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Title: RE 4 Help!
Post by: CaptBrenden on September 15, 2005, 11:50:19 am
 I play Resident Evil 4 alot. Its a great game.  Fixed all the old problems with the series and made it new and inovative.  Anyhow, when you beat the game it unlocks a mini game mode called The Mercenaries, where you pick one of 5 characters and are droped in one of 4 locations and are attacked ceaselessly and your goal is to kill as many enemys possible within the time limit without dying.  Simple enough.  However each of the mini game characters seem to have differnt skills then the character in the main game.

This is where my question comes from.  I play that mini game alot (good stress reliver) and Im pretty good at it.  I like to play as Hunk (some may remember him from his minigame in RE2) a gas masked umbrella special froces member.  Normaly when you score a direct face shot with a low caliber weapon in the game the enemy reals about and if he is close enough you can press teh A button and Leon will round house the baddie.  

Well Hunks special skill is he lunges in real fast and pulls a special forces head reversing neck snap. Totaly awsome! However.. Ive played it alot, but a week ago I was playing the game, and Im not sure what I did, and I cant seem to do it again for the life of me... But I was surounded by parasite zombies and I wasnt shooting anyone in the face, but Hunk just suddenly powerkicked the lot of em. Strait up.  More powerfull then the main characters, clearing the whole groop of zombies back, and he did it in rapid secsession.  But I dont know how I did it!!  -_-

Im hoping someone else has played this game and knows what Im talking about, because the few online guides Ive looked at make no mention of this move.
Title: RE 4 Help!
Post by: iStar on September 23, 2005, 05:11:38 pm
 I'm not sure, but (you said parasite zombie, right?) it could be a special command that occurs when the parasite first appears, before its blade starts whipping. It's a little scary to attempt 'cuz you gotta get in there quick. Try the move below too. Personally I've never seen it, but if you do figure it out, please post. And I thought I'd seen it all.

Also if a zombie is on the other side of a door and you kick it open, they'll double over and you can suplex them for an instant head-smasher. You can also accomplish this by shooting them in the knee and then the face.
Title: RE 4 Help!
Post by: CaptBrenden on September 24, 2005, 04:30:58 am
 well like I said before, hunk neck snaps instead of the kicking leon does.  Which is why the fact he started kicking the living tar outta them had me quite vexed