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Started by Nichi, May 29, 2011, 08:46:21 PM

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Quote from: Chocofreak13 on August 15, 2015, 12:27:41 PM
only cartoon i'm watching regularly is Steven Universe and some anime. :0

Then you must be like me, itching for the stoopid hiatus to go the way of the Dodo


You know, a random thought I had as I was getting ready for bed, that relates to the subject of TV shows:

Have you ever seemed to recall seeing an episode of a show many years ago, but you can't seem to find any info indicating that episode even existed at all? Because, I can think of a few examples:

One example I can think of is with an episode of Sailor Moon. I don't remember which season it was from (I'm fairly certain it was the first season, though), but it involved the Sailor Scouts fighting a monster themed around tennis...and turning Molly (Or whatever her name was in the Japanese version) into a giant tennis ball (Like, her head sticking out of a giant tennis ball). I remember seeing it during the show's run on USA Network, but when Cartoon Network reaired the first season in preparation for Sailor Moon R, I don't remember this episode being played (Although it's entirely possible it was aired one of those times I didn't get to watch; like when dad was off for some holiday and he had full control over the TV, so I'd miss out on all my usual afternoon Toonami shows). To be fair, I've yet to actually sit down and rewatch Sailor Moon, so maybe the episode does exist and I just missed the Cartoon Network airing of it.

Now, one that baffles me currently is with a Barney tape I used to have as a kid, of what I believe was a Christmas special. I just remember my sister stopping the tape when it got to a part with the kids rapping about wrapping presents (I don't recall mom making her do it, or mom being involved at all; I just remember not understanding what my sister was saying and being upset over not getting to watch Barney). I no longer have the tape, as it was sold off ages ago, but I can't find any proof of it existing; I know that Lupa reviewed a Barney Christmas special, but it was one from '98, and I'm guessing it was maybe '94 or so when this happened, and from looking over the Wikipedia article on home video releases of Barney over the years, the only Christmas special listed at all is the one from '98. For all I know, it might not have even been Barney; it was so long ago that all I can really recall was a scene with kids rapping about wrapping Christmas presents, which really could have been anything.

There's likely others, but given I should have gone to bed hours ago, and here I am typing all of this, I'll add more later. Feel free to cite your own examples or comment in the meantime


Quote from: Penti-chan on November 22, 2015, 01:26:42 AM
Have you ever seemed to recall seeing an episode of a show many years ago, but you can't seem to find any info indicating that episode even existed at all?

For the longest time I thought I completely hallucinated an episode of The Simpsons, because I'd only ever seen it once when I was a little kid and it was super weird. It wasn't until much later that I found information about it online. (It was the Halloween episode segment where Homer fell into some sort of 3D alternate dimension, by the way.)


there have been a few shows that, after watching as a kid, i could find no one else who had seen it. i would have been like that one person on tumblr that assumed Sagwa was one giant fever dream, but a childhood friend's dad made a terrible joke about Sagwa when i was a kid, so because of that independent account, i knew they were real.

there's an episode of The Powerpuff Girls that is like that for me, though. some sort of clip show one. :0

@Pent: that episode of Sailor Moon exists. pretty sure it's either first season or VERY early R. it's featured in the "Meet Sailor Moon: Crystal" book i have. :0

(i need to get the rest of those....)
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Sounds like me with Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys. I faintly recall seeing an episode of it as a kid, but nobody else seems to remember it, and for years, I couldn't remember the title of the show; I just recalled it as "a cartoon that was like Star Trek, but with monkeys". Sadly, much like other extremely obscure shows I remember watching as a kid, like Ocean Girl, finding a working torrent of them is next to impossible.

As far as TV shows, I know I've mentioned this one in the past, but I remember seeing previews for a show on Fox Kids called either "The Lunatics" or "The Balloonatics", that I remember was supposed to air before the premiere episode of Power Rangers Zeo...but I overslept, only getting up in time for Power Rangers. However, nobody seems to remember it; my dad only vaguely remembered the show's title, my sister had no idea what I was talking about, Wikipedia has zero information on it (Although there was some really old slapstick short film with a similar title), and checking a website that had old listings for Saturday morning cartoons spanning the '70s through the early '00s, no show with that title was listed; the show that aired on Fox Kids before the first episode of Power Rangers Zeo was a rerun of the season 3 finale of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I even checked Wikipedia's list of everything to ever air on Fox Kids, and again; nothing by that title. The only lead I ever got on the mystery was someone on TV Tropes, whom said that it was a failed pilot pitched to Fox, and claimed they saw it online somewhere and would find the link for me...but they never replied, and my searches for it have turned up fruitless.

