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Forum Feedback and Administration
If you have any suggestions, opinions, and/or problems with the site, just post it here.

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OS-tan Collections Wiki
A mix of archival and creative writing. Please try to keep separate pages for each.

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OS-tan Collections Gallery
Danbooru instance for all your computer gijinka needs.

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OS-tan discussions

OS-tan Talk
General talk about the OS-tans and the phenomena around.

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OS-tan Fan-Fics, Comics and Fan-Stuff
This forum is dedicated to all custom stuff you have, want to do or look for about OS-tans. Binders full of OS-tans, undoubtedly.

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General Chat
Talk about whatever you want here.

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General Anime and Manga
Discussion on all other anime/manga, not OS-tan related.

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Forum Games and Role-Playing
A section for forum games and text-based role-playing.

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General Computers and Gaming
Anything about computers, consoles, computer games, etc would go here.

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