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Started by tAPOCHKIN, December 02, 2006, 09:41:21 am

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hows this newyins?

Season 6: troubled windows: something more buggy


Anyhow, I know some flash and very shortly I will be going to the art institute of seattle for an animation degree.  I might be able to do something later as a school project.  however for now, im too busy working on the comic.   Also if i did it it would be with the better os-tans ;)  not any of those vintage type ones.. tho maybe 2.0, she can come too.

However, on an admin note Im moving this thread from general chat to os tan fanfics and such, as that is where it fits best.  also someone should get on that request.. or at least validate its nonexistance or doctoration.  We should know one way or the other.
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Ano,... Captain-san.... ^^;

Technically-speaking, I'm already knee deep in this request already.... -v-;

Not a full-blow OVA, mind you -- just a mini little 2-minute Rozen Maiden Parody.  -v-

Still wondering how I got myself involved in yet another project, but figure it'd be nice experiment, and a way to get me used to Flash animation again.  Plus I wanna draw Xenix-san badly.  -v-

Good call on moving the thread,.. wasn't really crazy with where it was originally.  -_-

And no dissing vintage-tans.  Marines may be the ones patroling heaven, but it's the vintage-tans who give out the wings to get there..  `v'

*kneels down on ground*  In the name of the Prophet, the Goddess and the Holy Kitten....
[does best Integra Hellsing impersonation]  Aaaiii-men....  -o-

QuoteIndeed...very mysterious music! I'd go with it! As for plot, I'm as dry as a lake! I'll have to get back to you for fresh ideas!

More like beautiful and uplifting I'd say, but true probably mysterious for anyone who hasn't seen the series.  -v-

Anyway, don't worry about the plot, as the one bonus that "B" had was that the premise already existed in my head.

If you remember how Traumend starts, the latter part should be easy to visualize....


*music starts*

> [blank screen]

> [title page]  *Note: old movies always began with title page

> [maybe some brief credits]

> [scene opens to bright over-exposed view of the inside of a lobby; two figures are barely visible in the light, one taller than the other]

> [close profile shot of Gates staring out the window; only a portion of his face and gleaming glasses are visible; his lips move briefly]

> "I leave the rest to you."

> [close frontal shot of woman; only half her chest, neck and mouth are visible]

> [she presses her hand against her chest and bows with reverence]

> "Yes, My Lord"

> [return to shot of bright lobby]

> [taller figure (Gates) walks off towards the left of the screen]

> [bowed woman straightens up, then walks off in the opposite direction]

> [switch to black screen]

> [door opens, flooding light into the room that was the black screen; only the woman's silhoutte is visible here]

> [several dark passing shots follow of computers turned off, stacks of 5 1/2" floppies, empty cubicles and offices, dot matrix printers, etc.]

> [woman opens yet another door, but this time to a large, well-lit, and elegant room]

> [woman walks forward from behind the camera, with PCDOS and MSDOS running towards her, dressed in their old victorian-era dresses; their lips move with excitement]  *Note: they don't use their school uniforms until years later; visit the gallery for a picture of DOS-chan in her black dress.

> "Xenix-san, Xenix-san!  Is it almost time?!"

> "Eh."

> "I'm so happy!  She'll be like a little sister!"

> [slow zoom-in shot of a motionless Windows 1.0-tan sitting on an elegant chair; she is in the form of a toddler, with clothes from Aurora's original design]  *Note: the dress I drew for her was given to her by the Vintage-tans MANY years later.

> [close-up shot of Xenix' legs (actually skirt) walking forward, with PCDOS and MSDOS right behind her on either side]

> [side shot of the motionless Windows 1.0-tan on the chair; Xenix bends over with a floppy in her hand]

> [an angled shot showing Xenix inserting the floppy in 1.0-tan's back]

> [side shot of MSDOS and PCDOS spectating -- somewhat resembling same shot of Suiseiseki and Souseiseki in Traumend]

> [return to frontal view of 1.0-tan on the chair, only this time Xenix' shadow is seen pulling back]

> "Please awaken."  *Xenix says this

> [closeup of 1.0-tan's hand twitching]

> [another frontal shot from a different angle sees her slowly moving; she tries to lift herself off the chair but ends up sliding limply onto the ground.]

> "DOS-san..."  *Note: Xenix doesn't like using "chan" or "tan", and besides is respectful even to the children of the household.

> [MSDOS hurries over to help pick up the smaller 1.0-tan, and beams a smile of encouragement; PCDOS is right behind her, muttering some friendly words of encouragement]

> "You can do it!"

> "Sou sou!"  *MSDOS says this

> [1.0-tan is walking slowly and roughly -- think Shinku -- while still holding on tightly to MSDOS-tan]  *Should worth noting that we still don't see 1.0-tan's face yet

> [side shot of Xenix crouched on the ground, arms stretched out invitingly; her lips move]

> "You can do it...."

> [close-up of 1.0-tan's little hand letting go of MSDOS-tan's hand]

*music swells*

> [close-up of 1.0-tan's foot taking her first step on her own]

> [front shot of 1.0-tan still walking slowly and roughly (towards Xenix), but now unassisted; MSDOS and PCDOS are covering their mouths with joy, their eyes glistening]

> [first face shot of Xenix-san shows her as a keen, but soft-featured and noble-looking woman, with a large X-shaped bow behind her head; her left hand is still outstretched invitingly, as she slowly enunciates a few more words]

> "Very good, child."  

