group, as we began to dish out all our best attacks to try and deal with the foes that stood before us. However, they shrugged everything off; even my most powerful spell at the moment, Giga Star, would barely scratch them. We continued to fight anyway; as all of us would direct all our attacks at one single target to take them down, which worked pretty well early on.

Although we had worked out a strategy to take them down, our problems where only just starting to begin. By the time we got to the 9th one, we found it was much stronger than the ones we took out earlier; it seemed like only Crystal could damage it, as any magic we threw at it would bounce off; it wouldn't even so much as scratch it. We did finally defeat it, as Laharl unfortunately was defeated in the process; with command being turned over to Crystal. Her very first order under command was to send Etna to destroy the Geo Spheres; allowing us a better chance. Meanwhile, the rest of us hung back; trying to make the most of what little supplies we had left. We seemed to wait forever; as I was starting to feel weak from having used so much of my power. Because we has run out of items, Mikuru gave the order for us to limit ourselves for the rest of the fight to nothing more than our Mega-level spells; to help conserve our energy, since this fight was far from over.

While a good idea to keep from getting worn out too fast, it wasn't such a good idea on the grounds that our attacks would now rarely, if ever, affect our foes. After what felt like forever, Etna took out the last of the Geo Spheres, as we began to take down the last 3 monsters. Since the attacks from Crystal and Etna where able to hit for their normal damage, things began to turn around...although, our magic was still ineffective. Because they could only attack so many at a time, things where going very slowly; as I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and unleash a Giga Star once more in an effort to deal some decent damage, regardless of disobeying orders. While I did deal a heavy amount of damage to the monster, that last attack took a lot out of me; as I collapsed from exhaustion. As I lay there on the grass, feeling the weakest I've ever felt, barely able to move, I began to think back to when I was still a Prinny; how things seemed simpler back then...which lead me to wondering if I made the right decision to go through reincarnation to become a specialist in Star magic.

As Etna defeated the last of the monsters, our mission was finally over. Because I didn't have the strength to stand on my own, Crystal had to carry me back to the castle; taking me straight to bed once we arrived, so I could get the rest I needed after the crazy stunt I pulled. After a good night's sleep, I was finally back to normal; ready for whatever might come our way next.

Next time, part 2 of the trilogy
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I'm beginning to think I've taken over this topic ^_^;;

Anyway, here is The Disgaea Logbook: Part 2: Breaking Into Heaven

QuoteYes, it's Pentium once again. Remember how last time, I mentioned how hard that battle against a group of monsters was? Well, it's a lot rougher now, as our group ventures into Celestia, so that Flonne can speak with the Seraph to figure out what's been going on as of late; with the sight of angels, her own kind, aiding the Earth Defense Force in trying to kill everyone in the Netherworld. However, we weren't going to receive an audience with him so easily; as Volcanus, a high-ranking angel who summoned powerful demons to try and stop us earlier, has brought forth an even more powerful army of angels to take us down, while he wait atop a spiraling staircase.

After we regrouped back at the castle, we ventured back into Celestia for our next battle; which was much, much harder than that battle against those assorted monsters that I talked about last time. Upon arrival, we saw an army of angels waiting for us; as, before we're even ready, they begin to barrage us with powerful magical attacks. In their first wave, Captain Falcon went down; as Laharl, Crystal, Pit (Our gunman), and I began our counterattack, using our heaviest attacks to try and knock down as many of them as possible.

Through a group effort, we managed to take down most of the first wave; as Mikuru and the rest of the Magical Trio came to aid us. Before we had even finished off the first wave, the second one was charging in not far behind; as we continued out strategy. Unfortunately, Peach (Our healer) and the rest of the Magical Trio where defeated, while the rest of us continued to fend off the invasion. From constantly using my powers without rest, I was starting to feel weak; thankfully, Dood (A Prinny, and one of my good friends; whom I've known for years) was there to give me the items needed to keep going. Once we finished off the last wave, all that was left was Volcanus himself; as he slowly began to descend from the top of the staircase to do what his henchmen failed to do.

Before charging toward him, we began to pass around the last of the healing items between each other; our numbers having been cut in half by our foes, with the only ones remaining are myself, Laharl, Crystal, Dood, and Pit. Once ready, we ran up the stairs to engage him in battle; as Crystal and Pit delivered the first blows to him. As he prepared to counterattack, the rest of us where able to get up there and join in with the attacking; as Pit, Dood, and I attacked from long range, while Laharl and Crystal got in close range to unleash their most devastating attacks. Unfortunately, Volcanus was able to get over to Pit and finish him off in one swift blow; as the rest of us began to concentrate all our effort on defeating this powerful foe before he can do the same to us.

We fought hard, but thankfully, we where able to finish him off. We thought that would be it; we've defeated him, so now all that's left is for Flonne to speak with the Seraph...but how wrong we where; as Volcanus was able to get back up after the pounding he received, and then went into the next room to tell the Seraph what happened in an effort to get him to engage us in battle, hoping that both sides will die in the conflict so that he, Volcanus, can succeed in becoming a god.

The battle is far from over, and it's about to get a whole lot worse than it already is...

Next time, the conclusion
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Just to prove that I'm still working on Iter Tempus, here's the first part of Chapter 9:


Leopard always felt a twinge of paranoia when dealing with people from the past – the possibility that she stood out in behavior or appearance, or otherwise commanded the wrong sort of attention, was a fear that often lingered in her mind. But there was no second-guessing PDP-chan's intentions – she obviously just wanted Leopard to be her friend.

PDP hadn't released Leopard's hand from her grip since she had towed her from the Lab; likewise, her strong pull hadn't eased a bit. If anything, it had become even more forceful, as if the Barta Building was some great magnet to which PDP was attracted. "Oooh, I just can't wait to show you mommy's house," she even exclaimed at one point, "and I'm sure they'll be happy to meet you!"

"They?" Leopard asked, "Someone other than your mom lives at your place?"

The girl looked back and grinned. "Like I said, mommy's." This statement made little sense to Leopard, so little in fact she'd consider it a non-sequitur, something she perhaps incorrectly attributed to PDP's apparent young age. "I wish you could meet more of my family," she sighed, "You would like them too."

"I would?" Leopard was curious, even if she wasn't sure she'd get any coherent answers. At least it succeeded at slowing PDP to a more matchable pace – she couldn't talk at length and jog at the same time.

"Mhmm," PDP replied,  "There's my younger sister Tessa ... well her human-given name is CTSS, but mom calls her Tessa ... she works for MIT as a teacher. Actually, I first met your friend when he was working for her."

"My friend? You mean Selectric?"

"Yep!" She pressed her finger to her chin and thought, "Tessa's also Multics' mom, but I don't like her very much ... she never wants to play with me, instead she invites me to tea parties and stuff. It's so boring."

Leopard recoiled in surprise – "You're related to Multics?"

"That's what everyone says," She rolled her eyes a bit, "but I wouldn't be surprised if she was adopted."

Before Leopard's mind could digest the thought of the noblewoman and the scrappy little tyke leading her by the arm through Cambridge being related, she launched into another monologue about her family. "Then there's Gina, she's my older sister. She's really cool, I guess, but she doesn't like me," for the first time since Leopard met her, she frowned; that forlorn expression caused pangs of sympathy to prickle at her. "It's not bad," PDP added, picking up on the look of gloom in her friend's face, "She's just jealous because I get to stay here with my family and she can't."

Leopard hesitated to ask for more details, but the girl seemed open about herself and far less likely to be offended than an adult might be. "Why not?"

"She's an officer in the Air Force and travels all around the country for her job ... she's been gone ever since before I was born. We've only ever been together a few times ..." This wasn't making Leopard feel better at all, quite the opposite in fact – maybe PDP's life wasn't as carefree and merry as she had first assumed.

