Bad Feeling About Firefox...

Started by NewYinzer, August 03, 2006, 07:00:22 PM

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In my view, Thunderbird-ko is equally adorable.




That reminds me,... any thoughts on the -ko suffix?  ^__^

[Feel like I'm opening a can o' worms here.... -v-]


QuoteThat reminds me,... any thoughts on the -ko suffix? ^__^

I don't know...


I personally never cared a whole lot for the -ko suffix.  I always thought -tan is cuter.  :P


-ko is a female name suffix, heh. Also because sometimes they dress her in priestess clothing (mi*ko*) that might be a reason too. After reading the wikipedia article, since "firefox" is the name for a red panda (which is what she kind of looks like, aside from a fox obviously) its more of an actual name (like Sonata), so adding "-ko" at the end makes it more Japanese feminine. Like Homeko.

I'm confusing myself XD
So cute it\'s deadly!


Hehe, you're not the only one.... Ovo'

I can't get used to if myself, so I always end up accidentally calling her "Firefox-tan" or "Thunderbird-tan".

It can't be helped.... -v-'


Nah, I've heard both -tan and -ko, I think you're ok <3 Just trying to remember it's origins >.<;;;
So cute it\'s deadly!


Just to clarify what codi said, "-ko" isn't an honorific.  It is part of the name.

If I may quote wikipedia for a bit:
QuoteFemale given names often end in the syllable ko, written with the kanji meaning "child" (子). This was much more common up to about the 1980s, but the practice does continue today. Male names occasionally end with the syllable ko, but very rarely using the kanji 子 (most often, if a male name ends in ko, it ends in hiko, using the kanji 彦). Common male name endings are -shi and -o; names ending with -shi are often verbs, e.g., Atsushi which might mean, for example, "to be faithful." In the past (before World War II), names written with katakana were common for women, but this trend seems to have lost favour. Hiragana names for women are not unusual. Kana names for boys, particularly those written in hiragana, have historically been very rare. This may be in part because the hiragana script is seen as feminine; in medieval Japan, women generally were not taught kanji and wrote exclusively in hiragana.

I believe the word for child is "kodomo" but that is just some random thing I want to add.


ko or not ill still be using firefox...........ko
My my, aren't you lovely~


Quote from: "Ultimaninja"I like firefox...but she can be a harsh mistress...

she deleted my bookmarks and was very rude...but she's still better then IE, so firefox ftw.

Just look in the c:\documents and settings\{your name}\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\ folder and the c:\documents and settings\{your name}\local settings\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\ folder.

If you have more than 1 profile here, just look the bookmarks.html (or xml can't remember) in each profiles to know which profile is the good one, then just edit the profile.ini to match the correct profile.

That can happen if you start firefox twice at same time. (only on windows)

I hope that can help :D

Added after 1 minutes:

Of course since the time you may have cleaned that folder or just reinstalled the whole thing ^_^