Back on the earlier bit on episodes, I do vaguely recall during one of the many "Twisted List" segments on The Screen Savers*, circa '03\'04, in which there was a mentioning of OS-tans; showing a clip from this video of XP-tan in front of a Windows XP desktop (The one where she was saying something like "Welcome back, user; I'm happy you're back" in Japanese). While I did stumble upon that XP-tan clip again a while back (I want to say it's on Kari's OS-tan playlist, but it's been so long that I'm not 100% certain of that), I have not been able to find any evidence of it being shown on The Screen Savers...and with G4 now defunct, taking their TechTV Archive down with them, my only hope is to spend a lot of free time sifting through the various areas of the Internet Archive in hopes I find anything.
(*A reoccurring segment of that show, in which show correspondent Martin Sargent gives a top 5 list of whatever strange stuff he recently found on the internet; for example, stupid internet games or weird things for sale on Amazon)


you may have seen it on there, i'm 99% sure it's on there (and if it isn't, i'm dumb). if you find the Screen Savers segment, though, let me know; i'd like to add it to the playlist. :0
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Alright; maybe sometime, I'll try to go find it -w-;;

For some reason (Perhaps due to Joel talking about attending a Christian school, during one of his streams from last month), I began thinking about some of the Christian shows I watched as a kid...well, one I only ever watched twice in my entire life because it was that stupid:

Right at the start of the '00s, I was at my grandmother's house (On my mom's side) as everyone was having a slumber party there, and I was hanging out with my older and younger cousins. Someone brought a VHS tape of this show called "Bibleman" for the kids to watch; a show that both of my cousins seemed to enjoy, but I had never heard of. Part of me wonders if my older cousin really did like this, or if he was just putting on a face to appeal to our younger cousin, whom looked up to him like an older brother; especially when I mentioned that I liked Power Rangers, and he questioned how I could like "that kiddy garbage"...nevermind that Bibleman made Power Rangers look like Stargate SG-1 (A show I should really finish...but that's beside the point).

Now, as for the show was terrible; it was trying to be a "Christian Batman", with a tone that feels like they want to be viewed like the old Adam West series...except, without the charm; the part I remember most was my younger cousin (Whom was 4 years old at the time) shouting "BIBLE POOP" during the intro, because he had just learned the word "poop" and was having fun with it. At least, the episode I saw dropped the parts with kids singing ala Barney; which was something present on the episode Brad Jones looked at.

In fact, the only reason I even saw the show a second time was because of wanting to see Brad Jones making fun of it; especially when the slumber party that I ended up seeing that damn thing was a disaster, and aside from "bible poop", the only other good part was when my mom made up some BS about needing to get my sister and I home to do school...when really she was just as sick of being around her family as I was, with us getting back home just in time to catch the new episode of Outlaw Star. I do have other stories about dealing with my cousins...but perhaps that'd be best if I revived the old "Relationships" topic.


that show sounds heinous. it also reminds me that i didn't find out Veggie Tales was a Christian program until a few years after i saw it. (i didn't own any of the tapes, though, my best friend did. :0 )

on the topic of disappointments, i've recently learned that a show i was really hyped for, The Miraculous Ladybug, has started airing here. i had heard word of this project a year or two ago and had heard it was going to be either an anime or CG; it was being worked on by French, Korean, and Japanese animation houses and it sounded really cool. so when i heard it got a dub and a US release i was psyched. however, i heard the theme song today....and it's shit. oh good god is it shit. and the voice acting's bad, and the lyrics are terrible, and it goes on for 2 fricken' minutes....