PDP jabbed Leopard in the side with one finger, jarring her from her piteous thoughts. "Stop Looking so sad, Leopard." she scowled.

"Sorry PDP –" Leopard replied with a small blush, her brain frenetically searching for a way to change the subject, "Uh – I mean – wait, you never did tell me what name your mom gave you, did you?" 

"I didn't. My name's Penelope," she grasped Leopard's hand and gestured for her to shake it, "And you are ... ?"

Leopard tilted her head a bit – "I'm Leopard."

"Nuh-uh, I asked for your real name, not your human-given name. Did your mom not give you one?"

She shook her head no; her mother, Rhapsody, had done many things for her children, but the job of assigning names had always been left to corporate management.

"Hmm, Leopard, Leopard, Leopard ..." PDP pondered her moniker, "Leona, maybe? Yes, I think that would work best ... you'll be Miss Leona!"

"Aw, thank you!" Heart warmed by the young girl's caring nature, she smiled and ruffled her whispy blonde hair. "It's a pretty name."

PDP smiled that million-watt grin of hers' and returned the gesture – or at least tried, the farthest she could reach was halfway up Leopard's back – before her attention turned to her surroundings. "Oh, here we are!" she proclaimed, the excitement audible in her voice as she pointed to a humble looking brick structure across the street from them; waiting for the road to clear of cars, she lead Leopard across to the building.

Climbing a few stairs and into a small alcove, she produced a key from her pocket and opened the door to an uninhabited lobby. "Mommy's office is down here, but I don't think anyone's around right now." PDP explained, pulling Leopard forward up a staircase, "Mommy, mommmmmy, I'm home and I've brought a friend!" she called out as she approached a lone entrance at the top of the landing.

A somewhat cross-looking tawny-haired woman in a blue gingham-pattern nurse's dress and white hat opened the door, and and enthusiastic little dog came tumbling out, frolicking and yapping at its young owner and Leopard. "Mommy!" PDP cried, brushing past the puppy and leaping into her barely-prepared mother's arms, "This is my new friend, Miss Leona!"

"Pe-Penny," the woman replied, wobbling a bit before she regained her equilibrium, "Keep it down, okay? Your mother's trying to get some rest."

Leopard's eyes darted, confused, from PDP to the nurse – If her mother's not here, how come she called this woman momm – Ohhhhh, she almost blushed when the realization hit her, it was such a silly and close-minded mistake for her to make. PDP doesn't have one mom – she has two.

"But she was awake when I left," she pouted, "I thought you said you were going to make sure she didn't fall asleep?"

"She was too tired," the woman kissed PDP's cheek and returned her to the ground, "But I'm sure she'll be up again soon. She has to take her medicine in a little bit anyway," she said, peering at her wristwatch.

"Fine," she sulked away from her mom and tugged on the hem of Leopard's dress, her expression dejected, "I guess we'll have to find something else to do until mom's not sleeping anymore."

The nurse patted PDP's head. "How about you show her some of your drawings while you wait? I'll bring you and your friend some cookies in the meantime," she smiled and disappeared behind a door.

"My drawings aren't very good, at least not compared to mommy's," she gestured at a flawlessly rendered sketch of a park landscape hanging framed on the wall, "but that's okay, I have my music."


I... don't really know where I'm going to go from here, probably heartbreaking Whirlwind - PDP-1 - Leopard-tan interactions or something.
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I have my words back.
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Good to see others post in here :3

Anyway, here is The Disgaea Logbook: Part 3: Die Young. For the curious, yes; I did, in fact, have a theme going with Black Sabbath songs \m/

It's Pentium once more; telling the rest of the tale of my final battle.

Following the defeat of Volcanus, we where able to get Flonne to Lamington, the Seraph, so she could finally ask her question. After an explanation as to what's going on, along with the satisfaction of seeing Volcanus being turned into a flower as punishment, we though our journey was over...but then, because of the sins that she committed, Flonne was also punished; being turned into a flower as well. In rage, Laharl brandished his sword and came charging at Lamington; leading the rest of us into our final battle, as the Seraph prepared to strike down any foe who dares to come his way.

He was more powerful than any foe we've ever seen; teleporting across the field and dishing out heavy damage. I wasn't expecting our final battle to be easy, but this was more than I expected. To start things off, Crystal had Laharl throw her into close range so she could start to weaken him, while the rest of us took down the angels that where supporting him...although, the question remained over who some of them where really supporting; as there where a few who seemed to be helping us with their healing powers.

Once the regular angels where taken case of, having lost Laharl and Etna in the process, those of us who remained began to concentrate all our attacks on Lamington; throwing off all our best attacks. As it wore on, we lost Mikuru, Pit, and Dood, while the rest of us where struggling to keep going; I was nearing the point of collapsing from exhaustion from overuse of Omega Star, but I had to keep pushing on, even if it killed me.

After suffering a near-fatal blow, Haruhi managed to keep going, getting in a solid hit with Omega Wind that weakened him greatly. Then, I proceeded to cast Giga Star to finish him off; pouring all my strength, my anger, and my sorrows into one final attack to ensure that he'd regret what he did to Flonne. The attack took him down with ease, but I had pushed myself way too far and suffered the consequences, as I blacked out; barely alive.

I later woke up back in the castle, and for a while, I honestly though I had died when I saw Flonne was sitting in a chair next to my bed; wearing red instead of blue, like usual. However, Crystal filled me in on what happened while I was knocked out; letting me know that Flonne did survive, and had become a Fallen Angel as her punishment. Barely able to contain my excitement, I flew out of the bed and proceeded to hug her; knowing that I didn't lose a friend in that final battle.

After the hell I've been through with these past few fights, I feel that I can finally rest easy...although, Crystal and I have talked about going to this small town called Holt, just to see what's there...

I'll likely post some other short story next time, since I'm not quite ready to start posting the sequel to TOI
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For the hell of it, here's one of my most random stories in years; a Doctor Who-related story called Randomness: Ultimate Crossover: Tomb of the Cybermen Naked Ant: Super Special Awesome Better than Torchwood Edition

QuoteI had this weird dream last night. It started like any other episode of Doctor Who...until they saw a pack of Teletubbies being chased by Daleks as Englishmen turn into Scotsmen without any explanation (Which Torchwood started investigating shortly after, but who cares about them anyway?). Things get weirder as all of the past incarnations of the Doctor all came to the same spot for unknown reasons.

In their quest to return order, they are joined by Luxury Yacht (Pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove"), the "It's" man, the Gumbies, and Dennis Moore, who aid the 11 Doctors in learning the legendary Silly Walk, which will restore the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff being restored, separating the worlds by going "ding" when there's stuff.

The morel of the story is: where there's smoke, they pinch back!
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[spoiler="Miss Cupertino's nightmare continues..."]
Unknown location, unknown time, UTC :: Closed Space

This place is too...green.

Leopard was scarcely aware of what was going on anymore. She was fairly certain, from what she had managed to pick up the times Bee appeared and talked to her tormentor, that they had taken the Device from her and were trying to figure out how to use it - but how they were going to find anything out from her without even letting her think, not to mention speak, was a mystery to her. She didn't even notice what Witch was doing - at first, it had been simple...
Her thoughts trailed off as she brought the memory to mind. It hadn't been simple, of course. But the term was. Rape.
As a primarily non-biological entity, the concept was more than just a bit foreign to her - true, there had been rumors, debates and assumptions about the capabilities of the human traits in their bodies, but personally she had never really reflected upon it all too much. Certainly not with her sheltered upbringing, until she acquired the Device that late October night in '07; and after that, she had certainly been harried around enough, by Unix and others, to be most lacking in the department of time to think. Oh, the irony.

