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Started by Chocofreak13, May 05, 2011, 06:47:04 PM

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this is more of a chatroom for me andd pentium to get our SQUEEEEEs out about the disgaea series, but oh well.

to kick it off, a list of my characters (gonna be long, lol)

Laharl, lv 92
Etna, lv 69
Gordon, lv 43
Jennifer, lv 41
Flonne, lv 37
Aiyiskeayame (ai-yisk-aye-a-me), Red Mage, lv 37
Thursday, lv 34
Keyanista, Brawler(♀), lv 34
Tilana, Star Mage, lv 32
Joel, Star Skull, lv 32
Maderas, lv 26
Joe, Star Skull, lv 25
Saliscia (sa-li-sia), Blue Mage, lv 24
Micalic (meek-a-leek), Warrior(♀), lv 22
Kelin, Battler(♂), lv 21
Magdalena, Empusa (stolen from battle), lv 20
Eyla (eye-la), Cait Sith, lv 20
Ephistolia (eh-fi-stol-i-a), Cleric (♀), lv 18
Ren, Red Mage, lv 17
Hoggmeiser, lv 16
Maggie, Striker, lv 16
Railis, Warrior(♂), lv 15
Riganno, Red Skull, lv 15
Hai, Ronin, lv 15
Alice, Archer, lv 15
Colleen, Sniper, lv 15
Jukasas, Green Mage, lv 14
Stinger, Nightmare (stolen from battle), lv 14
Fuke, Golem (stolen from battle), lv 14
Lionel, Gargoyle (stolen from battle), lv 14
Sonsin, Blue Skull, lv 13
Vladmir, Ninja, lv 13
Isis, Star Mage, lv 13
Amai, Samurai, lv 13
Firnod, Rogue, lv 13
Lambda, Man-Eater (stolen from battle), lv 12
Yanyan, Dark Knight (stolen from battle), lv 12
Peyro, Surveyor, lv 12
Saladin, Thief, lv 12
Domo, Adept Ninja, lv 12
Dame (da-me), Vanquisher, lv 12
Nene, Priest (♀), lv 12
Ophelia, Knight, lv 12
Rei, Rogue, lv 12
Clyde, Pugilist (♂), lv 12
Molotov, Cleric, lv 11
Judas, Priest, lv 11
Mischka, Bishop (♀), lv 11
Leo, Centurion (♂), lv 11
Tontin, Scout, lv 11
Rejin, Brawler (♂), lv 11
Orphius, Green Skull, lv 11
Jeni, Battler (♀), lv 11
Gnocchi, Prinny, lv 10
Horchata, Prinny, lv 10
Meimu, Prinny, lv 10
Lowell, Ghost (stolen from battle), lv 10
Amsterdam, Ghost, lv 10
Sage, Fighter (♂), lv 4
Felgerkar, Prism Skull, lv 4
Rena, Pugilist (♀), lv 2
Sabrina, Fighter (♀), lv 1
Ginger, Black Belt (♀), lv 2
Marin, Centurion (♀), lv 1
Lucerne, Prism Mage, lv 2
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I'll get a list of my characters on the first one a little later (Off the top of my head, I remember than Pentium is the strongest on there), but here's a rundown of my characters on the 2nd one (The PSP port of it, to be exact), which I'm up to chapter 6 on:

- Adell: Lv15
- Rozalin: Lv16
- Tink: Lv5 (Funny in the cut scenes, but not that useful in battle)
- Hanako: Lv13
- Taro: Lv16
- Undertaker (Togabito): Lv20
- Gardenia (Archer): Lv20
- Crystal (Lady Fighter): Lv18
- Cloud (Fighter): Lv15
- Emerald (Magic Knight): Lv17
- Rodney (Red Skull): Lv20
- 2k-tan (Blue Mage): Lv21
- Yendor (Green Mage): Lv22
- Pentium (Star Mage [formally Pvt. Prinny]): Lv22
- Peach (Healer): Lv21
- Dood (Cpt. Prinny): Lv17
- Plenair (DLC character): Lv100
- Sapphire (DLC character): Lv100
- Hanako - Demon Lord (DLC Character): Lv100
- Marona (DLC Character): Lv100


never played 2. :\

but it's cool that Plenair became a playable character. she's so awesome. ^^

updates to my list:

