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Started by Dr. Mario, June 23, 2007, 10:05:04 pm

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Dr. Mario

;020 I'm wondering if any of you could be a herd of OS-makin' freaks...

Okay, The reason I formed a thread here, is that I'm planning to develop a Operating System, called GreenOmega (still developing a 64 bit GO-OS kernel -  ;014 it was sure hard as hell?!) - I just wanted to run Linux and Windows appliance at the same time.

And I'm curious if any of you would be developin' your own, or already made one...
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...


Before i even make an OS i have to finish studying flash,C++ and html coding :3 maybe next year when i finish my classes . and youre planning on making a 64-bit os hmmmmmm, well good luck on that.

Them be the Velvets. They are made of Velvets and Megidolaon.


I dunno how anybody can make an OS. XD. But I thank them for it.

This is coming from someone who found HTML hard to process (although I did make a couple of--very rough and unrefined--web pages)

Dr. Mario

;020 I knew that designing a 64 bit OS was such a pain in the a** since it has to include so much handers, but I had to fool around with source codes (Somehow, I hates ASM...) so I get idea of how to manage so much files and opcodes. I developed some software before... I bet hardest one for me to develop is; ATFS (Advanced Technology File System), aka GOFS...

And, I hated Intel so much that their x86 CPU lacked flexibility in programming, such as opcode morphing... I went with AMD Athlon 64 for this reason.

;001 Bella, You're not alone. Everybody who don't know how to develop anything could faint at the very sight of C++ codes on monitor. I had to f*** around with it so I could learn how to develop it on my own. And, it took forever to learn those... There were too much failure until I knocked those sense back in my head.

;001 Okagesamade, AMD Corporation, for those wondeerful processor!
(I don't know if I was correct, I'm still learning from dictonary - and could be planning to go to Japanese Language class once I get to Tokyo.)
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...


Yo Doc.  ^^

Some months ago we had another fellow who was building his own OS.  It's a pretty cool hobby, and I do wish you the best of luck on it.  Just be careful about the Windows compatibility thing, since (as you said in a previous thread) that's what got ReactOS into hot water.  ^^;

AMD processors are great, but lately I've been touched with a thirst for the exotic.  Supposing you could design your OS to work on this, for example....? ^__^


(the thing is just cute as a button)  ^^

And I'm wondering if that should be "おè"­æ§˜ã§" or "おè"­æ§˜ã§ã--た" (past tense)?  Either way, for all those who don't know what he said, Mario-san is essentially thanking AMD VERY much for their wonderful (and slightly less power consuming) processors.  ^___^
If you're interesting in practicing your Japanese here, feel free to try it here.  ^^
I'm also trying to study it and could use the practice so as I don't forget.  ^___^;

(and that way too, you'll have a head start in that language class)

Dr. Mario

;062 C-Chan, You're right about ReactOS.
But they already have dumped all of original NT codes in panic,
and ended up with c**ppy Wine core. But I'm thinking about self-learning compatiblity (with fewer Wine codes, just to give it a jump-start...) inside my own OS. What got me so p***ed about the Windows, are that Linux incompatiblity. It got me to just work on it. Just much like there are no thing such as free food...

;001 And BTW, the link you gave me... I would say, I like that idea!
Unfortunately, the hardwares doesn't come cheap... But fortunately, ARM CPUs are getting cheaper, before they are about to releasing a 64-bit version of ARM. (Although ARM said no, but I think it's bullsh*t, since there are few leaks about the ARM64. It was designed just to kick MIPS64 out... just as you know, they're racing like rats for the profits...)
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Yep, in both points raised, when you trace back to the root of the problem (or in the latter case, the contradiction) it all barrels down to the issue of the profit.... -v-

*trots away, shaking head as the business rats are busy scraping the bottom of the barrel*

Dr. Mario

;062 True. Well, in case of the business rats, there are always new problem coming and going, just like Intel getting trouble with AMD. How did I know? I found out in AMD's legal documents. Crazy peoples... Greedy as hell.

 ;088 Intel's laptop processor's still based on Socket 479? please... Well, I would perfer to go with pinless processors (for space-saving and price), but unfortunately, I don't have any.
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...