The strange magic Witch had used to force her conscious throughout had elapsed after some time - how long, Leopard couldn't tell, nor how long it had been since then. But even then, she hadn't been able to fully withdraw herself into her shell - her senses were just muddied and blurred, possibly simply from overloading for an extended period of time. Since then, Witch had been doing something else. She could tell this, at least, simply due to the fact that the muffled nerve ends transmitting to her weren't around her nether regions, tail, chest, or anywhere else where Witch had been particularly passionate in her assault; rather, she thought it was somewhere along her back. Spine, possibly.


She thought about this for a moment - longer than normally for the same conclusion, given her present state of mind - and started to shape together a conclusion in her head. A very unnerving conclusion.
Is she trying to hack into my source code?

The statement, the idea, was just ridiculous in its impossibility.
Then again, so was any number of things the woman had done. To her. And she had all reason to be worried about whatever it was Witch was doing - she was certain to be up to something, now that Leopard was comfortably out of the game.
This isn't good. At all. Oh, mother of all code...
She tried to bring up some sort of security measures inside her body - of course, it didn't work. She was much too tired, too out of it - there was nothing she could do. Nothing she could do anyway, bound and strapped in place as she was. She had even stopped feeling the straps, she realized - it was almost as if they weren't even there. She could barely feel - no, not even barely, it was all gone now - the light, muffled sensation of Witch' hands doing whatever she was doing to her. She felt nothing. At all. Nothing but the cold, slightly worn, sheets of the bed she was lying on. Slightly worn, with a small hole right where her left shoulder was.

Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense. If I'm not feeling anything, how can I be-


He was panting slightly even now, finishing up the disconnection process - moving in here was hard, and breathing more so - but he had to keep up. Going into Closed Space was, to a human, like simultaneously being in a giant fish tank and climbing a 6000 meter peak. Hard to move, hard to breathe. Good thing I kept off smoking or I would've choked, ha. And the oxygen mask is actually coming in handy, for once.

Looking to the bed beside him, the girl was starting to wake up. Good. Winston - or at least that was what she had called herself, but he was much less sure about it now - was still out cold, but he was beginning to feel the stress coming on. She would be waking up soon.
However, he was one step ahead - and so, as well, was the girl. She was moaning loudly as she raised herself from the bed, sitting up and cradling her head. Someone's feeling hungover, I guess. Or, well. Close enough.

He turned around for a second, trying not to care about the fact that she was stark naked. It was hard. Regardless, he spoke. "Вставай, иди быстро! Мы должны выбраться отсюда."

Slowly, she lifted her head and looked at him. If she had been out of it before, she was more than that now - totally, absolutely dumbstruck. He realized his errors, and removed the mask from his face - hoping he wouldn't fare too bad without the oxygen.
"Get up. We must get away from here, before that one wakes. Hurry!"[/spoiler]

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Mertvayadventures ARE CONTINUING. :3
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[spoiler="Nejin P. Onywa writes, madness ensues"]

It had started as nightmares.
Ironic, that We shall experience such phenomena, Princess Luna mused. It was not so much that the dreams themselves scared her - she was hardly that age of filly, or a filly at all for that matter - but they did cause heavy disturbances to her sleep cycle when they came - which, truthfully, always had been an odd one to most others, nocturnal as she was. And as time went by the equation had toppled over into the area of the spectrum that was "when they didn't come"; which this last week had gone all the way down to never. As so, she had slowly descended into an extreme state of sleep-deprivation and constant tiredness, and her duties in the Court had suffered.
She had tried various methods to combat the dreams, but to no avail. Eventually, she had taken it up with the one pony who might possibly have some answers she didn't; her sister. Her sister, who, in a surprising show of exasperation, had dived into parts of the Royal Library that even Luna herself hadn't yet gone through, and come up with something that should be able to solve her problems. Apparently. Oh, stars and galaxies, my head feels like one of those strange, mushy "pancake" things the cooks serve up. Floppy, flabby, flattened and covered in jam. It was quite true, for once, since the amount of sugar and caffeine she used to support her collapsing mind - amounts almost on par with what the Element of Laughter consumed, apparently - made this metaphor not so far-off as it normally would've been.

It was well past dinner, and she had - with considerable difficulty - woken up, done a (somewhat sloppy) arrangement of the night sky, and gone down to gorge herself on unhealthy foodstuffs for an hour straight. Once she had worked up some energy - or at least, replenished what she could of it - she went to see her sister, in hopes that her "The Truth According To Celestia" package for once contained what it advertised. In a manner of speaking. Heavens, why is it that our mind always wanders off so much more when we're this tired? It does not make the slightest shred of sense...
Gloomily, she opened the door to her sister's private chambers - and was met with a set of very strange equipment indeed. At least, strange for this time period - she wouldn't have been half as surprised to see it, had this been a few centuries before her banishment. But that was then, this was now. It made no sense to her sleep-deprived mind, and she sincerely doubted she could possibly have come very far even had her mental conditions been normal. And some of the equipment was positively ancient; which was probably the only part that made sense, at all. After all, nopony had, to the best of her extensive knowledge - and the archives of research done at the University of Canterlot, lists of which she had committed to memory quite thoroughly - dabbled in one such useless field as astral projection for well over fifteen centuries.


It had started as nightmares. At least, that was what her chambermaids called them.
Ha. Nightmares. I'm not scared of no dreams, or dream-horses, or horse-dreams, or any type of horse for that matter. I love horses! And anyone who tells me that's improper - or that I'm too small for anything bigger than a pony - needs a good whipping. Even better, whoever it was that made up the whole "night mare" thing, needs a good whipping. It's a stupid word. I should tell papa that. Then again, they might not be alive. It's a pretty old word, I think. Maybe Oxenstierna knows, he's usually good with nerdy stuff like that. If nothing else, he can probably make up a better word.

Note: Mostly, however, I have quite little idea on what I'm doing here as well. This is my, well, FIRST ATTEMPT at any kind of fanfiction, ever. Or fanfic proper, at least. /OSC/-verse doesn't count, really.

So anyway, plz share some thoughts on this now, and some more when it gets updated.
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First chaputah compureeeete. REED EET!
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 25, 2012, 10:25:47 AM
Second chapter is now go. Same link~
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Well, it's a few months later than I intended, but here is Director Who: 1st Impression; the prequel to the saga

QuoteRodney found himself lying in a grassy field in a unknown location, as he began to try and piece together what was going on. Merely a minute ago, he was with Crystal and PentiumMMX inside an old abandoned mansion, walking down a hallway filled with scenic paintings, when there was a sudden bright flash of light; as he suddenly felt like he was being lifted off his feet and pulled into a vortex, when suddenly he found himself where he is now. His best guess as to what's going on is that he was pulled into one of the paintings, as odd as it may sound, with the whereabouts of the others bring unknown.

He then picked himself up off the ground, dusting off his black denim jacket, as he took notice of a lovely lady not far from him; who had short blue hair with a maid headdress and metallic cat ears in it, and was wearing glasses, a long blue coat with a blue ribbon tied in a fancy bow around the collar, flat-soled thigh-high boots, and a leotard colored red, green, blue, and yellow underneath the coat. She seemed just as confused as he was, so in an effort to maybe rejoin his group, he decided it was a good idea to talk to her; offer his assistance.

Rodney: You seem lost...

Unknown lady: Well, yeah. Any idea on how to get out of here?

Rodney: Not at all; truth be told, I have only the faintest idea of how I got here

Unknown lady: Was it through a strange painting, perhaps?