laharl: lv 93
keyanista: lv 35
tilana: lv 34
salicia: lv 25
micalic: lv 23
ren, jukasas, lucerne: lv 20
maggie, molotov: lv 17
nene: lv 14

new bishop (male): Giuseppe, lv 1
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Yeah; on the PSP version, she's one of the free downloadable characters, and unique for being the only one you don't have to fight in order for her to join you (Thus, you can use her as a backdoor to get the rest to join you as you buy them; having a small army of level 100 characters early into the game to fall back onto should things get ugly, I had to do this once; using Pleinair as a brick wall while Peach healed everybody else)


sounds like a good strategy. :3 what does she typically use in battle?

also, a good strategy for training: when in the item world, look for invincibility panels. then stick your weakest characters on them, and let the enemies swarm. (please note that if there are any brawler class enemies they could knock you off these panels.) it got lucerne from level 2 to 20 in about 15 minutes. -w-
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She specializes in guns, but can really use anything you give her.

Yeah, training in Item World works well. I should really train there a little more often...


it's especially awesome to train there, since not only do you level your characters, but you level the item as well. plus you get upgraded items by doing the bonuses. i got a bow for Alice that gave her an attack of almost 1000 (and at lv 15, that's kinda impressive).

EDIT: i leveled up my weaker characters (a little bit) and have instituted a new policy that all healers get a mage or a skull as their pupil. thus, i have these 4 newbies:
Kesshouko, prism mage
Hoshiko, Star skull
Vasilissa, blue mage
Chyou, green mage
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Now that I finally got around to it, here's a rundown of my characters on the PS2 version of the first game; as of the start of a New Game Plus, after beating the final boss last year

- Laharl: Lv95
- Etna: Lv95
- Crystal (Hero [Female]): Lv97
- Captain Falcon (Wushu Master): Lv95
- Pentium (Star Mage): Lv97
- Haruhi (Green Mage): Lv95
- Mikuru (Red Mage): Lv95
- Yuki (Blue Mage): Lv95
- Pit (Scout): Lv95
- Peach (Cleric): Lv95
- Dood (Pvt. Prinny): Lv96



giuseppe has become my most ambitious mage, as he now has a demon rank of 3 and a counter rating of 1. he is also moving up quickly (giving him a prism mage for a pupil was a smart move). i'm considering making another new policy of giving all my mages a counter rating. :3
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Penti-chan doesn't have a counter rating, but a demon rank of 6. I tried to go for 7, but that dragon mopped the floor with me.

As for Crystal, she is not only higher leveled than Laharl, but she also has better equipment and base stats than him, and I believe her demon rank was 5 with a counter rating of 2.


niiiice. -w-

i mainly wanted to up their counter rating cause i was sick of them just taking it like a bitch. they should fight back. >:[

i found an article on unlocking all the classes in disgaea 1.

most of them sound INSANE, but since i'm INSANE, i wanna do it. -w-
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If I had a lot more free time and was feeling crazy, I'd probably try too.

Also, as I discovered earlier, Penti-chan is actually strong enough to take out all the foes on the Practice Map using only physical attacks. She just walks right up to one, hits it over the head while saying "Bonk!", and it's down for the count. Got to love melee-capable mages...


hence why i wanted to up my mages' counter. -w-

that, and some of them have -fairly- powerful attack for their class. since i spend so much time in the item world, i might subdue some residents and move them to their staffs, to beef them up a bit.

i'm not focused on finishing anymore. it's just fun to bum around, like in harvest moon or on the second disc of FF7. -w-
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Yeah; even after beating it, it's still fun to screw around a bit. It's like the Pokémon games; even after you beat the Elite Four, there's still plenty left to do (You can get your team up to level 100, challenge the Battle Frontier, have a battle with friends, or try to catch all 600+ monsters if you're truly a madman)

I plan on maybe trying to get one of the alternate endings on it; after seeing 2 of them (One for accidentally losing a key battle mid-way through the game, and the other being the game's good ending)


oh wow, you can keep playing after you finish the plot line? *w* useful to know. -w-

i love those games that let you just roam as you please, like elder scrolls and red dead redemption (i haven't played either, sadly, but my sister has them). disgaea almost falls into that vein, since there's so many places to go (in the item world especially) and so much to do that it feels like you have alot of freedom. :3
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