I have some ideas:
* The kernel would be monolithic but well structured
* The GUI would not be integrated into the OS, but the X11-ish GUI would but be able to access the hardware any other way than via the kernel. that way, you should still be able to shut down the GUI / your computer if it hangs.
* ReiserFS4 as default filesystem
* Programmed in a language which does not allow buffer-overflows and the like: Pascal
* licensed under the GPL3

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!

Dr. Mario

;001 Yes, Kami. You have the point.

;020 But, my own option for GUI isn't about Mac, it's about OpenGL.
I have GeForce 7600GS 512MB video card, so my own BrokenGlass GUI (more like 3D ghost glass UI).

The kernel should be monolithic, yes. But I'm willing to add advanced encryption engine, since the hard drive will be formatted with ATFS, with 512 bit encryption table holding binary key of OS directory. If you're suspicious about me putting encryption, yeah - I have been collecting hentai and isn't good at memorizing the password, so I write it on notepad instead.

About the Virus protection and memory resource management, I'm putting SYNG (SYnthetic Network Grading) manager which put tags on DLLs and EXEs, to provide better protections, though tags shouldn't be too big, I think it should be 16 to 64 KB, depending on bit depth and size of programs. That is, it monitors memory usage - if anything suspicious is to happen, you know what will happen to virus codes. And, tags could be located in "C:\SYNG Tags\*.stf*" so that way OS will know where to find it.
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Dr. Mario

;020 ... I couldn't seem to find any AMD64 activation source codes (I perfer C++, since ASM compiler refused to behave itself.) so I could integrate into my OS' kernel so it could enter Long Mode...

I guess it looks like a recarnation of Intel's incident since 1999 (which they were talking about 64 bit support for Pentium 4 Williamette) that is, they dropped it like hot metal.
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Quote from: "Bella"I dunno how anybody can make an OS. XD. But I thank them for it.

This is coming from someone who found HTML hard to process (although I did make a couple of--very rough and unrefined--web pages)

We're in the same boat Bella XD I have been make small websites for a couple years but I never really used any HTML because I'm still learning and fairly new to it. But I think I'm getting the hang of it :3

I'd love to design my own OS! I took some programming during my second semester using Visal Basic.NET and it was a lot of fun. I'm taking it again in Grade 11 and 12. But I'm not sure if we're going to continue using VB or if we start using Java. I'm hoping for Java because I'd to learn how to use it! X3

Dr. Mario

;hi Icelilly, good luck with Java class. You now have plentiful of ranges of options for the operating system for yourself - because Java script could be helpful for metastructure commands and something else ( like running applet off website or running a EXE file with Java coding).

Well, for myself; I would like to start off with C++ first (since I still have to develop the 64 bit kernel first - but somewhat I still get too much mistakes in C++ compliers...) so I could put it off and build other layer of programs and DLLs over it so it could load. And, I liked the idea of Menuet OS - if I could ever use this same method, I could only use 1 to 14 Megabytes of hard drive's space and load everything in together, but I knew the compatiblity could be very bad unless I could try and run couple of Windows CE programs on it...

;020 It will unfold anyways.

Added after 7 minutes:

 ;007 Oh, I forgot, I would wonder... What GO-tan would look like? Since I'm designing GO (GreenOmega), it could be hard to imagine... Since I like manga, it just kept swimming around in my brain, be it like Windows Me-tan or XP-tan or Kami-tan?!

;020 It was hardest decision, since I like one character in particular;
;025 a blue-haired girl with green uniform (blue power icon on chest) holding a Linux staff (since GO would be like ReactOS, but more advanced.)

So I would be willing to sell my soul, drawing all mangas instead of doing coding... Who would imagine it ot be that way?
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...

Dr. Mario

;014 It was hard to find a reference for boot sector?! And, I will need to find a file system source code (because I already knew that making ATFS is extremely hard, why? 512 bit table, to be exactly, but sometimes I would give encryption technology a try - being that, ATFS would contain a hash table, exceeding 1MB and 512 bit tabling lines.) I got around for a better ASM complier! Now that I learnt to avoid MASM, way too much da#ning errors from it.

;020 I even couldn't enter Long-Mode because of this program.
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...

Dr. Mario

Looks like this thread sucks... As well as giving up.
;025 Now, Bowser... What can I do with you...