Rodney: Yes, actually; I was with my friends in an abandoned mansion, walking down a hallway with scenic paintings, when suddenly there was a bright flash of light and a feeling of being swept off my feet. After that, I found myself here

Unknown lady (surprised): That's almost exactly how I got here. The only difference being that I was at an art museum, when I noticed a scenic painting that seemed a little off, but I just couldn't place what made it seem like that. Shortly after, exactly what you described happened; bright flash of light, a feeling of being lifted off my feet, and suddenly finding myself here

Rodney: This is odd...I think we should team up, since we're after the same goal

Unknown lady: Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm 2k-tan, and you?

Rodney: I'm Rodney, the Director

The two then shook hands in agreement, and proceeded to survey the general area; seeing nothing but lush green grass stretching into the horizon, seemingly never-ending.

2k-tan: It's quite peaceful here...almost too peaceful, to be exact

Rodney: Yeah...you know how to fight, right?

2k-tan: Of course; I was trained at a young age. You don't need me to protect you, right?

Rodney: No; of course not. Given how often my friends and I go on adventures, knowing how to fight in some way is vital; you never know what's around the corner

Suddenly, they felt the ground beneath them start to shake; like something big was in the distance, and slowly walking toward them

Rodney: Speaking of, best be on guard

The shaking grew more violent, as over the horizon, they saw a gigantic Mr. Potato Head marching toward them, as the Blue Oyster Cult song, Godzilla, started to play as it drew closer to them. Upon seeing this, Rodney and 2k proceeded to look at each other in disbelief.

2k-tan: Is it just me, or is there a gigantic Mr. Potato Head coming our way?

Rodney: Yep. Either that, or we're both going crazy. Any ideas on how to deal with this?

2k-tan: Well, aside from being gigantic, he hasn't shown any signs of being a threat, so shouldn't we leave him be?

Rodney: That's true, but what if we're required to defeat him in order to escape?

2k-tan: You have a point there. I suppose our best course of action would be to try and enter the storage compartment in the back and attack from the inside

Rodney: Sounds like a plan to me. Let's go for it

The two then charged toward the giant mechanical potato, aside from occasionally stumbling from the ground shaking with each step the plastic giant took. They managed to reach the backside, finding the door to the storage compartment wide open, as the two climbed inside. Once inside, they found it was apparently a mecha, but it has been set to auto-pilot, with a toy parrot left in the seat.

Rodney: This is easy; a few button presses and we're good

He then reached over to the console and pressed a series of buttons, which unfortunately had no effect.

Rodney: Well, it seems it doesn't abide by the universal mecha control scheme

2k-tan: I know how to do this. Stand back

He then stepped aside, as she got onto her knees and crawled under the console. Suddenly, all the lights turned off and the potato stopped moving, as she crawled back out.

2k-tan: I just had to unplug the console, that's all

Rodney: That's nice, but also a little disappointing. I was hoping for a cool explosion or something

2k-tan: Maybe next time, you'll get your cool explosion

The two then got back out of the potato, finding that everything was calm in this field once again, as suddenly a portal opened in front of them; showing the very hallway Rodney was before any of this happened.

Rodney: Well, here's my stop. Are you going to sit around and wait on a portal leading you home to open?

2k-tan: Nah; I think I'll come with you; it's something new for me, so why not take this chance?

Rodney: All right, then. Let's go, 2k

2k-tan: Right behind you, Director

Rodney: Please; just call me Rodney

The two then stepped through the portal; returning to Rodney's friends, and onto further adventures...

-The End-
Post by: Penti-chan on March 21, 2012, 09:31:31 AM
At last, here is the prologue to Director Who: End of the Millennium

QuotePrologue: In My Darkest Hour

We last left off with Sara and James opening the cardboard box that Rodney was trying to deliver to them the entire time they dealt with Adam, only for it to contain a mysterious device that turned James to stone. From a note inside the box, the device was intended for 2k-tan, as an unknown person is now trying to find and kill her for being obsolete; as she runs away from her friends to keep them from getting caught in the crossfire. In her rush, she dropped the note she found, which Rodney went over and picked up; reading over it for about a minute before Sara spoke up.

Sara: Is it just as bad as she said?

Rodney: I'm afraid so; the note says that this person will kill anyone who tries to protect her

Sara: So, what should we do?

Rodney: We're going after her; if there's someone who's this serious about killing her out there, than she shouldn't be running around by herself. Besides, if anything happened to her, I don't know what I'd do...

Sara: All right, but how are we supposed to find her in this weather at night? It's pouring down out there

Rodney: We'll just have to bear the weather

Sara: Do you think we'll find a way to turn James back to normal?

Rodney: I know of a way, but what I need in order to do that is back in my mansion; which is a long ride back to. Anyway, follow me

The two then went outside and began searching for 2k-tan; enduring the heavy rain to try and find her. Not long after beginning their search, they found her setting on a bench alone in a park not too far from James' house; her face buried in her hands, as both Rodney and Sara went over to consult her.

Rodney: 2k...?

2k-tan: Leave me alone

Rodney: Just listen to me for a moment

2k-tan: Please, just leave now and forget about me; I'm not worth risking your life over

Rodney: After all we've been through, I beg to differ

2k-tan: Regardless of that, you shouldn't get involved; save yourself while you can

Rodney: If there's someone out to kill you, the last thing you should be doing is making yourself a sitting target

2k-tan: I'm doing this on purpose; by not running away, it'll reduce the number of casualties

Rodney: If you're going to lure her here, who don't you at least try to fight her?

2k-tan: It's pointless to fight; she's undefeatable

Rodney: So you're just going to give up, without even trying?

2k-tan: It's the only way

Rodney: How can you be sure of that, if you haven't tried for yourself?

2k-tan: Why do I need to try? If she could be defeated, my little sister would still be alive

Rodney: So this is how you want it to end? I think if your sister saw you now, she'd be ashamed of you for giving up so easily

In rage, 2k-tan stood up and punched Rodney in the chest with enough force to knock him over; with a rough landing in a puddle of water

2k-tan (angered): You wouldn't understand! I'm the reason she's dead; if that bitch hadn't drug me into the equation, Emmy would still be alive. Now please go away; you're pointlessly endangering yourselves

After 2k-tan finished her sentence, Rodney happened to take notice of Sara; who was very noticeably displeased with what she just heard, as her hands where shaking in anger.

Rodney (short of breath): I'd hate to have to do this, but...Sara, knock some sense into her for me

Sara: With pleasure

She then took a step closer to her target, and in a single swift motion, delivered a strong right hook to 2k-tan's face; with enough force behind it to knock her off her feet and into a puddle about 2 inches deep.

Sara: Get a hold of yourself! Because of this person that's trying to kill you, a good friend of mine was turned to stone. Do you think I'll just sit around and do nothing, giving up before I even try anything? Of course not; I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure he's returned to normal and the person responsible pays dearly, so cut the crap about not wanting anyone to get involved, because it's too late for that

2k-tan then put her hand on the spot where she was punched, feeling a bruise starting to form, before shaking her head; coming to her senses.

2k-tan ...You're right. They may say it's impossible to defeat this lady, but why should I give up without trying for myself? After all, there is a chance that I can defeat her, and even if I don't and wind up getting killed, I can at least say that I tried. Thanks for the punch; I needed that

Sara: No problem; there's nothing like percussive maintenance to solve a heroic BSOD

Not long after, Rodney got back up; going over to 2k and offering a hand to help her get up.

Rodney: Come on; let's head back to our universe. You can fill us in on what you know about this lady once we meet up with Yendor

2k-tan: All right

She then took Rodney's hand, as he helped her get off the ground.

2k-tan: Let's go; this should slow her down long enough to formulate a plan

The group then walks away; heading back to the Magic Bus to prepare for their journey...

Tomorrow, a first chapter...from a different story. Yeah; I'm double-dipping with stories this time >:3
Post by: Penti-chan on March 22, 2012, 11:34:11 AM
To balance things out, with how dark EOTM generally is, I'm also uploading something more lighthearted from my backlog of stories.

