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Started by Chocofreak13, January 29, 2012, 10:12:31 PM

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I hope to be out on my own soon enough...but that's beside the point

Everybody should come together so we can begin out adventure again :3


Well, the only difference is more space and that the shower/kitchen is within my own doors, really...

But yeah. I'll get back to working on the Jotuns as well, to see if I can have them ready for a campaign sometime soon.


kk man. as for the gaming group, well, mel seems too busy with school, and i'll have to contact russell and my sister. i'm willing to bet i could get my sister back in on it, but idk on the other two. if i can get their permission, we can continue, but you'll be at a disadvantge with the less people you have. :\
where's cockle stand on this, anyway?


was anyone on board for the idea of mini-sessions? like, 2 hours whenever we can get 3 or more people together?


I like the idea, but it's a matter of if anyone else is willing to come together; since we can't really do it with just one player :\


mmm. i already know you're on board for this, i was wondering about the others, but they don't really seem to care. i'd ask mel, but i think she's just hit the halfway mark of her semester so she's likely dealing with projects. but then again, she's always going on about magic: the gathering, so she must have SOME free time....


everyone who ever considered playing in a game with me, read this.


we have renewed interest in playing the game. but i'm going to lay down a few ground rules first.

1. ALL character sheets must be approved by me. this may include restructuring to existing characters (*coughcoughcilvargecough*), but such is the way of the game so that shit is fair to everyone.

2. commitment MUST be proven by attendance of practice sessions. if you can't make it due to other reasons, alright, but otherwise i arrange the practice sessions to be convenient to as many people as possible. this might sound bitchy but with all the bullshit we've put up with in terms of players, i consider it necessary. if you've proven yourself unreliable in the past but still want to play, this ESPECIALLY applies to you.

3. persons with demanding other commitments (school, work) will be considered unsuitable for play unless they convince me otherwise. we're going to agree on a day. if you can't make it, that's your problem, not mine.

4. i am god here. don't like it, get the fuck out now.

5. you MUST read the book. not the player's guide, not the expanded literature, THE. CORE. BOOK. you can skip the introduction and the opening story if you like, and you already know the majority of chapters 1 and 2. you can even skip chapter 3 and 4 if you already have a character. chapter 5 and 6, however, are manditory (and believe me, i WILL make sure you actually did it). if i were you, i'd skim chapter 1 and 2 to see if there's anything unfamiliar, but that's not required. in addition, i may give out "homework". it's not going to be frequent, long, or difficult. you'd better do it. (i'm sick of saying "please".)

6. for the love of god, cut your whiny bullshit. i KNOW you all want to play and have a good time. NO ONE likes that guy. that guy who is a rules lawyer and whines when i don't cave to his every. fucking. demand. every complaint you make is one that derails the game. concerns, questions, etc, are fine. backseat DMing, rules lawyers and haters are not.

7. you come here to play, that's what you're gonna do. breaks will be shorter and stricter. derailment will be dealt with via swift justice. non-committed players will be cut. turn order will be fucking respected. no compromises.

8. i say no, that means NO. not "maybe later in the game", not "maybe with some tweaking", not "ask me again every 2 minutes", NO. start the fuck over if it's that big a deal.

9. don't think you can get me to crack by threatening to leave. i'm willing to forsake the "minimum 3+ players rule" for the sake of the group.

10. yes, i'm a bitch. no, i don't care how many times you tell me that or how many insults you hurl at me. remember, i'm doing this because i care.


Kari, for the love of Odin, work on your silver tongue a bit...


nej, i consider you like family. but think of it from my perspective. the breakdown of the game was due to a variety of factors (mostly lack of commitment....but that's another matter entirely), and i've come to reevaluate my position a bit. i don't like being strict either but i figure we'll all be better in the end for it. at the very least it'll amount to a more organized (and thus longer running) game.

oh, and FYI, i can't tell if you're angry or just telling me to be more tact. vagueness is a pet peeve of mine, nej~


The latter. Well, some of the former because of the need of the latter, but mostly irritation.

Alas, dear minion, I'm an author. Vagueness is in my job description. ^^

I'm well aware of the fact to run things with a bit of an iron hand if we're to get anything done here, but do mind the brakes, so to speak. The best tyrant is a popular tyrant.


i'm not gonna become a rules nazi, by any means. but i do need to bring the hammer down a bit more so to speak, if only to keep order. order means the plot can advance, and will result in less break-ups.

oh, and everyone learning how to play (and actually having the lessons stick) will sure help too :3



cool gif bro. now explain to me what's not to understand.