Arthur C. Clarke has died.

Started by MisterCat, March 18, 2008, 07:07:33 PM

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BBC NEWS | UK | Writer Arthur C Clarke dies at 90
British science fiction writer Sir Arthur C Clarke, author of over 100 books, dies in Sri Lanka at the age of 90.




And so, another of the ancients run with the dead.
Weep, mourn and walk on - for others will rise where he stood.
You sow to reap, and to sow again - seeds and souls alike.
And so, is the cycle of the living, of man, of demon, of death.


A RARE MISTERCAT SPOTTING! Pokéballs at the ready, gentlemen!


A truly sad ending to a truly great man...


A sad moment it is, when we are yet again, reminded of our mortality... *bows in respect*

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A RARE MISTERCAT SPOTTING! Pokéballs at the ready, gentlemen!

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Oh, i was just watching 2010 (movie) the other day.   RIP.