So, here's the prologue zeroth chapter of Joey's Adventures in Video Games: The Ultimate Brain-Switching Machine of Doom; a story I wrote back in December '03, which IMO has held up well compared to some of my other works from around this time. Aside from fixing spelling and grammar errors, I left the text untouched; exactly as I wrote it all those years ago.

QuoteChapter 0: Prepare the machine!

One day, in the world of video games, two of the evilest evils are about to team up...

In Nintendo Land...

Bowser: I'm bored, because capturing the princess all the time gets dull

...and in Sega World

Dr. Eggman: Shadow! Report to my chamber now!

5 minutes later...

Shadow: What do you need, Eggman?

Dr. Eggman: Make me some scrambled eggs!

Eggman and Bowser are both on the Video Game World's most wanted bad guys list, and they are always beaten by Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario.

Back in Nintendo Land...

Bowser: Kamek! Bring me my cell phone!

15 minutes later, Bowser is on the phone with Eggman.

Bowser: Yo, Eggman!

Dr. Eggman: What do you want?

Bowser: I want to team up with you, and then we can rule the Video Game World

Dr. Eggman: Ok; I'm in

Bowser: Good. I'll be home for Christmas—oops, I mean I'll come over later so we can work on TUBSMOD

Dr. Eggman: What?

Bowser: The Ultimate Brain-Switching Machine of Doom!

12 hours later...

Eggman & Bowser: At last, TUBSMOD is completed!

Bowser: Now, to capture some good guys and good girls and test it out! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Expect to generally see a new chapter of this story not long after a new chapter of EOTM -w-
Post by: Bella on March 22, 2012, 11:59:36 AM
I'm having such bad writers block I don't even know what. :Z
Post by: Penti-chan on April 07, 2012, 05:51:35 PM
It's time for a double-whammy of new chapters for both EOTM and TUBSMOD, since the prologues for both are out of the way. Rather than posting them here, I'll just link to them to keep this post from getting too long:

Director Who: End of the Millennium - Chapter 1: Burn My Dread (http://pentiummmx.deviantart.com/art/Director-Who-EOTM-Ch1-294708326)
Joey's Adventures in Video Games - Chapter 1: Boot Up TUBSMOD! (http://pentiummmx.deviantart.com/art/Joey-s-Adventures-in-Video-Games-Ch1-294709985)

Next time, EOTM continues with the arrival of an old, although now insane, foe, while TUBSMOD finally reaches the introduction of the title character, Joey. Stay tuned...
Post by: Penti-chan on May 13, 2012, 09:35:17 PM
Since I only have 1 new chapter up at the moment, here is chapter 3 of EOTM

QuoteChapter 2: Perfect Insanity

Yendor: This isn't the Reaper, is it?

2k-tan: Not at all, unless she's become a scrawny boy since last time I saw her

Guy with swirl-eyed goggles: No, you fools. It's me; Adam

Sara: Adam? I though we defeated you

Adam: Not quite; I was merely knocked out, and thanks to one of my robots not being docked when you pushed the kill switch, I've had my own sanity removed...and what a wonderful thing that has been

2k-tan: How did you get here, anyway?

Adam: I'll let Mary break it down for me

Stepping out of the shadows and standing next to Adam was none other than Mary; still wearing the same baggy grey jacket and pants as before. Rodney, seeming unimpressed by the new guests, resumed trying to return James to normal.

Mary: After our last encounter, I snuck aboard your magic bus; hiding away until you where back at your home, as I took off on a quick trip to pick up Adam and bring him here.

Adam: Now, I can take my revenge...with science!

Without even looking up from what he was doing, Rodney spoke up.

Rodney: Oh really? What do you intend to do, anyway; build some kind of doomsday machine and take over this world, or will you go the route of subjecting me to the "ultimate torture" of watching Teletubbies?

Adam: Actually...I haven't planned that far ahead

Rodney: If you intend on defeating me while you're in my universe, you should consider putting a little more thought into your plans; it might help

Adam: Well then, Mary and I will be off. Expect to hear from us again soon, as I'll be up all night coming up with my master plan; there's no way you'll be able to stop me

Rodney: We'll see about that

Not long after, Adam and Mary jumped through the now-broken window and went on their way, as Rodney successfully finished turning James back to normal; who looked around the room trying to figure out where he was.

James: ...What happened?

Sara: It's a bit complicated

Shortly after, Sara began to explain to James what happened involving that strange device, as well as everything that happened while he was a statue.

James: Ok, if that package was really intended for 2k-tan, why was it labeled to us, and how did this "Reaper" know that she'd meet up with us?

Rodney: Also, how did they get it into Storage Building 12 without my knowledge of it and without setting off the alarm?

2k-tan: I'm sure we'll figure this out soon enough...although, it looks like we'll have to deal with Adam in the meantime

Sara: Also, why is your storage building called Storage Building 12 if there's only one?

Rodney: That's because it sounded cool. Anyway, we should probably prepare ourselves; there's no telling what Adam may have planned. Follow me to the training room...

He then stepped out of the room, with the others not far behind, as he led them over to his dojo on the other side of the mansion; down several hallways, up a flight of stairs, and past a painting of a priest kicking a vicar's butt. As soon as they arrived, the phone was ringing, as Rodney put it on the video screen; finding Adam waiting on the other end of the line.

Adam: I've come up with the greatest master plan ever!

Rodney: All right, so what's your evil scheme this time?

Adam: I'm going get my own infomercial!

Rodney: ...That's seriously your plan?

Adam: Of course; it's the greatest plan ever

Rodney: Whatever you say

Adam: But, I'll first have to obtain all necessary supplies; giving you ample opportunities to slow my progress, as any good villain would. Now, I'm off to cash in on the offer for free paperclips...

He then hung up, as Rodney and the others began to talk.

2k-tan: Really; how did we go from dealing with a madman who nearly destroyed the Multiverse to dealing with a guy who wants his own infomercial?

Rodney: Well, this is simple enough that it'll work for some training. It's best we stay on-guard in case the Reaper shows up while we're dealing with Adam

James: So much for getting to train in this cool dojo...

2k-tan: So, what's our next move?

Rodney: We head to the warehouse store downtown that advertised the free paperclips. Follow me...

As quickly as they arrived in the dojo, the group left; heading toward the garage to get ready for their journey, while Yendor decides to stay behind and guard the base.

Sara: So, are we taking the magic bus again?

Rodney: No, because I have something better for this journey

Once inside the garage, he showed them over to the emerald green Dodge Omni sitting across from the magic bus.

James: Is it bigger on the inside?

Sara: Does it have weaponry?

Rodney: No and no; it's just fun to drive. Besides, the magic bus needs to recharge

James: I'd rather take the bus than a tiny hatchback

Rodney: Hey; hatchbacks are cool

James: Of course they are...

The group then squeezed inside the small car and set out toward the downtown area; where the warehouse, containing something that Adam is after, is located...
Post by: Bella on May 27, 2012, 11:56:26 AM
I got up at like three in the morning and started writing down plot points for the rest of Leopard-tan's story.

Post by: NejinOniwa on May 27, 2012, 12:29:05 PM
Inspiration: it's like an unfaithful bf/gf...
Post by: Penti-chan on May 27, 2012, 01:05:04 PM
True that xD

I should have more chapters of my stories ready to go eventually
Post by: Bella on May 29, 2012, 11:56:33 AM

Post by: NejinOniwa on May 30, 2012, 05:13:43 PM
Chapter 4Prelude is now out. Also ReEN now OFFICIALLY contains Vikings. And LOTS of them.

Post by: Bella on May 31, 2012, 01:02:58 AM
I still have no idea what vikings have to do with ponies. ._.