> [return to frontal shot of 1.0-tan, only by know she's close enough that only the top-half of her body is visible; she's slowly swaying back and forth, closer and closer towards the camera.] *Again, think of Shinku.

> [Once she gets close enough so that her down-turned face takes up the entire view, she slowly lifts her face up, cocks her head slightly to the side and beams an innocent smile into the camera.]

*as music ends...*

> [fade to white]

> "Happy Birthday,... Windows-san."  *Xenix says this -- should be written in black lettering

> [fade to white again]

> [have cliche effect of old film reel ending]

*end clip here*


So there you have it.  -v-
Not particularly "plot-driven" and clearly a Rozen Maiden parody, but it should offer an interesting test of the "home-brewed" anime concept.  The goal is to give it the look and feel of one.


Thats why you dont get 2.0 and 3.1sama, beloved by all,  frolicing done, you and your side projects!! >:|

As for the thread moveal, thats just me trying to pretend they gave me admin rights for a reason.  Trying to make myself mildy more uesfull then pitkin-san.....

and you know why they hand out the wings to go to heaven?   Cus their dead and beried bwahahaha!  

Sorry you asked for that one.  No way a marine wasnt gonna counter that comment with anything other then a sledge hammer blow.

in the name of the prophet the goddess and the holy kitten.
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Admittedly, I should've seen that coming.  ^^'

Feel free to recommend additions to the script, to make it seem more "vintage" or appropriate to the operating systems.

(DOS-chans should talk like they were using a command prompt, and Xenix in Vi, for example)


I am no writter, thats why i have not worked on the comic project much till now
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Writter.....?  ^^;


....Well, in any case, I'll see what I can do while I'm off on my "vacation".  Doubt I'll do much for this movie, as my priority still goes to my drawings (eComstation > Windows 2.0/3.11-sama > UNIX-sama).

But if I do find the time, some storyboards wouldn't hurt.

The short and sweet of it is that you mustn't close this thread just yet.  ^__^'

Anyway, see y'all later.  ^__^

*trots off*


I like it! Go with the idea, since I'm still plot-dry.


Nothing is greater then 3.1sama and 2.0-chan NOTHING!!!!
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Hehe, those greater symbols are supposed to be arrows.  ^^'

But quid pro quo.... if 3.1-sama is so great, why did you put Suigintou in your AVI?  `v'

Instead of the holier version:

Blasphemy, I say!  The Captain's being blasphemous.  ^0^


See...?  3.1sama loves Suigintou too so its okay!!
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As promised, I'm moving the Captain's holiday gift over to this thread, since it's now technically a "movie" in the making.  ^^'

Not that the micro OVA will be this simple, but I needed something to get me back into the swing of things with Flash.  -v-

First, the preconcept:

Essentially, the Prophet, the Goddess and the Holy Kitten doing a holiday Para Para.  ^___^

Next, the beta....

Flash Animation Experiment

I still need to figure out the best way to move the arms, since the Flash vector graphics are a HELLUVA lot clunkier to work with than I remembered them to be.

It's no wonder I preferred raster graphics years ago.  -.-

If not for the motion/shape tweening, I'd probably be better off creating each individual frame myself in Inkscape.  ^^


Second experiment with motion....  -v-
I know it seems a bit choppy, but the original SuperGals Para Para eyecatch is really not all that different (though Flash does tend to choppen things up). ^^'

The current frame rate is set at 13fps, which I think is Anime default.  -v-



Oh hohoho, that looks fun! ^o^ I like the way she shakes her coat and hair, but legs' movement is a bit strange; is it only because it's still the second experiment? ^^;

Apart from the legs, Win2.0-san's clearly having a great time! ^__^ *mimicks her movement*


Thank you Pitkin-dono.  ^___^

To answer your question, yes and no....

Yes, it is still experimental and I was primarily concerned with the arm twirling.  The rest of the body movement I just quickly slapped together so it wouldn't look freakish.  ^v^'

And no, because Flash is still EXTREMELY clunky with vector graphics, and I couldn't really move shapes and vectors around as intuitively as I can with Inkscape. Maybe it's just that I need more training in it, but I'm thinking of recreating her whole body movement frame by frame in Inkscape.  ^v^'

(Currently, only the arms are frame-by-frame, and for this particular motion I only need 8 frames.  The way I have it now, each body movement takes up two frames and shape/motion tweening is not working as it should [big surprise there.... -v-'])

Flash will still be very useful with simple Anime techniques like panning, bobbing, looping, voiceover, etc....
But for complex animations, for now it's faster to stick to the old fashioned way. -v-


Time for Experiment #3... ^v^

Due to my less than happy performance with Flash-animated body movements, I redrew the dancing Windows 2.0-chan frame-by-frame in Inkscape.  Not terribly hard thanks to layerng and old-fashioned tracing techniques, but took a while to get used to this kind of thing again.  ^__^

And since it's frame by frame, I didn't bother exporting to SWF this time.  Now it's in a beautiful compact GIF format for all the non-Flash enabled world to see!  ^v^

My only gripe is that the speed of the animated GIF is a bit inconsistent -- sometimes she moves slowly, and other times she looks like she's high on something.  ^^'