What computer/OS are you using?

Started by Bella, April 16, 2007, 03:59:17 PM

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Seconding Stew - great work getting 2K-tan V1.7 restored!

Dr. Kraus

Good work there Pent!

I got dumped a couple of somewhat older Dell Inspirons into my hands and now I'm just figuring out what to do with them.
One has a Pentium in it so I'm probably just going to install either Win7 or WinXP on it for legacy stuff like quake and diablo 2.
Other one we have had around the house for a while and its got an early gen core i5 in it, I can probably use it for hashing but I'll only be getting around $0.15 a day off of it so not really that great.

I'm waiting for a decent Pentium 4 machine to walking into the recycle pile at work soon enough so I can make that into either a win2K legacy machine or another WinXP one.

After watching Lucky Star again, I've really got a earning for the "old" days of windows xp that were really enjoyable for me.
Windows 10 is pretty nice and the features that it brings to the table like the automatic driver installation, auto network printer detection, and moderately okay legacy support keeps me content.

Maybe its not so much the software that I miss but the communities that were around at the time that I enjoyed visiting and all the time I spent on sites like 4chan just laughing at the craziness that went on.

Most of the old guard of the internet has left us and the new generation moving in really isn't sitting well with me in how the internet is shaping to be thanks to them. To much politics, to much bickering that stems from so much IRL things. I miss the good 'ol days when I could jump into a random forum and just see people bickering about the newest 480p torrent of anime that was being seeded through the IRC channel.

Oh well, I can just go back to winXP and boot up Diablo 2, the servers are still up anyway.

Glad that this place is still around even though we had that little scare not to long ago, I hope to see us stick in our corner of the internet for a long time to come.


Quote from: Penti-chan on June 09, 2017, 10:08:23 AMI heard the i9's only real benefit is for video editing and 3D modelling; stuff that's very heavy on CPU usage. TBH, I don't see much of a need for it over the i7 for your average user (In fact, I'm fairly satisfied with the i5 in my iMac; it may not be quite as strong as the i7 that was in 2k 1.0, but it's leaps and bounds beyond the AMD-A4 that was in 2kME).
the i9 is a meme, simply put


TenFourFox keeps my PowerMac G4 alive! And a hex editor I use for hacking it!

I have socket 478 Pentium 4s coming out of my ears! Please take them they are all less than 1.5GHz clock speed though!


^ I nearly bought a PowerMac G4 the other day at Goodwill; they had 4 of them, $10 each (Two of the earlier graphite model, and two Quicksilver models). I was on the fence, since I was still in the process of fixing up my iMac, but by the time I decided to just do it and grab one of the Quicksilver models, all 4 had sold.


I don't think I've ever seen a Goodwill with a computer in it. Which is probably good for me as I would impulse by some old Mac everytime I went. I kind of hate Apple but I have a weird soft spot for collecting their old hardware.


The larger Goodwill about an hour away has a corner called the "Computer Center"; where they sell refurbished Dells and occasionally have used stuff for sale (Generally, fairly cheap; bring your own hard drive). It's hit and miss; generally you'll mostly see gutted Dells that barely have enough pieces to work with, but occasionally something cool slips through the cracks, like the aforementioned PowerMac G4.

The one in my hometown only has a shelf with some Dell keyboards, and nothing else of note.


I mainly post from Stillstorm, a hackintosh with the following parts/specs:

              <CPU> : <Intel Core i3-7100 @ 3.9 GHz>
      <Motherboard> : <Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H>
           <Memory> : <Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB DDR4-2400>
          <Storage> : <Crucial MX300 275 GB SSD>
          <Storage> : <Seagate Barracuda 3 TB HDD>
    <Graphics_Card> : <MSI Radeon RX 570 4 GB>
             <Case> : <Antec VSK3000B U3>
     <Power_Supply> : <EVGA 500 W>
 <Operating_System> : <Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave>
 <Operating_System> : <Windows 10 Pro>
         <Keyboard> : <Bohoo X9>
            <Mouse> : <Logitech MX Master>
       <Headphones> : <Logitech G430>

I also have my primary laptop, Moonglow, which also runs Windows 10.


Nice. TBH, I've recently revived some old members of the fleet, so it'd be pretty lengthy to go over all of them xD

My main project at the moment is upgrading and repairing the old family PC from my childhood:

The Yeti
Model: NEC PowerMate VP75
CPU: Pentium (200Mhz)
HDD: 6.8GB
OS: Windows 95 [w/ USB support patch]

I just finished treating the case for rust (Due to a pipe busting and leaking into the room I had this stored in), and finally have it put back together. The hard drive, though, is on its last legs, so I'm going to replace that soon.


Well, I had a lengthy post on my entire fleet, but I accidentally closed the tab and lost everything. So, just focusing on a few more right now:

Nanami2k-tan [2k-tan the Desktop V1.8]
Model: Custom
CPU: Core i7 [3.5Ghz]
HDD: 500GB
OS: Windows 10 Pro
(My daily driver)

Asagi IV
Model: ThinkPad T420
CPU: Core i5 [2.5Ghz]
HDD: 320GB + 500GB
OS: Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa + Windows 10 Pro
(My main laptop)

2kME-tan [2k-than the Desktop V1.5]
Model: Custom
CPU: AMD-A4 [2.5Ghz]
HDD: 160GB
OS: Windows XP Pro x64 Edition
(Revived older build of 2k, that I use for fun. I tried to get Windows 2000 on here natively xD)

Model: Unknown/custom
CPU: Pentium MMX [233Mhz]
OS: Windows 98SE
(This one's built for old DOS/Windows games, but I also use it to make archival copies of old floppy disks with WinImage)


Casual member


I have:

Intel Core i5-3210M Processor
Windows 10 Pro (x64)

I'm using an ASUS laptop that it was bought back in 2013.


Arch Linux, I talk about it in a different post. My laptop also runs Arch Linux but the laptop is a Dell Latitude E6420, also called the Weed machine bc it's got 420 in it's model # but it's got 12GB of RAM and has 1TB HDD.
I'm just a guy who uses Arch Linux, wears trenchcoats, and loves girls who are tomboys.


Weed machine is a good name. 420 blaze it man.


My main laptop is a ThinkPad T420; I chose it because it was the last generation to have a classic style keyboard, and also because weed memes LOL