INSPIRATION HAS STRUCK AGAIN. I wonder if I can make it stick this time.
Post by: NejinOniwa on May 31, 2012, 06:19:06 AM
Post by: Bella on July 26, 2012, 11:26:21 PM
I've decided to start writing a little autobiography thing for LINC-tan... it's probably gonna be pretty disjointed though, since LINC-tan is grumpy and private and doesn't seem to want to be telling her story at all.

LINC-tan seems to follow Whirlwind's human-names-for-OS-tans custom; thus PDP-8-tan is Kate, Whirlwind-tan is Winifred, PDP-1 is Penelope, etc.

. . . .

For Kate


Just so you know, I'm not comfortable writing any of this. But the guys at the Society keep telling me that I should, that as many experiences as possible have to be preserved. There aren't many of your kind that are your age left, they say, Even fewer in decent-enough mental condition to document their stories. I say it's all a bunch of scare-mongering, plenty of us are still around. And plenty of us are better authors than I am - the least they could have done was hire Emacs or Vi or some other decent writer for me, but they're in as high demand as they were 30 years ago. Talk about job security, I should have been born a text editor.

Kate is hovering over me now, I think her curiosity was piqued by my visible state of agitation. She reminds me that the reason they want me to write this is because they're seeking autobiographies, actual firsthand accounts of life as a computer in the early ages of our industry. Fair enough. She was around for most of it as well, but I still got chosen because of my "unique status as an OS-tan of both MIT and DEC heritage". She laughs, remarking that this is the first time she's felt glad she didn't come from MIT. I tell her that they might get to her yet - just give them time.

I guess I should start this by introducing myself? I'm Linc, and I was born a little over fifty years ago at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. It was a rather cutting-edge research lab, you know ... about a decade and a half previously they'd helped create Whirlwind, then SAGE ... by the time I was born, there was a whole devision of computer-tans working there, but I was one of the few who'd actually been designed on-site. Like most of the computers created at that time, I was designed as a mix of hardware and software and thus possessed a certain amount of control over code. A fairly high amount actually, specializing in control of paper products. It sounds mundane in print, I know, but I assure you it was rather fantastic to behold in-person, if not frightening. (It almost got me run out of Maynard, but I'm getting ahead of myself.)

I feel fortunate to say that I was friends with Whirlwind. Winifred Forester, as she dubbed herself - she was the one who started the whole human-names-for-computers thing, she thought that we all deserved to have real names, not just technical descriptions or acronyms. Winifred was already in bad shape by the time I was there. The creation of her daughters took a huge toll on her physically. The reproductive techniques weren't quite as refined, you know, now they can take a minuscule amount of code to make a child but back then it took a much larger physical investment. It was what Winifred wanted, though - I've been told that SAGE's creation started out as an personal agenda (who wouldn't want a little replica of themselves?) but later on she became sincerely invested in making this being who would protect us. She nearly died after SAGE was completed, 1959 I think, but some of her creators saved her went to work on "improving" her physical condition ... it's hard to say whether it worked or not. I suppose it wasn't very good for her personally, it put a hell of a lot of stress on her system and she was in bad shape for, must've been the next decade and a half. But they learned so much ... minicomputers wouldn't exist without the knowledge they gained through those experimental surgeries. Penelope, her daughter, was a direct result, and to be honest, sometimes I think that Penny was the reason Winifred held on for all those years after SAGE left. It's tragic that somebody as brilliant as her was reduced to such a fragile physical state ... I wish I could have known her during her prime, and maybe been able to steer her in some direction where she wouldn't have ended up in as bad of shape, but she was a stubborn person. I don't think she would have taken my advice.

This is getting too grim - at least Kate says so. She says I shouldn't focus so much on the bad stuff that happened and include some of my good memories of her. Very well then. Nary a trip to Cambridge was complete without visiting Winifred - we ran in different circles, yes, but in spite of our differences we seemed to have a genuine, uh ... I guess "affinity" is the word I'm looking for ... for one another. Maybe looks played a role ... for a pretty long time, we were always getting comments about looking alike - truth be told, we weren't that similar, even in her state of illness she was fairly tall and statuesque and was just this underfed-looking little thing - but we had the same black hair and blue eyes and sun-starved pallor, I guess that was enough for people to assume we were related. I'd say the bigger factor in our friendship was her personality - Winifred just sort of gave off an air of friendliness, always laughing, always telling little anecdotes and stories about her time growing up in Boston. The accent helped too, I think - they say regional speech patterns can inspire trust, and I'm almost certain this was true in her case. Even in my youth I was a pretty reserved person, but it felt like I could talk about anything with her ... I think I was always a bit too over-analytical for her, she never joined in much, but she was always so patient and willing to pay attention to what I had to say. Almost like the old cliche of the therapist who pleasantly listens and nods as her patient goes on about his problems, heh - I only wish I had half of her listening skills, maybe I wouldn't have ended up as hated as I did.

. . . .
Post by: NejinOniwa on August 16, 2012, 09:15:55 PM
Idk why I'm using this thread to post entirely irrelevant writage, though. CROWD: Should we start a new scrap paper in the Generals, so we can keep this one for OS-tan material only (as it was intended, maybe I'm the only one abusing it, huehuehue)?
Post by: Bella on August 17, 2012, 12:22:56 PM
TBH, I'd just keep all the writage here. It's not like there's a TON of writing going on after all, better to consolidate everything in this thread than split it up.
Post by: NejinOniwa on August 17, 2012, 04:47:06 PM
Roger that. I thought so myself, but I was all "EH, MAYBE?" about it. But good to see you're in on this one.
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 13, 2012, 12:38:47 AM
*sneaks in*

pent suggested i put this here rather than free cookies.
by now, with all my shameless self-promotion, i'm sure you know about my comic, Ace's High. (if not, well, ask me about it. it's cool. -w-) about a month and a half ago i started rewriting the plot into a notebook, like i'm doing with the OS-tan Comiket, just storyboarding it out. and i realized that i had never come up with a name for the city that everything is in.
to be honest, i don't expect it to come up much. in fact, if i never have to bring it up at all, i probably won't; it's not a huge point and could actually turn into a running joke. but i figured i should have one on hand just in case.

so, if it's alright with you, perhaps you could help me come up with something? cause i have no ideas for that whatsoever. >>;
Post by: Penti-chan on September 13, 2012, 10:48:53 AM
How about "Vélo"?

[spoiler=Explanation, if you're interested]Vélo is French for "Bicycle"; like the company that produces playing cards :3[/spoiler]
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 14, 2012, 06:22:13 PM
brilliant. :0

the current default is Deck City, suggested by Mel, but i really like that one, too....

i'll ask her opinion later. and perhaps research more card making companies. -w-

EDIT: a couple other possible names i've managed to find via wiki:

Copag City
Rue City

(i might look into more later)
Post by: Penti-chan on September 15, 2012, 11:10:16 PM
Alright :3

So, sometime soon I'll start uploading my stories to dA again, and posting them here
Post by: Chocofreak13 on September 16, 2012, 08:39:39 PM
cool, cool. go for it. ^^

i have to say, i think i'm gonna go with Copag City, since it just sounds the coolest. i like Velo, tbh, but for some reason this comic seems to be yelling at me that the city shall not have a name that starts with V. it doesn't like Rue City as much as i do, either.

this might be my last post here for awhile~
Post by: NejinOniwa on September 16, 2012, 11:58:28 PM

Late night creations. But, it was time.

The Late Clock has come to Equestria.
Post by: Penti-chan on September 28, 2012, 04:24:02 PM
So, I posted this in the wrong topic last time. Correcting that now

I'm finally starting to work on my stories again; getting things moving again with a short story based loosely on a dream I had the other night (The one in which I teamed up with Linkara and 2k-tan).

