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Started by SleepyD, March 29, 2011, 02:43:29 AM

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i have a cute finnish tsundere gf now
things could be worse i guess


Quote from: Le-Goujer on June 25, 2017, 12:34:34 AMEverytime I lay in bed and look at Nanami Madobe on a pillow lying next to me and feel a deep sense of loneliness and desire to replace that pillow with a real girl.

I want to get a girlfriend with similar interests to me but everyone at work it over 40 and the closest any of roommates has come to dating a girl is getting piss drunk and touch a girls breast consentually (so nothing); and because my parents think that no girls would ever touch a videogame with a 10 foot pole, I have no where else to go for dating advice from real humans then here. If all else fails there is Wiki-How but I would like to keep that a last resort.

Anyone know where I can meet "gamer girls" as the hip hot with it and now hooligans say? There is a Barcade (Bar+Arcade) a little bit away from me, would that be a good place to start?

Having never specifically sought out a like-minded partner, I can't really give firm advice here. However, going to places where like-minded women might be found (like the barcade) is probably a good idea. Also consider getting involved in 'nerdy' clubs/orgs at your school, though there is the obvious flaw that the men-to-women ratio is probably going to be badly imbalanced against your favor, depending on what kind of organization it is.

Also think about online communities. Obviously this isn't the best idea if you're strictly against an LDR, but if you're willing it's a good way to find people with similar interests, which can lead to a friendship, which can lead to a romance, if the conditions are right and the chemistry is there.

Quote from: Ye Olde Swagfag on July 14, 2017, 04:19:52 PMi have a cute finnish tsundere gf now
things could be worse i guess

Congrats man!


thank you, bella


tsundere GF. that's either really scary or Really good D8
My my, aren't you lovely~


Quote from: zjhentohlauedy on July 25, 2017, 10:55:14 PMtsundere GF. that's either really scary or Really good D8
its both ;3