i would just skip over it were it not for some other obvious flaws. don't know why, but Ladybug's US release skips over an episode with no explanation. combine that with the shitty theme song (compared it to the French and Korean dubbings, too, and though all three use the same backing music the composition for each is much different, with the Korean basically being like "I GO TO SCHOOL BY DAY AND KICK ASS BY NIGHT AND NO ONE'S GONNA STOP ME" and the French being like "The ladybug is my lucky charm! it's magic!", the English is basically like "I'M A GIRL OH MY GOD SUPER CUTE SUPER FUN FALL IN LOVE I'M A GIRL"), the bleh voice acting (haven't heard enough to go one way or another), and reddit mentioning that the translation into English being suuuuuper awkward ("de-evilizing" instead of "cleansing", for example), the English just sounds like it's going to be a really bad idea. >>;;

adding to my frustration, though, is that there's no reliable way to get either the Korean or French for streaming or torrenting. one group was doing both, but they started taking them down when the English dub started playing....not caring that some people may not have the bandwidth to stream or may not like/understand the English, or have access to it in their country. i'm finding some stuff on youtube, so that looks like my only avenue....though it's gonna be an uphill battle. and for some reason the Korean dub is in muuuch more steady supply than the French. (too bad, i prefer the French opening out of the three because it uses a different animation than the others and is much, MUCH shorter. :0 )
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Nichi thoughts go to Winx Club, and the goddamn theme song from the 4Kids dub. I never could stand that show, and it didn't help that my sister liked to annoy me with it >_<;
(I heard the Nickelodeon dub was better, but I never cared enough to check it out)


eh, you didn't miss much. like WITCH, it was a pretty forgettable show.

French: (full version, tv edit is much shorter and it seems the composition is closer to the English than i thought but it's still a bit better imo, shortented French is

tbh even without this justification they skipped an episode. nuff said in my book. :\
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Indeed. Granted, given they're aiming it toward kids, it could be like [pick: beach episode of Sailor Moon \ hot springs episode of Outlaw Star \ the episode of Pokemon where James had tits \ etc]...but, given I know nothing about this show, it could just be laziness \ wanting to jump to a point where it's more marketable (Given the confusing airing order for Cardcaptor Sakura in its English dub; jumping forward to Li's introduction, and then going back and reairing the first 10 or so episodes...while still airing all of the newer stuff, making the plot difficult to follow)


according to the wiki/articles i've read, the entire series had to be retooled for a slightly younger audience, so there's little to no questionable content. the episode in question sees the male hero/love interest getting an evil clone in the form of a romantic rival given special powers. Ladybug then has to figure out which one's the real one. :0
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Going to necrobump this to talk about something: namely, Samurai Jack.

With the show finally getting back off the ground for a 5th season, with the writers set on finally giving the story a proper conclusion, I decided it was finally time to revisit this series that has eluded me for years.

You see, waaaaaaay back in '01, when the show first premiered, I was hyped for it and tuned in for the premiere movie (Which was the first 3 episodes). My sister, being deep into her weaboo phase, absolutely despised this show, solely for its art style; to her, it was "a garbage American cartoon trying to be Japanese"...however, she unironically enjoyed Winx Club. Meanwhile, I fucking loved it; it was stylish and intense...perhaps, too intense, as mom made me change the channel toward the end of the movie, and banned me from ever watching it again.

The reason for this ban was due to it being "too violent". It didn't matter that he was cutting robots in half, it was still too violent, especially when he started to cut those robot-bugs in half in dramatic slow-mo, with oil spewing from them. Sadly, I never got a chance to watch it again...well, it did air in reruns on Toonami back around '07 or so, but at the time, I wasn't really interested in it, since my sister's hate of it had me thinking it wasn't worth going back to. However, with the show's return to Adult Swim with a 5th and final season, currently in progress, I decided it was finally time to go back, back to the past, and see what I missed out on.

I just got past the premiere movie, and I'm honestly loving it so far; my only regret was waiting so long to actually watch it again, but at least I have quite a few episodes to catch up on.

Goujer (she/her)

Ah ha ha ha HA! Poor foolish Samurai!


I keep meaning to check out the Samurai Jack reboot/remake/whatever. But my TV watching inertia has stopped me...