Without further delay, Director Who: Episode 2008: Below the Fourth Wall

QuoteIt has been about a month since Rodney and 2k went to visit her sister, Saseko, and since then, things have been fairly relaxed. Yendor was off on a trip to see the world, which resulted in the mansion being rather quiet; as Rodney and 2k spent that afternoon in her room, reading (and making fun of) a terribly written fan fiction about a sorcerer slaying vampire cavemen in space with an electric guitar.

However, it wasn't long before they heard a loud noise of stuff falling over echo through the halls. Quickly, the two rushed out of her room, 2k grabbing her sword on the way out, and followed the noise to the source; which was the kitchen, of all places. Immediately upon arriving, Rodney caught a glimpse of a lion that was wearing a very noticeable blue collar knocking stuff over...however, it seemed 2k was seeing things differently somehow.

Rodney: I don't remember having a lion...

2k-tan: Um...what are you talking about? That's clearly a puma

Rodney: No; that's a lion

2k-tan: Whatever it is, we need to do something about it

Before they could formulate a plan, suddenly a mysterious man in a brown coat and fedora ran past them, entering the kitchen, as he pulled out a flintlock pistol and fired at the lion; the gun shooting out a blue orb of magical energy that seemed to stun the beast. Once finished, he put away his gun and turned around to face Rodney and 2k.

Rodney: Holy crap...Linkara is here

2k-tan: Are you wearing Yendor's glasses without realizing it? That's Jimmy Neutron

Mysterious man: No; I'm Linkara. I guess the device I'm hunting down is messing with all of our senses. After all, I seriously doubt you two are actually the Doctor and a talking gaming computer, respectively

2k-tan: I'm...a computer? What?

Linkara: The black case and glowing blue fans look quite nice

Rodney: That aside, did you see a lion tearing up my kitchen?

Linkara: Actually, it was a puma

2k-tan: See? I told you so

Linkara: That puma is wearing a malfunctioning cloaking device created by Dr. Insano. It's not any more dangerous than a normal puma; just more of an inconvenience that I had to hunt it down

Rodney: Alright. Do you think you'll need assistance?

Linkara: Sure.

Suddenly, the puma began to flash; as it transformed into a cheetah, got back up, and let out a roar like Godzilla before charging toward the 3 of them. Quickly, they ran down the hallway to try and escape from it.

Rodney: Did that puma just transform into a cheetah?

2k-tan: It's a tiger

Linkara: No; it's a panther

Rodney: Whatever it is, it's apparently angry and wants to kill us.

The group continued running, eventually losing each other in the more complicated twists and turns of the mansion's network of hallways. After a few minutes, Rodney found himself in the basement of the mansion; mostly filled with boxes of assorted computer parts he forgot he had. Disregarding this for now, he decided to head back upstairs and regroup with the others, but before he could, the cheetah showed up and jumped toward him; pinning him to the floor. Wishing he had remembered to bring a weapon of some sort, he tried desperately to get this cat off of him, which apparently wanted to use him as a scratching post.

Eventually, the cheetah was shot with a blast of energy coming from the right; the obvious handiwork of the magic gun. With it knocked out, Rodney got out from underneath it and looked over to see not Linkara, but a lady who looked like a brown-haired 2k-tan wearing Linkara's trademark fedora and longcoat

Rodney: Who are you, and why do you have the magic gun?

Linkara (facepalm): That collar is making things really annoying...

He then went over to the cheetah and removed the blue collar from it, flipping a switch hidden on the backside of it, which resulted in the illusions ending; revealing the identity of the shape-shifting cat as being a guy with really long blonde hair and a bushy but well groomed beard.

Linkara: Well, that's different. I wonder how he ended up with Insano's cloaking device

Rodney: No telling

Shortly after, 2k-tan entered the room, trying to figure out what's going on. After filling her in on the details, they notice the guy lying on the floor pressing a button on his watch, which resulted in him teleporting away while leaving behind a business card. Quickly, Rodney picks up the card and reads it.

Rodney: "You have been visited by your friendly neighborhood scientist and treasure hunter, Prof. O. Stan Kokoelma"...? Does anybody know him?

2k-tan: Nope

Linkara: Not a clue

Rodney: No telling why he was here...anyway, I just realized I never had a chance to introduce myself. I'm Rodney

2k-tan: I'm 2k. So, would you like to look through our selection of bad comics, or would you prefer to review the lamps we have?

Linkara: I have some free time, so why not both?

Rodney: Alright. Lead the way

The group proceeded to go upstairs and head toward the library, to sift through various issues of Tandy Computer Whiz Kids to find something worth reviewing aside from the really nice reading lamps sitting beside the chairs.

-The End-

Now, hopefully I can keep things moving smoothly; getting more chapters of EOTM and TUBSMOD posted
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 15, 2012, 03:44:13 AM
This chapter is also a possible starting point if you haven't been keeping up on ReEN. Ofc the meta will be more obvious if you've read the rest of it, but it's fairly easy to figure out without it.

Post by: Penti-chan on January 28, 2013, 11:18:42 AM
I forgot to post this here after I uploaded it ^^;;

So, here is chapter 3 of EOTM (http://pentiummmx.deviantart.com/art/Director-Who-EOTM-Ch3-350556833?q=gallery%3Apentiummmx&qo=0)
Post by: alfonso_rd_30 on January 28, 2013, 05:20:25 PM
Not much an OS tale, but it's the first chapter of my newest fanfiction...

Post by: stewartsage on January 29, 2013, 10:04:26 AM
Read it!  But I've never seen Queen's Blade so I have to admit I can't really say much about the subject matter.
Post by: NejinOniwa on February 18, 2013, 07:08:37 PM
Post by: alfonso_rd_30 on February 19, 2013, 02:30:52 AM
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 07, 2013, 11:04:42 AM

Post by: Bella on March 07, 2013, 04:12:09 PM
Wait, ponies as trainers? Ponies as 'mons? YOU CAN'T LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THIS NEJ.
Post by: alfonso_rd_30 on March 07, 2013, 11:42:16 PM
*looks at the still form of Bella hanged*
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 08, 2013, 12:34:22 AM
Spoiler: It takes place in Johto/Kanto. Spoiler 2: It's all Mewtwo's fault.

If you want more go read it :P
Post by: Penti-chan on March 08, 2013, 12:39:55 AM
Spoiler 3: Missingno (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Missingno) is not involved

Sorry; I had to -w-
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 08, 2013, 04:12:09 AM
Damn, you foiled my clever plan! I thought nobody would see through that!
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 08, 2013, 11:35:49 AM

That cover art of a Master Ball with Twilight's cutie mark on it is just too good to resist. :D
Post by: Bella on March 08, 2013, 06:46:20 PM
Quote from: NejinOniwa on March 08, 2013, 12:34:22 AM
Spoiler: It takes place in Johto/Kanto. Spoiler 2: It's all Mewtwo's fault.

If you want more go read it :P

Darn you, you have to mark these things better. I didn't know that you posted a link... >>
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Post by: NejinOniwa on March 10, 2013, 11:53:05 AM
Damn, Master has been sitting in the featured box for almost 2 days straight now. I'm impressed. :D
Post by: stewartsage on March 13, 2013, 10:21:45 AM
Congrats Nej.

I should really post that fanfic I started on.
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 15, 2013, 10:09:58 AM
You really should, my man.

Just uploaded another chapter of Master to fimfic, and things are getting InTeResTing.
Post by: Bella on March 15, 2013, 12:37:52 PM
Quote from: NejinOniwa on March 15, 2013, 10:09:58 AM
You really should, my man.

It's short at this point but really good, keep bugging him to post it. .w.
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Post by: Bella on March 15, 2013, 12:42:44 PM
What happened? o___o
Post by: NejinOniwa on March 15, 2013, 01:52:04 PM
502 bad gateway is all I've got from the site since like, 4:30...
Post by: NejinOniwa on April 07, 2013, 08:56:52 PM
Got a magic system that needs explaining?

