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archery skill

Started by rebekaha, December 10, 2010, 04:02:43 AM

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Is it legal to practice archery on a track and field course? I live right down the street from a high school and there's a giant track and field course, and i was wondering if i would come across any problems or complaints if i go practice some archery there?


Well, that's an.... odd question for this forum.  I'd think it would vary by locality; most schools allow the local populace to use athletic fields when students or teams aren't.  Archery, may be a little much though and I'd definitely ask before just taking a target and shooting.


Unfortunately, there was a bot earlier on this forum asking about archery as well. Thread closed and locked. Rebekaha, I'm sorry - if I'm mistaken, please email me in the address I've given in my profile.