Mac Party Redux!

Started by Aurora Borealis, February 03, 2008, 10:38:10 PM

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What's up puny human? xD

bottom left panel expression is priceless.


Leopard is made of GUH CHEECKPINCHING CUTENESS~ throughout this page. And the lineup of miniature Macs? Adorable!

Love the iPhone-tan cameo, and pouty Tiger... hehe.

Aurora Borealis

Thanks, both of you! Drawing pouty!Tiger-tan was my favorite part!

Coloring this page was easier than the other pages, because for Christmas, I got a graphics tablet! :D

Page 08 will be up soon.


yay for tablet! and iphone's appearance reminds me of a yugioh card in relation to CE:
"A Rival Appears!!" >:3

and yes, leopard is just so......eto...ano...KYA! REPODA-CHAN TO KAWAII DESU NE~~~

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