ANY magic system?

Fear not, for your lord and savior has you covered.

The Standard Model of Magic (http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/151309/the-standard-model-of-magic)
Post by: Bella on April 07, 2013, 09:11:30 PM
I may steal borrow that magic system for OS-tan purposes.
Post by: NejinOniwa on April 07, 2013, 09:18:06 PM
No, you won't, because I already did it for you :)

Besides, it's not stealing. The standard model of magic applies to every magic system in existence, even if you don't know about it. Newton would hardly accuse you of stealing for following his laws of gravity, would he? :D
Post by: alfonso_rd_30 on April 08, 2013, 03:05:05 AM
mmmm... interesting...

so according to the model, my other self manages to use every type of Magic, maybe except the Material, due to the fact that his casting comes from within his soul, using his ability to draw energyu from environment to strenghten and add power to the casting, considering that most of the spells he uses are of restrictive manner...
Post by: NejinOniwa on April 26, 2013, 08:33:52 AM
Quote from: Feyl Ichs, Act 2 Prologue: Dynasty"Heavens' fate for Shen Zai. May the blood that ties us together protect her from evil. Heavens' wrath over those who think to betray her, and the Earth's wrath over her enemies. Fortune's fate for Shen Zai. Blood's fate for Shen Zai. May the spirits of battle stand by her side. May the ravens of calamity devour her foes. Heaven's fate for Shen Zai. Fortune's fate for Shen Zai. Sister, Daughter, Descendant. Blood's fate for Shen Zai."

And as Pa rose he heard the scream of a distant raven; the voice of a listening spirit. He took a step backwards and bowed, before he yet again let his words echo with Hei and Zhuliang's.

"Raven's fate for Shen Zai."

It's not often I write prayers, but when I do, I make them cool.
Post by: NejinOniwa on April 27, 2013, 02:04:35 PM
I've updated the dA gallery for my EWAR-related works; in particular the first edition versions of the prologue and chapters 1-2 of Feyl Ichs. The prologue is a recent translation, and if you haven't read Feyl Ichs already I highly suggest you do.
More work on the second edition chapters and translating the existing ones is on the way; I've also started up work on Act II as well, though that's only in swedish for now.

Have fun.
Post by: Bella on October 14, 2013, 11:47:25 PM

Look, more Leopard-tan adventures!

...I haven't posted anything since fall '11.

........This has been lurking in my files since last winter.
Post by: NejinOniwa on October 15, 2013, 12:02:23 AM
And your little present just inspired me to spend this sleepless night writing the next Mertvaya Ruka chapter.

Post by: Bella on October 15, 2013, 12:03:41 AM
Post by: stewartsage on October 15, 2013, 09:17:55 PM
Ha, you're never getting the rest of SAGE
Post by: Penti-chan on October 15, 2013, 10:20:38 PM
You'll see a new chapter of Director Who: End of the Millennium eventually. Also, I should really get back to that remastered edition of Joey's Adventures in Video Games; with it's 10th anniversary fast approaching.

In the meantime, something I posted on my dA a few months ago but forgot to link to: a cancelled Zelda parody I was writing ages ago, that I found and felt amusing enough to upload, with spelling errors and such preserved. Behold, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Stupidity (http://pentiummmx.deviantart.com/art/Legend-of-Zelda-Ocarina-of-Stupidity-390316697)
Post by: Bella on October 15, 2013, 11:08:56 PM
Quote from: stewartsage on October 15, 2013, 09:17:55 PM
Ha, you're never getting the rest of SAGE

Post by: NejinOniwa on January 09, 2014, 11:40:53 AM
I've come to realize a more or less universal principle I use rather frequently in my own works.
"We don't have X. It's better to have it lying around, in case we ever need it. Let's make X."

26 thousand years is a fucking stupid amount of time to fill with events, but damn me if my brain isn't trying its bloody hardest to anyway...

Likewise, it's fucking dumb to think you can have an entire planet mapped out, covered and controlled. Yet that's exactly what I'm trying to do. A planet and a half, and then some, even.

My literary ambitions don't fucking listen to bounds, do they.
Post by: Penti-chan on April 07, 2014, 11:30:11 AM
It's been a while since I posted in here, but for courtesy for those who don't want to sift through several new chapters of my main story, here's a direct link to a short story I wrote last night, involving 2k-tan and PDP-11-tan at a sauna (http://fav.me/d7dftnr). This involves an idea for a drawing I came up with and suggested to Bella :3
Post by: Chocofreak13 on April 07, 2014, 04:07:15 PM
read, comment'd~
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 11, 2014, 07:19:23 PM
found a lost term paper last night. ^^
posted it to my DA~

Post by: Bella on May 13, 2014, 01:16:21 AM
I already commented on dA but I really enjoyed reading your paper, K. ^^
Post by: Chocofreak13 on May 16, 2014, 07:56:30 PM
I'm quite glad I found it. I'm still miffed I don't have a copy of my psych term paper, but that's neither here nor there and I should be thankful I found this one. I hope you guys like it, I'm proud of them both. ^^
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 01, 2014, 04:31:26 AM
I'd post my own paper here, but it's in swedish.
Post by: Bella on June 01, 2014, 01:08:37 PM
What's it about?
Post by: NejinOniwa on June 01, 2014, 04:35:16 PM
Christian influences in Snorri's Edda and the Völuspá :^)
Post by: Penti-chan on March 25, 2015, 02:37:13 PM
Reviving this, to promote Dogwood Chronicles (http://pentiummmx.deviantart.com/art/Dogwood-Chronicles-Prologue-521504625?q=gallery%3APentiumMMX&qo=0); my MapleStory story that has just started. There's the prologue, with Chapter 1 due out this weekend :3

I also did finish EOTM; I can't remember the last chapter I linked to here, so the folder with all chapters (http://pentiummmx.deviantart.com/gallery/36176186/End-of-the-Millennium), for anyone interested. IMO the ending is kinda rushed, but TBH I felt like if I didn't finish it now, I'd never finish it at all :\
Post by: Dr. Kraus on January 13, 2016, 05:13:19 PM

Here are the first four "chapters" to a little novel thing I've been working on for a while.
I started writing this story of Robotic_Tears way back almost two years ago as a VN script that I quickly couldn't get off the ground because VN engines are finicky things.
Only in the last month or so have I gotten back to it with entirely new ideas and direction.

I've redone my website for the sole purpose of posting this story continuously also taking advantage of putting music up at points of the story I think will help create a feeling.
Music ranges from well known pieces in video games and anime to open source music.
anyway, please check it out if you could and let me know what you think of the story so far!
Post by: Aurora Borealis on May 27, 2019, 10:24:47 AM
This is a revival of a very old story idea that I got help with from C-Chan years ago, but I hadn't been able to complete. I started writing it about a week ago, feeling very inspired to complete it. It's the story of how Altair-tan joined the Vintage Federation, which started through an investigation that found that Xenix-tan was friends with Altair-tan, which was unknown even to Windows 1.0-tan, 2.0-tan, and PC-DOS-tan.

I have 5 parts mostly finished, and two more outlined. There may be 9 or 10 parts in total.

Post by: Bella on May 27, 2019, 11:38:43 AM
What an awesome surprise this is! The DOS twins happily circling Xenix-tan made me smile, but I can't help but feel dread about Xenix's writings for future MS-IBM family members. Did she already anticipate her death at this time?
Post by: Bella on June 10, 2019, 10:26:29 AM
Seeing Spectrum and Windows 1.0 and 2.0 interact is pretty sweet! Does Spectrum have an interest in genealogy in general or is she just helping the early Windows with studying their heritage?