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Started by ShinraKenshin, April 27, 2005, 07:50:26 PM

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Chocofreak13 many pages back in this section of the forum did you have to go to even FIND this thread? the last post before you was 8, almost 9 years ago! o__o;

i used to play La Tale, but their freemium model sucked. these days, the only game i've done online with recently is Don't Starve Together.
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Well, this is a really old topic ^^;
(Also, interesting to see that ages before I joined, there were people here that played PSO)

As for online games I've played:
- Phantasy Star Online [Various versions across Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, and PC]: Still playing off and on with the Gamecube version, while the private server I was on for Blue Burst shut down earlier this year (I've gone into details in the Games General topic a few months back, I believe)

- MapleStory: Nexon's Windia server is where I am. I haven't played much in a few months, but I still often log in and play for a while when I'm in the mood.

- La Tale: Kari was big into this for a while, although I never really got into it; I never even got a chance to play with her, since she was like 5 towns ahead of me when I started, and before I could catch up, a giant game update rolled in, that was taking forever to download (I have a bad internet connection, if it wasn't obvious). I uninstalled it and haven't played it since :\

- Aura Kingdom: I swear, I play for a bit, then end up not play for months, forget my security PIN, have to request a reset, then I play for a little bit more only for the cycle to repeat :\

- Portal 2: Bella and I teamed up to beat co-op back in summer 2014 :3

- Don't Starve Together: Played it once with Kari and Lego, got screwed by the RNG so I couldn't find any flint or other materials to make tools (All I could do was eat; in sense, it became "Open-World Pac-Man"), and haven't had a chance to give it another shot; it feels promising, even if my first time went very, very badly


i'd like to play DST with just us two, so if we can get to a point where we can have some free time and a decent connection, we should do that. if all else fails, we buy a hub and another ethernet cable, and you, me and Steve play. (i will say, though, you'd have to make the server if we played; my computer isn't hardcore enough to handle hosting a multi-person server)

Maple was nice but it got a bit cut-and-dry, especially with the MASSES of people running around. i'd like to give La Tale another shot at some point, but probably not till after you move.
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TBH, with Maple, I rarely partied up with anyone after a while; the high-leveled players I used to hang out with have long since left the game, which sadly cuts my access to the Party Quests, when I don't really feel like playing with the even higher-leveled snobs that are more interested in getting huge kill streaks vs. just having a good time like my older high-leveled friends :\


there are VERY few MMOs which interest me anyway, and it pisses me off when they put so much emphasis on team play. you really alienate new players that way, since for the large part, we're alone and are too nervous to meet anyone. (or in my case, i just didn't want to after awhile. unless you're stupid close with these people, party members get in the way.)
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Indeed, or sometimes, the high-leveled players are complete assholes that expect you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and refuse to help, as they don't want someone leeching their precious EXP >>;

As far as MMOs, the only new one I have any real interest in is PSO2...but I've basically given up on ever seeing a US release at this point; I think the odds of an official US English release of the Urusei Yatsura adventure game for Sega CD are infinitely more likely at this point.

Dr. Kraus

I'm pretty active on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but I haven't gotten around to getting the new expansion that came out but I think I'll ask that for Christmas when it rolls around.
I play maplestory every once and a while, I solo most dungeons without issue and I was able to get to around lvl 50 within a week of playing.
I play offline PSO on my dreamcast due to the lack of having a proper setup to support going online, even then I believe the biggest private server shut down some time ago.


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make all of it crumble, Cocks. DESTROY THEIR WORLDS
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