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Title: Hello!
Post by: L33t 4g3nt on April 17, 2005, 08:35:25 PM
 Hey, guys

Very nice OS-tan site! Props to the creators! I hope this site does well.
Title: Hello!
Post by: FabianN on April 18, 2005, 12:44:03 AM
 Thx ^_^

And this is just the start.
I am still going around looking for stuff to add on, but once I stop finding lots of stuff, I am going to start making things like Boot-screens, and other things like that...

I hope to put together a whole window's theme with the OS-tans(boot-screen, log-in screen, ect)

And people like you will help this place get big.
Title: Hello!
Post by: L33t 4g3nt on April 20, 2005, 01:03:57 AM
 Ah...Sounds cool.

If you need any help, just ask and i'll try to contribute to the best of my abilities. I would probably be more help in the forums, even though they're still small right now. (and also because I don't know anything about running or programming a website)
Title: Hello!
Post by: Noah_The_Guy on April 23, 2005, 07:42:14 AM
 Welcome to the forums, and neither do I... but I am learning very very slowly :lol:  
Title: Hello!
Post by: goostash on May 14, 2005, 12:36:04 PM
 heheh, I have some HTML know-how... not the best, bet enough to get myself through! ^_^ I'll also be happy to lend assistance when necessary